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"Afraid" is the fourth episode of Season 4 of Wynonna Earp. It aired on August 16, 2020.


Wynonna faces down an ancient enemy as Waverly and Nicole search for help.


Wynonna is taken to a headquarters while a bag is over her head. They remove it when she is secured in a chair inside an interrogation room. She is greeted by a woman who introduces herself as Deputy Director Naomi Haitcha and Wynonna pieces together she’s BBD - which isn’t disbanded anymore. Naomi uncuffs her saying she’s glad to have Wynonna back, but Wynonna counters that she is not back working for them. Naomi states they’re on the same team but they need every employee they can get. Jeremy walks through the door and Wynonna embraces him commenting on his muscles. Jeremy greets her as a former colleague and moves past her to tell Naomi this is Wynonna “Arp” purposefully mispronouncing her name. He states that Wynonna hates demons but has never killed one of course, with Wynonna going along with everything he says.

In a cave, someone slices open their palm over a picture of Wynonna. A creature, who is later known as a Reaper, screams as it is chained up outside. It eventually pulls itself free.

At the homestead, Nicole and Waverly set up a meeting and wait for Doc and Wynonna to start Nicole’s presentation. They flirt and kiss but are interrupted by Rachel who is wearing Wynonna’s jacket. Nicole brings up Peacemaker and Waverly gives Rachel a blue notebook to keep track of information but Rachel claims she’s on her way out and leaves. The women return to making out.

Naomi explains to Wynonna that demons are new to the government and they’ve been observing how humans and demons interact with one another in a controlled ecosystem. They’re trying to keep the demons in. Jeremy chimes in that Naomi was called in after the mysterious event 18 months ago. Their mandate is to observe and not interfere. BBD needed all the help they could get and enlisted Naomi. Jeremy offers to show Wynonna around privately but Naomi isn’t sure but goes along with it. Wynonna hands an agent a rock on her way out.

Doc is at the Glory Hole when Amon walks up and gives him an envelope with information for the next truck he’ll rob. Amon notices Doc is looking at the bartender but Doc claims he isn’t interested in the woman and Amon brings up Wynonna. Doc makes it clear that Wynonna is her own woman and doesn’t belong to anyone, instantly defensive on why Amon wants to know. Amon claims it’s just interesting and that he’s their most dangerous weapon but denies his vampiric nature. Ravinia is the bartender and she pours him a “special blend” on Amon’s request. The blend is a shot of blood that Doc takes happily. Amon assures Doc that he’s safe there and can be who he really is. Doc agrees to try his best to bring Amon his next shipment.

The agent who was handed the rock tosses it and the cigarette aside, only to be decapitated by the Reaper.

Rachel is at an abandoned diner with a boy, Billy, who gives her a mug but she states no one needs mugs anymore. She asks if anything substantial came up in their haul and gives him something for when he kills chipmunks at his ranch but he claims they only eat squirrels. He gives her a jacket that might look cool on her and tries to kiss her but she pulls away and trades him a hubcap for the vest.

Jeremy explains that everything is state of the art and pushes her into a corner explaining that this corner is the only place BBD can’t spot them with the cameras. He explains that the old black badge is Evil but Naomi and company are just people over their heads. A lot of bad stuff came into purgatory and they need Wynonna and her magic gun. A woman greets Wynonna as Special Agent Arp and they fist bump.

Rachel and Billy walk together as she explains they eat vegan most times and she’ll come over to his house for rodents. She tells him that it’s crazy at the Homestead with so many Earp’s but she loves it. He doesn’t want her to come over as his place is sad and his mom is a hoarder. Sometimes she feels like he’s keeping her a secret and he tells her one day, calling her a mug lover, and she walks off muttering that what she loves is mugs.

Nicole and Waverly lie on the floor and Waverly asks if they should talk about Peacemaker but Nicole comments that is something she also failed at for 18 months. Waverly rejects this idea reminding her that she’s awesome. Waverly brings up the proposal but Nicole cuts her off by kissing her. Rachel walks in catching the women kissing but doesn’t seem to care. She asks if a junkyard is a good place to look for a magic sword but Waverly doesn't see why not. Rachel comments they’ll need pants to go.

Jeremy takes Wynonna to an armory and shows her a gun that he made that he calls Antoni. It can turn anything into much. Wynonna suits up in BBD merchandise and loads Antoni with Jeremy reminding her not to point that thing at anyone. He states that he’s having trouble getting things into Purgatory without it being stolen or robbed. He assigns her to drive the truck which at first appalls her but BBD can’t find out who they really are as they don’t like supernatural things like them. They need to bring Purgatory food, medicine, and booze.

