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"Holy War Part Two" is the sixth episode and mid-season finale of Season 4 of Wynonna Earp. It aired on August 30, 2020. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, production was cut short and "Holy War Part Two" serves as the mid-season finale.


The gang races to save one of their own, but are hindered by unseen forces.


Nicole submerges herself in the salted ice water bath cringing at how cold it is. Randy asks if all the kink is needed for breaking the spell, but Jeremy corrects that it’s an exorcism so yep. He has to wear ridiculous bearskin. He asks Nicole who cursed her but she begins to gag so he stops saying it was a final test. They will temporarily drown her. Once the hourglass runs out they’ll bring her back, the spell is broken, and they all go about their lives. He shows her a jar of a dead frog and they go back and forth with frog puns that annoy Randy. Jeremy attaches nodes to Nicole to monitor her heart rate. Once she’s under her consciousness should transfer to the frog in the jar he showed her. Two will become one. Nicole is nervous but tells her that no matter what happens, do not let her come up until it's down. He agrees as she thanks them. She takes deep breaths then submerges herself in the water letting out the air in her lungs. Randy begins chanting as Nicole’s heart rate lowers. She lunges out of the water with Jeremy realizing it’s her survival instincts and forces her into the water to drown as Randy chants. Waverly rushes in screaming what he’s doing. He asks her to trust them. Nicole lays under the water dead. Waverly is angry as she pushes past Jeremy angrily, threatening to hit him with the bedpost she’s cuffed too. She asks if Nicole is dead just as the frog croaks and Jeremy is elated that Nicole is okay. He put her in the frog much to Waverly’s anger.

At Magpie’s, Margo looks at a dying frog in a jar and remarks that Nicole is testing their bonds and what she gave she can take away. She gets a knife and cuts open her palm, chanting “an eye for an eye, a breath for a breath, seek and destroy, and be joined in death”. The blood falls onto a Clanton cursed rock where Waverly’s newspaper article for winning the nicest person award in Purgatory is. She whistles and a Reaper awakens, and Margo commands it to attack Waverly Earp - while Rachel watches from behind a wall.

Jeremy tries to reason with Waverly that everything was Nicole’s idea - from the handcuffs to the exorcism. She knew Waverly would try to stop her but according to the Maglu if they can’t destroy the spell-caster they have to cleanse the person who was cursed. Waverly is concerned that it didn’t work but Jeremy assures her that as long as Nicole stays in the frog everything is okay. He tells her to watch it. She greets the frog as Nicole and it croaks back.

Wynonna is mad that Rosita is alive and Rosita thinks they’ve come to kill her last as Wynonna promised. Wynonna is down for that but Doc stops her as they need her alive. Rosita explains that can’t leave. After the Earthquake Phil, the revenant with all the boils, rounded up a posse to hunt her down. She slept with Phil’s wife. She ran to the outcropping where she would be safe since stepping on the rock is dangerous to revenants. She’s strong so she thought she could handle it. When the rumbling escalated all the revenants went poof one-by-one and suddenly, they couldn’t feel the pain anymore. Phil got handsy so she kicked him off the rock and he went poof. If he poofed so will Rosita. She can’t leave the island. Wynonna points out the ammolite rock that the island is made of, and since before the curse broke it hurt them it must protect them now. If they can get more rocks they can get Rosita off the island. Much to Wynonna’s disliking.

Rachel tries to call Waverly who isn’t answering. Holt grabs Rachel asking who sent her but she protests. He drags her away.

Nicole’s temperature is stable but she’s been dead for five minutes. Jeremy asks how much longer is on the hourglass and it runs out. They won’t know if the spell worked until they wake her up. Randy can stop chanting the spell now but has to do the reversal so they can get her out of the frog and into her body. Nedley begins chanting but stops Jeremy from using the paddles on a flat-liner. The doors blow open to Shorty’s and Waverly has a rock that marks her. She sees Billy and screams.

