"I wandered adrift outside the boundaries of the Triangle... for years. Until a light shone in the darkness. It was my daughter, crosseth over."
―  Julian to Waverly EarpDaddy Lessons

Julian, also known as Charlie, was a recurring character in Season 3 and biological father of Waverly Earp.



Julian was one of the angels tasked with guarding the Garden of Eden, along with Juan Carlo. His companion Juan Carlo left his post when the demon and the Garden's snake Bulshar Clootie returned to the Ghost River Triangle. Juan Carlo entrusted the Garden's protection, a flaming sword, with their chosen champion, Wyatt Earp. Though the mortal did not defeat Bulshar, he was able to bury the demon and keep it dormant.

Over a century later, Julian left his post and fell in love with the mortal Michelle Gibson, the wife of one of Wyatt's heirs, Ward Earp. Together, they had a child whom Michelle named Waverly. Julian wasn't present for her birth, however, on September 8th, 1995, because Ward pushed him out of the Triangle, causing him to lose his memories.

Julian wandered outside Purgatory for two decades until, finally, he regained some of his senses when his daughter stepped out of the boundaries of the Triangle. Though he did not regain his memories, he decided to try and live a life and joined the Purgatory Fire Department so he could help people.

Season 3

In If We Make It Through December, Charlie was among the Fire Department volunteers working the Christmas event at Purgatory. When the child Timothy McBlake went missing, he helped Nicole Haught investigate and met Wynonna Earp in the process. Charlie showed up at the abattoir Wynonna was going to look into and, after proving that he wasn't a demon by standing in front of her gun, helped her break into it. They found the missing residents trapped in cages inside and helped release them.

Wynonna, still distraught by her breakup with Doc Holliday, flirted with him. When Charlie made a move, Wynonna clarified that they would only be casual.

In I Fall To Pieces, TBA

In Waiting Forever For You, TBA

In Undo It, TBA...

In The Other Woman, Charlie and his team responded to the fire at the Perley residence. He pulled Doc Holliday out and saved him but Doc, who had been hungry for hours, bit into him uncontrollably and drained him of blood, killing him. His angel blood changed Doc and made him crave for blood, specifically angel blood.

In Daddy Lessons, Charlie's body was still at morgue in the precinct when Waverly arrived. With his ring on her finger, he was brought back to life. He wandered out and came across Wynonna and Nicole; Wynonna asked him to look after Waverly, whom she had trapped in her truck, and send her out of the Ghost River Triangle for her protection. Charlie was compelled to take her to the Gibson Greenhouse. Waverly touched Charlie out of sympathy when he told her about his amnesia and both saw a vision of his memories, but Charlie, overwhelmed, refused to learn more about his past.

Later, Doc arrived in search of him, wanting more of his blood. He and Waverly hid under a table and Waverly touched him again, triggering the return of all his memories, making them both realize that he was Julian, Waverly's father. When Doc attacked Waverly, Charlie took his ring from Waverly and fought Doc, and his wings unfurled for the first time since losing his memories.

In War Paint, TBA...


Wynonna Earp

Relationship: Slept with


Waverly Earp

Relationship: Daughter


Physical Appearance

Despite being centuries old, Julian has the appearance of a young man. He has light skin, blond hair, blue eyes, and a muscular form, as well as white wings.




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