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"I've never been to a wedding before. I haven't done a lot of things, before I met you... heroes. And now I feel like I can do anything. But this is about Waverly and Nicole. I didn't know what to get you guys, so I got you this."
―  Rachel before singing WayHaught's wedding songsrc

Rachel Valdez is a recurring character in Season 4 of Wynonna Earp. She forges a close relationship with Nicole Haught, looking up to the woman as the mother she never had. Her wit and sass are rivaled only by that of Wynonna Earp.


Rachel was a resident of a secluded town called Monument alongside her mother, BBD scientist Gloria Valdez. One day, there was an accident at the Monument BBD lab. Before BBD Chernobyled the place, they were experimenting with a gas that didn't react according to their hypotheses. Rachel was forced out of the town by Xavier Dolls, who made her leave without her mother - an act the ultimately saved Rachel's life. She returned to Monument many years later and took up residence in the former BBD building in the hopes that she can find a way to rescue her mother.


Season 4

In On the Road Again, Wynonna tries to find a secondary entrance to the Garden of Eden to rescue a missing Waverly and finds a lead left by Jeremy - the name "Valdez" carved into the wall of the Earp homestead. She finds a file listing Dr. Gloria Valdez as a former BBD scientist in the town of Monument, and travels there alongside an unhappy Nicole. When the women arrive at the building they are pinned down by sniper fire that nearly kills them. Wynonna distracts the sniper while Nicole sneaks behind them and punches the sniper unconscious. They tie the sniper up and discover that the assailant has Gloria Valdez's key card, despite the scientist having died. The women are surprised when they remove the hood to see a teenaged girl.

When the kid awakens she snarkily proclaims that this is child abuse. Wynonna explains that they want intel with Valdez countering that it will cost her. Nicole tries to bribe her but money won't appease Valdez, as there is nothing she can buy. Nicole offers a candy bar but the girl rejects it. They show a badge of the Valdez woman with the girl admitting that Gloria was her mother. The girl eventually agrees to show them where the lab is, stating that her name is Rachel. As they collect their things she recognizes the name “Dolls” as belonging to one Xavier Dolls.

Rachel explains at Dolls is the one who forced her to leave Monument after an accident at the lab. He made her leave without her mother, which saved Rachel in the end. Before BBD Chernobyled the place, they were experimenting with a gas that didn't react according to their hypotheses. Rachel warns the women to stay quiet and not step on the grates, warning Wynonna to shut up.

Rachel, Wynonna, and Nicole arrive at the lab where they find a locked lab filled with corpses. Rachel explains that she came back for her mom but none of the bodies are Gloria's. Wynonna lights a stick of dynamite before anyone can protest and she throws it, with Rachel warning her that they'll wake up. The corpses awaken showing that they are zombies. The women flee from the creatures. Rachel concedes that she needs help finding her mother, just before Wynonna and Nicole take on the zombies in a badass way of guns and combat. The trio is separated and left to fend on their own.

In Friends in Low Places, Wynonna screams for Nicole who has fallen through the grates. Rachel saves Wynonna from the zombies and Wynonna asks how far down the grate goes, with Rachel cautiously saying that it goes down all the way. Rachel eventually convinces her to leave the grate as the zombies will kill them if they don't. Wynonna screams for Nicole to hang in there as she's going to come and find her.

They hide from the zombies, with Rachel explaining that they used to be brilliant scientists who were working on an inter-dimensional gateway, which Wynonna thinks is a gateway to the Garden. Black Badge was trying to weaponize it but when it opened they panicked and gassed the place. Rachel can't leave her mother and needs closure. Wynonna refuses to leave this place without Nicole or her family. They decide to do this together.

Rachel hands Wynonna a decontamination suit and gas mask that they have to use in order to get through the lab and into the gate room. But first, they have to find a key card to open the door to the gate room. One of the zombies probably has a key bard around their neck, and the zombies tend to stay sediment unless awakened. They have to swipe the cards simultaneously to get into the gate room. The place is still crawling with zombies so Wynonna has to stay quiet, which is strongly against her nature. They enter the lab, quietly navigating the zombie bodies. Wynonna snatches key cards off of the bodies but is running out of oxygen in her suit and punches a zombie unconscious as she babbles aimlessly struggling to breathe. They use the key cards to enter the room with Nicole. Rachel explains that Wynonna is struggling with hypoxia seconds before Wynonna passes out.

