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"Look at Them Beans" is the third episode of Season 4 of Wynonna Earp. It aired on August 9, 2020.


Wynonna finds herself on the wrong side of the law and Doc partners with a new demon.


Doc and Wynonna discuss the hangings and how people are playing hockey nonchalantly under the hanging bodies. They go to Shorty's to find it turned into a juice bar with hanging fruit and a new menu. Chrissy Nedley greets Wynonna by throwing a bottle at her head angrily. They instantly start fighting and soon, everyone in the bar turns on Wynonna with guns pointed at her. The citizens demand that Wynonna releases Chrissy, then encourage Chrissy to say her peace. Chrissy places Wynnona under citizens’ arrest for the murder of Randy Nedley.

Wynonna protests the murder of Nedley as she is dragged out of the bar by the citizen's much to Doc's protest. Chrissy refuses to take the word of an Earp, since the last time her father was seen he was with Wynonna before she disappeared for a year and a half. They try to hang Wynonna when the new Sheriff, Hoyt Clayborn, fires a gun in the air and stops the fighting. He tells Chrissy that her behavior isn't how they handle things in Purgatory. He helps Wynonna down then handcuffs her to take her for a trial. As she is being escorted away Doc promises to get everyone for help.

Waverly is singing happily through the homestead when she finds Rachel in the kitchen. She offers Waverly some kombucha that she made. A bell rings and Nicole runs down saying that something is in the trap - a monster. The women leave the house with Nicole explaining to Waverly that there are ten traps on the homestead and they have to check them every two hours. The curse was broken but there are new monsters in the forest including a troll. They find Doc in a hole with a trap on his pants. Nicole frees Doc and he tells them that Wynonna is in jail having been framed for the murder of Nedley.

Wynonna is placed in a cell with another inmate and she demands a phone call but Clayborn ignores her. She greets the inmate KC who feels unsafe with the presence of Wynonna. He explains that the townspeople left but demons came back and once the townspeople returned home they began a war with the demons who were surrounding stairs in the woods. KC asks her not to shoot him as he's only half-demon. She claims not to have her gun on her.

A man drives through the roads until he sees a dead wolf. The roof of the van is ripped off by a monster with claws that lunges at him.

Waverly tries to process the fact Nedley is gone with Nicole being relatively unphased. She explains that some people returned but some just disappeared, including Kate, who Doc inquires about. Nicole adds that Jeremy is getting by but she hasn't heard from him in months while alluding to the fact Robin isn't alive. Waverly is confused that they were in the garden for a year and a half, with Doc thinking that time is more fluid in the garden. She wonders how old she is and how many episodes of Property Brothers she missed. Doc tells a disheartened Nicole that what she did is heroic. They discuss Mercedes and where she could have gone with Nicole sating that a new demon bar is out on Horse Head Trail. Doc asks about Charlene and is reunited with his dear car and happily speeds off.

Doc arrives at the bar and greets the demons inside and knocks the bouncer out. He takes out his gunslingers and is greeted by a man who knows Doc's birthdate. They shake hands as he is the owner of the establishment, introducing himself as Amon. Doc demands to see Mercedes Gardener with the man merely saying he is happy to see a fellow demon. Mercedes emerges from the curtains calling herself “Portia-control”. She begins to sing and dance on stage.

Waverly and Nicole discuss what happened while she was gone into their bedroom. Nicole missed her and Waverly notes that her closet has been reorganized by Nicole. Rachel is making noise outside as she hasn't milked a skunk before. She goes to help Rachel and makes Waverly promise to come back safe with Wynonna.

Wynonna and KC discuss why they're in prison. He attacked a customer because she was a medusa. He brings up the problem with the border. After the demons swarmed a government team set up a barrier around the town that refuses to let demons out but regular people can. Wynonna finds hope in this but KC counters that they won't let a criminal out. The Sheriff knocks on the glass that she has visitors.

