Mictian is a demon in Season 1 and 2 of Wynonna Earp.

Biography Edit

The Mictian is part of a legion of demons that have been following Xavier Dolls since Kabul. They can possess people until it can permanently fuse with their body. The Mictian possessed Waverly Earp for a while, but didn't become a threat to the Earp gang until it jumped into Wynonna Earp and took Waverly captive. The demon claimed that controlling Waverly was too difficult and needed a new host. Waverly forced the Mictian to return to her body so that it could be killed by a Peacemaker wielding Wynonna. The Mictian's plan was to use the collected metal in the Earp barn to attract lightning and permanently fuse with Waverly's body. Wynonna was able to expel the demon from Waverly and kill it.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • ‘’’Possession’’’ - The Mictian had the ability to possess humans and take control over their bodies
  • ‘’Demonic Eyes’’’: When possessed by the Mictian, a human eyes turn completely jet black.
  • ‘’’Super Strength’’’: This ability was shown by Waverly Earp when she easily lifted and choked Tucker Gardner one handed.
  • ‘’’Limb Regeneration’’’: Waverly got her hand cut off and Wynonna got her pinky cut off. Both body parts regenerated due to the Mictian.
  • ‘’’Intimidation’’’: The Mictian was able to frighten an attacking demon into submission long enough for Wynonna to kill it.



  • Waverly Earp possessed by the Mictian (aka. Gooverly)
  • The demon transfers from Waverly to Wynonna
  • Humans possessed by Mictian can regenerate body parts
  • Mictian's true form