Rachel examines Nicole and realizes Nicole's leg is broken in three places. Nicole remarks that she wants to say yes to Waverly and the friends plan to open the back door to Eden together. Rachel remarks that they aren't opening anything as she stands by a body that is holding the lever to open the gate - it's Gloria Valdez. Rachel states that her mother died to keep the portal shut, and threatens that if they try to change that she will kill them. She points a gun at Wynonna.

Nicole tries to talk Rachel out of shooting Wynonna and Wynonna admits that she would kill everyone if it came down to saving Waverly too. Nicole outs her as having known Gloria was dead before they came. Rachel accuses her of being BBD, but Nicole negates this. After some groveling, Rachel concedes to let Nicole and Wynonna into the portal.

The trio tries to activate the portal while the zombies try to push through. Rachel and Wynonna swipe the cards and the portal whirs to life but Nicole can't get up with her broken leg. She tells Wynonna that she'll be waiting for her back in Purgatory and that only she can do this - it has to be Wynonna. It was always going to be her. Wynonna makes Rachel promise not to leave Nicole alone before running through the gate. Rachel and Nicole hear Eve's screams, with Nicole telling Rachel that Wynonna definitely goes there safely. The teen is freaking out and Nicole tries to keep her calm by asking about Rachel's life. Rachel explains that her family line goes back to the Mayans and that 300 years ago there was this warrior princess that was called “The Valdez”. After she proved worthy of war the Valdez was given the kingdom to rule and immortality to do so. They decide to fight against the zombies with dynamite.

In Look at Them Beans, a year and a half have passed since the incident in Monument, leading Nicole and Rachel to grow closer and form a mother-daughter-esque relationship. Rachel lives on the Earp homestead and helps Nicole trap the monsters that want to inhabit the homestead. Waverly is singing happily through the homestead when she finds Rachel in the kitchen. She offers Waverly some kombucha that she made. A bell rings and Nicole runs down saying that something is in the trap - a monster. The women leave the house with Nicole explaining to Waverly that there are ten traps on the homestead and they have to check them every two hours. The curse was broken but there are new monsters in the forest including a troll. The monster turns out to be a confused Doc Holliday with a message for Nicole and Waverly.

Rachel later required guidance from Nicole about how to milk a skunk as the spray helped to repel or attract certain monsters. Nicole arrives at the homestead later that evening and yells for Rachel who emerges injured. She was fixing the trap when she saw the monster, a People Eater, approaching. Doc interrupted and was able to shoot it. Nicole ushers Rachel inside using her “mommy voice”.

Nicole puts Rachel in bed and turns off the lights in case the monster is attracted to it. Doc bangs on the windows trying to enter but Nicole freezes unable to let Doc into the homestead. Rachel snaps Nicole back to reality and Rachel lets Doc in as she points a rifle at the door and shoots the monster through the door. Rachel comments that Doc is goals for carrying a bottle the whole way. He wants to return to the woods to finish the job as the beast is a host animal for what Rachel calls “little puff balls”. Rachel isn't allowed to accompany Nicole and Doc on the mission to hunt the ogre, who they now believe is an infected Randy Nedley.

When everyone returns to the homestead that evening, Wynonna finds Rachel who is moving out to the barn now that everyone is back. Wynonna tells her to take the bed as she's earned it. Wynonna asks why Rachel left Monument, for Rachel to explains that she bonded with Nicole who was alone for a long time. Wynonna thanks her for taking care of Nicole and Rachel thanks her for noticing. Wynonna tells her not to take her clothes and they say goodnight as Wynonna moves out to the barn.

