Levi is a recurring revenant in Season 1 of Wynonna Earp.

Biography Edit

Levi was a photographer when he was a human. The exact details of his death are unknown, but his lover, Fish, was killed in crossfire trying to protect him because he "got caught up in a scheme".

Season 1Edit

Keep the Home Fires BurningEdit

Levi is first seen in a club where Wynonna Earp is trying to stop Red from eating a human woman's hand. Levi tackles Wynonna to the ground during some chaos and tries to steal her gun. Instead of it being Peacemaker, it's a regular gun given to Wynonna by Dolls.They wrestle briefly before Wynonna shoots him with the gun and runs after Red.

Levi witnesses Red's death and reaction to touching Peacemaker at Shorty's. He runs back to Bobo's Trailer Park, where he tells Bobo Del Rey everything. Bobo apparently knew all along and told the other revenants not to try to take it, so he commands Levi to get Doc to summon Killer Miller. After Miller is sent back to hell by Wynonna, Levi tries attacking Waverly and Dolls with an axe. He is easily defeated, but Wynonna decides to use him to send a threat to Bobo, then kicks him of the Earp Homestead by removing a talisman.

Since Levi wasn't able to kill Wynonna, Bobo gets Doc to chain him up outside the Ghost River Triangle. The Earp Curse causes revenants outside of the Ghost River Triangle to feel a pain that is described as "hell on Earth".

Diggin' Up BonesEdit

Levi is only briefly shown in this episode when Fish, Wynonna, and Doc investigate where he is (the former two not knowing Doc was involved in chaining him up). When they do find him, he is in agony and his flesh looks like it is melting off. Fish is happy to be reunited and doesn't put up a fight when Wynonna mercy kills them both.

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'Relationship:' Lovers

Being homosexual back in their time was much more difficult, so they felt an immediate connection. They promised each other to meet up if they were both brought back from hell.


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