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"Holy War Part One" is the fifth episode of Season 4 of Wynonna Earp. It aired on August 23, 2020.


Trouble at the Homestead leads to payback time for a deadly deal.[1]


Nicole is standing at the end of the aisle with Wynonna, who Nicole greets as her sister. Wynonna walks her down the aisle to become Waverly Earp’s wife. Nicole doesn’t see Waverly and Wynonna tells her that she isn’t coming after what she did. Nicole can’t say what she did and looks up to see Doc’s eyes bleeding, and a lighter in her own hand. Wynonna claims it’s a celebration and lights her cigar. Nicole begins to cough violently along with everyone in attendance. Everyone dies and Nicole lurches up, now in her bed with it being a dream. She sees a fire under the door and tries to wake a sleeping Waverly.

Waverly won’t wake up as smoke fills the room. Nicole carries her out of the room and through the smoke.

In the barn, Wynonna is greeted by Doc who is watching her sleep. He’s been keeping watch over everyone as they have been under siege lately. She asks if he doesn’t sleep now that he’s a vampire, and Doc agrees. They begin to kiss when they see the fire from inside the homestead and rush there to save anyone. Rachel emerges but states the couch is gone and so is Wynonna’s porn collection. Nicole emerges with Waverly and she coughs awake not knowing what happened.

Rachel claims the fire started on the couch and Wynonna thinks it could be the Clantons. Doc points out that the only footprints are their own, as he memorized all of their shoe sizes as pointed out by Rachel. Since there are no footprints the fire had to have been started by something supernatural, and Wynonna points out the Clanton’s are supernatural.

Wynonna and Doc enter the Glory Hole and she shoots an arrow at Amon, who remains unfazed. He greets Doc and Wynonna happily. Amon advises her to ask next time before she hurts him. Doc intervenes saying they need information on who attacked the homestead, but Amon points out that only a coward would set fire to a house full of sleeping women. Wynonna thinks it was the Clantons with Amon cautioning her against saying the “C” word around them. She asks Amon what species the Clantons are and though he is vague in his response, he thinks it’s time she gets Peacemaker back - and he knows exactly where it is.

Jeremy sorts through boxes at the sheriff’s station with Cleo and she asks him to give her one reason why she shouldn’t kill him, to which he responds that he’s the captain now as of the order from BBD. Holt received the paperwork handing the office to Jeremy. Cleo throws a vase out of anger. Jeremy tells them that the movers will be here soon along with his special agents and they should leave soon. Cleo angrily tells Holt that they have to do something before they lose the whole town. Holt disregards her statement and leaves with Cleo just as Nicole and Waverly enter. They exchange bickers as they pass.

Jeremy greets Waverly with a hug and Nicole is colder to him as he fell off the face of the earth on her. He knew she could handle it but she comments about her not having handled it. He points out the scent of fire on her.

Amon pours a shot as he explains that Demons are just sad and lonely demons that can’t handle their liquor. He offers the shot to Wynonna but she doesn't trust him enough to drink it. Doc takes the shot instead, much to Wynonna's surprise. Amon elaborates that he heard a few demons talk about a cherished place where forgotten and lost items end up. Doc is suspicious as to why Amon would help a demon-hunter find her gun, with Amon explaining that the Clantons are more powerful than him and he doesn’t bottom for anyone - not even Doc. There is a catch as the people who have Peacemaker will want an offering and once they have what they need they’ll find them. Wynonna leaves. Doc warns him that if this turns out to be fake they’ll come back and kill him.

Waverly rolls more BBD files into the office while Nicole secures a lock on the door. Wynonna breaks it as she storms in looking for Jeremy. Doc greets Jeremy and they hug as Wynonna recaps what Amon said and that he knows where Peacemaker is. Nicole holds up the drill pointing it at Wynonna as she turns it on, a dark look on her face. Wynonna snaps at her to stop so Nicole does but is confused. No one is sure how they can help look for Peacemaker, with Nicole stating that she scoured the GRT for Peacemaker but didn’t find it. Wynonna thinks she has to trust Amon and Doc points out that the team is unanimous. Nicole asks if anyone’s seen Rachel lately.

Rachel is outside Maggie’s spying on Billy’s family and ignores a call from Nicole, lying in a text that she’s at the rec center. She looks over at the ranch and sees herds of deer.

Wynonna and Doc enter the ghost river triangle museum. They separate after a few minutes but she finds him again in a screening room with an old western playing. She asks if it’s from the Great Lebowski, but Doc chuckles saying that it is her Great-Great-Grandfather, Wyatt Earp.

Jeremy walks in on Waverly and Nicole making out on Cleo’s couch and the women explain that they kept the couch as a place to “hang out”. Jeremy changes the subject by giving them BBD binders that might have information on the Clantons. At least it’ll give them something until Wynonna can find Peacemaker. Nicole notes that she couldn’t find it but Jeremy points out that she wasn’t the Earp heir. She asks if he would have called more if she was and he brings up that his phone was being monitored. Waverly asks where Robin is but Jeremy covers it up with Nicole pointing out he’s being cagey about it. Jeremy snaps back that he had to do what he could to survive. Nicole turns away then keels over in pain in her abdomen. She hurries into an office as searing pain shoots through her side. She spits out mud.

