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Angels are powerful celestial beings who were presumably created by God for numerous reasons. Angels are one of the more powerful yet mysterious species due to their rarity in appearing to humans.


Angels can appear as human as they want and usually appear in non-threatening ways. The only distinction between them and other humans is their feathered wings which are white and of moderate size.


  • Resurrection: Waverly was able to resurrect Julian by touching his wound. She brought him back while wearing Julian's ring. Julian later saved Nicole from the brink of death by healing her, though this cost him greatly as the act is something angels aren't supposed to do. He was rendered powerless after the feat.
  • Enhanced Strength: Angels are stronger than any other supernatural creature, able to overpower Vampires and Demons.
  • Unaging: Angels don't age from the moment of their maturity. Julian and Juan Carlo appeared to be in their thirties and forties respectively, despite having been around since the beginning of time.


  • Mortality: Despite their angelic ways, angels are not immune to death and can be killed by many human ways. Julian was drained of blood by Doc, though he was amnesiac at the time, and Juan Carlo was poisoned by The Widows which lead to his mercy killing at the hands of Xavier Dolls. Julian was later impaled by Bobo Del Rey who wielded Julian's sword.
  • Ghost River Triangle: When Julian exited the ghost river triangle he wandered aimlessly, not remembering who he was or where he was going. When he re-entered he remembered nothing up to the point he re-entered. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Juan Carlo couldn't enter Purgatory without consequences befalling him.

Known Angels

Notes and Trivia

  • Angelic blood is addictive to vampires, as seen when Doc's thirst wasn't appeased until he found the angelic blood again. He could smell that the same blood that ran in Julian also ran in Waverly.