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"I'm where I've always wanted to be. Home. With my wife."
―  Nicole Haughtsrc

Nicole Haught is the Sheriff of the Purgatory Sheriff's Department and an ally of the Black Badge Division. Nicole is the ex-wife of Shae Pressman and the current wife of Waverly Earp. She forms a maternal bond with teen refuge, Rachel Valdez.


Early life

When Nicole was six, in 1996, she visited Purgatory with her traveling hippie parents. Her parents let her go to a music festival with her aunt and uncle in the woods, called the Shelterland Music Festival. The festival was attacked by the Cult of Bulshar and became the only survivor after she slipped away before the attack and hid in a canoe. She was found by Officer Nedley who looked after her after the incident. For decades, the massacre was covered up by the BBD as a forest fire.

Nicole was recruited from the city by Sheriff Nedley himself after she graduated top of her class, needing someone smart to take over once he retires.

On August 14, 2014, Nicole married Dr. Shae Pressman in Las Vegas, Nevada after meeting each other while rock climbing. The whirlwind romance dwindled soon after and the pair separated.


Season 1

She keeps a blog called The Road to Purgatory detailing some of the more colorful experiences she has in town, her affection for local barmaid Waverly Earp, and her growing suspicions regarding the bizarre happenings of Purgatory.

In Keep the Home Fires Burning, Nicole Haught is first seen walking into Shorty's while Waverly is working. After a mishap with the bartap, Nicole playfully flirts with Waverly, stating that she "didn't know shorty's had wet t-shirt competitions." The two talk for a bit before Waverly decides the best thing to do is remove her soaked shirt, asking Nicole to turn around while she does. Nicole obliges, but apparently fate has other ideas, causing Waverly to get stuck in her shirt. This prompts Nicole to come to the rescue and she is successful in her efforts to remove it. Nicole continues to flirt and makes a couple witty comments about Waverly's boyfriend, Champ, but realizes that Waverly isn't ready to persue her yet. She opts to show her interest by handing Waverly her business card and leaves the bar.

In Leavin' on Your Mind, Nicole walks into the Black Badge office to report on unusual activity but is threatened with treason by Dolls if she comes in unannounced again. When she and Sheriff Nedley arrive at surplus store after Revenants have taken hostages, Dolls asks her to call Waverly. She later goes to Shorty's to console Waverly over the death of Shorty.

In Walking After Midnight, both not invited to Waverly's party, Nicole and Wynonna have a few drinks together at headquarters. After thumbing through a case involving a serial killer known as the jack of knives, they both decide to visit the morgue to check the last victim themselves. The post-mortem is interrupted when they notice someone is tiptoeing through the cooler where the bodies are kept. However, it turns out to be a diversion. When they return to the corpse on the slab, they find the killer has been there, and left his calling card in the corpse's now-opened mouth: a playing card, the Jack of Spades. Wynonna accuses Nicole of being involved in the tampering of the body and further insults her rank, calling her a "rookie flat foot" cop. With that, Nicole storms off.

The next day, Nicole conducts interviews at the Homestead after an attack by the Stone Witch. Suspicious of all the activity at the Earp household, Nicole urges Wynonna to be frank with her. Wynonna agrees to try and Nicole drives them back to town. However Nicole's unmanned police cruiser is later seen cruising down a snowy road.

In Two-Faced Jack, a playing card is found in Nicole's police cruiser, as well as a lot of blood. Nicole is found beaten and left for dead by the side of the road. Waverly, Doc and Dolls visit her while she is recovering at the hospital. Dolls asks her what the last thing she remembered seeing was, to which she responds "Waverly Earp, smilin' at me from her front porch." A little embarrassed having said that, she admits she doesn't remember much of her abduction, when she was drugged, or a description of her abductor. Their luck changes when Doc asks her to try to recall his smell. Nicole recalls he smelled like gasoline, musk, and a tinge of sourness, all of which give Waverly and Doc clues to his whereabouts: an old bootlegging facility.

In Bury Me With My Guns On, Nedley won't believe Nicole's "fantastical" story about her abduction by a revenant, and is ready to kick her to the curb if she maintains it. Frustrated, Nicole tells him she will rewrite it. She tries to confide in Waverly about her thoughts on the weird events surrounding Purgatory. Waverly misinterprets the gist of the conversation, thinking they are talking about a potential relationship between them, the misunderstanding is not cleared up and Nicole walks away thinking she is being made fun of.

At the police station, nearly abandoned with all the cops out to happy hour drinks, a nervous Waverly bursts in looking for Nicole after some urging from Gus to go after what (and who) she wants. After closing the shutters to the Sheriff's office and closing the door, Waverly kisses her. Waverly tells her how she feels and they kiss again, officially beginning their romantic relationship.

In She Wouldn't Be Gone, Wynonna interrupts Nicole and Waverly sneaking into Nedley's office to tell them she slept with Doc, a fact that Nicole already seemed to know. Later, Nicole pulls Doc over for speeding while he is leaving town in his pink Sedan.

In House of Memories, Nicole visits the homestead to dress Waverly's wound but is chastised by Willa for doing a poor job. Afterwards she meets and makes out with Waverly in the barn where Willa walks in on them. While at Bobo's party, Champ starts taking digs at Nicole for stealing "his girl" and outs them to Nedley, who has no problem with the relationship. Champ works himself up into a froth, then starts frothing at the mouth. Before he can get any closer to Waverly, Nicole punches and handcuffs him. After it is revealed that the town has been poisoned, Nicole stays with Nedley to help contain the situation.

In I Walk the Line, in the fallout of Bobo's party which had lead to the town being poisoned, Dolls and Doc, needing more backup, take Nicole into the Black Badge fold. While they attempt to locate and administer an antidote, she's to hunt down the Earp sisters. Nicole walks in on the stand off between the three sisters over Peacemaker. Willa threatens to shoot Nicole, Waverly begs Wynonna to give Willa Peacemaker, stating she loves Nicole. Wynonna reluctantly hands over Peacemaker but Willa still shoots Nicole to slow them down. The shot turns out to be non-fatal as Nicole is wearing a bulletproof vest.

Season 2

In Steel Bars and Stone Walls, Nicole is with Waverly at the Homestead in the kitchen where Waverly is treating her bruised wound after being shot at by Willa the previous season. Nicole jokes saying they seem to be patching each other up a lot these days and Waverly agrees, teasing that there are "so many other things" they "should be doing". They make out a little until Nicole pulls back, wincing in pain after Waverly tries to take the kiss further. She mentions that Waverly tastes different before Doc enters the kitchen interrupting them. She leaves not long after saying she would see Waverly later. Later on, Nicole is back at the Homestead with Doc, Waverly and Wynonna where they are looking through Black Badge files to try and figure out where they took Dolls before Eliza enters the room. Wynonna introduces them to Eliza and Vice versa. Wynonna goes on to introduce Nicole as Waverly's girlfriend before Waverly beats her to it which causes Nicole to smile in response. As they are making plans, Doc calls Nicole ‘Officer Haught’ in which she states she is now an agent after Dolls deputised her at the end of last season. When she asks Doc for confirmation, he agrees.

That evening, Waverly and Nicole are in the barn together looking through Dolls’ guns which impresses Nicole because they have guns she hasn't even heard of before. Waverly states they won't be taking any of them. Nicole asks Waverly if she is okay with them working together for Black Badge and says she is thinking about cutting her hair, and Waverly assures that she's fine with it, complimenting her smile and braid afterwards. Nicole requests Waverly tell her the plan on what's happening after finding Waverly holding an axe over her head. She isn't happy when Waverly tells her how Wynonna told her not to tell her the plan, but accepts it when Waverly explains that she has to protect Wynonna and needs to protect Nicole too. Nicole goes on to say she wants to make sure Waverly is okay and that she is still ‘her Waverly’, which Waverly confirms. At Black Badge HQ, Nicole is sat in the getaway car talking to Waverly through her earpiece using a radio as Waverly disguises herself to get into the building. When she hears Waverly's British accent, she states it's the worst British accent she's ever heard. After sitting in the getaway car for most of the night, Nicole is upset to hear Waverly deny that anyone else knows about Black Badge, after the group is forced to sign blood contracts, and drives off.

Nicole is waiting at the Homestead when the group get back. Nicole apologises to Waverly for leaving which she dismisses. Waverly tries to explain her reasoning for not telling them about Nicole, but she still seems upset over it and goes on to say she needs to get back to work to do paperwork. Waverly leans in to give her a kiss which Nicole directs to her cheek. She watches Waverly walk away before getting in her car.

