Bass Reeves was the first black deputy U.S. marshal west of the Mississippi River. He is now a ghost who works with his team of deputies to bring justice to any outlaws with outstanding warrants.


Reeves sends one of the young member of his team to inform Doc that they intend to collect on the warrant on Doc’s head. Right after Jeremy binds himself, Doc and Dolls together, the phantom deputy Reeves looking for Doc catches him, and strings him up by the neck. Inadvertently, Reeves nabs the rest of the fellas as well — something he didn’t expect. Dolls, Doc, and Jeremy perform a bit of ballet to disentangle themselves from the rope, and knock out Reeves.

While trying to evade the phantasmal Reeves, they end up running into an entire squadron of ghostly deputies. Reeves reads Doc his crimes: apparently he had sex with the wrong judge’s woman. Twice. The hour of execution approaching, Dolls recognizes Reeves for who he really is: the famed US Marshall, the one who inspired Dolls himself to dedicate himself to the law. Dolls flashes his badge, which outranks Reeves, making him a superior officer. Dolls orders the men to stand down, and they do.


  • He is Dolls's idol and reason he joined the U.S. Marshalls.