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On the Road Again is the first episode of Season 4 of Wynonna Earp. It aired on July 26, 2020.


Wynonna races to find a way into the Garden after her sister.


It's been two years since we've seen our heroes, but to them, no time has passed at all.

Wynonna chooses between multiple weapons and takes a swig from a flask before continuing down the line of weapons, pocketing several in her belt. She loads Doc's guns and slides them into their holsters. Nedley asks if she's done yet, and is wielding a pitchfork. The duo is now ready to collect their lost friends.

They trudge through the snowy forest with Wynonna recapping her plan - climb the magical stairs, save Waverly, and locate the rest of their squad, mosey on home, and enjoy a curse free life all while looking good. They find the stairs and Wynonna knows she can't mess this up, though Nedley's words of encouragement aren't convincing. Wynonna slowly climbs the stairs making sarcastic comments as she crosses through the doorways, only to fall off the edge of the stairs as the portal has vanished.

In the garden, Waverly is chained to a slate as she screams for Wynonna to help her.

In the woods, Wynonna discovers that crab creatures have crossed through the portal and one attacks Nedley. She takes him back to the homestead where she attempts to find a first aid kit but can't find anything. Wynonna complains that the psychopath that left “Valdez” on the wall could have used a pen.

Jeremy is awake wielding a knife in the dark as he tries to awaken Nicole to no avail. He is shot in the chest by a series of guards wielding guns that shoot green lasers.

Nedley finds pads in the Earp bathroom that he uses to cover his wounds. Wynonna explains why the rest of her people aren't around, and that wherever they are they're gone now. She finds Nicole's ring on the ground while she and Nedley realize that Waverly might have proposed.

Nicole awakens in a train with a headache and curses Wynonna's name for getting her into this mess.

Wynonna and Nedley hear rustling in the kitchen and stalk the person, only for a knife to be thrown at Wynonna's head. Mercedes exclaims that she's never thrown a knife before. Mercedes is officially free of Clootie possession.

Nicole finds Kate in the train who explains that the doors to escape the train are electric and anyone who touches them gets electrocuted. Any human who tries to escape dies. Kate explains that the government came to collect those who didn't evacuate Purgatory. Nicole wonders where the rest of her friends are and asks Kate to do a reading. Kate needs something of Waverly's to make a connection, and Nicole states that she is the connection.

Wynonna Googles “Valdez” as Mercedes recaps the events that they had a little different then Kate did. Nedley reminds Wynonna that he still has all of Dolls's files at his office — maybe they could be of help. Wynonna, Mercedes, and Nedley find the files in Nedley's couch at the sheriff station. Wynonna shifts through the records until she finds the last name “Valdez”. She opens it to find Dr. Gloria Valdez, who was killed and her face scratched out on the image.

Kate reads Nicole's cards and pulls a “death” card which is a doorway to another life. The Fool, a journey, but not for Nicole for Waverly. Kate realizes they are reaching the end of the ghost river triangle, and Nicole has to get off the train. She muses that no human could survive the train's electrical system, but maybe a vampire can.

Wynonna, Nedley, and Mercedes learn that Valdez was stationed at VX19 in a town called Monument. Nedley thinks Jeremy could have known Valdez and that's why he carved the name into the wall at the homestead.

Kate and Nicole are nearing the end of the ghost river triangle so if Kate is going to open the doors now is the time. Nicole isn't sure how to thank Kate, who mentions that Nicole should name her firstborn “Katie”. Kate is barely able to hold the door open long enough for Nicole to jump out and escape. She shifts into a vampire and kills the guard that comes.

Nedley wonders if the facility has an extra entry into the garden. Wynonna can't take Nedley with her due to his injuries and doesn't trust Mercedes enough to bring her either. Nedley collapses to the ground his injuries more severe then they thought. He assures Wynona that he'll be fine with Mercedes chiming in that she can help - she dressed as a slutty nurse once. Wynonna is nervous to go alone but Nedley reminds her that nobody fucks with their family, handing her his gun and she runs off. Nedley collapses into a chair with wheels that Mercedes uses to push him to the clinic.

Doc crosses through a doorway with a portal billowing behind it. He is confused that this is Eden as it is merely a desert and not what he pictured. He can't pass through the door to return and walks aimlessly through the area looking for Waverly. He hears Waverly screaming for him as she is chained to a giant statue. The chain is getting tighter and she's having trouble breathing. She begs him to help and he grabs the heavy chains that drape into a well. He pulls the chains out of the well along with the roots weighing it down. Waverly collapses to the ground and Doc rushes to her side to hold her, ensuring that she's okay. Waverly is surprised he came. She thanks him for saving her and for sucking the venom out of Wynonna. Doc is happy to have helped. He then helps Waverly to her feet as they cross the plain.

Wynonna has car troubles and doesn't believe she is anything without her gun and friends. She does voices for Doc and Waverly mimicking what they might say to her right now. Nicole's voice shouts through the air as Nicole lumbers over, with Wynonna wanting a hug but Nicole punches her.

Doc and Waverly have trouble finding the doorway back to Purgatory as all the remaining doors are locked.

Nicole helps Wynonna change her tire as Wynonna tries to apologize for drugging her but Nicole isn't interested in hearing the apology. After some grumbling, they decide to work together to find the secondary door to the Garden. Nicole has conditions that she forces Wynonna to agree too before they climb into the van for a road trip.