In Shed Your Skin, Nicole is at the police station talking to Mr. Kowalski regarding the disappearance of one of the workers at the construction site. Nicole states that there was no evidence of foul play, therefore, nothing that can be done, unless there's a body or a missing person report. As the conversation ends, she assures that she'll file a report anonymously and keep an eye out. Waverly comes in earlier and she sits at the reception while waiting for Nicole to finish. Waverly tells Nicole that she loves seeing her work, and playfully puts her legs up in an attempt to distract her girlfriend, but Nicole is not amused. She reminds Waverly that she's at work. Nicole is still upset about being left out of Black Badge. Waverly apologises, but Nicole avoids the topic, saying that she's got cases to track. She hands Waverly some papers, then leaves.

Later that night, Nicole comes over to the Homestead. She is in Willa's room with Waverly, going through Willa's old diary. Waverly reads out loud a fragment, where Willa expressed her dislike of Waverly the moment she was brought home, saying that "there's something wrong with it" and "she'll never be one of us". This only adds to Waverly's identity crisis. Nicole comforts Waverly, reassuring that she's the "Earpiest Earp of them all". The two share a brief kiss, but they get interrupted as soon as they hear Wynonna coming up the stairs. Nicole leaves as Wynonna enters the room. Waverly states that Nicole wanted to leave.

The next day, Nicole shows up at the Homestead while Waverly is redecorating Willa's old room into her room. Nicole wants to reconcile with Waverly, she brings application forms for documents that can prove Waverly to be an Earp (or not). Nicole says that she knows that going down this road is really important for Waverly, and that as long as Waverly wants her, she will be there. Waverly puts aside the forms and the two have their first time.

In Gonna Getcha Good,

In She Ain't Right,

In Let's Pretend We're Strangers,

In Whiskey Lullaby,

In Everybody Knows,

In No Future in the Past,

In Forever Mine Nevermind,

In I See a Darkness,

In Gone as a Girl Can Get,

In I Hope You Dance,

Season 3

In Blood Red and Going Down,

In When You Call My Name,

In Colder Weather,

In No Cure For Crazy,

In Jolene,

In If We Make It Through December,

In I Fall To Pieces,

In Waiting Forever For You,

In Undo It,

In The Other Woman,

In Daddy Lessons,

In War Paint,

Season 4

In On the Road Again, Nicole is still unconscious from when Wynonna roofied her to stop anyone from helping her defeat Bulshar Clootie. Jeremy awakens first and tries to Nicole to no avail. He is shot in the chest by a series of guards from BBD that have come to clear out the remaining Purgatory residents. The next day, Nicole awakens in a train with a headache and curses Wynonna's name for getting her into this mess.

Nicole finds Kate on the train who explains that the doors to escape the train are electric and anyone who touches them gets electrocuted. Any human who tries to escape dies. Kate explains that the government came to collect those who didn't evacuate Purgatory. Nicole wonders where the rest of her friends are and asks Kate to do a reading. Kate needs something of Waverly's to make a connection, and Nicole states that she is the connection.

Kate reads Nicole's cards and pulls a “death” card which Kate explains to a frantic Nicole represents a doorway to another life. The Fool, a journey, but not for Nicole for Waverly. Kate realizes they are reaching the end of the ghost river triangle, and Nicole has to get off the train. She muses that no human could survive the train's electrical system, but maybe a vampire can. The train is nearing the end of the Ghost River Triangle so if Kate is going to open the doors now is the time. Nicole isn't sure how to thank Kate, who mentions that Nicole should name her firstborn “Katie”. Kate is barely able to hold the door open long enough for Nicole to jump out and escape.

Wynonna has car troubles and doesn't believe she is anything without her gun and friends. She does voices for Doc and Waverly mimicking what they might say to her right now. Nicole's voice shouts through the air as she lumbers over, with Wynonna wanting a hug but Nicole punches her instead. Nicole helps Wynonna change her tire as Wynonna tries to apologize for drugging her but Nicole isn't interested in hearing the apology. After some grumbling, they decide to work together to find the secondary door to the Garden. Nicole has conditions that she forces Wynonna to agree too before they climb into the van for a road trip.

They arrive at the former BBD headquarters with Wynonna cutting the locks to the building so Nicole can drive through. They use their time in the hallways of the BBD building to catch up with Nicole explaining that Waverly proposed to her but they were interrupted by Wynonna. They are shot at by a sniper each time they attempt to move. They devise a plan for Wynonna to draw the sniper's fire while Nicole apprehends them. She sneaks up behind the sniper and knocks them out with a punch. With the sniper apprehended Nicole and Wynonna realize they are best friends.

When Nicole pulls the hood off the sniper they realize the sniper is a kid named Valdez. Wynonna condones the behavior of hitting a kid. When the kid awakens she snarkily proclaims that this is child abuse. Wynonna explains that they want intel with Valdez explaining it will cost her. Nicole tries to bribe her but money won't appease Valdez, as there is nothing she can buy. Nicole offers a candy bar but the girl rejects it. They show a badge of the Valdez woman with the girl admitting that Gloria was her mother. Wynonna tries to reach the girl by mentioned that she's there to find her sister. The girl agrees to show them where the lab is, stating that her name is Rachel. Rachel recognizes the name “Dolls” as Xavier Dolls.

Rachel explains at Dolls is the one who forced her to leave Monument after an accident at the lab. He made her leave without her mother, which saved Rachel in the end. Before BBD Chernobyled the place, they were experimenting with a gas that didn't react according to their hypotheses. Rachel warns the women to stay quiet and not step on the grates, warning Wynonna to shut up, with Nicole coding the teens' attitude. They eventually arrive at the lab where they find a locked lab filled with corpses. Rachel explains to Nicole that she came back for her mom but none of the bodies are Gloria's. Wynonna lights a stick of dynamite before anyone can protest and she throws it, with Rachel warning her that they'll wake up. The corpses awaken showing that they are zombies. The women flee from the creatures.

Rachel concedes that she needs help finding her mother, just before Wynonna and Nicole take on the zombies in a badass way of guns and combat. The trio is separated but each keeps fighting off the persistent onslaught of zombies. Wynonna stumbles into a room filled with grates and steps on one that begins to give way. Wynonna tells Nicole to save Waverly and find the portal. Nicole refuses to allow that as she's in this fight. She then shoves Wynonna off the grate, only to fall down the seemingly endless hole, much to Wynnona's horror.

In "Friends in Low Places, Nicole screams for Wynonna and is seriously injured from her fall but alive. A zombie is only a few feet away and is crawling toward her. She struggles to crawl away from the zombie but can't move due to her injuries. Suddenly, Wynonna and Rachel burst through the door having used key cards to access the room. Wynonna bashes the zombie before it can bite Nicole. Wynonna is suffering from hypoxia and passes out on Nicole, cutting their happy reunion short.

Rachel realizes Nicole's leg is broken in three places and Wynonna gives Nicole the ring she dropped. Nicole remarks that she wants to say yes to Waverly and the friends plan to open the back door to Eden together. Rachel remarks that they aren't opening anything as she stands by a body that is holding the lever to open the gate - it's Gloria Valdez. Nicole looks nervously between Rachel and Wynonna. Rachel states that her mother died to keep the portal shut, and threatens that if they try to change that she will kill them. She points a gun at Wynonna.

Nicole tries to talk Rachel out of shooting Wynonna and Wynonna admits that she would kill everyone if it came down to saving Waverly too. Nicole outs her as having known Gloria was dead before they came. Rachel accuses her of being BBD, but Nicole negates this. After more groveling, Rache agrees to let Wynonna and Nicole cross through the portal and into Eden.

The trio tries to figure out how to activate the portal while the zombies try to push through. Rachel and Wynonna swipe the cards and the portal whirs to life but Nicole can't get up with her broken leg. She tells Wynonna that she'll be waiting for her back in Purgatory and that only Wynonna can do this - it has to be her. It was always going to be her. Wynonna makes Rachel promise not to leave Nicole alone before running through the gate. Nicole throws Julian's ring through the portal after Wynonna.

Rachel and Nicole hear Eve's screams through the portal, with Nicole brushing it off as Wynonna just entertaining people over there. She is losing consciousness and Rachel holds her head in her lap. Nicole tries to keep herself awake by asking Rachel about her life. Rachel explains that her family line goes back to the Mayans and that 300 years ago there was this warrior princess that was called “The Valdez”. After she proved worthy of war the Valdez was given the kingdom to rule and immortality to do so. Nicole finds this interesting and together, the girls decide to fight against the zombies with dynamite.

