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Crazy is the ninth episode of Season 4 of Wynonna Earp. It aired on March 19, 2021.


Wynonna and the others prepare for a night of trivia in Purgatory, but the night is marred by murder, mayhem and brain sandwiches.


Wynonna and Nicole face off as they spar in the Sheriff's department. Waverly arrives and the women bicker until the Earp’s try to get Nicole back to the Sheriff's spot. Nicole leaves as she tells them to see her at trivia while she plans the wedding. Waverly suggests that Wynonna become sheriff for a bit since the town is quiet. A man finds a dead deputy and panics over being killed by the Earp heir, seconds before he transforms into a werewolf.

Nicole pours another beer but Nedley stops her so she can help him set up for trivia night. He thinks she was the best sheriff since he was in the office, but she deflects to trivia night but he attempts to bring it back to her. He thinks she’s butthurt but she claims it’s because of Rachel, to which Nedley tells her that Rachel let out Billy. At the station, Wynonna avoids the citizen’s minor grievances. She disregards the complaints but Waverly warns Wynonna that the town is going under with the few supply runs. Jeremy arrives in an apron covered in blood which unnerves the citizens. Jeremy shows the Earp’s a murdered corpse in the office since the rats took over the morgue. The dead man won trivia at Shorty’s last week which while tragic, makes Waverly and Jeremy excited. Wynonna cheers when she sees the fang marks on the man’s neck and assumes it was Doc so she rushes off to see him. A man in a restaurant is killed by two bite marks.

Wynonna arrives at the Glory Hole drunk and interrupts Doc’s socializing but Doc assures them that they are safe. Now alone at the bar, she confronts him about killing the humans and tries to seduce him but he assures her that his morals are sound. They fight over her shooting someone in the back so she points Peacemaker at him causing him to show his fangs. She confronts the demons about the dead man while Doc assures Wynonna that he will keep an eye out for the demon. At Shorty’s, Rachel and Nicole talk about her freeing Billy. Rachel calls her chicken kicker so Nicole reminds her of the promise never to tell anyone. Rachel apologizes for letting Billy out and they talk. Rachel reminds Nicole that Doc will forgive her if she explains her reasons. Waverly and Jeremy talk about a new corpse that also won the trivia night. Jeremy points out that the bite marks aren’t from a vampire. He asks what is going on with Doc and Wynonna, with Waverly telling him about Wynonna shooting Doc. Waverly then realizes that both corpses are brainless. Doug Warner is in a hotel eating a brain while a woman watches.

Wynonna visits Jeremy and Waverly to learn about the murderer who is not Doc. Jeremy explains that the brains are the demon’s souvenirs while Waverly is a bit more skeptical that it’s another demon. Jeremy and Waverly argue over trivia night which Wynonna interrupts to tell them her hunch and they are interrupted by quacking which is their new bell. The citizen is concerned about a couple that were fighting and that he worries that he’s abusive. The Earp sisters rush out but the man tells Jeremy that the man wished he would eat shit and then he did for no apparent reason. Wynonna and Waverly arrive at the residence and learn that he’s Doug Warner. Doug rambles weird facts as the sisters investigate the home. Waverly finds a woman and tries to tell her they can help but the woman is certain they can’t. Wynonna asks Doug what sandwich he’s eating and learns that it’s brains. Doug claims he’s getting a lot smarter. Doug calls for Jinny and the woman arrives though Waverly restrains Ginny while Doug throws brains at them. Doug wishes for Wynonna to die then flees. Wynonna takes Ginny to the sheriff station and tries to talk to her but Ginny is absorbed in her phone. When Wynonna sets down Peacemaker it glows and learns that Ginny is a genie so Doug’s wishes are her command.

Jeremy and Wynonna try to figure out how Doug found a genie to which Ginny explains that he’s her new master. Jeremy shows Ginny a picture of her nail marks in the corpse, but Ginny explains that she only killed the smartest people in town because Doug wished for it. Doug wished for infinite wishes so no matter what she’s bound to make his wishes come true. Wynonna realizes that Doug needs to be touching Ginny for his wish to come true. She is stuck with Doug until he dies, as she can’t bring people back from the dead or make people immortal. Jeremy shows Wynonna a condition called Kuru that some humans get when they become cannibals. Doug wants to be called Kuru as he eats brains. Wynonna stops Jeremy from going to trivia night but he is adamant about going to trivia night. She gleefully realizes that Doug wants to eat the smartest brains so that is why the contestants are so obsessed with winning. Nicole and Waverly discuss the plan until Nicole opens up about what it was like to be alone without Waverly, and what she did is far from fine. Waverly doesn’t want Nicole to blunt her ambition, but Nicole is certain that with Waverly back she’s happy. Ginny and Wynonna talk as Ginny explains that genies don’t kill people but people with genies kill people. Ginny’s connection to Doug isn’t romantic. At Shorty’s, the competition is raging but Nicole is worried about being at trivia night. The contestants begin to call Rachel a chicken kicker and mock her by acting like a chicken. Nicole tries to leave but can’t leave the bar as Koru’s wish keeps them from leaving. She retreats to the basement. Waverly, Jeremy, and Doc are competing in pop culture 101 and get every question right. Doc gets the dead man’s hand question wrong as the hand is a pair of aces and eights. He tries to argue that it’s wrong despite having been there. Doc wonders where Koru is. Ginny and Wynnona talk about Doc and how she doesn’t have the same choices as Wynonna. Ginny begs to see her phone just as Koru appears in the cell and wishes for Wynonna to open the cell. Koru realized that street brains are what he wants and wish for Wynonna to say goodbye to her brain.

Doc tries to tell Waverly and Jeremy that they have to leave but Nedley tells them that it’s a draw between Waverly and Jeremy. Doc is unable to leave due to the spell but the contestants can’t snap out of it. Wynonna is forced to lay on the gurney while Doug approaches her with a knife. Nicole and Doc meet in the cellar since they’re stuck in the building. She realizes they’ll need a distraction and need a chicken kicker. Nicole takes Rachel’s phone for the video of the chicken kicker. She plays the video of herself drunk and in the station while yelling at everyone. Doc covers Rachel’s ears as Nicole curses in the video and then punts a cooked chicken. Jeremy wins the trivia contest. Wynonna screams for help and Doug wishes for her to stop screaming. He becomes sick and collapses on the ground having died as Doug’s cannibal brain wore out. Ginny recognizes Doc as Wynonna’s friend.

Waverly and Jeremy celebrate his win while Nicole approaches Doc cautiously. She is grateful to him for bringing Waverly back but she had to be sure. He wonders what the Clanton’s wanted with him but she isn’t sure, but she knew whatever it was that he could handle it. But if he couldn’t they would figure it out together because she would fight for him too. He convinces her to reclaim her Sheriff title. She confronts the customers about not voting for her but she decides to be their Sheriff anyway, regardless if they don’t like her because she kicked a chicken, is an outsider, or is gay. The customers raise their glasses to her and reinstate her as the Sheriff. Waverly and Nicole kiss happily. Wynonna confronts Ginny while holding Peacemaker as she thinks that having a genie makes them insane, so Ginny gets to kill people because she wants to. She deems Ginny too dangerous of a weapon so she has to die. Ginny proposes that she can make Doc love Wynonna again. Wynonna falters for a few seconds but can’t take the deal, negating Ginny’s claims that they’re both slaves to a master - Wynonna to Peacemaker and Ginny to wish-granters. Wynonna knows they’re different because Ginny has a way out. She shoots Ginny and sets her free.

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  • The title makes reference to the country song, Crazy by Willie Nelson. It's most famous version/cover is by Patsy Cline.