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Juan Carlo's Journal is a book written by Juan Carlo. It first appears in the Season 3 episode "The Other Woman" .


The journal contains information written by Juan Carlo on the Garden of Eden and Bulshar Clootie. In 1887, Juan entrusted it to his pupil Maeve Perley for protection. Maeve hid the journal in her own home where it stayed for over a century.

Season 3

In the episode "The Other Woman", Doc Holliday and Nicole Haught visit the Perley residence in order to find information on how to defeat Bulshar. Maeve keeps her word by trying to protect the journal, but with the assistance of Jeremy Chetri, the gang is able to find and take it. By reading it, they are able to learn that Bulshar's true form is actually the snake from the tale of Adam and Eve.


"The guardians were powerless in the face of evil that the serpent was penetrating. What could they do? Their remit was to stand by idly even as a new reign of terror began."[1]

"Bulshar was created in the Garden to enjoy the spoils of paradise."[1]

"We guarded the entrance to keep him in, to keep everything in, but we failed, Julian and I."[1]

"It has been a lifetime since we had the chance to right this wrong. And it will be another lifetime until we can strike again. On this night, and this night only, we must stop him."[1]