Over in the Garden of Eden, Waverly, Wynonna, and Doc jump through a portal. Waverly awakens in the woods by the homestead and instantly runs off to find Nicole. She is shot at by a very angry Nicole wielding a gun. She sees Waverly and they embrace tightly happy to be reunited. They kiss and go inside where they have sex on the floor and later the stairs of the Earp homestead. Now on the stairs, the women kiss and flirt as they exchange I love you's. Waverly comments on Nicole's long hair and the fact she got extensions, but Nicole states she just grew it out. Waverly is confused and learns that a year and a half have passed since Nicole broke her leg and Waverly went into the portal.

In Look at Them Beans, . A bell rings and Nicole runs down the steps of the homestead saying that something is in the trap - a monster. She and Rachel leave the house with Nicole explaining to Waverly that there are ten traps on the homestead and they have to check them every two hours. The curse was broken but there are new monsters in the forest including a troll. They find Doc in a hole with a trap on his pants. Nicole frees Doc and he tells them that Wynonna is in jail having been framed for the murder of Nedley.

Waverly tries to process the fact Nedley is gone with Nicole being relatively unphased. She explains that some people returned but some just disappeared, including Kate, who Doc inquires about. Nicole adds that Jeremy is getting by but she hasn't heard from him in months while alluding to the fact Robin isn't alive or around anymore. Waverly is confused that they were in the garden for a year and a half, with Doc thinking that time is more fluid in the garden. Nicole becomes disheartened as Waverly speaks on what she missed but Doc comforts her saying that everything she did for the homestead and Rachel is heroic. She thanks him. They discuss Mercedes and where she could have gone with Nicole sating that a new demon bar is out on Horse Head Trail.

In their bedroom later that morning, Waverly and Nicole discuss what happened while she was gone. Nicole missed her and Waverly notes that her closet has been reorganized by Nicole. Rachel is making noise outside as she hasn't milked a skunk before. She goes to help Rachel and makes Waverly promise to come back safe with Wynonna before running off.

Nicole meets Waverly and Wynonna at Shory's for a Chili cookoff between the prisoners of Purgatory for a get out of jail free ticket. Wynonna has to win in order to be spared of her execution. Nicole happily greets Wynonna and they hug, with Nicole taking Wynonna for bringing Waverly home safely. Wynonna nods but is grateful toward Nicole for keeping the homestead safe. Cleo starts the competition and tells them to get cooking. Wynonna throws a whole brick of cheese in her pot causing Waverly and Nicole to rush to help her.

Cleo shoots t-shirts at people while Nicole helps Wynonna cook. Nicole tells Wynonna that she didn't give up the badge. She explains that Cleo arrived and took over the town, named herself magistrate, and elected a new sheriff. Nicole didn't protest as she had Rachel to take care of and people to look for. She knows she let everyone down by not finding them, with Wynonna telling her not to say that. Waverly interrupts ready to add vegan ingredients to the chili. Nicole greets Clayborn and tension is obvious between them before he walks away. Nicole tells Waverly that there is something new in the traps every night, monsters that want inside. Waverly tells her to go home and Nicole hurries off.

Nicole arrives at the homestead and yells for Rachel who emerges injured. She was fixing the trap when she saw the monster, a People Eater, approaching. Doc interrupted and was able to shoot it. Nicole ushers Rachel inside using her “mommy voice”. Nicole puts Rachel in bed and turns off the lights in case the monster is attracted to it. Doc bangs on the windows trying to enter but Nicole freezes unable to let Doc into the homestead. Rachel snaps Nicole back to reality and Rachel lets Doc in as she points a rifle at the door and shoots the monster through the door. Rachel comments that Doc is goals for carrying a bottle the whole way. He wants to return to the woods to finish the job as the beast is a host animal for what Rachel calls “little puff balls”.

Nicole preps for the monster alongside Doc and Rachel. Doc doesn't think the thing is their enemy and frantically shows him a piece of a Hawaiian shirt that was in the trap after the incident. She thinks the monster killed Nedley and wants to kill it in return. Doc pieces together that the Ballpuffers are parasites and they took over something - or someone who keeps coming back to Nicole. The ogre didn't eat Nedley, the ogre is Nedley.

At the Purgatory border, Wynonna is being sacrificed to the People Eater by Cleo Clanton, the town's self-appointed and underqualified magistrate. Waverly bests Cleo just as Nicole and Doc arrive. They contain the ogre as Wynonna watches blissfully. Doc lassos Nedley and wrestles him to the ground and pins him. Nicole shoots Nedley with the kombucha which kills the parasites covering Nedley. He turns back into a human who is also very naked and Nicole is elated to see that Randy is alive. Nedley is reunited with Chrissy at Shorty's. Chrissy is relieved to be reunited with him. He is returned courtesy of Wynonna, Waverly, and Nicole. Nicole tells Nedley to get Chrissy out of Purgatory while he still can.

At the homestead, a happy Waverly and Nicole kiss in bed. Waverly tells her about the garden trying to fool her with fake-Nicole but assures her that she wasn't swayed. A noise startles Nicole which Waverly knows is Wynonna getting her midnight snack. Nicole mutters that she forgot that Wynonna did that. She is obviously paranoid and nervous. Waverly asks Nicole about her year and a half but Nicole is too distracted and hurries off to check the traps but agrees to let Waverly come with her.

In Afraid, Nicole and Waverly set up a meeting at the homestead and wait for Doc and Wynonna to start Nicole’s presentation. They flirt and kiss but are interrupted by Rachel who is wearing Wynonna’s jacket. Nicole brings up Peacemaker and Waverly gives Rachel a blue notebook to keep track of information but Rachel claims she’s on her way out and leaves. The women return to making out.

Nicole and Waverly lie on the floor and Waverly asks if they should talk about Peacemaker but Nicole comments that is something she also failed at for 18 months. Waverly rejects this idea reminding her that she’s awesome. Waverly brings up the proposal but Nicole cuts her off by kissing her. Rachel walks in catching the women kissing but doesn’t seem to care. She asks if a junkyard is a good place to look for a magic sword but Waverly doesn't see why not. Rachel comments they’ll need pants to go.

Waverly drives them to the junkyard which is Billy’s home, Magpie’s Junkyard. Rachel goes around back to look for the sword while Waverly and Nicole hang back. A woman, Margo, appears and tells them not to touch anything and she’ll show them where the items for sale are.

Waverly claims they’re looking for swords and Nicole brushes it off as a Halloween costume, as she’s going as She-Ra. Waverly takes a call from Wynonna and leaves. Margo greets Nicole who knows the woman. Margo claims they’ve recently come into some lovely rings that Nicole might be interested in now that Waverly has been returned to her. Margo tells Nicole it’s time for her to deliver, but Nicole just wants Margo to stay away from them.

Waverly and Nicole are looking when Rachel storms in asking if they can go and Nicole agrees. Margo tells them she’ll keep an eye out for knives.

That night, Nicole hears screaming from the barn and hurries in to investigate. Rachel is holding a knife while Billy asks if she can see the Reaper - if she can see it then it’s coming for her. She is confused with Billy telling Nicole and Waverly to stay away or the Reaper could harm them too. Nicole warns Billy to stay away from Rachel. Waverly realized that Billy is a Clanton but he claims he’s poisoned and cursed. He won’t hurt them. He closes his knife and turns it into pliers.

Billy pulls one of his teeth out of his mouth. He claims a soul for a soul. His soul for her soul. He exclaims they are rooted together enemies and kin, but he severs that root and offers himself. The rock in his hand glows blue and his eyes turn black as he falls over. Rachel runs to Billy who used his one pass to save Rachel who should be safe now. Nicole asks what she’s safe from. He tells them that the Clanton’s are only his brother Holt, his sister Cleo, and their mother. There are others who won't stop coming for them. Billy kisses Rachel’s cheek and walks out of the barn. Nicole holds Rachel as she cries.