In a flashback, Nicole goes to Maggie begging her to help her bring Waverly back. The woman warns that the price is steep and whispers the cost in her ear. Nicole takes a moment then agrees as long as she saves her from the garden.

Nicole cries as she couldn’t have promised that as more pain hits her. Waverly hurries in to check on Nicole who explains that she did something terrible while Waverly was in the garden. She vomits more and a frog jumps out with Jeremy nervously saying she had frogs.

Doc continues to watch the interview of Wyatt with Wynonna. Wyatt tells a story about how a man saved his life from an executioner who was just a dentist. Wyatt expresses gratitude for Doc as Wynonna asks who the attacker was, but Doc never bothered to ask as the man didn’t deserve to be remembered for shooting another man in the back. She asks if he misses the old west and he remarks that the rules were simpler. She sees a photo on the wall with Rosita on it and claims that if revenants were still around Rosita would be her first kill for what she tried to do to Alice. The man brings up the OK Corral with Wyatt responding that there would never be peace with the Clantons around. He was relieved Doc Holliday took the first shot. But Doc remarks that he didn’t shoot first. She reminds him that old people remember things how they want to, not how they happened. Doc remarks that he doesn’t have the luxury of getting old, with her asking if Wyatt would be proud of her but he doesn’t know if she would be proud of Wyatt. He leaves to attend the heist and she follows.

Cleo is at home trying to cut an onion while Holt remarks she’s butchering it. Her hand is still hurting but it’s fine. Margo enters but scoffs at Cleo’s emotions even though they’re from the onion. Margo has been obsessed with the happenings at the OK corral since in a half a minute their whole clan was wiped out. When she dies, the charm she possesses will transfer to her children as their legacy will be left in their hands. She has a plan set to end to the Earps. Holt wants to know the plan before he celebrates with Cleo asking the same. Margo explains that Doc Holliday and the Earps don’t deserve to die, they deserve to be destroyed - by each other.

At Shorty’s, Randy is cleaning up after a woman’s softball team as Nicole hurries in wanting booze. She needs the taste of frogs gone. Waverly explains that every time Nicole tries to tell them what she did while they were in the garden she throws up. Randy thinks they’re dealing with a hex but with all the new creatures in town, it could be anything from an Incubus to Spongebob. Waverly is touched he did research. Even when they try to guess what Nicole did she throws up even more. Nicole vomits more and another frog appears. She tries to write down what she did but the words she writes turn into scribbles, that Waverly thinks are tadpoles but Jeremy thinks are sperm. Randy thinks they should focus on a cure.

Wynonna and Doc look at a painting that is terrible as that’s the object the people with Peacemaker want. A painting called “A Woman Scorned”. She proposes two different, albeit elaborate, plans to pull off the heist. Doc removes the painting from the wall and leaves the museum with it. They run out and wait for the collectors to appear. She sees a Celtic Sister Knot painting on the wall. Doc explains that it symbolizes sisterhood and the strong, eternal bond that women share. He made acquaintances with some sorority sisters. They suddenly hear loud chimes that debilitates them. When Doc looks up Wynonna is gone.

Wynonna is in a house and a nun welcomes her to the Sanctuary of the Scorned Woman. She states that they are in dangerous and uncertain times, knowing Wynonna’s name. The place provides cleansing for women who lost their way - women like Wynonna. The nun is releasing the women from the judgments they’ve placed on themselves. She wants to do the same with Wynonna who just wants Peacemaker in exchange for the painting. The woman speaks Latin and throws holy water on it just as it transforms. The nun wants the woman in the painting. They go to an armory where Wynonna calls out for Peacemaker repeatedly, with the nun suggesting that the weapon might be rejecting her as its duty is now complete. Wynonna mentions that the curse might be broken but people still need her to protect them. The nun suggests choosing a life of peace but Wynonna doesn’t see that as possible with all these monsters or why she would want to lead a normal life.

At the Glory Hole, Amon is upset that Doc is back asking for more help and didn’t at least bring him flowers. Doc has a gun on him asking if the painting was just a ruse to get Wynonna gone. Amon points out that if it was a trap it wouldn’t have been set by him, as he’s in it for himself. He likens his situation to Doc’s as they're only out for themselves. Doc isn’t neutral anymore and walks away to sit across from Holt Clanton who already knows who Doc is. Holt just wanted a beer but the banter between them grows. Holt asks if the “fastest gunslinger in the West” thing is something to be proud of, as he’s shooting people who don’t have the chance to fight back. Doc believes some people deserve to be shot and Holt asks who decides that. The history books say one thing but his family says another. Holt draws and so does Doc as they point their guns at each other. Holt asks if Doc deserves a bullet, or if he does, setting his gun down. He decides to let fate decide. Doc warns him that no matter what side they’re on the blood they shed to win the war will damn them. Holt doesn’t think it’s a war but a town, with women who would have them fight to the death. He downs his drink and leaves the bar. Doc sips at his drink.

