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The Garden of Eden is a biblical location that exists on another dimension. The entrance was protected by the Ghost River Triangle due to its uncanny ability to contain supernatural beings, though when the curse ended Nicole Haught became the shield with a sworn duty to protect the entrance from supernatural beings. The garden requires a guardian to protect it and a champion to defend it.

The current guardian is Nicole Haught, who watches over the entirety of the Ghost River Triangle on all planes, and the current champion of the Ghost River Triangle is Wynonna Earp. Wynonna, after serving for years, was permitted to leave the triangle while Waverly and Nicole stayed behind to guard the town of Purgatory.


The angel Julian was tasked with protecting the Garden of Eden, alongside Juan Carlo. Julian watched humanity flourish, get tempted, and fall - all the hands of a snake. The snake was named Bulshar and his desire was to corrupt humanity. He was exiled from the garden soon after tempting Eve and Adam.

In 1887, Juan Carlo left the Garden when he and Julian discovered that Bulshar had returned to the Ghost River Triangle, where the entrance to the garden was placed. Bulshar returned so he could reenter the Garden and finish what he started with the corruption of humanity. Juan Carlo disguised himself as a priest so he and Julian could remove the garden's security system, a flaming sword. The sword served as the key to the garden and without it, Bulshar couldn't enter the garden. Julian and Juan Carlo sought a champion who could wield the sword and chose Wyatt Earp. They turned the sword into a more practical weapon for the times, a gun they called Peacemaker. Wyatt and the Earp line were cursed by Bulshar which forced every person Wyatt killed to return as Revenants. The weapon used to kill the revenants, Peacemaker, was forced to remain in the Earp family line as only an Earp could wield the weapon.

Juan Carlo and Julian were attempting to banish Bulshar during a celestial event called the "blood-eclipse" or "pledge-moon" which is visible about every 120 years.

Julian, however, did not leave his post until he met Michelle Gibson and fell in love with her. When he left his post, he left the garden unprotected. He had an affair with Michelle that resulted in the birth of Julian's heir. The heir would one day need to take her place on her father's throne in order to save the world. Unfortunately, this would also mean that the garden would be sealed, and she would consequently turn to stone.


The weapon that was formerly known as the flaming sword and now known as Peacemaker, eventually lands in the hands of Wynonna, the newest Earp heir, and she goes on a wild adventure to kill all the revenants. She eventually learns about the garden when Waverly discovers the stairs to the garden in the woods surrounding Purgatory. Wynonna learns of Peacemaker's role in opening the garden. Bulshar and the revenants can't forcibly take Peacemaker away from Wynonna, so he tortures her within her own mind until she willingly hands the gun over to escape the loop.

Wynonna and Waverly are visited by Kevin, a woman who wants to help them defeat Bulshar and save the Garden. She puts them through a trial to see if they can retrieve the weapon needed to defeat Bulshar. They are lead to believe that Bulshar's arm is the weapon and succeeds in retrieving it when Waverly uses Julian's ring to control the arm and kill the revenant possessing it. Keven informs the Earps that the arm was never the weapon as it was a test, "she used her gifts and passed the trial" proving that Waverly was the champion they needed, the weapon being the ring. Before departing, Kevin tells the Earps one last thing, that they now know that Waverly being half-angel and able to wield the ring, made her the champion who can defeat Bulshar but its use would come at a price, Waverly's life.

In the meantime, Wynonna's boyfriend Charlie is revealed to be the angel Julian who had amnesia and didn't remember anything from his life up until the moment he re-entered Purgatory earlier that year. He only remembered when Waverly touched him while wearing his ring. He is able to tell everyone the history of the garden and his role in protecting it, and give Waverly some much-needed advice about her part in the garden.

Now that he has Peacemaker, Bulshar restores to its original form of a sword and inserts the sword into the staircase, which leads to the garden. He plans to enter the garden by turning himself mortal with Wynonna's blood, thus, breaking their entwined fates and ending the Earp Curse. He succeeded in breaking the curse and Wynonna is no longer the heir to Peacemaker. Wynonna and Waverly team-up as sisters to defend the Garden and stop Bulshar from entering, and a battle commences at the stairs.

Waverly removes the sword from where Bulshar put it in the stairs, and he taunts her that only a hero can wield the flaming sword against a demon. Waverly reveals that only an angel can name a hero, something that her father told her before Bulshar killed him. She names Wynonna as the champion and throws the sword to Wynonna, who catches it and it immediately begins to flame. She fights against Bulshar and ultimately kills him.

Before the sisters can celebrate, roots sprawl from the garden door and start dragging Waverly into the Garden. Wynonna can't enter the stairs as they've been surrounded by a force field, and Waverly explains that Wynonna is the champion who has to defend the garden which means she can't enter it. Doc Holliday is able to enter the staircase despite not being a human, and he promises Wynonna that he'll protect Waverly while he's in the garden and bring her home. When he enters the portal it closes behind him.

Wynonna believes that something was trying to escape the garden, leading her to believe that the garden isn't really paradise but perhaps a prison.

Waverly and Doc navigate the garden as they attempt to figure out how to return to Purgatory now that all the doors out of the garden are sealed. They discover a cave and a man who is thrilled they are here as "it" needs a sacrifice of human blood. He attempts to explain the rules but Waverly cuts him off as she wants to go home. He states that there is only one way out of the Garden and uses hedge clippers to behead himself. Waverly and Doc use the man's blood to appease the machine operating the Garden out of fear for what might happen if the machine isn't fed. They experience strangeness at every turn, from exhaustion to a random campfire appearing. Waverly is oddly attracted to Julian's throne which she believes she is supposed to sit on to fulfill her destiny as it is her birthright. Doc refuses to let her sit on it and turn to stone which she is grateful for.

They are soon visited by Eve, who shapeshifts into Nicole Haught in order to trick Waverly and Doc into freeing her from her prison. She plans to escape the Garden and return to Earth so she can destroy the world. Doc refuses to let this happen and impales her, later kicking her through a door and into a portal that leads to an unknown location. Wynonna enters the Garden to save Waverly and Doc to bring them home, though she faces trouble when Waverly decides to sit on the throne to stop Eve.

Waverly refuses to leave her post as it is birthright as the guardian of the garden with Wynonna supposed to be the protector. Waverly believes that Eden is her home now. Wynonna eventually gets through to Waverly and they reunite with Doc and try to escape the garden. The trio runs through the plain but all the doors are locked and they can't find one that is open. One door is glowing and Doc points it out so they run to the door. Wynonna tries to deliver a snarky comment to Eden, but Doc isn't having it and throws her through the portal, leaving Eden seemingly abandoned.



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  • Julian's ring had the Aramaic word for "paradise" engraved on it, which was only visible when worn by him or Waverly.
  • The tarot cards pulled by both Wynonna and Julian were "The Tower" which refers to Peacemaker, "The Lovers" which refers to Eve and Adam, and "Paradise" which refers to the Garden of Eden.
  • Time moves differently in Eden. For Doc, Waverly, and Wynonna, only hours had passed since they crossed into Eden. However, for everyone on the Earthly plane, over a year and a half had passed.
  • Nicole Haught is the only shield/guardian to never enter the Garden.