Waverly explains to everyone who has gathered that the hunter, that only Wynonna could see, is under the sway of Wyatt Earp’s greatest enemies. Wynonna realizes the C is for Clantons. Doc remarks that he always knew they were a plague with no cure. Nicole remarks that the Clantons run the town now - Sheriff Holt is a Clayton and so is Cleo. The creature was sent after only Wynonna and hated her. Their bullets were useless as the creature only stopped when Billy pulled something out of his mouth. He thought it was coming for Rachel but it wasn’t as the jacket wasn’t even Rachel’s, but Wynonna’s. Rachel claims it’s called a reaper and they have to save Billy. Rachel has a plan to stab everyone until they make Billy’s family pay. Nicole stops her, saying they will save Billy but have other things to do first but promises to help. Rachel doesn’t want to work with a team and storms off. Wynonna tells Nicole to let Rachel go. She wants to get Jeremy back by telling the truth and beg.

Nicole enters Margo’s house and gives her back an object as she owes her nothing. She tells them that Doc and Waverly got themselves out of the garden, not Margo. Margo opens the jar and something otherwordly swarms out of it and into Nicole’s mouth.

Nicole is standing at the end of the aisle with Wynonna, who Nicole greets as her sister. Wynonna walks her down the aisle to become Waverly Earp’s wife. Nicole doesn’t see Waverly and Wynonna tells her that she isn’t coming after what she did. Nicole can’t say what she did and looks up to see Doc’s eyes bleeding, and a lighter in her own hand. Wynonna claims it’s a celebration and lights her cigar. Nicole begins to cough violently along with everyone in attendance. Everyone dies and Nicole lurches up, now in her bed with it being a dream. She sees a fire under the door and tries to wake a sleeping Waverly.

Waverly won’t wake up as smoke fills the room. Nicole carries her out of the room and through the smoke. She bursts out of the house with Waverly over her shoulder and lies her down the ground where Wynonna, Rachel, and Doc have gathered. Wynonna frantically tries to awaken Waverly and a few moments pass before Waverly coughs awake. She doesn't know what just happened. Rachel claims the fire started on the couch and Wynonna thinks it could be the Clanton’s. Doc points out that the only footprints are their own, as he memorized all of their shoe sizes as pointed out by Rachel. Since there are no footprints the fire had to of been started by something supernatural, and Wynonna points out the Clanton’s are supernatural.

Nicole and Waverly go to the Sherrif's station which BBD has taken back. They pass Holt and Cleo, with Nicole exchanging bickers with Holt. Jeremy greets Waverly with a hug and Nicole is colder to him as he fell off the face of the earth on her. He knew she could handle it but she comments about her not having handled it. Waverly tries to avert the situation. He points out the scent of fire on Waverly.

Waverly rolls more BBD files into the office while Nicole secures a lock on the door. Wynonna breaks it as she storms in looking for Jeremy. Doc greets Jeremy and they hug as Wynonna recaps what Amon said and that he knows where Peacemaker is. Nicole hols up the drill pointing it at Wynonna as she turns it on, a dark look on her face. Wynonna snaps at her to stop so Nicole does but is confused. No one is sure how they can help look for Peacemaker, with Nicole stating that she scoured the GRT for Peacemaker but didn’t find it. Wynonna thinks she has to trust Amon and Doc points out that the team is unanimous.

Jeremy walks in on Waverly and Nicole making out on Cleo’s couch and the women explain that they kept the couch as a place to “hang out”. Jeremy changes the subject by giving them BBD binders that might have information on the Clanton’s. At least it’ll give them something until Wynonna can find Peacemaker. Nicole notes that she couldn’t find it but Jeremy points out that she wasn’t the Earp heir. She asks if he would have called more if she was and he brings up that his phone was being monitored. Waverly asks where Robin is but Jeremy covers it up with Nicole pointing out he’s being cagey about it. Jeremy snaps back that he had to what he could to survive. Nicole turns away then keels over in pain in her abdomen. She hurries into an office as sheering pain shoots through her side. She spits out mud.

In a flashback, Nicole goes to Magpie begging her to help her bring Waverly back. The woman warns that the price is steep and whispers the cost in her ear. Nicole takes a moment then agrees as long as she saves her from the garden.

Back in the present, Nicole cries as she couldn’t have promised that as more pain hits her. Waverly hurries in to check on Nicole who explains that he did something terrible while Waverly was in the garden. She vomits more and a frog jumps out with Jeremy nervously saying she ate frogs.

At Shorty’s, Randy is cleaning up after a woman’s softball team as Nicole hurries in wanting booze. She needs the taste of frogs gone. Waverly explains that every time Nicole tries to tell them what she did while they were in the garden she throws up. Randy thinks they’re dealing with a hex but with all the new creatures in town, it couldn’t be anything from an Incubus to Spongebob. Waverly is touched he did research. Even when they try to guess what Nicole did she throws up even more. Nicole vomits more and another frog appears. She tries to write down what she did but the words she writes turn into scribbles, that Waverly thinks are tadpoles but Jeremy thinks are sperm. Randy thinks they should focus on a cure.

They return to the homestead and Nicole sits by the fireplace while Waverly brings her a blanket. She’d be happy to take care of Nicole forever, bringing up the proposal. Nicole wants to talk about it but she can’t without vomiting. Jeremy brings up three potentials. A spell-reflecting ceremony with the worst-case scenario being that they do it wrong and she turns into a demon dog. Nicole dismisses it as she’s a cat person. The second option is an exorcism that drowns Nicole in salted holy water, but the idea of drowning doesn’t please Waverly. The third option is to brew an antidote soup made out of fennel, jasmine, and nettles. The worst-case scenario is her einsteins might run to snakes. Those are the only good options so Nicole sides with the third and Waverly supports it. She begins to vomit again and hurries out just as Wynonna enters. Vomit gets on Wynonna’s shoes as Nicole rushes out of the house.

Nicole sits on the stoop as Wynonna brings her beer. Nicole tells her it wasn’t Wynonna’s fault this happened to her. Wynonna says she wouldn’t blame her for not wanting to join the Earp family with all the craziness that’s going on. Nicole assures her that she wants to marry Waverly but is afraid that Waverly won’t want to once she finds out what she did. Wynonna’s knows she didn’t give up on them while they were in the garden, but Nicole admits she did give up. Not at first, at first, she believed they would get home but after eighteen months she just couldn’t take it anymore. She begins to gag as Wynonna realizes Nicole did something to bring them home. She lets it go when Nicole gags again. Wynonna distracts her by saying that Peacemaker gave up on her today and shows Nicole the Scorned Woman painting. Nicole recognizes the place in the painting as Steve Gulch. She once rescued two guys named Steve who were hiking and got stuck between two boulders naked, which is how the place got its name. Doc pulls up and Nicole groans in pain as she gags running inside. Doc asks if Wynonna is alright with Wynonna saying she’s better then Nicole.

Waverly helps Jeremy prepare the soup. It's done they just have to let it simmer for an hour. Nicole enters a trance and grabs the soup from Jeremy and dumps it down the drain. They frantically try to save the soup to no avail. It went down the drain. Nicole opens a drawer full of knives and stalks out to the barn. She throws a knife and Wynonna's head but barely misses.

Nicole approaches and slashes at Wynonna, slicing her arm open. Doc restrains Nicole just was Waverly arrives confused, but they explain Nicole started it. Wynonna knocks Nicole out with a punch while Doc begins to lose control of his vampire side. He walks away from the scene as Nicole wakens. He explains the darkest of magic is behind this. He picks up Nicole’s clothes and Doc says it smells of gasoline. She started the Homestead fire and Wynonna plans to kill the Clanton’s now. The rest of the team thinks she should be smart and wait until they have Peacemaker. Waverly reminds her not to jump to Plan Z when they haven’t tried Plan A. Doc chimes in that they have to find the woman in the painting and bring her to the sanctuary. If Peacemaker doesn’t show then they’ll take them on together. Wynonna tells Nicole to tie up Nicole so nothing else happens while she and Doc are gone.

There isn’t much soup left in the drain as Jeremy tries to salvage it. Waverly isn’t tying the ropes tight enough so Nicole sends her to get handcuffs. Nicole looks at Jeremy but he refuses to do it.

Nicole goes upstairs to help Nicole with the pink handcuffs and handcuffs one side to the bed. She reminds Waverly that she loves her and then cuffs Waverly to the bed instead and leaves with Jeremy who has agreed to help Nicole with their own plan. She apologizes to Waverly as she hurries out.

Nicole hurries into Shorty’s and apologizes to Randy for trying to kill him over the past year and a half and for letting him and everyone else down. Time and time again she’s let everyone down. But today, she’s going to change it. But she needs Randy to kill her first. Later that night, Jeremy is drowning Nicole as Randy speaks Latin over her. Waverly arrives and screams at the sight but Jeremy asks her to trust them.

