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Hell Raisin' Good Time is the eighth episode of Season 4 of Wynonna Earp. It aired on March 12, 2021.


Wynonna and Waverly have a Halloween they'll never forget as Rotten Jack terrorizes Purgatory.


Wynonna wakes up naked and unaware of where she is until she is woken up by two employees at the Glory Hole. Amon greets her with Happy Halloween as he helps her to her feet. When she leaves, he unveils a machine. Two Black Badge guards stalk a cornfield when a scarecrow suddenly comes to life and attacks them with a pitchfork. It brutally murders one guard.

Waverly decorates the Homestead much to Nicole’s glee. Waverly tells Nicole about her Halloween experience as a child. She talks about her father sitting on the porch with a gun while rambling about Halloween being the Devil’s Night while she and Wynonna hid in a closet. Nicole is glad she’s reclaiming the holiday and encourages Waverly’s idea to spend time with Wynonna. Nicole is excited about their wedding with her planning to go wedding dress shipping with Rachel. Jeremy enters the sheriff’s office and Wynonna learns that Naomi has retired so now Albert is in charge. He reminds her that she hasn’t delivered a monster in three weeks. Waverly saunters in wearing a ladybug costume. Jeremy gives the girls Rotten Jacks’ photo as he has already killed today, so the Earp’s need to deliver Rotten Jack to BBD in three hours, then Jeremy leaves. Waverly gives Wynonna her costume - a sexy schoolgirl outfit. Doc drinks while playing cards at the Glory Hole when he is called over by Amon who tells him about Rotten Jack, a demon who is only active on Halloween. Each tarot card image represents a possible target, and they bet on which of the cards will be his last victim. A sorcerer, a warrior, a healer, a mother, and an angel. Amon remarks that he’s heard rumors about angels so Doc goes to leave, only to be reminded that he hasn’t delivered booze in weeks. Amon asks Doc to return a pair of lingerie to Wynonna but Doc refuses and quits his employment. Rotten Jack Lottery shows the next victim as “the mother”. Jack knocks on a front door and impales the woman.

Waverly and Wynonna venture through a field with Wynonna annoyed by Halloween and not wanting to talk about Waverly’s wedding or Robin. They bicker until they are heckled by the owner of the trailer who shows himself as Casey. Jeremy is greeted by a fellow employee who warns they are on the verge of lockdown, but Jeremy refuses to help as one hour a week he has a meeting. The meeting is a support group for BBD agents who are traumatized by the things they have seen. Jeremy meets Robin who has a different appearance, is acting oddly, and has been moved to accounting following the death of his father. Wynonna and Waverly are searching for the Extractor while Casey informs them that the Extractor is him. Casey freaks out over them being BBD and opens a can of pumpkin which shines a bright light on their faces. He flees through the field and vanishes through a veil. When Wynonna and Waverly cross the veil and begin to lose their memories.

Waverly and Wynonna try to piece together who they are and hear a song that they follow, only to find Casey holding a stereo over his head while wearing a gas mask. They confront Casey who tells them they are extremely high on the weed he sold them. He tells them to go home and helps point out where they live on a map. Casey picks up Peacemaker from the ground. The sisters arrive at the Homestead where they learn they are sisters who live together. They use mail to determine who they are, as Waverly puts on Nicole’s jacket making them mistake her for a cop named Wynonna. Waverly remarks that hitting Casey made her feel great. They find a Shorty’s t-shirt and venture to the bar in the hopes of finding a party. Doc lays in wait and startles them as it becomes clear something is wrong with them. A demon saunters in with horns and Wynonna mistakes it for a costume and pulls his tail, causing the demon to roar at her. Waverly and Wynonna scream and run away which confuses Doc. Doc punches the demon through the ceiling but when he turns his eyes glow which scares the girls into running away. He tries to chase after them, though they hide in a dumpster. Wynonna finds Doc’s voice familiar. The sisters determine they are hallucinating as an alarm on their phone goes off with a skull emoji. Rotten Jack leaves a crime scene.

