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"Love's All Over" is the seventh episode and mid-season premiere of Season 4 of Wynonna Earp. It aired on March 5, 2021.


Love is in the air as Waverly and Nicole celebrate their engagement with an enchanted evening.


Wynonna holds Peacemaker in one hand and a bottle of alcohol in another, wandering through the woods. Nicole proposes to Waverly properly, giving her a ring and they kiss. In the woods, Wynonna finds Amon drinking from a deer.

At Shorty’s, everyone gathers to celebrate Wayhaught’s engagement. Doc makes a toast to the engaged couple but tells them he can’t come to their official engagement party. Nedley takes Rachel aside while Doc and Waverly talk, with her wanting him at the party but he doesn’t want to see Wynonna. Nicole tells Nedley that he needs help with the bar but he just wants her to deal with the reaper in his basement.

In the woods, Amon reminds Wynonna that he helped her find Peacemaker but she still views him as a monster to kill. He calls her out for being a hypocrite over his killing of deer when she consumes and wears leather daily. After some bickering, she lets him leave.

In Shorty’s, Doc tells Waverly that he can build her an arch if she wants to be married under one, which she appreciates. Wynonna waltzes in with Doc congratulating Waverly again before leaving. Waverly confronts her sisters for being late with Wynonna lying that she was making plans for the bachelorette party.

She takes them to a strip bar where Nicole and Waverly aren’t pleased with the party. A fellow bride pulls Nicole away for shots leaving Waverly to talk to Wynonna. Nicole wants to get married at city hall but Wynonna knows that Waverly wants a big wedding. One of the strippers turns around and reveals large scars on his back and Waverly recognizes him.

At shorty’s, Rachel tells Nedley that she should be in school but she doesn’t agree. She doesn’t like being alone so he hires her as a barback with the pinky swear that she won’t drink the beer, be late, or enter the basement.

In the strip club, the stripper, Demetri, talks to Wynonna and Waverly with Wynonna recounting her fiery relationship with Doc. Demetri tells Wynonna that all genders are the same when it comes to relationships and the perfect one doesn’t exist. He clarifies to Waverly that he’s pansexual. Demetri tells Waverly that no love is real but she corrects that love is the only thing that’s real. She would kill for Nicole and Nicole would die for her. The man wants to prove that love isn’t real and slips something into her pocket as he leaves. His eyes flash red as he does.

At the station, Nicole and Waverly want a marriage certificate. Nicole announces she doesn’t want any PDA, which Bunny Lablow agrees with. She is behind the desk and refuses their request for a license. Nicole picks a fleck of something pink off her shoulder and Waverly becomes irresistible to her, which visibly upsets Bunny who tries to refuse them the certificate until Waverly presses the matter. Bunny gives in but when Waverly shakes her hand she pumps hand sanitizer on before noticing a speck of pink on her hand. Waverly tells Nicole to leave and get herself together, but when Bunny looks up she finds Waverly irresistible as well.

Waverly goes to Amon’s club with a pie. She wants to choose a date but Nicole is reluctant because of the war going on between the species, asking for one day of truce. She bops his nose and transfers pink substance to his nose, and he becomes entranced with her. As she leaves, Doc asks what happened between her and Ma’am Clanton but Waverly doesn’t remember as she only touched Clanton. She just wants to be happy and wants love for everyone which he knows, but they have to find out what happened to Holt’s sister.

Waverly goes to the barn where she sees Nicole who is bursting with love for her fiancé. Waverly worries Nicole is possessed but Nicole isn’t. She shows a book of wedding plans but Waverly isn’t entirely sure that Nicole is being serious. A car pulls over and when Waverly emerges, Bunny is on the front lawn with a huge bouquet of roses and proposes to her. Bunny calls her pretty and proclaims her love as she leaves. Wynonna emerges from the bed of a truck applauding Nicole for being desirable, but Waverly wonders if it has something to do with the bet she made.

Waverly brings a cup of coffee to Wynonna who is passed out in the truck. Waverly thinks something is seriously wrong with people because of how crazy people are being toward her. She insists on going with Wynonna to follow a theory.

Doc, however, goes to Clanton’s junkyard where he finds Ma’am Clanton’s body. He finds Cleo hiding and she begs him to kill her as she feels lost without her mother. Doc brushes off his jacket when he sees a pink speck that makes him entranced by Cleo. He begins to flirt with her.

In the meantime, Wynonna finds Amon just as a speck of pink lands on her shoulder making her entranced with Amon. She comes onto him shamelessly.