In Holy War Part Two, Nicole submerges herself in the salted ice water bath cringing at how cold it is. Randy asks if all the kink is needed for breaking the spell, but Jeremy corrects that it’s an exorcism so yep. He has to wear ridiculous bearskin. He asks Nicole who cursed her but she begins to gag so he stops saying it was a final test. They will temporarily drown her. Once the hourglass runs out they’ll bring her back, the spell is broken, and they all go about their lives. He shows her a jar of a dead frog and they go back and forth with frog puns that annoy Randy. Jeremy attaches nodes to Nicole to monitor her heart rate. Once she’s under her consciousness should transfer to the frog in the jar he showed her. Two will become one. Nicole is nervous but tells her that no matter what happens, do not let her come up until it's down. He agrees as she thanks them. She takes deep breaths then submerges herself in the water letting out the air in her lungs. Randy begins chanting as Nicole’s heart rate lowers. She lunges out of the water with Jeremy realizing it’s her survival instincts and forces her into the water to drown as Randy chants. Waverly rushes in screaming what he’s doing. He asks her to trust them. Nicole lays under the water dead. Waverly is angry as she pushes past Jeremy angrily, threatening to hit him with the bedpost she’s cuffed too. She asks if Nicole is dead just as the frog croaks and Jeremy is elated that Nicole is okay. He put her in the frog much to Waverly’s anger.

Jeremy tries to reason with Waverly that everything was Nicole’s idea - from the handcuffs to the exorcism. She knew Waverly would try to stop her but according to the Maglu if they can’t destroy the spell-caster they have to cleanse the person who was cursed. Waverly is concerned that it didn’t work but Jeremy assures her that as long as Nicole stays in the frog everything is okay. He tells her to watch it. She greets the frog as Nicole and frog-Nicole croaks back.

Nicole’s temperature is stable but she’s been dead for five minutes. Jeremy asks how much longer is on the hourglass and it runs out. They won’t know if the spell worked until they wake her up. Randy can stop chanting the spell now but has to do the reversal so they can get her out of the frog and into her body. Nedley begins chanting but stops Jeremy from using the paddles on a flat-liner. The doors blow open to Shorty’s and Waverly has a rock that marks her as another Clanton victim. Jeremy and Nedley can’t see the Reaper and they knocked over the jar of frogs with Nicole. Waverly avoids Belly while the boys try to grab frog-Nicole. A frog begins to glow and Nicole’s spirit leaves the frog to attack Billy. She pushes Billy through a door to save Waverly. Waverly puts a slot machine over the door. Jeremy asks if Waverly stopped it, but the ghost of Nicole states that Waverly didn’t - she did. She looks to her dead body.

Jeremy and Waverly have to figure out which frog Nicole is in while her spirit yells at them but they can’t hear her. Waverly tries to kiss the frog but it doesn’t work. Nicole squeaks that it’s gross. Waverly kisses more frogs but isn’t feeling anything. She can’t believe that Nicole isn’t trying to give them a sign, but Nicole claims she’s trying but doesn’t know the rules of ghosts. She is able to mess with the lights and does but Nedley realizes it’s a code. Waverly knows it’s morse code which makes Nicole elated. She spells out “not in frog” and they realize Nicole astral-projected. Nicole gives more signals that spell out the basement, but the reaper is down there which makes them nervous.

Jeremy warns that if they lose Nicole’s body her spirit might disappear. Randy gets his gun and follows Waverly.

Billy is hissing but Nicole jumps into his body. Waverly cautiously approaches and Nicole speaks telling Billy to say why she made the deal with the witch. Billy takes over and yells that Waverly will now die. He lunges but Waverly steps back, which stops Randy from shooting Billy who is now Nicole but also possibly a frog and dead. She demands Billy tell her what happened or the love her life will die and she’ll be very angry and she doesn’t know what will happen if she gets very angry.

Billy states that Nicole is theirs now - they have her soul. She made a covenant - a life for a life. Nicole didn’t know it was the Clanton’s and she couldn’t wait any longer but she should have. Waverly asks how to break the covenant but Billy shouts that The Swamp Witch has bound her so it’s impossible to break. The covenant only ends when both actors die. Waverly remarks that one person is down with one to go. Billy warns there are many of them. Nicole pops out of Billy asking how many of them there are.

Waverly demands Jeremy to watch Billy while she goes talk with The Swamp Witch, Margo-Jean. Jeremy thinks it’s the only way to end the curse. She takes Nicole’s hand and kisses it promising to save her life as she saved her. Jeremy warns that it’s not a good idea but she tells him and Nedley to keep Nicole alive for as long as they can. Ghost-Nicole shivers.

Waverly learns from Margo-Jean that Nicole was so desperate to get Waverly, her angel, back that she promised to bring Doc to the Clanton's when they all returned. The Clanton's wanted to punish Doc for what he did 100-years ago at the O.K. Corral. Waverly kills Margo to save Nicole from death. Nicole lurches up in Shorty’s alive and well. Jeremy says they have to warm her up slowly with blankets to avoid anything bad. She apologizes for the trouble she made and Jeremy forgives her and they hug.

That night, everyone goes to the homestead to regroup. Jeremy and Nedley toast to their first, and hopefully last, exorcism. Jeremy refuses to give Rachel alcohol and Nicole doesn't want any since she’s recovering. Waverly asks if she and Doc are okay but Wynonna claims they’re the same. Jeremy asks if Nicole and Waverly are getting married or what? He presses about what they’ve been doing all this time. The women admit they had proposals planned. Nicole takes Waverly’s hand and everyone stops to watch. She starts to propose but Waverly asks if she can do it. Waverly gets on one knee. Doc removes his hat. Wynonna smiles at them. Waverly asks Nicole to marry her and Nicole happily agrees as they kiss by the fireplace. Everyone toasts to the engagement. Doc smiles happily on. While everyone celebrates, Doc sneaks away as Wynonna watches while crying. Nicole and Waverly exchange I love yous and another kiss.

In Love's All Over, Nicole proposes to Waverly properly, giving her a ring and they kiss. At Shorty’s, everyone gathers to celebrate Wayhaught’s engagement. Doc makes a toast to the engaged couple but tells them he can’t come to their official engagement party. Nicole tells Nedley that he needs help with the bar but he just wants her to deal with the reaper in his basement. Wynonna waltzes in with Doc congratulating Waverly again before leaving. Waverly confronts her sisters for being late with Wynonna lying that she was making plans for the bachelorette party.

She takes them to a strip bar where Nicole and Waverly aren’t pleased with the party. A fellow bride pulls Nicole away for shots leaving Waverly to talk to Wynonna. Nicole wants to get married at city hall but Wynonna knows that Waverly wants a big wedding. One of the strippers turns around and reveals large scars on his back and Waverly recognizes him

The stripper, Demetri, talks to Wynonna and Waverly with Wynonna recounting her fiery relationship with Doc. Demetri tells Wynonna that all genders are the same when it comes to relationships and the perfect one doesn’t exist. He clarifies to Waverly that he’s pansexual. Demetri tells Waverly that no love is real but she corrects that love is the only thing that’s real. She would kill for Nicole and Nicole would die for her. The man wants to prove that love isn’t real and slips something into her pocket as he leaves. His eyes flash red as he does.

At the station, Nicole and Waverly want a marriage certificate. Nicole announces she doesn’t want any PDA, which Bunny Lablow agrees with. She is behind the desk and refuses their request for a license. Nicole picks a fleck of something pink off her shoulder and Waverly becomes irresistible to her, which visibly upsets Bunny who tries to refuse them the certificate until Waverly presses the matter. Bunny gives in but when Waverly shakes her hand she pumps hand sanitizer on before noticing a speck of pink on her hand. Waverly tells Nicole to leave and get herself together, but when Bunny looks up she finds Waverly irresistible as well.

Waverly goes to Amon’s club with a pie. She wants to choose a date but Nicole is reluctant because of the war going on between the species, asking for one day of truce.

Waverly goes to the barn where she sees Nicole who is bursting with love for her fiancé. Waverly worries Nicole is possessed but Nicole isn’t. She shows a book of wedding plans but Waverly isn’t entirely sure that Nicole is being serious. Later, they arrive at Shorty’s and are ambushed by Nicole, Bunny, and Amon who are all obsessed with Waverly. Nicole interrupts Bunny’s song, grabbing the mic and Amon following. Rachel watches the ordeal and steals Nedley’s keys. Waverly retreats to the bathroom to call someone for help but Amon, Nicole, and Bunny bang on the sides of the stalls to get her attention. Doc hangs up with Waverly as she believes he is unaffected. Cleo reveals the favor Ma’am did for Nicole and the price she would have to pay, killing Doc for Waverly. He understands and leaves to help Waverly.