Waverly drives them to the junkyard which is Billy’s home, Magpie’s Junkyard. Rachel goes around back to look for the sword while Waverly and Nicole hang back and a weird creature appears in front of Waverly but she can’t see him as he’s chain back. A woman, Margo, appears and tells them not to touch anything and she’ll show them where the items for sale are.

Wynonna climbs into the truck with a man named Simon who is driving. Jeremy tells her to play along and not to hit the red button on Antoni unless it’s the apocalypse. She pulls another rock out of her coat and mistakes it once again for BBD tech, but Jeremy claims it isn’t. Wynonna thinks Waverly might find something about it. He reminds her to never press the red button.

Waverly claims they’re looking for swords and Nicole brushes it off as a Halloween costume, as she’s going as She-Ra. Waverly takes a call from Wynonna and leaves. Margo greets Nicole who knows the woman. Margo claims they’ve recently come into some lovely rings that Nicole might be interested in now that Waverly has been returned to her. Margo tells Nicole it’s time for her to deliver, but Nicole just wants Margo to stay away from them.

Wynonna tells Waverly to look at the symbol on the rock and Waverly explains she’s looking for Peacemaker and Wynonna will explain everything later. She looks at the symbol but doesn’t recognize it. The same symbol, a fancy C, is on a piece of wood behind Waverly that she doesn’t see.

The truck goes over tire spikes that flatten their tires. Wynonna wants to check it out and the tailgate opens causing Simon to freak out as he doesn’t care about the townies or the town and leaves the truck. Wynonna powers up the gun and stalks to the back of the truck where she finds Doc in the truck robbing them.

Rachel finds Billy who warns her that he’s mom is super strict with Rachel saying that even though his family sucks he doesn’t. She blurts out that she’s confessing a crush and he tells her not to say that here. He tells her to leave and she snaps back that there are easier ways to tell her he isn’t interested. As she’s walking away he mutters that isn’t what he said.

Waverly and Nicole are looking when Rachel storms in asking if they can go and Nicole agrees. Margo tells them she’ll keep an eye out for knives.

Doc is annoyed that Wynonna saw Jeremy and didn’t tell him, but Wynonna reminds him that it literally just happened but he’s fine. Doc thinks Jeremy could be kidnapped and she’s being gaslighted by BBD and she counters that he shouldn’t be robbing trucks. They bicker and he tells her to act like Wyatt Earp’s great-great-granddaughter even if she did lose his magic gun but knows he crossed a line. He claims he’s going to be taking the whiskey and she handcuffs herself to the whiskey so he can’t take her with it. He asks for the keys but she tells him that the driver has them and she flirts before he walks away to find tools to get her free from the handcuffs.

Margo is carving a dagger when Billy walks in and she scolds him for bringing Earps and an Earp lover onto their land. He knows what has to happen now and he asks for the chance to make things right. She found the photo of Billy and Rachel in the bunk and comments that she will reap that girl if he doesn’t handle things.

Wynonna shivers in the back of the truck and finds another rock in her pocket. She drops the rock but scraping follows and rustling outside. She sees feet moving on the roof with a torn chain dragging behind it. She calls for Doc just as the radio turns itself on playing music as a creature appears that she knows and it knows her. He enters the truck slowly and she screams for Doc as it approaches. A red C is drawn on its forehead. It screeches and slashes her as she attempts to reach Antoni. It cuts the cuffs then slices Antoni in half. She flees from the truck and runs down the street.

Rachel is in the barn when Billy enters and takes her hand. He tells her they can’t hang out anymore and she snaps at him for taking her hand. She pulls a rock out of her jacket and Billy claims Rachel has been marked even though “she” said he could make it right.

Wynonna runs in the woods and falls seeing giant rocks piled around her.

Waverly flips through books looking for the brand that could be the symbol. It’s a cattle brand from an infamous family of cattle rustlers who were on the opposing side of the Earps during the shootout at the O.K. Carrol. C is for Clantons. The Clantons are in Purgatory. She hears screaming and runs out to check the source.

Rachel is holding a knife while Billy asks if she can see the Reaper - if she can see it then it’s coming for her. She is confused with Billy telling Nicole and Waverly to stay away or the Reaper could harm them too.

Wynonna tries to leave the circle but an invisible barrier stops her from passing and she recognizes it as the Killing Floor. It led her to the Killing Floor. The Reaper emerges from the woods as Wynonna whimpers - trapped. Doc appears and passes through the barrier as she screams at him to shoot it but he can’t see the Reaper. She’s scared as she doesn’t have her gun but he tells her that she has his and him. She tries to line up the shot and they fire at the same time and shoot the reaper. She cries into Doc’s chest. The Reaper awakens. They stand and he kicks the rock stack over but she tells him that the Reaper won’t like that. She runs away.