Waverly visits Demetri where he reveals he’s immune to falling in love and is responsible for everyone’s actions. He clarifies that Waverly is making people fall in love not her, telling her to check her pocket. She finds a metal vial which he clarifies will make the first person her target sees fall in love

Wynonna chases Amon around the bar until he professes that he is in love with Waverly. She is confused about the sudden shift but he assures her he only wants Waverly.

Waverly talks to Demetri as she’s annoyed the spell ignores consent, but he assures her that sex doesn’t enter the equation unless it’s what the client wants. She debates burying the glitter and ignoring it, but he tells her that Cupids can only quit if they pass on the glitter by choice. She is surprised he’s a Cupid but also thought the scars on his back were for wings.

Waverly tells Wynonna about the glitter but she has to responsibly pass it on. She is reluctant to go to her engagement party but has to since Nicole will be there. Waverly begins to think Wynonna could be infected but Wynonna insists she isn’t and reveals a very sexy outfit. She steals Waverly’s glitter under the ruse of it being mascara.

They arrive at Shorty’s and are ambushed by Nicole, Bunny, and Amon who are all obsessed with her. Bunny is angry at Wynonna’s outfit but Wynonna pulls her to the bar and tells Nedley to get Bunny drunk. When she pats Nedley’s arm she passes glitter to him which makes him fall for Bunny. Amon talks to Waverly as Wynonna attacks Amon with her body and begins to whine about everyone being obsessed with Waverly and not her. Bunny serenades Waverly from the stage while Wynona struggles to get Amon’s attention.

Doc and Cleo talk on the porch with her thinking she’s too stupid or alone to fulfill her mother’s goals. He assures her that isn’t the case as she survived and can be her own legacy. She’s confused why he’s helping her but he claims it’s just what he does and leaves.

Nicole interrupts Bunny’s song, grabbing the mic and Amon following. Rachel watches the ordeal and steals Nedley’s keys. Waverly retreats to the bathroom to call someone for help but Amon, Nicole, and Bunny bang on the sides of the stalls to get her attention. Doc hangs up with Waverly as she believes he is unaffected. Cleo reveals the favor Ma’am did for Nicole and the price she would have to pay, killing Doc for Waverly. He understands and leaves to help Waverly.

Rachel goes to the basement where Billy has turned invisible. Things have gone crazy upstairs as Doc arrives, but she begs him to distract Wynonna. Demetri arrives and she shows him the mess she made just as Wynonna spills all the glitter and everyone becomes infatuated with one another.

Nedley and Doc slow dance while Amon and Bunny dance. Wynonna and Nicole slow dance and talk as they are all now attracted to one another. Wynonna substitutes Nicole for Nedley but Doc can’t dance with Nicole, so he swaps out for Wynonna. Waverly points out how real the love between Wynonna and Doc seems, but Demetri points out that it's fake due to the glitter. Waverly realizes that he’s heartbroken and he reveals his lover was Amon for two years. She helps him realize how real some love truly is so he agrees to help her clean up her mess. His spit destroys love and will help everyone return to normal.

Rachel talks to Billy who wants to go home.

One-by-one, Waverly and Demetri remove the love spell, starting with Doc and Wynonna. She doesn’t want to let him go so he removes her arms and leaves. Everyone else becomes uninfected and laughs over the unfortunate circumstances. Nicole hugs Waverly happily and they agree on a medium-fussy wedding. Demetri explains he chose Waverly because he hasn’t seen two people so in love in a very long time.

At the Clanton ranch, Cleo promises Ma’am that she will end the Earp's as they planned but refuses to do it with her. She then feeds Ma’am’s body parts to the other reapers.

At Shorty’s, Bunny gives her blessing for their love as she sees now that their love is real. She leaves with Nedley who is giving her a ride home.

Wynonna visits Amon and points Peacemaker at him again but opts to not shoot him. Amon is alone since Demetri yelled at him about not having a soul. She relates to him and admits that she doesn’t care that he's a monster. She just wants to stop feeling guilty for what she is since she’s necessary. He calls her confusing but she flirts with him and they have sex.

Cleo is thrilled to see Billy at their home again and thinks it’s time to take back what is theirs.

Cast & Characters


Recurring & Guest


  • Alexa MacKell as Bachelorette
  • David Parent as Giuseppe


  • The title makes reference to the country song, Love's All Over by Dolly Parton & Porter Wagoner.
  • This is the first episode in which Waverly is explicitly labeled as bisexual, while Nicole confirms she is a lesbian.
  • Love's All Over features the first cupid in the series, Demetri, who is also the first confirmed pansexual character.
  • Demetri revealed that the love he sees between Waverly and Nicole is the realest he's seen in a long time.
  • Amon and Demetri were in a serious relationships for two-years until Amon broke things off.