Nedley and Doc slow dance while Amon and Bunny dance. Wynonna and Nicole slow dance and talk as they are all now attracted to one another. Wynonna substitutes Nicole for Nedley but Doc can’t dance with Nicole, so he swaps out for Wynonna. Waverly points out how real the love between Wynonna and Doc seems, but Demetri points out that it's fake due to the glitter. Waverly realizes that he’s heartbroken and he reveals his lover was Amon for two years. She helps him realize how real some love truly is so he agrees to help her clean up her mess. His spit destroys love and will help everyone return to normal.

One-by-one, Waverly and Demetri remove the love spell, starting with Doc and Wynonna. She doesn’t want to let him go so he removes her arms and leaves. Everyone else becomes uninfected and laughs over the unfortunate circumstances. Nicole hugs Waverly happily and they agree on a medium-fussy wedding. Demetri explains he chose Waverly because he hasn’t seen two people so in love in a very long time.

In Hell Raisin' Good Time, Waverly decorates the Homestead for Halloween much to Nicole’s glee. Waverly tells Nicole about her Halloween experience as a child. She talks about her father sitting on the porch with a gun while rambling about Halloween being the Devil’s Night while she and Wynonna hid in a closet. Nicole is glad she’s reclaiming the holiday and encourages Waverly’s idea to spend time with Wynonna. Nicole is excited about their wedding with her planning to go wedding dress shipping with Rachel.

The day spirals for Wynonna and Waverly who are forced into memory erasing fog that makes them forget who they are. Throughout the day, Waverly slowly begins to recognize things that she associate with Nicole. Her police jacket seems familiar and she likes red hair. The sisters are able to restore their memories thanks to Jeremy.

The Earp sisters lay on the lawn of the Homestead as they reminisce about previous Halloween’s and how Wynonna was locked in a cellar for three days when their father found out. The topic shifts to Waverly’s wedding, as she assures Wynonna that nothing will ever change that Wynonna is her hero. Nicole strolls up in her sheriff outfit and kisses Waverly while Wynonna warns that she better make Waverly happy forever. Nicole promises that she will.

In Crazy, Wynonna and Nicole face off as they spar in the Sheriff's department. Waverly arrives and the women bicker until the Earp’s try to get Nicole back to the Sheriff's spot. Nicole leaves as she tells them to see her at trivia while she plans the wedding. Nicole pours another beer at Shorty's, but Nedley stops her so she can help him set up for trivia night. He thinks she was the best sheriff since he was in the office, but she deflects to trivia night but he attempts to bring it back to her. He thinks she’s butthurt but she claims it’s because of Rachel, to which Nedley tells her that Rachel let out Billy.

Rachel and Nicole talk about her freeing Billy. Rachel calls her chicken kicker so Nicole reminds her of the promise never to tell anyone. Rachel apologizes for letting Billy out and they talk. Rachel reminds Nicole that Doc will forgive her if she explains her reasons.

Nicole and Waverly discuss the plan until Nicole opens up about what it was like to be alone without Waverly, and what she did is far from fine. Waverly doesn’t want Nicole to blunt her ambition, but Nicole is certain that with Waverly back she’s happy. The competition is raging but Nicole is worried about being at trivia night. The contestants begin to call Rachel a chicken kicker and mock her by acting like a chicken. Nicole tries to leave but can’t leave the bar as Koru’s wish keeps them from leaving, so she goes to the basement.

Nicole and Doc meet in the cellar since they’re stuck in the building. She realizes they’ll need a distraction and need a chicken kicker. Nicole takes Rachel’s phone for the video of the chicken kicker. She plays the video of herself drunk and in the station while yelling at everyone. Doc covers Rachel’s ears as Nicole curses in the video and then punts a cooked chicken. Jeremy wins the trivia contest since Waverly was distracted and didn't answer the question.

Waverly and Jeremy celebrate his win while Nicole approaches Doc cautiously. She is grateful to him for bringing Waverly back but she had to be sure. He wonders what the Clanton’s wanted with him but she isn’t sure, but she knew whatever it was that he could handle it. But if he couldn’t they would figure it out together because she would fight for him too. He convinces her to reclaim her Sheriff title. She confronts the customers about not voting for her but she decides to be their Sheriff anyway, regardless if they don’t like her because she kicked a chicken, is an outsider, or is gay. The customers raise their glasses to her and reinstate her as the Sheriff. Waverly and Nicole kiss happily.

In Life Turned Her That Way,

In Better Dig Two,

In Old Souls,


Waverly Earp

Relationship: Wife

(Keep the Home Fires Burning) Waverly meets Nicole for the first time at Shorty's. Nicole expresses interest in Waverly immediately, however, Waverly insists she is interested in guys and has a boyfriend. Nicole says that she's been there and describes it as "the worst". However, she still leaves Waverly a card to call her with.

(Leavin' on Your Mind) After Waverly gives her presentation to Wynonna and Dolls, Nicole walks in to report on unusual activity and makes another glance at Waverly before leaving. She later goes to Shorty's to console Waverly over the death of Shorty. Just then that Waverly's boyfriend, Champ Hardy, appears and makes things slightly awkward for Nicole. She walks away and Champ says that there's something about her that he doesn't like.

(Walking After Midnight) Nicole and Wynonna have a few drinks together, and Nicole talks about Waverly spending her whole life catering to others and she probably can figure out what she wants. Wynonna thinks that Waverly should hang out with her, to which Nicole agrees. Later, at the Homestead, while Waverly walks Chrissy Nedley inside, she smiles and waves and Nicole, who waves back.

(Two-Faced Jack) Waverly, Doc and Dolls visit Nicole who is recovering at the hospital. Dolls asks her what was the last thing she remembered seeing. Under the effects of morphine, she blurts out, "Waverly Earp, smiling at me from her front porch." Nicole is slightly embarrassed and Waverly is confused.

(Bury Me With My Guns On) Waverly realizes her feelings for Nicole. After an uncomfortable encounter, Waverly visits Nicole at the Police Station and kisses her. Nicole is confused and steps back. Waverly tells her how she feels and they kiss again, officially beginning their romantic relationship.

(House of Memories) Willa, Waverly's sister, walks in on Waverly and Nicole kissing. Champ notices them together and walks up to Nicole, accuses her of "stealing his girl", and makes a couple of homophobic comments.

(I Walk the Line) Willa threatens to shoot Nicole, calling her 'Waverly's girlfriend'. Waverly begs Wynonna to give Willa the Peacemaker, stating she loves Nicole. Willa shoots Nicole and Waverly rushes to her side, relieved to find out she is wearing a bulletproof vest. Waverly and Nicole kiss before Waverly leaves to help Wynonna stop Willa.

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(Steel Bars and Stone Walls) Waverly reunites with Nicole at the Earp homestead. While treating the bruise, Waverly kisses Nicole and they try to take it further until Nicole's bruise makes it painful. Nicole says Waverly tastes different (Their first kiss after she absorbed black fluid). Nicole is deeply concerned about Waverly's personality changes and hopes that deep down inside she's still "her Waverly". Waverly assures her that she is. Nicole is later upset when she hears Waverly deliberately keeping her out of Black Badge for her protection.

(Shed Your Skin) Nicole and Waverly's relationship has been somewhat tense because of Nicole being kept out Black Badge Division and Waverly's changes in personality (caused by her being possessed by the Mictian). The two briefly kiss at Earp homestead but are interrupted by Wynonna. Wynonna talks about it, and Waverly states that keeping her out of BBD was for Nicole's protection and admits that she would die inside if anything happened to her. At the end, Nicole shows up at the Earp homestead. She makes up with Waverly and they both agree that the worst part of a relationship is the fighting. She then gives Waverly some papers that could help her discover whether or not she's truly an Earp. They then end up having make-up sex in Waverly's room.

(Gonna Getcha Good) Waverly performs a dance for Nicole in her head cheerleader uniform. The two talk about how Nicole will be busy all weekend long. Waverly attempts one more cheer for Nicole but they are interrupted by Wynonna. Later, Waverly meets Nicole at the school's homecoming. She openly kisses Nicole until Nicole breaks it off, telling Waverly "not in uniform, not in public". Waverly says those reasons aren't good enough. When Nicole arrests Tucker Gardener, Waverly tries to warn Nicole of Gardener's status but she tells Waverly off. Nicole later confides in Wynonna about Waverly's changes. She worries that Waverly is becoming more cold and hard, and her sweetness is what Nicole loves about her.

