Carl is a recurring revenant in Season 1 of Wynonna Earp.

Biography Edit

Carl was a gun for hire, spy, and messenger in the late 1800's before being hung to death with his boss Malcolm Ramaker by Wyatt Earp.[1]

Carl is first seen in Shorty's, taunting Wynonna Earp about coming back to Purgatory and her family's history. Carl lets slip that he knows about the Earp Curse, but before Wynonna confronts him about it, Champ Hardy arrives, who Wynonna needs to get information from. Later, Malcolm Ramaker hears about Carl's slip, so he rips his tongue out. Once Waverly Earp has been kidnapped and Wynonna arrives at the Earp Homestead, Malcolm and his goons reveal their plan. They killed Curtis McCready to lure Wynonna back to Purgatory so that they could steal Peacemaker. The plan goes awry and Carl is shot by a hiding Doc Holliday.

In the episode I Walk the Line, Dolls and Doc shoot a bunch of revenants at Shorty's in order to find a cure for the town. Carl is seen shot in the aftermath, where he expresses faith in Bobo Del Rey that he'll get the lead and be able to set the revenants free from the Ghost River Triangle. Doc shoots him in annoyance and that is Carl's last appearance.