In Afraid, At the homestead, Nicole and Waverly set up a meeting and wait for Doc and Wynonna to start Nicole’s presentation. They flirt and kiss but are interrupted by Rachel who is wearing Wynonna’s jacket. Nicole brings up Peacemaker and Waverly gives Rachel a blue notebook to keep track of information but Rachel claims she’s on her way out and leaves.

She goes to an abandoned diner with a boy, Billy, who gives her a mug but she states no one needs mugs anymore. She asks if anything substantial came up in their haul and gives him something for when he kills chipmunks at his ranch but he claims they only eat squirrels. He gives her a jacket that might look cool on her and tries to kiss her but she pulls away and trades him a hubcap for the vest.

They walk together as she explains they eat vegan most times and she’ll come over to his house for rodents. She tells him that it’s crazy at the Homestead with so many Earps but she loves it. He doesn’t want her to come over as his place is sad and his mom is a hoarder. Sometimes she feels like he’s keeping her a secret and he tells her one day, calling her a mug lover, and she walks off muttering that yeah, what she loves are mugs. She goes inside the homestead and walks in on Nicole and Waverly lying on the floor naked with only a sheet over them. Rachel seems unfazed. She asks if a junkyard is a good place to look for a magic sword but Waverly doesn't see why not. Rachel comments they’ll need pants to go.

Waverly drives them to the junkyard which is Billy’s home, Magpie’s Junkyard. Rachel goes around back to look for the sword while Waverly and Nicole hang back.

Rachel finds Billy who warns her that he’s mom is super strict with Rachel saying that even though his family sucks he doesn’t. She blurts out that she’s confessing a crush and he tells her not to say that here. He tells her to leave and she snaps back that there are easier ways to tell her he isn’t interested. As she’s walking away he mutters that isn’t what he said.

Waverly and Nicole are looking for Peacemaker when Rachel storms in asking if they can go and Nicole agrees. Margo tells them she’ll keep an eye out for knives.

Rachel is in the barn when Billy enters and takes her hand. He tells her they can’t hang out anymore and she snaps at him for taking her hand. She pulls a rock out of her jacket and Billy claims Rachel has been marked even though “she” said he could make it right.

Waverly hears screaming and runs out to check the source along with Nicole. Rachel is holding a knife while Billy asks if she can see the Reaper - if she can see it then it’s coming for her. She is confused with Billy telling Nicole and Waverly to stay away or the Reaper could harm them too. Nicole warns Billy to stay away. Waverly realized that Billy is a Clanton but he claims he’s poisoned and cursed. He won’t hurt them. He closes his knife and turns it into pliers.

Billy pulls one of his teeth out of his mouth. He claims a soul for a soul. His soul for her soul. He exclaims they are rooted together enemies and kin, but he severs that root and offers himself. The rock in his hand glows blue and his eyes turn black as he falls over. Rachel runs to Billy who examples that he used his one pass to save Rachel who should be safe now. Nicole asks what she’s safe from. He tells them that the Clantons are only his brother Holt, his sister Cleo, and their mother. There are others who won't stop coming for them. Billy kisses Rachel’s cheek and walks out of the barn. Nicole holds Rachel as she cries.

Waverly explains to everyone who has gathered that the hunter, that only Wynonna could see, is under the sway of Wyatt Earp’s greatest enemies. Wynonna realizes the C is for Clantons. Doc remarks that he always knew they were a plague with no cure. Nicole remarks that the Clanton’s run the town now - Sheriff Holt is a Clayton and so is Cleo. The creature was sent after only Wynonna and hated her. Their bullets were useless as the creature only stopped when Billy pulled something out of his mouth. He thought it was coming for Rachel but it wasn’t as the jacket wasn’t even Rachel’s, but Wynonna’s. Rachel claims it’s called a reaper and they have to save Billy. Rachel has a plan to stab everyone until they make Billy’s family pay. She doesn’t want to work with a team and storms off.

In Holy War Part One, A fire at the homestead forces Rachel out of her bed and onto the front step where she meets with Nicole and Waverly who barely escaped. Rachel tells them that the fire started in the living room and is out now, but the couch and Wynonna's porn collection are ruined. Wynonna thinks it could be the Clantons. Doc points out that the only footprints are their own, as he memorized all of their shoe sizes as pointed out by Rachel. Since there are no footprints the fire had to of been started by something supernatural, and Wynonna points out the Clantons are supernatural.

