Dr. Reggie is a recurring character in Season 1 of Wynonna Earp.

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Reggie works as a doctor and pathologist at the Purgatory Hospital. He claims to have done his undergrad at Queen's College and his doctorate at Princeton, but Wynonna retorts that Princeton doesn't have a medical school. Reggie counters that doctors are not defined by being smart, but by pushing boundaries. His goal is to find what's wrong with people and "cut it right out". Before "fixing" Wynonna, Reggie operates on Bethany. He knocks her out for a while and she later awakens to her chest cavity cut open. She dies shortly after presumabley from shock. Wynonna escapes from her hospital bed because she knows that Reggie will immediately go to check on Peacemaker. Wynonna uses a scalpel that she stole to make a small cut on Reggie's throat. She notices that he is able to bleed and that he's not a Revenant. Jack of Knives appears behind Reggie then stabs him in the chest with his cane and kills him. Jack says his purpose is done, which Wynonna guesses to be handling Peacemaker for Jack since he can't touch it without burning.


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Relationship: Mentor

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