Hell, also known as Inferno or "Downstairs", is a fearsome realm inhabited by demons and the souls of deceased unrighteous mortals. It also serves as the final destination of Revenants killed by the Heir, with the Peacemaker.

Overview Edit

It is unknown how Hell came into existence. Throughout numerous cultures and religions, Hell is described as the final destination of the souls of mortals who preponderantly sinned during their lifetimes, and as punishment, are sent there for eternal torture and damnation.

However, following the creation of the Earp curse, some human souls, which would later be known as "Revenants", can escape Hell and return to the quotidian world as demonic figures. Although powerful, they cannot cross the Ghost River Triangle.

Inhabitants Edit

It is said that many demons populate Hell, such as Beelzebub, and also the Archangel Lucifer, which is told to have fallen from grace as consequence of his rebellion.

There are also a few Revenants that permanently inhabit Hell, due to them having been killed by Wynonna Earp with the Peacemaker. It is also possible for Willa's soul to be trapped in Hell as well.

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