She can’t believe Billy is reaper now. Jeremy and Nedley can’t see the Reaper and they knocked over the jar of frogs with Nicole. Waverly avoids Belly while the boys try to grab frog-Nicole. A frog begins to glow and Nicole’s spirit appears pushing Billy through a door. Waverly puts a slot machine over the door. Jeremy asks if Waverly stopped it, but the ghost of Nicole states that Waverly didn’t - she did. She looks to her dead body.

Doc and Wynonna make a path of ammolite that will keep her safe, but Doc will have to move the back stone to the front and so on until they get to the sanctuary. Rosita is cautious about leaving the island so Wynnona has to tell her that the earthquake was Bulshar breaking the curse. She looks to Doc saying that it was his baby too. He knows she did what she did to survive and forgives her. Rosita makes Wynonna and Doc pinky-swear not to hurt her then leaves the island onto the path of rocks. Bells chime in the distance and a Celtic sisters knot appears again. Wynonna asks if Doc’s coming but he doubts he’ll be welcome there. The women jump through the portal just as Doc receives a call from Sheriff Clayborn.

Jeremy and Waverly have to figure out which frog Nicole is in while her spirit yells at them but they can’t hear her. Waverly tries to kiss the frog but it doesn’t work. Nicole squeaks that it’s gross.

Wynonna delivers Rosita to the nuns and Rosita is hurt that she’s being traded. Wynonna asks for her gun but Rosita presses the issue that survival always involves women betraying women. The nun is glad something is between them. The derision, the disdain, it’d be a shame to waste it. The nun agrees to let her have Peacemaker - if she can live. She rings a bell and tells them to fight to the death. Rosita pounces on Wynonna’s back.

The women exchange blows and flip with Wynonna saying that she’s trying not to hurt her as she promised. Wynonna decides to fight to get to Peacemaker. The women charge and exchange kicks and punches.

Waverly kisses more frogs but isn’t feeling anything. She can’t believe that Nicole isn’t trying to give them a sign, but Nicole claims she’s trying but doesn’t know the rules of ghosts. She is able to mess with the lights and does but Nedley realizes it’s a code. Waverly knows it’s Morse code which makes Nicole elated. She spells out “not in frog” and they realize Nicole astral-projected. Nicole gives more signals that spell out the basement, but the reaper is down there which makes them nervous.

Waverly gets a bat and plans to use it to get the reaper to talk. Jeremy warns that if they lose Nicole’s body her spirit might disappear. Randy gets his gun and follows Waverly.

Billy is hissing but Nicole jumps into his body. Waverly cautiously approaches and Nicole speaks telling Billy to say why she made the deal with the witch. Billy takes over and yells that Waverly will now die. He lunges but Waverly steps back, which stops Randy from shooting Billy who is now Nicole but also possibly a frog and dead. She demands Billy tell her what happened or the love her life will die and she’ll be very angry and she doesn’t know what will happen if she gets very angry.

In the sanctuary, the women fight but the nun is adamant that they have to fight to the death. Wynonna gets Rosita in a hold so they agree to work together. Wynonna distracts the demon nuns long enough for them to run off to find Peacemaker.

Billy states that Nicole is theirs now - they have her soul. She made a covenant - a life for a life. Nicole didn’t know it was the Clanton’s and she couldn’t wait any longer but she should have. Waverly asks how to break the covenant but Billy shouts that The Swamp Witch has bound her so it’s impossible to break. The covenant only ends when both actors die. Waverly remarks that one person is down with one to go. Billy warns there are many of them. Nicole pops out of Billy asking how many of them there are.

Waverly demands Jeremy to watch Billy while she goes talk with The Swamp Witch, Margo-Jean. Jeremy thinks it’s the only way to end the curse. She takes Nicole’s hand and kisses it promising to save her life as she saved her. They don’t have time to wait for Wynonna and her gun so Waverly is doing this her way. Jeremy warns that it’s not a good idea but she tells him and Nedley to keep Nicole alive for as long as they can. Ghost-Nicole shivers.