(Let's Pretend We're Strangers) After the Mictian transferred from Waverly to Wynonna, the now-possessed Wynonna arrives at the police station and sees Nicole Haught. When Nicole asks her where Waverly is, Dark Wynonna lied that she is sick (She was actually tied up and gagged to a chair at the Homestead). Nicole is skeptical because she had spoken to Waverly last night and she was fine. Mictian tells Nicole that Waverly needs space and that she's no longer the "White picket fence in Purgatory girl" that Nicole wants her to be. Insulted, Nicole walks away. Wynonna tells the Mictian that Nicole didn't deserve to hear that. The Mictian replies with, "What? The truth?" Later, Waverly talks to Wynonna, who is in a prison. Dark Wynonna taunts Waverly's relationship with Nicole, stating that Nicole is boring, unlike her. Waverly then forces the Mictian to return to her body. Waverly then walks in to the Homestead barn and finds Nicole. After Nicole tells Waverly that she was worried, Dark Waverly pretends to break down and tells Nicole that Wynonna is possessed. Nicole promises to protect her just when Wynonna walks in. Wynonna tries to convince Nicole that the demon is in Waverly, but she doesn't believe her. She finally does after Dark Waverly tells Nicole to shoot Wynonna, something that the real Waverly would never say. The Mictian calls Nicole "weak" and knocks her out. Wynonna eventually manages to get the flask inside Waverly and the Mictian is forced out and killed. Nicole wakes up and rushes to Waverly's side. Waverly is still shocked that she told Nicole to shoot her sister. Nicole confesses that she almost did, and that she would shoot anyone for her. They then share a passionate kiss. As Wynonna walks Waverly back into the house, Nicole mentions the nasty things that she said. Wynonna replies that it was the demon talking and that she doesn't believe "all of it", which confuses Nicole.

(Whiskey Lullaby) Nicole and Waverly are both happy that the latter is cured of her possession. While making out in Waverly's room, Nicole comments that she tastes like "her Waverly" again. But Nicole still wonders what times when she was Waverly and when she was not. Waverly reassures her that all the times they were together, she was herself, because she remembers every second, touch and kiss. (This is not actually true, as her kissing Nicole at the School's Homecoming was the Mictian.)

(No Future in the Past) While Waverly and Nicole are playing pool at Shorty's, Waverly brings up that she has submitted a DNA test to find out once and for all if she's truly an Earp. She expects them to arrive at the Police Department. Nicole appears troubled by this and tells Waverly that she has not seen the results yet. Rosita then appears and asks them to help throw Wynonna a baby shower. After a round of drinks, Waverly stumbles onto Nicole's handbag and, to her shock, finds the DNA results. She immediately confronts Nicole about this, who had looked at the results. Nicole tells Waverly that she did it because she loves her and because she wanted to protect her. Waverly insists that she's not a child and doesn't need protection. She also guesses from Nicole's face that she isn't an Earp either and walks away to look at the results herself.

(Forever Mine Nevermind) Waverly and Nicole are still fighting after the previous episode. The two are together when Beth Gardner regains consciousness and fight about handling Tucker Gardner. Nicole texts Waverly over and over that she is sorry, but Waverly ignores her and eventually responds with a mean text. Waverly goes to a spa with her new friend Rosita where she drunkenly initiates a kiss towards Rosita. The two immediately regret the kiss. Waverly decides to talk with Nicole to possibly make things right. The episode ends with a knock on the door at Nicole's apartment. She answers, hoping to see Waverly, but instead finds a Widow who promptly attacks her.

(I See a Darkness) The episode begins where the previous episode left off with Nicole being attacked by Widow Mercedes Gardner, who is looking for the Third Seal. Waverly arrives not long after and quickly rushes to Nicole's aid. After a brief scuffle, Mercedes bites into Nicole's arm and escapes. Waverly quickly calls 911. After Nicole is rushed to the hospital, Waverly is distraught after learning that Nicole's condition is critical and she will die unless a cure is found quickly. Before being sedated, Nicole sincerely apologizes to Waverly for hiding the DNA test and lets her know that she's never loved anyone the way she loves Waverly. Waverly is not yet ready to say goodbye, however and promises Nicole that she will make it and jokes about having a "Sorry Party" when it is all over. Wynonna reassures her that one kiss is not that terrible. Waverly later meets Nicole's wife, Dr. Shae Pressman. Waverly is shocked that Nicole is married and wonders why she didn't tell her. Shae tells her that she and Nicole married in Las Vegas on a fever, but after a while, things cooled down and they separated. She reassures Waverly that it wasn't real and that Nicole truly loves her. Waverly comments about how she tried to keep Nicole out of danger, to which Shae replies that if she truly believed that she could, then she doesn't know Nicole at all. At the end, Nicole's life is saved, much to everyone's joy.

(Gone as a Girl Can Get) The episode takes place in an alternate reality. In this parallel universe, Nedley has died by Doc's hand, and Nicole Haught is Purgatory Sheriff. She has also never gotten together with Waverly, who is engaged to Perry Crofte. Nicole is still however, secretly pining for Waverly from afar. After Doc is killed, Waverly tells Nicole that she's been hearing the name of Wynonna and Doc mentioning the Iron Witch. They decide to pay her a visit. The Iron Witch conjures up a reversal spell where Waverly and Nicole briefly recall Wynonna. Waverly remembers that her sister's disappearance is her fault. She says that she betrayed Wynonna because of her love for Nicole, which puts a smile on Nicole's face. The gang decides to destroy the trophy to reverse the spell. They eventually find it at the barn. Nicole tells Waverly that she'll follow her wherever she goes and they share a kiss before destroying the trophy. Everything is reverted to normal, and Nicole is once again in her hospital gown. She continues apologizing to Waverly, who responds by kissing her.

(I Hope You Dance) Nicole drives Waverly and Wynonna's newborn baby, Alice Michelle Earp, to the edge of the Ghost River triangle. Waverly carries the child over the line and they are both unharmed, revealing that neither of them are part Revenant. Nicole is happy, but Waverly is confused and asks Nicole what she is if neither an Earp nor a Revenant. Nicole replies that she is extraordinary and kisses her. While walking back to the car, Waverly asks Nicole about the divorce, to which she replies that she's working on it. The episode ends with Waverly drinking coffee with Jeremy and Dolls while Nicole is in her car looking at the divorce papers and the files about Bulshar. She walks over and kisses Waverly. |-|Season 3= (Blood Red and Going Down) Waverly and Nicole first appear stationed outside of Pussy Willows, ready to shoot the Revenants that Wynonna lures out from the bar. They try to kiss, but are interrupted by Wynonna. In the next day, they wake up next to each other, having seemingly worked through their problems (Waverly on Nicole being married, and Nicole on Waverly kissing Rosita). Waverly hears Wynonna fighting Doc in the barn, and she confronts Wynonna about it. Then, they are approached by Nicole, who tells them there is a case.

A mass murder has occurred in Pussy Willows. While investigating the mass murder, Nicole endures the makings of a panic attack, much to Waverly's concern. While taking a breather in the bathroom, Waverly and Nicole both fall under the spell of vampire Petra. They knock out and trap Wynonna in a coffin as an offering to Bulshar.

The glamoured Waverly and Nicole and Jeremy enter the vampire party, which Wynonna, freed by Dolls crashes. Wynonna kills Petra, which frees Waverly and Nicole from the glamour, and after a fight they end up staking almost all of the vampires.

(On the Road Again) Now separated from one another through worlds, Nicole is desperate to find her girlfriend so she can answer Waverly's proposal. She teams up with Wynonna to find Waverly, who has crossed into the Garden of Eden with Doc. Nicole admits that she was proposed to but refuses to tell Wynonna the answer before she tells Waverly. Once at the BBD station they believe has a secondary portal, Wynonna stumbles into a room filled with grates and steps on one that begins to give way. Wynonna tells Nicole to save Waverly and find the portal. Nicole refuses to allow that as she's in this fight. She then shoves Wynonna off the grate, only to fall down the seemingly endless hole. Meanwhile, in Eden, Doc finds a woman in a circle that is Nicole and she greets Doc as Nicole would.

