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"Friends in Low Places" is the second episode of Season 4 of Wynonna Earp. It aired on August 2, 2020.


Wynonna works with a new ally to rescue her family, but reunions come at a price.


Wynonna screams for Nicole who has fallen through the grates. Rachel saves Wynonna from the zombies and Wynonna asks how far down the grate goes, with Rachel cautiously saying that it goes down all the way. Rachel eventually convinces her to leave the grate as the zombies will kill them if they don't. Wynonna screams for Nicole to hang in there as she's going to come and find her.

Doc is both surprised and confused that Nicole is here, but remarks why her garments didn't accompany her. Nicole realizes she's naked and shrieks trying to cover herself with her arms while Doc holds out his hat. She tells him not to look with him claiming that he would never. She tells him to stop talking and find her something to wear. He tries to hand her his jacket but a barrier around her stops him from giving the clothes. He promises to find her a top and pants and Waverly, with her just wanting Waverly.

Doc finds Waverly and she hides the journal remarking that the fire has died down. She wants to protect this place as her father did, but Doc tells her to stop talking and listen. He tells her Nicole is here.

Rachel and Wynonna hide from the zombies, with Rachel explaining that they used to be brilliant scientists who were working on an inter-dimensional gateway, which Wynonna thinks is a gateway to the Garden. Black Badge was trying to weaponize it but when it opened they panicked and gassed the place. Rachel can't leave her mother and needs closure. Wynonna refuses to leave this place without Nicole or her family. They decide to do this together.

Waverly runs into the cave greeting Nicole who can't remember how she got there. They try to hug but can't get through the barrier. Waverly remarks that she can't believe that Nicole is really here and Nicole smiles asking who else she would be.

In Monument, the real Nicole screams for Wynonna and is seriously injured from her fall but alive. A zombie is only a few feet away and is crawling toward her.

Rachel hands Wynonna a decontamination suit and gas mask that they have to use in order to get through the lab and into the gate room. But first, they have to find a key card to open the door to the gate room. One of the zombies probably has a key bard around their neck, and the zombies tend to stay sediment unless awakened. They have to swipe the cards simultaneously to get into the gate room. The place is still crawling with zombies so Wynonna has to stay quiet, which is strongly against her nature.

Waverly and Doc try to find a way around the barrier with Nicole presenting herself now that she's wrapped in flowers. Doc remarks that it's his turn to feed the machine blood. Nicole asks what happens if they don't feed it, but Doc doesn't want to find out. She remarks that this place is a lot to deal with. Waverly still confused about how Nicole got here. Nicole doesn't understand either but really wants to get out of the force field. Waverly hears something calling to her - the throne, her father's throne. As they talk, Waverly remarks that Nicole is being a little harsh about Doc, but Nicole brushes it off as being hangry.

Doc darts into the cave ready to feed the machine though he isn't human. A door opens and he passes through it.

Wynonna and Rachel enter the lab quietly navigating the zombie bodies. Wynonna snatches key cards off of the bodies.

Nicole and Waverly discuss her not wearing Bulshar's ring and his death. Waverly assumes the reason Bulshar wanted into the Garden was to play God, with Nicole shouting that God hasn't been here in a long time. Nicole plans to right all the wrongs that were done to her when she gets out of the barrier.

Wynonna is running out of oxygen in her suit and punches a zombie unconscious as she babbles aimlessly struggling to breathe. They user the key cards to enter the room with Nicole. Wynonna bashes the zombie before it bites the red-head. Wynonna is suffering from hypoxia and passes out on Nicole, cutting their happy reunion short.

Doc circles a stone sculpture reflecting a few different faces of Nicole, or rather the thing impersonating Nicole. He realizes that the thing he left Waverly alone with is an imposter. He hurries back upstairs.

Rachel realizes Nicole's leg is broken in three places and Wynonna gives her the ring she dropped. Nicole remarks that she wants to say yes to Waverly and the friends plan to open the back door to Eden together. Rachel remarks that they aren't opening anything as she stands by a body that is holding the lever to open the gate - it's Gloria Valdez. Rachel states that her mother died to keep the portal shut, and threatens that if they try to change that she will kill them. She points a gun at Wynonna.

The barrier shatters open and Nicole runs around happily thanking Waverly for freeing her and the women exit into the plain. Waverly kisses Nicole but stops as she tastes different - like sulfur. Doc runs through the plain screaming for Waverly to get away as it isn't Nicole. The creature remarks that she's going to hurt all of them, saying her name is Eve but the important thing is that she's out.

Nicole tries to talk Rachel out of shooting Wynonna and Wynonna admits that she would kill everyone if it came down to saving Waverly too. Nicole outs her as having known Gloria was dead before they came. Rachel accuses her of being BBD, but Nicole negates this.

Eve drags Waverly through the plain claiming she's a nightmare who is going to destroy everything including Eden. Julian died before he could tell Waverly how to save Eden from Eve. Waverly kicks Eve who roars in pain before grabbing her by the throat. Doc appears and punches Eve, who shifts into Jeremy.