Wynonna and Rosita hide in the armory and call a truce. She remarks the Clinton’s are on her enough. The nuns hit the door.

Rachel is at the station where Cleo and Clayborn argue over whether to kill Rachel. Doc arrives for Rachel and Clayborn gives her back her phone and she leaves so the adults can talk. Holt brings up what he said about the blood they shed damning them all. He’s tired of fighting a war that isn’t even his anymore. He believes people can change and there’s a woman he wants to ask out but he doesn’t want to worry about the Earp’s. Doc proposes enmity for those that share their name future and present. He’s almost 170 years old. He doesn't care about the past anymore, it’s just a burden. Holt agrees to let Rachel go as she makes Billy happy. Doc hopes they can have a happier ending too. The men agree to bring their proposition to their own clans. They shake hands and Doc leaves.

Wynonna and Rosita are empty-handed as they hear the nuns singing. Wynonna concedes that they could have been friends if Rosita hadn’t tried to steal her baby. Rosita asks why she still needs Peacemaker triggering Wynonna to admit her work isn’t done as the nuns hit the door. Wynonna yells at Peacemaker for hiding like a little bitch but their enemies aren’t going to stop so they have to keep kicking Evil’s ass. She proclaims she’s a hero that also makes her a killer. The nuns burst through the door and the nun states that if they don’t fight they’ll both die. Wynonna hears Peacemaker and sees the sword in the barrel and extends her hand and it flies to her. It turns back into a gun and she greets it. The nun is Medea, granddaughter of Helios, and warns her not to trifle with a woman scorned. The gun roars to life as Wynonna shoots Medea and kills her. The rest of the nuns advance with Rosita nervous about not thinking it through. The nuns lay down their spears saying they are at her service.

Rachel and Doc leave the station and she’s worried Clayborn won’t hold up his end of the deal but Doc tells her to leave it to the adults - not youngins who had their heartbroken by what Doc calls a “swain”. Rachel thinks they killed Billy which doc is dubious. She explains she saw Mam dropping blood on a rock and talking crap about Waverly. Now she isn’t answering any of Rachel’s calls. He tells Rachel to get in the car to go home while she handles the rest.

The nun is eternally grateful for breaking Medea’s hold over them. She wants Wynonna to help them become cleansed but Wynonna can’t. The nuns can’t leave without the pain. Rosita recognizes them as victims of Wyatt Earp who Wynonna calls a dick. Rosita explains they were collateral damage - merely in the wrong place at the wrong time. They were cursed once but protected at the sanctuary. Wynonna promises to get them free but Rosita counters that this place is an upgrade compared to a rock, eyeing the nun who Wynonna talked to. Wynonna tells them all to “do you” as Rosita thanks her for saving her ass. As Wynonna is leaving, Rosita calls her back to tell her why she tried to steal Alice. She had a buyer for Alice. It was Margo-Jean Clanton. She thought Wynonna should know. Wynonna is angry and leaves.

She materializes in Shorty’s and Jeremy tosses her the marked rock for Waverly. Wynonna asks where she is and Nedley states that Waverly went to Magpie’s Ranch - with a shotgun. Wynonna follows pursuit.

Waverly storms into the Magpie’s barn with a shotgun, commenting on the dump. Her OCD makes her organize the jars just as Margo walks in. Waverly tells her to fix her hex or she’ll kill her, but Margo claims she can’t. Margo asks how she knew what door to take out of the garden - it was because Margo made it happen. Nicole begged her so she showed Doc the way. Nicole was so feeble in her begs so she made a deal for Nicole to bring Doc to the Clanton’s as punishment for what happened at the O.K. Corral. Margo wants to ruin everything about Doc - his name, his reputation, make him destroy everything she loves. Waverly asks who cares about the OK Corral anymore after all these years but asks Margo to release Nicole. Margo counters that Waverly is young and will find someone else, but Waverly would rather die than be without Nicole. Margo uses this vulnerability to attack and grab the gun from Waverly. Margo then screams that her ancestors will devour Nicole as she has powers Waverly can’t even comprehend. Waverly shouts that she does too and puts her hands on the sides of Margo’s head. Margo screams and cries as she falls to the ground, blood running out of her eyes.

