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Eve is a character in Season 4 of Wynonna Earp. She is the first woman created and a former prisoner of the Garden of Eden, having been contained there to save humanity.

She was accidentally released from her prison by Waverly Earp and Doc Holliday when they arrived in Eden and ceased to feed the machine operating the garden. She ultimately escaped the garden.


Season 4

In On the Road Again, Eve awakens on a sandy group in the form of Nicole Haught. She stands up, shouting for Waverly or someone to help her. Doc Holliday enters the cave and greets Nicole who is smiling happily - but also naked.

In Friends in Low Places, Doc is both surprised and confused that "Nicole" is here, but remarks why her garments didn't accompany her. "Nicole" realizes she's naked and shrieks trying to cover herself with her arms while Doc holds out his hat. She tells him not to look with him claiming that he would never. She tells him to stop talking and find her something to wear. He tries to hand her his jacket but a barrier around her stops him from giving the clothes. He promises to find her a top and pants and Waverly, with her just wanting Waverly.

Waverly runs into the cave greeting not-Nicole who can't remember how she got there. They try to hug but can't get through the barrier. Waverly remarks that she can't believe that "Nicole" is really here and not-Nicole smiles asking who else she would be.

Waverly and Doc try to find a way around the barrier with not-Nicole presenting herself now that she's wrapped in flowers. Doc remarks that it's his turn to feed the machine blood. Not-Nicole asks what happens if they don't feed it, but Doc doesn't want to find out. She remarks that this place is a lot to deal with. Waverly still confused about how "Nicole" got here. "Nicole" doesn't understand either but really wants to get out of the force field. Waverly remarks that she hears something calling to her - the throne, her father's throne. As they talk, Waverly remarks that "Nicole" is being a little harsh about Doc, but not-Nicole brushes it off as being angry.

"Nicole" and Waverly discuss her not wearing Bulshar's ring and his death. Waverly assumes the reason Bulshar wanted into the Garden was to play God, with "Nicole" shouting that God hasn't been here in a long time. "Nicole" plans to right all the wrongs that were done to her when she gets out of the barrier.

The barrier shatters open and not-Nicole runs around happily thanking Waverly for freeing her and the women exit into the plain. Waverly kisses "Nicole" but stops as she tastes different - like sulfur. Doc runs through the plain screaming for Waverly to get away as it isn't Nicole. The creature remarks that she's going to hurt all of them, saying her name is Eve but the important thing is that she's out.

Eve drags Waverly through the plain claiming she's a nightmare who is going to destroy everything including Eden. Julian died before he could tell Waverly how to save Eden from Eve. Waverly kicks Eve who roars in pain before grabbing her by the throat. Doc appears and punches Eve, who shifts into Jeremy.

Doc punches Eve repeatedly and she uses Jeremy's voice to taunt Doc. She tells him to pick a side already and Doc turns and runs Eve through with the hedge clippers and into the slate. Eve shifts into Wynonna and cries asking how he could do this to her. Doc doesn't let this get to him but Waverly tells Doc she won't let Eve escape her prison. She puts her hands on Doc's head and renders him unconscious before walking away.

Wynonna arrives in Eden and sees Eve who is shifted as Wynonna. She stands up and tries to talk to Eve and figure out who she is, calling her Wy-clone-a. Eve threatens Wynonna and her friends. Wynonna hears Doc and walks off trying to find him, while Eve rips out the hedge clippers. As soon as Waverly sits on the throne, Eve is frozen in place though she breaks through this barrier. Doc and Eve begin to fight as she shifts to Jeremy and gains all the knowledge within Jeremy. They struggle since Eve is stronger then Doc thought she would be. She wants to get to Purgatory, and Doc kicks her through a door before realizing they are running out of time to leave Eden themselves.

Powers and Abilities

  • Immortality: Eve's immortality allows her to live for eons without aging a day over her mature state. She can't be killed by any mortal weapons, which is shown when she survives impalement at the hands of Doc Holliday.
  • Shapeshifting:
    • Knowledge:
  • Super Strength: Her enhanced strength allows her to lift or throw things that exceed that of human limitations. She sent Doc, a vampire, flying across a plain with a single punch. She showed to be a formidable foe against Doc.

Physical Appearance

Due to her ability to shapeshift into a convenient form, Eve's true appearance is unknown. She previously shifted into Nicole Haught, Jeremy Chetri, and Wynonna Earp.



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