After some groveling, Rachel concedes to let Nicole and Wynonna into the portal.

Doc punches Eve repeatedly and she uses Jeremy's voice to taunt Doc. She tells him to pick a side already and Doc turns and runs Eve through with the hedge clippers and into the slate. Eve shifts into Wynonna and cries asking how he could do this to her. Doc doesn't let this get to him but Waverly tells Doc she won't let Eve escape her prison. She puts her hands on Doc's head and renders him unconscious before walking away.

The trio tries to figure out how to activate the portal while the zombies try to push through. Thewy swipe the cards and the portal whir to life but Nicole can't get up with her broken leg. She tells Wynonna that she'll be waiting for her back in Purgatory and that only she can do this - it has to be Wynonna. It was always going to be her. Wynonna makes Rachel promise not to leave Nicole alone before running through the gate. She slides into the snow just as the portal slam shut. Nicole throws Julian's ring through. Wynonna turns to see Eve shifted as herself and is confused.

Doc puts his hat on and stands up wobbling to his feet. He runs after Waverly.

Wynonna stands up and tries to talk to Eve and figure out who she is, calling Wy-clone-a. Eve threatens Wynonna and her friends. Wynonna hears Doc and walks off trying to find him, while Eve rips out the hedge clippers.

Waverly approaches the throne knowing that Eve can't be allowed to escape and can't enter the realm of men. She is the guardian and the fail-safe. She sits on the throne and Eve is frozen where she stands.

Rachel and Nicole hear Eve's screams and Nicole tries to keep herself awake by asking about her life. Rachel explains that her family line goes back to the Mayans and that 300 years ago there was this warrior princess that was called “The Valdez”. After she proved worthy of war the Valdez was given the kingdom to rule and immortality to do so. They decide to fight against the zombies with dynamite.

Wynonna walks to Doc who mistakes her as Eve and attacks. They wrestle around with her trying to tell him everything that happened that led her to get to the Garden. He doesn't believe her at first but she pins him and brings up Alice, assuring him that it's her and not Eve. Doc can't risk it and flips Wynonna over and is about to bite her when she screams Hollywood which was their safeword. He stops now that he knows it is her and they kiss. He tells her to find Waverly while he deals with Eve.

Wynonna runs to the throne where Waverly is sitting as she believes this is her home and destiny. Wynonna reminds her of Nicole, Doc, Jermy, and Nedley. Waverly refuses to leave her post now that Eve is frozen.

Doc and Eve begin to fight as she shifts to Jeremy and gains all the knowledge within Jeremy. They struggle since Eve is stronger then Doc thought she would be. She wants to get to Purgatory, and Doc kicks her through a door before realizing they are running out of time.

Wynonna tries to get through to Waverly who refuses to move as she is the guardian and Wynonna is the champion. Waverly states that promises are important and Wynonna shows her the ring she gave to Nicole and tells him to get up and give it back. Waverly doesn't believe that guardians of the garden get to love, but Wynonna reminds her that she's an Earp. The curse is over and it's time to start living for themselves. She helps Waverly up and they embrace as Doc yells for them, the Garden beginning to shake unhappily.

The trio runs through the plain but all the doors are locked and they can't find one that is open. One door is glowing and Doc points it out so they run to the door. Wynonna tries to deliver a snarky comment to Eden, but Doc isn't having it and throws her through the portal.

Wynonna is splayed out on the snow at the foot of the stairs as she calls for Waverly, Doc, or Peacemaker. She mutters that peacemaker is gone forever. She enters the woods.

Doc awakens back at the well but is thrilled to not be in the well. He calls for Wynonna or Waverly, mentioning that he has Waverly's satchel with the journal in it. He mutters the word home.

Waverly awakens in the woods by the homestead and instantly runs off to find Nicole. She is shot at by a very angry Nicole wielding a gun. She sees Waverly and they embrace tightly happy to be reunited. They kiss and go inside where they have sex on the floor and later the stairs of the Earp homestead.

Doc and Wynonna are reunited on the homestead and happy to see that they are back. He asks about Waverly but Wynonna knows she went to see Nicole first. She gives Doc back his guns and he accepts but reminds her that if she ever needs them they're hers - and so is he. He goes to kiss her when she notices the town.

Nicole and Waverly kiss and flirt as they exchange I love you's. Waverly comments on Nicole's long hair and the fact she got extensions, but Nicole states she just grew it out. Waverly is confused and learns that a year and a half has passed since Nicole broke her leg.

Wynonna and Doc find the town destroyed. People are hanging and the town is under siege.

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Recurring & Guest


  • Jacob Lesiuk as Crawling Mutant


  • The title makes reference to the country song, Friends in Low Places by Garth Brooks.
  • Exactly 18 months, 3 weeks, and 4 days have passed since Waverly and Doc left Purgatory in War Paint.