Amon interrogates the horned demon who informs him that the Earp girls aren’t themselves, as Wynonna doesn’t have her gun. Amon realizes the girls tried to cross the border which is why their memories are gone. Jeremy and Robin talk as Robin asks if he gets the headaches too. He remarks he wears a mask every day. Doc calls Jeremy to tell them the Earp’s have lost their minds and memories. Jeremy can’t explain the situation but tells him to run an emergency errand. Jeremy goes to leave Robin who remarks that he’s familiar with men wearing mustaches. The Earp sisters climb out of the dumpster as Amon pulls up, pretending to know the sisters. They are reluctant to go with Amon, who brings out Wynonna’s lingerie as proof that he knows them. As they speed off in Amon’s car, Rotten Jack watches them leave.

Jeremy gives Albert almond milk to blackmail him into giving up his phone. Robin wishes Jeremy luck as he leaves, remarking how sweet he is. Amon brings Nicole and Wynonna to Glory Hole where their memories slowly begin to resurface as they change costumes. The sisters watch Amon before revealing their costumes. Doc visits Casey who reads aloud an apology to the sisters. Doc wants Casey to use his extraction skills but Casey is both afraid and depressed. Doc gives him an inspirational speech about love and how it’s the opposite of fear, which convinces Casey to help as he hands Peacemaker back to Doc. Amon appears on stage to give his viewers the show of a lifetime, with the Earp sisters emerging. Amon labels the sisters as he plans to auction them off to the highest bidder to be killed.

Waverly and Wynonna are tied to a stripper pole as the auction unravels as someone bids 50,000 dollars to kill the sisters. Waverly notes that while she might not remember anything she’s happy to know she isn’t alone, with Wynonna stating that Waverly is the best sister she’s ever had - she just knows that. Doc is ready to kill Amon when the demon removes a blaster gun and prepares to shoot the sisters, only to hit them with something that repairs their memories. The wheel lands on an angel as Rotten Jack storms into the bar while Waverly hides behind Wynonna. Amon flees the bar and locks them in. Wynonna takes Peacemaker from Doc while Jeremy reminds Wynonna that they need him alive. Wynonna hits Rotten Jack on the back of the head and watches as light emits from him. Casey reaches into his cracked skull to remove a single candle that Waverley promptly blows out. Rotten Jack falls to the ground. Wynonna brings Albert the guts of Rotten Jack but he isn’t impressed. She learns the fog isn’t a BBD strategy. Jeremy tells Wynonna that they have been studying the fog for months and believe that it’s coming from the garden. What he shot the sisters with was a serum that speeds up the recovery process, but too much kills them. He shows Wynonna Robin who doesn’t recognize her and has a date with his boyfriend. Jeremy explains that during the evacuation they were taken so Jeremy asked Robin to find Wynonna by jumping off the truck. He landed in the mind-altering fog for weeks, and when they pulled him out, he had torn his face off. He goes to a meeting just to slip small doses of serum into his coffee but it hasn’t worked yet. Jeremy tearfully admits that he wants Robin to be happy, even if it’s with a new face or with someone new. She assures him that they’ll help but Jeremy warns that the mind fog is spreading.

The Earp sisters lay on the lawn of the Homestead as they reminisce about previous Halloween’s and how Wynonna was locked in a cellar for three days when their father found out. The topic shifts to Waverly’s wedding, as she assures Wynonna that nothing will ever change that Wynonna is her hero. Nicole strolls up in her sheriff outfit and kisses Waverly while Wynonna warns that she better make Waverly happy forever. Nicole promises that she will. Waverly tells Wynonna to just call him, but Wynonna merely wishes her a happy Halloween. Doc drags Amon’s body to a meeting of demons, as the demons reveal that Amon rigged the betting. Doc leaves Amon to the demons to do what they please with him, as they are free now.

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  • The title makes reference to the country song, Hell Raisin' Good Time by Tim Hicks.