Constance Clootie is a recurring character in Season 1 and a guest character in Season 2 and Season 3 of Wynonna Earp. Her full name was mentioned in an article about the last spike ceremony (railway comes to Purgatory) in the Ghost River Chronicle from May 1882.


Constance Clootie was a Witch that came back from Purgatory. Her journey in Season 1 is trying to raise her dead children from their skeletons. She had a majority of the skeletons except for one bone, and one of the skulls which ends up in the hands of Waverly Earp. Constance goes to the Homestead and attacks Waverly's party with a horde of zombies. Constance says that she will leave Waverly and her guests alone if she returns the skull, however in an act of defiance, Waverly destroys it, causing Constance to attack her by telekinetically throwing her into a metal wall. Wynonna then shows up and saves Waverly. In Bury Me with My Guns On Constance tries to escape the Triangle with one of her sons when she is stopped by BoBo Del Ray. She is later captured by Wynonna and Doc Holliday who then bury Constance in a field of salt from the neck down.

In Whiskey Lullaby, it is revealed that Tucker killed Constance.

Powers and Abilities

Constance is a powerful witch who is over a century old.

  • Spell Casting - Constance was able to cast spells of immense power.
  • Telekinesis - Constance was able to move things with her mind, such as when she launched Waverly into a wall.


  • Salt - Constance could not access her magical abilities through barriers of salt or while surrounded by it.

 Physical Appearance

Constance is tall and slender with shoulder length blonde hair, her eyes were normally brown, but when she was accessing her abilities her eyes glowed teal.



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