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The Earp Homestead is the home of the Earp-Haught family. The primary residence and barn have been home to several people over the years.


The homestead is the past home of presumably the entire Earp line since Wyatt Earp's settlement in Purgatory. The bedrock of the homestead is made of ammolite, which prevents Revenants from coming onto the land. Sometime prior to Ward Earp's death, Waverly buried a talisman in the cemetery. This allowed revenants on the land, most notably, The Seven.


Season 1

In the episode Purgatory, the house and it's surroundings are trashed. The revenant Malcolm Ramaker kidnaps Waverly and takes her to the homestead in order to steal Peacemaker. In the next episode, Keep the Home Fires Burning, the gang is able to locate the talisman that allows revenants on the land, and removes it. It's not until the episode Diggin' Up Bones that the property is restored and the Earp sisters live there once more

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4





  • Ward Earp and Julian both died on the Earp homestead, both having been murdered.
  • When Nicole was left in Purgatory for 18 months, she booby trapped the entirety of the homestead to keep demons and other mythical creatures away. She also resided there with the teen refuge Rachel Valdez.
  • At one point, five major characters were living on the Homestead; Wynonna, Waverly, Nicole, Rachel, and Doc.
  • The wedding of Waverly Earp and Nicole Haught took place on the homestead.