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Life Turned Her That Way is the tenth episode of Season 4 of Wynonna Earp. It aired on March 26, 2021.


A deadly foe reemerges in the Ghost River Triangle, intent on finishing what they started.


Wynonna starts her day with Peacemaker, drinks alcohol, tromps through the woods, and kills demons. She goes back to her bed and repeats the events. She wakes up one morning to an empty holster. She goes to the kitchen to find Nicole and Waverly and an empty kitchen since the supply trucks have stopped. She’s worried about Peacemaker until Waverly points out that Wynonna lost it in a blackout, and takes the gun out of a drawer. They try to stage an intervention.

Wynonna disregards their worries about her passing out, drinking, and distancing herself from everyone. Waverly points out that her sister seems sad and lonely but Wynonna snips back that not everyone has the luxury of happily ever after. Wynonna tells her to keep the gun and leaves. Waverly follows her out of the house where Wynonna emotionally reveals that if she stops killing demons everyone she loves will die. Wynonna points out Waverly’s hypocrisy with the Hoyt killing, asking what it’s a problem for her to kill a Clanton but not for Waverly. They end up arguing as Wynonna storms off. Waverly goes inside and Nicole hugs her. Nicole has to leave for work so Waverly calls Doc. She and Doc meet at the entrance to the garden with their blank book. She tells Doc that Wynonna isn’t okay but she hopes the book will have answers but it’s still blank. That’s why she chose her book - because everyone is in her story. Waverly doesn’t associate the throne with torment, it just took her cares away which felt like heaven. They are interrupted by two demons who want to hunt Waverly, but Doc refuses to allow it. Waverly pulls out Peacemaker but it doesn’t work for her anymore. Waverly takes off running and accidentally runs into the fog. She struggles not to breathe it in and lands in a cabin where Jolene is hiding inside.

Waverly can’t believe that Jolene is alive, and Jolene explains that when Bulshar died his roots released her but when the fog rolled in she got trapped. She plans to have a lot of fun with Waverly and knocks her out. Doc fights the demons as Remy warns that Waverly is in the fog. A few minutes later, they are hit by darts by BBD agents. Wynonna works out in the shed until she is interrupted by Rachel, who wants to learn how to train with Wynonna. At a BBD site, Cleo fills out a form to leave Purgatory and passes the screening. Billy stands behind her as a reaper. Rachel and Wynonna talk in the woods about how Earps always end up alone. They come across an injured demon who Rachel helps save while Wynonna learns that the BBD agents took Doc while Waverly was swallowed by the fog. Doc confronts the BBD agents who burn the demon in the cell alive.

Waverly is kidnapped by Jolene who wants to help her as demons are just fallen angels. She tells Waverly they are the same and are kin. Nicole, Rachel, and Wynonna try to enter the fog by talking to Casey who has been mapping out the fog. Nicole convinces Wynonna to let her go into the fog with Casey since it’s her turn to go after Waverly. Jolene takes Peacemaker out of Waverly’s bag but it burns her. Waverly remarks that she’s done being afraid of Jolene, who touches a wall that has tallies of how many people Wynonna killed to save Waverly. Jolene taunts Waverly for not being a hero or supporting her sister. She wants Waverly to tap into her power. Nicole and Casey head into the fog while Wynonna and Rachel stay behind to guard the rope. Nicole and Casey find the cabin and Waverly who is tied up, but the radio goes out after screaming is heard, followed by Nicole saying that Jolene is alive. They are forced to pull Casey, who has lost his mask, out of the fog without Nicole, whose rope is severed while she’s lost.

Waverly screams for Nicole while Jolene continues to goad her about not using her powers. She gets free and grabs Peacemaker, but the gun burns her. She slams Jolene into a wall only to be stabbed in the back by Jolene, who pulls a feather out of Waverly’s back. Wynonna tells Rachel about Jolene and the urgency of going in. The group decides to find Jeremy, with Wynonna promising to give Casey a proper burial as soon as they can though she has to find Jeremy, before leaving. Doc finds Jeremy who is imprisoned. The guard runs away while Jeremy explains that he’s been imprisoned for disagreeing with orders. Doc tries to shoot a lock pad which triggers a shutdown.

Wynonna screams for the BBD agents to open the door and meets General Graham who wants to take her out of the Ghost River Triangle as the fog will overcome the town. She refuses so they take her to see Doc and Jeremy, but she can only free one so she chooses Jeremy. She apologizes to Doc then chooses Cleo Clanton. She promises Doc that she will come back for them. Jolene holds Waverly as she bleeds in immense pain which only will end when she lets it out. Wynonna catches up with Rachel who finally sympathizes with the pain of losing someone because of her actions. Wynonna and Rachel meet with Cleo while Wynonna explains that the reapers can survive the fog, so she’ll follow the reaper to Waverly. She gives the gun to Rachel so she can watch Cleo. Billy is summoned but also attached to Wynonna so she can see him. They burst into the cabin and Billy attacks Jolene, but Waverly is in too much pain to stand but warns her that Peacemaker is inside. Jolene throws Wynonna into the fog while Waverly screams. Overcome with anger, Waverly taps into her darkness and cripples Jolene.

Waverly kills Jolene with a flick of her hand. Doc can’t use his vampire strength to remove the bars, just as they are visited by Mercedes. She uses a compact mirror to help Jeremy see the wires of the broken cell. They are visited by the guards who believe they can’t save anyone without their prized fighters, the demons. Agent Graham shoots Mercedes in the stomach. Wynonna struggles to not inhale the fog and barely escapes. She watches Waverly, not completely embraced in her demonic angel side, who tells Wynonna that her journey is over but hers has just begun.

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  • The title makes reference to the country song, Life Turned Her That Way by Ricky Van Shelton.