Nicole sits by the fireplace and Waverly brings her a blanket. She’d be happy to take care of Nicole forever, bringing up the proposal. Nicole wants to talk about it but she can’t without vomiting. Jeremy brings up three potentials. A spell-reflecting ceremony with the worst-case scenario being that they do it wrong and she turns into a demon dog. Nicole dismisses it as she’s a cat person. The second option is an exorcism that drowns Nicole in salted holy water, but the idea of drowning doesn’t please Waverly. The third option is to brew an antidote soup made out of fennel, jasmine, and nettles. The worst-case scenario is her einsteins might run to snakes. Those are the only good options so Nicole sides with the third. She begins to vomit again and hurries out just as Wynonna enters. Vomit gets on Wynonna’s shoes but Jeremy cleans it up with a mop.

Waverly calls Rachel who ignores the call again as she’s still at the junkyard. She calls Billy and listens for the phone ringing and hears it off in the distance.

Nicole sits on the stoop as Wynonna brings her a beer. Nicole tells her it wasn’t Wynonna’s fault. Wynonna wouldn’t blame her for not wanting to join the Earp family with all the craziness that’s going on. Nicole assures her that she wants to marry Waverly but is afraid that Waverly won’t want to once she finds out what she did. Wynonna’s knows she didn’t give up on them while they were in the garden, but Nicole admits she did give up. Not at first. At first, she believed they would get home but after eighteen months she just couldn’t take it anymore. She begins to gag as Wynonna realizes Nicole did something to bring them home. She lets it go when Nicole gags again. Wynonna distracts her by saying that Peacemaker gave up on her today and shows Nicole the Scorned Woman painting. Nicole recognizes the place in the painting as Steve Gulch. She once rescued two guys named Steve who were hiking and got stuck between two boulders naked, which is how the place got its name.

Doc pulls up and Nicole groans in pain as she gags. Doc asks if Wynonna is alright, with Wynonna saying she’s better than Nicole.

The soup is almost done they just have to let it simmer for an hour. Nicole is in a trance and dumps the soup then flings open a drawer filled with knives.

Doc and Wynonna are in the barn. He asks if she’s certain the gun was even there but she is sure it was. She just couldn’t get it to come. She thinks it makes sense since the curse is broken and she’s not the heir or much of anything. Doc murmurs that she’s everything. She asks what he meant earlier about her not being proud of Wyatt. Doc explains that they were immortalized as heroes but not everything they did was great. She counters that the Clantons murdered people and took their lands. He reminds her it was the Old West. The only difference between them was the stars pinned to Doc's and Wyatt’s vests. He admits that he wonders if this legacy of bloodshed will be the death of everything they love. Maybe they should make peace. Nicole appears and throws a knife at Wynonna's head, with Wynonna barely ducking in time.

Nicole approaches and slashes at Wynonna, slicing her arm open. Doc restrains Nicole just was Waverly arrives confused, but they explain Nicole started it. Wynonna knocks Nicole out with a punch while Doc begins to lose control of his vampire side. He walks away from the scene as Nicole wakens. He explains the darkest of magic is behind this. He picks up Nicole’s clothes and Doc says it smells of gasoline. She started the homestead fire and Wynonna plans to kill the Clantons now. The rest of the team thinks she should be smart and wait until they have Peacemaker. Waverly reminds her not to jump to Plan Z when they haven’t tried Plan A. Doc chimes in that they have to find the woman in the painting and bring her to the sanctuary. If Peacemaker doesn’t show then they’ll take them on together. Wynonna tells Nicole to tie up Nicole so nothing else happens while she and Doc are gone.

There isn’t much left in the drain as Jeremy tries to salvage it. Waverly isn’t tying the ropes tight enough so Nicole sends her to get handcuffs. Nicole looks at Jeremy but he refuses to do it.

Rachel walks through a barn listening for Billy’s phone. She finds it in a tool bag along with all the missed calls. She gets a chill as Billy, now looking very ill, stands behind her.

Nicole goes upstairs to help Waverly with the pink handcuffs and handcuffs one side to the bed. She reminds Waverly that she loves her and then cuffs Waverly to the bed instead and leaves with Jeremy who has agreed to help Nicole with their own plan.

Nicole hurries into Shorty’s and apologizes to Randy for trying to kill him over the past year and a half and for letting him and everyone else down. Time and time again she’s let everyone down. But today, she’s going to change it. But she needs Randy to kill her first.

Wynonna and Doc head to Steve Gulch looking for the woman scorned. Wynonna doesn’t want to reject her legacy as the heir is the only thing she’s ever been good at. Doc thinks they’re both just too stubborn to wash the blood off their hands. They arrive at the boulders to see a woman in a red coat standing there. Wynonna calls to her and when she turns around they are shocked to see that the woman is Rosita.

At Shorty’s, Jeremy is drowning Nicole as Randy speaks Latin over her. Waverly arrives and screams at the sight but Jeremy asks her to trust them.

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  • Venice Doan as Snotty Teenager
  • Sarah Haggeman as Baptized Woman


  • The title makes reference to the country song, Holy War by Brooks And Dunn.