(Friends in Low Places) The woman, who is not Nicole but rather Eve, a shapeshifter parading as Nicole, is trapped in the circle by a tree and wants to see Waverly. Waverly is ecstatic at the idea of Nicole being there remarking that she's missed her. When Eve is freed the women kiss on the plain, only for Waverly to note that she tastes like sulfur and realizes that Eve isn't really Nicole. Doc and Waverly fight off not-Nicole.

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In the Earthly plane, the real Nicole is injured from her fall but determined to help Wynonna through the portal. They planned to go together but Nicole's broken leg prevents her from going through. She tells Wynonna that she'll be waiting for her back in Purgatory and that only she can do this - it has to be Wynonna. It was always going to be her. Wynonna makes Rachel promise not to leave Nicole alone before running through the gate. She slides into the snow just as the portal slams shut but Nicole manages to throw Julian's ring through. Wynonna uses the ring to help encourage Waverly to return to Purgatory and leave her post in the Garden, reminding her that she's not just the Guardian but an Earp - and it's time to get up and give the ring back to Nicole. Waverly obliges and the trio escapes Eden with Waverly awakening near the homestead and running off to find Nicole. She is shot at by a very angry Nicole wielding a gun. She sees Waverly and they embrace tightly happy to be reunited. They kiss and go inside where they have sex on the floor and later the stairs of the Earp homestead. Nicole and Waverly kiss and flirt as they exchange I love you's. Waverly comments on Nicole's long hair and the fact she got extensions, but Nicole states she just grew it out. Waverly is confused but Nicole is infatuated with Waverly relishing in having her back, noting that her laugh sounds like Christmas. She loves her so much and missed her. Waverly then learns that a year and a half have passed since Nicole broke her leg and the women were separated.

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(Look at Them Beans) As they adjust to being in each other's lives again, Waverly begins to notice that things have changed around the homestead - and with Nicole. While they spend as much time together as possible, Nicole's guilt over not finding Waverly sooner is evident. Waverly and Nicole discuss what happened while she was gone into their bedroom. Nicole missed her and Waverly notes that her closet has been reorganized by Nicole. That night, when all the fighting is over, Waverly and Nicole kiss in bed. Waverly tells her about the garden trying to fool her with fake-Nicole but assures her that she wasn't swayed. A noise startles Nicole which Waverly knows is Wynonna getting her midnight snack. She asks Nicole about her year and a half but Nicole is too distracted and hurries off to check the traps but agrees to let Waverly come with her.

Wynonna Earp

Relationship: Friend, Sister-in-Law Wynonna and Nicole bond over getting drunk at the sheriff station together in 'Walkin' After Midnight', although Wynonna goes on to accuses Nicole of being involved in tampering with body they investigate at the morgue. She later apologizes with the intentions of explaining what actually happened, however they are attacked by Jack of Knives, leaving Nicole in hospital and Wynonna kidnapped, a fact that Nicole feels intensely guilty over.

Wynonna remains oblivious to Nicole's relationship with her sister until I Walk the Line, where Willa reveals it before shooting Nicole. After Nicole is shown to be wearing a bulletproof vest Wynonna is happy that Waverly "finally picked a smart one".

Xavier Dolls

Relationship: Friend, colleague

Dolls and Nicole have a somewhat strained relationship for most of Season 1 as Nicole grows increasingly suspicious of Black Badge's presence within Purgatory. He threatens her with treason for coming into Black Badge without permission. In I Walk the Line when Nicole's suspicious about Purgatory are finally confirmed, Dolls makes her an agent of Black Badge.

Dolls seems aware of Nicole's feelings towards Waverly, though he does not comment on them.

When Nicole is poisoned in I See a Darkness, Dolls volunteers himself to be tested on so that Jeremy can created an anti-venom. In the closing shot of the season, the two share an intense look while Nicole holds a file on the Bulshar cult.

Near the end of Blood Red and Going Down, Nicole and Dolls are at the Pussy Willows commenting on the dead bodies there. When Dolls remarks on how there are never any survivors, Nicole tells him that she thinks there actually was a survivor once: herself.

Randy Nedley

Relationship: Boss, colleague, father-figure

Nedley thinks highly of Nicole as a police officer. When she is in hospital after being attacked by Jack of Knives he takes care of her cat despite being told that it doesn't like men. After seeing Nicole upset over no longer officially being part of Black Badge, Nedley tells Nicole that he purposefully recruited her with the intentions of having her take over as Sheriff when he retires. After freezing during a kidnapping, Nedley decides to retire and appoint Nicole as the new Sheriff.

Jeremy Chetri

Relationship: Friend, colleague

Jeremy and Nicole are seen working together in the Purgatory Case Files, where in they take down Baron Samedi. In I Hope You Dance, after Nicole asks why Jeremy stayed in Purgatory she tells him he is part of the family.

Shae Pressman

Relationship: Ex-Wife

They met rock climbing in Nevada outside of Las Vegas. They got married soon after, but it didn't take long for things to "cool off". They presumably separated right after. They officially divorced in I Hope You Dance.

Powers and Abilities

  • Marksmanship/Firearms - As a police officer and Sheriff, Nicole is shown to be skilled with multiple types of firearms.
  • Combat Fighting Skills
  • Expert Rock-climber - Nine years of climbing experience


  • Guns/Firearms - Nicole is seen for a number of times using a pistol as she is a police officer.
  • Julian/Bulshar's Ring - Was given to her by Waverly as an engagement ring.

Physical Appearance

Sheriff Nicole Haught is a redhead who is 5'9". She has a scar on the left side of her face next to her left eye. She has brown eyes and when she smiles she gets dimples in her cheeks. In Season 1, she is seen wearing her hair in a braid, however, she lets her hair down in Two-Faced Jack. House of Memories and I Walk the Line. In Gonna Getcha Good she cuts her hair to just below her ears. She wears the Purgatory Police uniform which changes slightly each season.

In Friends in Low Places, Nicole's hair is long for the first time in the series and reaches well past her shoulders. She has been growing it out for over a year.


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  • Nicole is the only survivor of the Cult of Bulshar massacre that happened in 1996 that killed 27 people including her Uncle and Aunt. However, she was already down by the river when the so-called 'fire' began.
    • She jumped into a canoe to escape where she was then rescued by Randy Nedley.
  • She suffered nightmares for ten years after the massacre.
  • When Widow Mercedes said Bulshar's name, it triggered something in Nicole causing her nightmares to return.
  • Nicole graduated top of her class at the Big City Police Academy.
  • Nicole has nine years of climbing experience.[1]
  • She no longer speaks to her parents because she's a cop and they don't support her decision.
  • On August 14, 2014, Nicole married Shae Pressman in Las Vegas, Nevada after meeting her during a rock climbing trip.
  • Nicole was injured on her honeymoon in 2014 while rock climbing and needed to have surgery.
  • She is allergic to thiopental.
  • She was kidnapped by the Jack of Knives, and was left in a ditch at the side of the road where she had to be resuscitated on scene.
    • They last thing she remembers before getting kidnapped is Waverly Earp smiling at her from the homestead front porch.
  • She had an orange cat named Calamity Jane, who didn't like men but Nedley adored her.
    • In Season 4, we learn that she was eaten by Nedley when he was a puffball monster.
  • Nicole keeps handcuffs in her purse.
  • Nicole never buttons the top two buttons of her uniform shirt.
  • She is often said that she feels as though she is supposed to be in Purgatory, which could be fate due to her ultimate decision to become the guardian of the Ghost River Triangle.
  • She hates pickles.
  • She loves hiking, camping and rock climbing.
  • Her favorite color is blue.
  • Nicole wants to have a sky funeral when she dies.[2]
  • Nicole has been shot by one Earp heir, Willa Earp, which occurred in I Walk the Line.
  • She had a diary called The Road to Purgatory.
  • Nicole was featured in the Purgatory case files during Season 2.
  • Nicole loves the movie Coyote Ugly.[3]
  • She used to smoke cigarettes behind the back of a church instead of going inside.
  • In War Paint, she reveals her full name is Nicole Rayleigh Haught.
    • Katherine Barrell picked the name out of several that Emily Andras gave her, as she found the meaning to be warrior of justice, which she liked. She had no idea it sounded like really, until Emily pointed it out. There was never meant to be a joke surrounding Nicole's full name.
  • In War Paint, Waverly proposes to Nicole. Though before Nicole could give Waverly an answer, they were interrupted by Wynonna.
  • She always smells like vanilla dip donuts, which are Waverly's favorite.[4]
  • Nicole is born in 1990, making her the same age as Katherine Barrell who plays her. This is one of the only examples in the show, where the character and actor are the same age.