Rachel goes to Magpie’s to spy on Billy’s family and ignores a call from Rachel, lying in a text that she’s at the rec center. She looks over at the ranch and sees herds of deer. That evening, Waverly calls Rachel who ignores the call again as she’s still at the junkyard. She calls Billy and listens for the phone ringing and hears it off in the distance. She walks through a barn listening for Billy’s phone. She finds it in a tool bag along with all the missed calls. She gets a chill as Billy, now looking very ill, stands behind her.

In Holy War Part Two, Rachel watches Margo mark Waverly as the Reapers next target but doesn't see which reaper is sent after Waverly. She hides behind a wall to avoid being seen. Rachel tries to call Waverly who isn’t answering. Holt grabs Rachel asking who sent her but she protests. He drags her away.

Rachel is at the station where Cleo and Clayborn argue over whether to kill Rachel. Doc arrives for Rachel and Clayborn gives her back her phone and she leaves so the adults can talk. Rachel and Doc leave the station and she’s worried Clayborn won’t hold up his end of the deal of bringing peace to the families, but Doc tells her to leave it to the adults - not youngins who had their heartbroken by what Doc calls a “swain”. Rachel thinks they killed Billy which doc is dubious. She explains she saw Mam dropping blood on a rock and talking crap about Waverly. Now she isn’t answering any of Rachel’s calls. He tells Rachel to get in the car to go home while he handles the rest.

That night at the homestead, the Earp team celebrates another victory now that Nicole is cured of being a frog-ghost, Margo Clanton is dead, and Holt has been killed. Jeremy refuses to give Rachel alcohol and Nicole doesn't want any since she’s recovering. He asks if Nicole and Waverly are getting married or what? Rachel remarks "hey!" at the rude comment. He presses about what they’ve been doing all this time. The women admit they had proposals planned. Nicole takes Waverly’s hand and everyone stops to watch. She starts to propose but Waverly asks if she can do it. Waverly gets on one knee. Doc removes his hat. Wynonna smiles at them. Waverly asks Nicole to marry her and Nicole happily agrees as they kiss by the fireplace. Everyone toasts to the engagement.

In Love's All Over, she attends Nicole and Waverly's engagement, and goes over to the bar with Nedley after an awkward/inappropriate wording by Doc. Later, Rachel talks with Nedley more, who says she should be in school, but she doesn't like being alone. He hires her as a barback with a pinky swear that she won't drink beer, be late or enter the basement.

During the engagement party, Rachel serves drinks and what not while staring at the weird situation going on with Waverly's guests. She heads to the basement and happens upon an invisible Billy, who tells her he wants to go home, and she releases him.

In Crazy, she and Nicole talk about her letting Billy out, and while calling Nicole "Chicken Kicker", is reminded of the promise to never tell anyone about it. She apologizes for Billy and tells Nicole that Doc will forgive her if she explains her reasons for dealing with the Clantons.

At Trivia Night, she is told by Nicole to get her video of "Chicken Kicker" so they can distract the guests as they are spelled not to leave until there is a winner. Rachel brings the video out and while it plays for the others, Doc covers Rachel's ears so she won't hear the cursing.

In Life Turned Her That Way, she tries to listen in on the intervention for Wynonna, who dissuades her from doing so. She later goes into the barn where Wynonna is working out, telling her that she wants learn training with her. The two then go out into the woods and talk until they find an injured demon named Remy. Rachel helps Remy, who tells them that Doc was taken and Waverly was swallowed by the fog.

The two stay behind to guard a rope as Nicole and Casey go in for help in getting Waverly back, but they don't succeed as Wynonna realizes Jolene is back. The two pull on the rope until they manage to bring Casey's corpse back, but Nicole's rope is cut off. She is told about Jolene and while she is urgent on burying Casey on his land, Wynonna tells her they need to get Waverly back. She then promises they will bury Casey as soon as they can and she leaves her with his body until she gets back.