Waverly finds a throne that was meant for Julian - the angel who must turn to stone to protect Eden. Doc refuses to let Waverly sit on the stone-turning chair though Waverly claims it's her birthright and legacy, though she isn't sure why she said that. Doc realizes they aren't alone and they wander downstairs that leads them to a room with a man inside who is thrilled to see them. He's elated that the pairing is healthy for it and for their own sake. Waverly notices that he's Black Badge but doesn't let him explain the rules of the machine operating the garden. Waverly wants to go home but the man tells them there is only one way to leave the prison. He then uses hedge clippers to behead himself.

Doc and Waverly panic as they need answers with him suggesting she bring the man back to life like she did with Julian but it doesn't work. A menacing roar ripples through the air. Doc states that whatever this place is, it is angry. Doc reminds her that the thing needs human blood to survive, but neither of them is human so their blood won't work as a sacrifice.

Nicole and Wynonna arrive at the former BBD headquarters with Wynonna cutting the locks to the building so Nicole can drive through.

In the garden, Doc and Waverly turn the man upside down and use his remaining blood to fill the sacrifice, appeasing the place for now. Though Doc struggles to control his thirst.

Wynonna and Nicole use their time in the hallways to catch up with Nicole explaining that Waverly proposed to her but they were interrupted by Wynonna. They are shot at by a sniper each time they attempt to move.

Doc manages to compose himself outside of the cave. He comments that things are different in the world, remarking that he didn't make the fire it just appeared. They need to find a way out soon but first, they need to rest. Doc wants to talk more so he can atone for his recent history, with Waverly reminding him that they have all done things to each other over the years. What's important is that he came and they will find them again. Doc slowly passes out as she mutters about Nicole and Wynonna. Waverly recants what Nicole looks like.

Nicole sneaks up behind the sniper and knocks them out with a punch. With the sniper apprehended Nicole and Wynonna realize they are best friends. When Nicole pulls the hood off the sniper they realize the sniper is a kid named Valdez. Wynonna condones the behavior of hitting a kid. When the kid awakens she snarkily proclaims that this is child abuse. Wynonna explains that they want intel with Valdez explaining it will cost her. Nicole tries to bribe her but money won't appease Valdez, as there is nothing she can buy. Nicole offers a candy bar but the girl rejects it. They show a badge of the Valdez woman with the girl admitting that Gloria was her mother. Wynonna tries to reach the girl by mentioned that she's there to find her sister. The girl agrees to show them where the lab is, stating that her name is Rachel. Rachel recognizes the name “Dolls” as Xavier Dolls.

Waverly opens her eyes and walks across the plain to find the cave which is going crazy as it demands more blood. Waverly cuts her wrist and attempts to offer her blood and it slowly accepts the sacrifice. Suddenly, flowers appear in the water and a woman whispers “Waverly”.

Rachel explains at Dolls is the one who forced her to leave Monument after an accident at the lab. He made her leave without her mother, which saved Rachel in the end. Before BBD Chernobyled the place, they were experimenting with a gas that didn't react according to their hypotheses. Rachel warns the women to stay quiet and not step on the grates, warning Wynonna to shut up.

Waverly ventures to a lectern on which rest placards with the names of Waverly and all her loved ones on it, and a sign admonishing her to "choose wisely." Each book has a silver engraving of names of people she loves - Wynonna Earp, Doc Holliday, Waverly Gibson, and Nicole Haught. She ultimately chooses and tucks the book in her jacket.

Rachel, Wynonna, and Nicole arrive at the lab where they find a locked lab filled with corpses. Rachel explains that she came back for her mom but none of the bodies are Gloria's. Wynonna lights a stick of dynamite before anyone can protest and she throws it, with Rachel warning her that they'll wake up. The corpses awaken showing that they are zombies. The women flee from the creatures.

Rachel concedes that she needs help finding her mother, just before Wynonna and Nicole take on the zombies in a badass way of guns and combat. The trio is separated but each keeps fighting off the persistent onslaught of zombies. Wynonna stumbles into a room filled with grates and steps on one that begins to give way. Wynonna tells Nicole to save Waverly and find the portal. Nicole refuses to allow that as she's in this fight. She then shoves Wynonna off the grate, only to fall down the seemingly endless hole.

Doc awakens to find a tree blossoming with beautiful white flowers. He hears shouting and finds a naked Nicole in the cave smiling.

Cast & Characters


Recurring & Guest


  • Matthew Alden as Desmond
  • Patrick Saulnier as Train Guard
  • Zee Hunter as BBD Agent

Audience Impact

  • Despite a two-year hiatus, Season 4 premiered with a higher rating than its Season 3 premiere. "On the Road Again" had 1.2 million multiplatform views. Online watch parties dominated social media and trended the entire weekend leading up to the premiere.
  • On premiere day, July 26, Wynonna Earp was the #1 most social program across all television (excluding sports), besting shows including “90 Day Fiancé”, “The Chi”, “The Alienist”, and “Yellowstone”.
  • During the premiere, #WynonnaWatchParty trended at #2 in the United States on Twitter.
  • In the highly anticipated lead up to the Season 4 premiere throughout July, WYNONNA EARP saw 22.3 million estimated impressions across the Twitterverse.


  • The title makes reference to the country song, On the Road Again by Willie Nelson.
    • Willie Nelson also played Doc Holliday in the 1986 film, Stagecoach.
  • This is the first episode to have Waverly's name listed as "Waverly Gibson" instead of "Waverly Earp". This is seen on the cover of a book that the Garden presents to Waverly to choose from.
  • Nedley's line that he's been, "Waiting for Wynonna to finish for two-years", alludes to the two-year gap between Season 3 and 4.