Demons are supernatural creatures that plague Purgatory and the rest of the world.

Known DemonsEdit


  • Possession: The Mictian can inhabit human bodies and the Porcelain Doll is seen inhabiting a painting.
  • Demon Eyes: Humans possessed by the Mictian will have completely black eyes when Mictian is in control.
  • Super Strength: When Waverly Earp is possessed by Mictian, she is seen lifting and choking Tucker Gardner with one hand.
  • Limb Regeneration: Waverly and Wynonna Earp were both able to regrow limbs while possessed by Mictian.
  • Wish Fulfillment: Marzaniok is able to grant the wishes to whoever makes a deal with him.
  • Venomous: The Widows are able to release a paralyzing venom via a bite and by exhalation.
  • Sleep Powers: The demon Hypnos has the ability to cause the entire town of Purgatory to fall into a month long sleep.

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Most demons can be killed by a shot from Peacemaker, with The Widows and Bulshar Clootie (probably) being the exceptions.