After Wynonna comes back, the two meet up with Cleo and asks if the reaper they are using is Billy, but Wynonna lies, saying it isn't. Wynonna gives Rachel a gun by Wynonna so she can watch Cleo as she goes into the fog.

In Better Dig Two, Rachel continues to point the gun at Cleo, while adamant that Wynonna has a plan. She is told by Cleo that the reaper is Billy and with Jolene's hair catching on fire, she also tells Rachel that he'll go after an Earp unless he turns back into a human. Rachel decides to go with the ritual and holds her bleeding hand over the hair while Cleo tells her that it will bind Billy and Rachel together forever. After the ritual is over, Cleo takes her back to the Clanton ranch and ties her up. When Wynonna arrives and tries to take her out, they are stopped by Holt, and Cleo begins the ritual to transfer Clanton heir duties to Wynonna. Rachel runs out when Wynonna gives her Peacemaker, but she is captured by Holt and a Clanton heir possessed Doc comes to end Wynonna in a stone circle. Rachel gives Peacemaker to Wynonna and when the bullet ricochets, hitting Holt in the head, Rachel is freed from his grasp.

In Old Souls, while everyone is preparing for Waverly and Nicole's wedding, Rachel and Randy are discussing about their fishing trip on his boat. She, Billy and the others gather for the wedding and listen to the couple's vows as they tie the knot. As a celebration commences, Rachel tells them that while she didn't know what to get them, she tells them that she didn't have much before and performs a song.

After everyone finishes their toasts, Rachel and Billy approach Randy about having Billy come with them on their fishing trip, which he allows, but assures them that their will only be one tent. While Doc drives off to leave Purgatory behind, Wynonna sits on a porch, who believes she can't leave because she's the heir, and everyone listens to what's being said. Waverly storms out of the house, grabs her sister by the ear, and tells everyone off except Nicole. Rachel then cheers with everyone else as Wynonna gets ready to go after Doc.

Physical Appearance

Rachel is an attractive teenager in her mid-teens with black hair. She has light olive skin, dark brown eyes, and long straight hair that reached just past her shoulders. She dresses very casually and can be seen in hand-downs from Wynonna or Nicole.


Rachel is a confident and sassy teen who was forced to live on her own from a young age after the traumatic loss of her home at the hands of BBD. She returned to her former home and lived alone in the bunker for years with zombies, which was a lonely existence and she sarcastically notes that her best friend was a rat. She has a guarded personality and deflects her vulnerability with sarcasm or humor. Despite her lonely childhood, Rachel is able to open up to Nicole during the year and a half they spent together. She is witty, sarcastic, and strong both emotionally and physically.


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Nicole Haught

Relationship: Maternal figure and guardian

Billy Clanton

Relationship: Friend, crush

In Afraid, Rachel and Billy are revealed to have met during the eighteen months that the Earps were missing from Purgatory. They spent their days stealing from abandoned businesses and then trading their contraband amongst each other as they found something the other could use. They became friends, though they both developed romantic feelings for the other but were too afraid to admit it. For Billy, admitting the relationship would be dangerous as his mother hates the Earps and anyone who is an "Earp lover". For Rachel, her heavily guarded demeanor kept her from admitting anything. Billy believed his mother sent a Reaper after Rachel and used his one pass, which required pulling out his own tooth, to save her life, and command the Reaper to stop. As he went to leave, he kissed her cheek and when he was gone she broke down in Nicole's arms as Waverly comforted them. Rachel was adamant in saving Billy from his wicked mother and family who were punishing him for saving her.

In Holy War Part One and Holy War Part Two, Rachel is persistent in her search for Billy and desire to seek justice for him, believing that the Clantons might have killed him. Billy, unbeknownst to her, was turned into a reaper by his mother which forced them apart. When Doc and Holt spoke about the duo's relationship, Doc admitted to thinking the two were in love. He hopes that their story can have a happier ending than their ancestors had.


  • Rachel is a skilled sniper, able to pin Wynonna and Nicole, though she was bested by Nicole sneaking up behind her.
  • She makes her own kombucha.[1]