Nicole lurches up in Shorty’s alive and well. Jeremy says they have to warm her up slowly with blankets to avoid anything bad. She apologizes for the trouble she made and Jeremy forgives her and they hug.

Holt pulls onto the farm just as Wynonna does and Waverly walks over to her, upset. Wynonna tells her sister that Nicole is alive and she has Peacemaker back. The sisters hug. Holt stalks over with his gun pointed to them. He’s angry they killed his mother but now there is nothing she can do to make things right from the O.K. Corral. Wynonna snaps at him to get over it and that Margo had it coming. He tells Wynonna to make her peace. A gunshot is heard and Doc walks over with his gun. He demands they lower their weapons but Holt thinks it’s too late. Doc promises it isn’t and lowers Peacemaker. Holt is the Clanton heir now and doesn’t have a choice anymore. Doc states the one thing he learned from Wynonna - there is always another way. Whatever he’s up against they can work it out for the good of their kin - together. Wynonna and Waverly are surprised the men are working together. Holt tells Doc that Billy was turned by Mam but didn’t deserve it. Doc talks Holt down and they decide to get a drink. A gunshot rips through the air and hits Holt who falls to his knees, dead. On the other end is Wynonna who shot Holt much to Doc’s shock. She thanks Doc for distracting him.

At the homestead, Wynonna joins Doc on the porch as they talk about Nicole and how she’s okay now. Doc is upset that she killed Holt and that she believed in him. There isn’t any honor in shooting a man in the back. Wynonna doesn’t give a shit about honor anymore but he reminds her she only did those things because of Wyatt Earp. She counters that Doc was his best friend and he’s only mad at Wyatt for speaking the truth in that video. Doc is hurt she thinks that was the truth. Wynonna takes him saying she likes him because he’s not perfect - he’s busted inside like her. Doc doesn’t want to be broken anymore and they both have a choice. He asks if she ever thought about why the Clanton’s never turned revenants. It was because when Wyatt shot he ran at the OK Corral and Doc was forced to kill them. Wynonna states she would never and will never run. He walks past her commenting that she and the gun deserve each other. She puts her head on his shoulder saying that the Clanton’s are the ones who wanted Alice. Waverly opens the door asking if they’re coming in. Wynonna agrees but Waverly has to persuade Doc who agrees and steps inside.

Jeremy and Nedley toast to their first, and hopefully last, exorcism. Jeremy refuses to give Rachel alcohol and Nicole doesn't want any since she’s recovering. Waverly asks if she and Doc are okay but Wynonna claims they’re the same. Jeremy asks if Nicole and Waverly are getting married or what? He presses about what they’ve been doing all this time. The women admit they had proposals planned. Nicole takes Waverly’s hand and everyone stops to watch. She starts to propose but Waverly asks if she can do it. Waverly gets on one knee. Doc removes his hat. Wynonna smiles at them. Waverly asks Nicole to marry her and Nicole happily agrees as they kiss by the fireplace. Everyone toasts to the engagement. Doc smiles happily on. While everyone celebrates, Doc sneaks away as Wynonna watches while crying. Nicole and Waverly exchange I love you's and another kiss.

Cast & Characters


Recurring & Guest


  • Rae-Ann Dillman as Nun #1
  • Thabi Ngwenya as Joanne
  • Dawn Nagazina as Alma


  • The title makes reference to the country song, Holy War by Brooks And Dunn.
  • Jeremy mentions that he's using a "maglu". The word "maglu" is Croatian for "fog". In Wynonna Earp, a "maglu" is a magic book of spells.
  • This is the first episode to feature one of the main characters in a non-physical form. Nicole's astral projection form is her predominant appearance for the episode.
  • This is the first episode of Wynonna Earp to feature an engagement - Waverly and Nicole's.