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Purgatory is a town located inside the Ghost River Triangle. The town is small enough that all the citizens know each other, which is a hindrance to the towns former pariah, Wynonna Earp.


Early History

In the beginning of time, the Ghost River Triangle was used to conceal the entrance to the Garden of Eden, where two angels named Juan Carlo and Julian sat in watch over the Garden.

In 1887, Bulshar Clootie, a demon and the snake from the Garden of Eden, re-entered the Ghost River Triangle and became the sheriff of Purgatory. He sought to reenter the Garden and finish what he started with the corruption of humanity. Juan Carlo disguised himself as a priest so he and Julian could remove the garden's security system, a flaming sword. The sword served as the key to the garden and without it, Bulshar couldn't enter the garden. Wyatt Earp arrived in Purgatory to kill Bulshar, who was a powerful and feared man who was bringing Demons to the town. Wyatt began to dismantle the empire Bulshar had built and killed a total of 77 demons.

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In the meantime, Julian and Juan Carlo sought a champion who could wield the sword and chose Wyatt Earp. They turned the sword into a more practical weapon for the times, a gun, and gifted it to Wyatt. One of Bulshar's wives, Constance joined forces with Juan Carlo and a mortal named Robert Svane to seal Bulshar in a tomb and capture his other two wives. When Wyatt killed Bulshar and Clootie's two sons, among 77 other beings who would later be known as Revenants, Bulshar and Clooite cursed Wyatt and his descendants. Constance sought to revive her sons entomb Bulshar and his other wives. She recruited Juan Carlo and Robert Svane to help her. Together, they banished Bulshar during a celestial event called the "blood-eclipse" or "pledge-moon" which is visible about every 120 years. They sealed Bulshar in the ground for the rest of eternity and bound it to a series of objects called seals.

Famed cowboy Doc Holliday arrived in town and came into possession of Constance Clootie's ring as she had shared her immortality with him to save his life. Constance wanted the ring back but wasn't able to remove it from Doc's finger as it had to be volunteered from the wearer. When he refused to help her, she trapped him in a well and enlisted the help of Robert Svane to entice Doc into surrendering the ring. Doc refused again and Bobo relented — he couldn't rob the man of the only thing keeping him alive. Bereft of the ring, the last seal required to raise Bulshar, Robert left Doc in the well where he would remain for one-hundred and thirty years.

Modern Day

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  • Filming for Wynonna Earp and the city of Purgatory take place in Didsbury, Alberta, Canada, with some scenes filmed in nearby Calgary.