Waverly, dressed professionally, goes head-to-head with Sheriff Clayborn only to be joined by a magistrate, Cleo, who isn't a legitimate judge. Cleo argues with Clayborn who thinks they need to handle things calmly. He requests to speak with her privately and Cleo concedes. Waverly assures Wynonna that Doc is all over proving she didn't kill Nedley.

Doc is watching Mercedes perform and is greeted by her once Amon leaves his side. She isn't a real demon but lets them think she is as it's safer that way. He explains that Wynonna is in jail for Nedley's murder, something Mercedes was worried might happen. Mercedes elaborates that she tried her best to nurse Nedley back to health but he ran away from her and into the woods where the monsters are. Doc wants her to come and attest to that but she refuses and offers to tell him where the People Eater is instead. He thanks her and leaves.

Wynonna and Waverly are greeted by the magistrate who loudly and sarcastically yells at them through a megaphone. She then announces that the prisoners must compete in a chili cook-off for freedom. She dons it the “Randy Nedley Memorial Chili Cook-Off” which Wynonna knows she'll end up losing.

The cook-off is in full effect with Cleo thrilled to start the competition. KC explains that every month or so Cleo manages to out whack-a-doo herself with “get out of jail” ideas. Wynonna can't believe that she has to do this and is greeted happily by Nicole who thanks her for getting Waverly home. Cleo starts the competition and tells them to get cooking. Wynonna throws a whole brick of cheese in her pot causing Waverly and Nicole to rush to help her.

Doc stalks the woods for the People Eater, following a trail that leads to a bloodied and abandoned truck that was ambushed earlier that day. The crates inside are filled with whiskey which thrills Doc. He hears animal grumblings and turns to see a large creature emerging from the woods.

Cleo shoots t-shirts at people while Nicole helps Wynonna cook. Nicole tells Wynonna that she didn't give up the badge. Cleo arrived and took over the town, named herself magistrate, and elected a new sheriff. Nicole didn't protest as she had Rachel to take care of and people to look for. She knows she let everyone down by not finding them, with Wynonna telling her not to say that. Waverly interrupts ready to add vegan ingredients to the chili. Nicole greets Clayborn and tension is obvious between them before he walks away. Nicole tells Waverly that there is something new in the traps every night, monsters that want inside. Waverly tells her to go home and Nicole hurries off.

Doc shoots the People Eater but it is unfazed and stalks toward Doc who grabs a bottle of whiskey and runs off.

Nicole arrives at the homestead and yells for Rachel who emerges injured. She was fixing the trap when she saw the monster, a People Eater, approaching. Doc interrupted and was able to shoot it. Nicole ushers Rachel inside using her “mommy voice”.

Wynonna is thrilled that the chili is edible and dodges a t-shirt from Cleo. Cleo has decided to ask someone to help her judge the show-off, Chrissy Nedley, who is less than thrilled to see Wynonna. Waverly doesn't think Wynonna is going to win judging on how angry Chrissy is.

Nicole puts Rachel in bed and turns off the lights in case the monster is attracted to it. Doc bangs on the windows trying to enter but Nicole freezes unable to let Doc into the homestead. Rachel snaps Nicole back to reality and Rachel lets Doc in as she points a rifle at the door and shoots the monster through the door. Rachel comments that Doc is goals for carrying a bottle the whole way. He wants to return to the woods to finish the job as the beast is a host animal for what Rachel calls “little puff balls”.

Cleo announces that four of the chilies were terrible with Chrissy thanking everyone for coming. She gives a speech but Cleo interrupts and snatches the envelope announcing that Wynonna Earp is the winner of the get out of jail free. Wynonna is thrilled and takes the trophy though Chrissy is confused. Waverly tastes the chili which is awful and she doesn't understand why Wynonna won.

Wynonna is at the Sheriff's station and Cleo plans to escort Wynonna to the edge of the border but Wynonna doesn't want to go. Wynonna knows Cleo isn't a revenant or truly powerful as she would have killed her by now. Cleo ignores this and grabs keys to the Sheriff's vehicle.