Nicole warns Billy to stay away. Waverly realized that Billy is a Clanton but he claims he’s poisoned and cursed. He won’t hurt them. He closes his knife and turns it into pliers.

Wynonna and Doc run in the woods trying to outrun the Reaper who is screeching behind them.

Billy pulls one of his teeth out of his mouth. He claims a soul for a soul. His soul for her soul. He exclaims they are rooted together enemies and kin, but he severs that root and offers himself. The rock in his hand glows blue and his eyes turn black as he falls over.

The Reaper following Doc and Wynonna runs away. She remarks that it hates her so much but is gone now. Doc assures her that he’s here and has her.

Rachel runs to Billy who used his one pass to save Rachel who should be safe now. Nicole asks what she’s safe from. He tells them that the Clanton’s are only his brother Holt, his sister Cleo, and their mother. There are others who won't stop coming for them. Billy kisses Rachel’s cheek and walks out of the barn. Nicole holds Rachel as she cries.

Waverly explains to everyone who has gathered that the hunter, that only Wynonna could see, is under the sway of Wyatt Earp’s greatest enemies. Wynonna realizes the C is for Clantons. Doc remarks that he always knew they were a plague with no cure. Nicole remarks that the Clatnon’s run the town now - Sheriff Holt is a Clayton and so is Cleo. The creature was sent after only Wynonna and hated her. Their bullets were useless as the creature only stopped when Billy pulled something out of his mouth. He thought it was coming for Rachel but it wasn’t as the jacket wasn’t even Rachel’s, but Wynonna’s. Rachel claims it’s called a reaper and they have to save Billy. Rachel has a plan to stab everyone until they make Billy’s family pay. She doesn’t want to work with a team and storms off. Wynonna wants to get Jeremy back by telling the truth and beg.

Margo looks at Billy who is chained up by Margo who isn’t going to kill Rachel. A reaper appears as Margo claims Billy will kill Rachel. Billy screams as the Reaper stands over him.

Sheriff Holt listens to the screaming from inside the house when Margo enters. Cleo claims they can teach Billy to respect tradition and Holt doesn’t want to begin while Billy’s still out there but eventually concedes. The trio takes hands and Margo shoves her thumb into Cleo’s open hand wound causing her extreme pain. Margo reminds her that the Reapers aren’t attack dogs but their ancestors. Holt can’t believe Cleo sent Uncle Ike after Wynonna. Cleo claims Wynonna is weak and now is the time. Margo is the Clanton heir and she alone dictates when they unleash Hell on the Earps. She releases Cleo who whimpers in pain. Margo then starts dinner as they take hands to say a prayer to never forget or forgive.

Wynonna storms into the interrogation room angrily telling Naomi her name isn’t Arp by Earp, and she’s the best demon hunter Black Badge ever saw. She’s done lying and hiding and just got beat by something scary and Jeremy asks if she’s okay. She tells him they don’t have Peacemaker but she needs him back. She needs everybody. She’s going to take back Black Badge in Purgatory and hunt demons. Naomi clarifies that their bosses demand results. Jeremy claims they can get it done with his help.

Nicole enters Margo’s house and gives her back an object as she owes her nothing. She tells them that Doc and Waverly got themselves out of the garden, not Margo. Margo opens the jar and something otherwordly swarms out of it and into Nicole’s mouth.

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  • This is the first episode in Wynonna Earp where the title doesn't reference a country song. While there is a song titled Afraid by The Neighborhood, the song is not in the country music genre. This breaks a forty-episode streak.
  • This is the first episode to introduce the Clanton family.
  • Holt's comment about letting the Reaper "Uncle Ike" loose, refers to Ike Clanton. In real life, Ike was a member of the association of outlaws called The Cowboys who clashed with lawman Wyatt Earp, Virgil Earp, Morgan Earp, and Doc Holliday.
  • The infamous real-life gunfight at the O.K. Corral is mentioned. It is regarded as the most famous shootout in Wild West history and lasted thirty seconds. The shootout was the result of a long-simmering feud between the Cowboys Billy Claiborne, Ike Clanton, and Billy Clanton, and Tom and Frank McLaury on one side; and Town Marshal Virgil Earp, Special Policemen Morgan Earp, Wyatt Earp, and temporary policeman Doc Holliday on the other side. Billy Clanton and both McLaury brothers were killed. Ike Clanton, Billy Claiborne, and Wes Fuller ran from the fight. Virgil, Morgan, and Holliday were wounded, but Wyatt was unharmed.