Baron Samedi is one of the loa of Haitian Vodou, specifically the loa of the dead.

Biography Edit

Baron Samedi was once summoned by John Schrank in hopes that he could make a deal with Samedi to resurrect his dead girlfriend, Emily. Samedi agreed to the deal only if Schrank could kill Theodore Roosevelt. On March 5, 1876 Schrank did shoot Roosevelt, but the bullet lodged in Roosevelt's chest only after hitting both his steel eyeglass case and a 50-page copy of his speech he was carrying in his jacket. Having failed to kill Roosevelt, Samedi did not resurrect Schrank's girlfriend and mocked him while he was imprisoned.

Some years later while Roosevelt and his daughter Alice where visiting Haiti, Alice fell ill. At this time Samedi came and taunted Roosevelt, ready to claim another of Roosevelt's loved ones. However Roosevelt tricked Samedi and stole his "most powerful possession", his top hat, and returned with Alice to New York City safely. The top hat was then placed in the care of Wyatt Earp, who hid it in Purgatory.

Samedi was summoned in Purgatory by Schrank's grandson, Josh Miller, who also wanted to strike a similar deal to that of his grandfather, wanting to resurrect his own dead girlfriend. Samedi refused the deal as Miller's grandfather had already failed him.

While in Purgatory Samedi began looking for his stolen top hat. He approached Nicole Haught, who was made aware of him through her work arresting Josh Miller in connection to items stolen to summon Samedi, and asked about his top hat. He went on to visit Nicole in hospital while she was poisoned, wanting to make a deal with her if she could locate his hat. He offered to make things better between Nicole and Waverly again, claiming he could stop the pain and turn Waverly’s heart.

After finding the hat Nicole and Jeremy confronted Samedi. Jeremy tried a spell against Samedi but it was not effective. Nicole lit the hat on fire which caused Samedi to scream and disappear.


Nicole describes Baron Samedi in her first encounter with him as "has a cane, late 40′s, dark skin, dressed super well" and while visiting in her hospital as "dressed in a tuxedo and had a white skull painted on his face".

Summoning Edit

To summon Baron Samedi:

  1. One must be clothed in funerary attire
  2. Find the oldest grave in the cemetery and dig a new grave. His powers are strongest there
  3. Place the remains in the grave with the feet pointing south
  4. Use iron chains to encircle the grave
  5. Draw His symbols in sugar surrounding the grave
  6. Drink the finest spiced rum and smoke a cigar
  7. Bring extras for the Baron. He will be thirsty after his long journey
  8. Meditate on his picture and call his name

Trivia Edit

  • Lighting Baron Samedi's hat on fire did not kill him as "Baron Samedi is never gone for long. He's proven himself very resilient in the past."[1]