Nicole preps for the monster alongside Doc and Rachel. Doc doesn't think the thing is their enemy and frantically shows him a piece of a Hawaiian shirt that was in the trap after the incident. She thinks the monster killed Nedley and wants to kill it in return. Doc pieces together that the Ballpuffers are parasites and they took over something - or someone who keeps coming back to Nicole. The ogre didn't eat Nedley, the ogre is Nedley.

Wynonna is escorted to the border by Cleo who lets it slip that her grudge with Wynonna is personal. Cleo shoves Wynonna down a hill still cuffed and binds her feet up to as the monster needs to feed in order to keep the monster out of town. She and Clayborn understand the sacrifice needed. She is offering up Wynonna this time and stabs her in the leg to lure the monster. Cleo leaves to sit in her car to watch the monster feed on Wynonna. The creature emerges and Waverly shoves Cleo down the hill and rushes to Wynonna and uses her teeth to get through the zip ties but fails. She runs off and attacks Cleo. They wrestle as the ogre approaches Wynonna. Waverly bests Cleo just as Nicole and Doc arrive. They contain the ogre as Wynonna watches blissfully. Nicole shoots Nedley with the kombucha which kills the parasites covering Nedley. He turns back into a human who is also very naked. He greets Wynonna who tells him he survived and made it home.

Waverly frees Wynonna who shoots a shirt at Nedley. Nicole greets him and he is confused as to what happened. Doc explains that Nedley wasn't in his right mind for a while.

At Shorty's, Nedley is reunited with Chrissy who is relieved to be reunited with him. He is returned courtesy of Wynonna, Waverly, and Nicole. Chrissy doesn't know what to say as the place got to her and they weren't here to save her, per Waverly's assumption. Wynonna hugs Nedley glad to have him back. She limps off with Waverly. Nicole tells Nedley to get Chrissy out of Purgatory while he still can. He turns to face his daughter and they hug.

Doc returns to the Glory Hole and is greeted by Amon who flirts with Doc over the liquor that Doc stole from the truck that Amon paid for. Doc advises him to hire security for the next truck, offering himself as the one who should do it. In return, Amon offers something to feed Doc's vampire-hunger. Doc refuses saying he wants a future favor as he is the best for the job. They shake on their deal and Amon kisses his hand. Doc tips his hat and leaves.

At the homestead, a happy Waverly and Nicole kiss in bed. Waverly tells her about the garden trying to fool her with fake-Nicole but assures her that she wasn't swayed. A noise startles Nicole which Waverly knows is Wynonna getting her midnight snack. She asks Nicole about her year and a half but Nicole is too distracted and hurries off to check the traps but agrees to let Waverly come with her.

At the border, Chrissy tries to leave and is cleared by the supervisor. She whispers to the man that “they’re back” as she speeds off. The man is shown to be Jeremy.

Wynonna wanders through the house to find Rachel who is moving out to the barn now that everyone is back. Wynonna tells her to take the bed as she's earned it. Wynonna asks why Rachel left Monument, for Rachel to explains that she bonded with Nicole who was alone for a long time. Wynonna thanks her for taking care of Nicole and Rachel thanks her for noticing. Wynonna tells her not to take her clothes and they say goodnight as Wynonna moves out to the barn.

She arrives in the barn only to be ambushed by men wearing tactical vests holding guns. They put a black hood over Wynonna's head.

Cast & Characters


Recurring & Guest


  • Tim Bruisedhead as Bouncer
  • Jessica Zhang as Ravinia
  • Chad Cosgaove as Nedley Beast
  • Christopher Allan Arp as Grubby Man
  • Kyle Baker as Juice Patron
  • Lydia Lau as Border Agent
  • Zee Hunter as BBD Agent
  • Daryl Makk as Delivery Driver


  • The title makes reference to the country-music album Look at the Beans by Johnny Cash.
  • Due to the "lost year", Waverly and Wynonna are technically still the same age due to the fluidity in the garden. They haven't aged since they left Purgatory.