The Ghost River Triangle is an area of cursed land, partially framed by the splitting of the Ghost River into two, that imprisons the resurrected outlaws killed by Wyatt Earp. Should a Revenant cross the boundary line, they experience Hell on Earth.

According to Waverly in Leavin' on Your Mind: '...everything from the mountains to where the North and South ghost rivers meet, forms the Ghost River Triangle. It cuts through the big city, contains thousands of square miles of forest, foothills, prairie, the Badlands. And all of it...cursed.'

According to Nicole's business card in Keep the Home Fires Burning, the city of Purgatory is in Ghost River County. It's likely that the two areas overlap.



  • The map of the Ghost River Triangle on the show is the same area that the show is filmed in. The top left and right corners are in Alberta Canada, more specifically Banff National Park and just north of the city of Calgary (The Big City) respectively. The bottom corner is located in Flathead National Forest in Montana, USA.[1][2]
  • To see where to show locations match up to the real life loactions, you can view them here
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