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Revenants were outlaws that had been killed by Wyatt Earp and resurrected as demons due to the Earp Curse. There were supposedly 77 total revenants. Originally, the only way to stop the curse was for the Earp Heir to shoot all the revenants between their eyes with Peacemaker. If the Heir died before they are able to break the curse, the revenants were resurrected less human than the time before.

When Wynonna and Bulshar broke the Earp curse, all of the revenants vanished into thin air with the exception of Rosita Bustillos who had taken sanctuary on an ammolite rock. The Sanctuary of the Scorned Woman also harbored a handful of revenants who had become nuns. The sanctuary somehow kept the nuns safe from disappearing.


No two revenants are exactly the same, each having a unique feature that is special to them or how they died. The majority of the revenants are able to pass as human, or close enough that the residents of Purgatory don't question their existence. They cease to age or change from the moment Wyatt Earp initially slew them, rendering them ageless. While they can't die from hunger or thirst, they do require nutrition to survive and function as part of society. They all have demonic sigils on them that glow yellow/orange before they are sent back to Hell or if they are showing their true self. Their eyes also glow yellow/orange before they are sent back to Hell or if they are showing their true self.


  • Unaging: Revenants ceased to age from the moment they were slain by Wyatt Earp and are frozen in the age and appearance they had as humans. They can live hundreds of years and not look any older than they did originally. Most resemble humans which allowed them to blend in with society without calling attention to themselves. The ones that weren't lucky enough to resurrect with all their limbs or bodily functions, stay away from society and hide out in the ghost river triangle. All revenants were unable to change their physicality, which allowed Waverly and the Earp team to identify them from pictures in the 1800s.
  • Immunity: Revenants can only be truly killed with Peacemaker, which grants them immunity to all other forms of death. This includes impalement, beheading, being cut in half, and shot with human guns. Though it takes them some time to resurrect they are able to repair themselves with supernatural speed.
  • Healing: If harmed by a mortal weapon revenants can heal themselves over a period of time. During this time, they are weakened but not rendered harmless.


  • Peacemaker: The only weapon capable of truly killing a revenant and sending them back to Hell for all of eternity. In order for the revenant to be killed, they must be shot between the eyes by the Earp heir. If the Heir misses the wound is dangerous but not fatal. Revenants also can't touch peacemaker without burning their hands or whatever piece of skin touches the gun.
  • Ghost River Triangle: Due to the curse, they are incapable of crossing the barrier out of the ghost river triangle. If they are forcibly submerged over the line, the revenant will experience excruciating pain and burning that will eventually melt their body into nothing. Due to not being able to die, this fate is one worse than death.

List of Revenants

Picture Name Specialty/Unique Feature Status
Rev Malcolm feature.jpg Malcolm Ramaker Night vision and increased speed. Deceased
Rev John feature.jpg John Deceased
Rev Carl feature.jpg Carl Unknown
Rev Red feature.jpg Red Sharp teeth Deceased
Bobo Del Rey.png Robert Svane (Bobo Del Rey) Magnetism (the ability to move metal) Deceased
Rev Shadow Assasin feature.jpg Jim Miller ("Killer Miller") Absorb light and move through shadows. Deceased
Rev Levi feature.jpg Levi Photography Deceased
Rev Sam feature.jpg Samuel Larson Deceased
Rev Marty feature.jpg Marty Increased speed, strength, and sense of smell. Deceased
Rev Gary feature.jpg Gary Smith Presumed Deceased
Rev Robert Malick feature.jpg Father Robert Malick Amputated legs Unknown
Rev August Hamilton feature.jpg August Hamilton Can move through reflective surfaces and paralyze victims. Deceased
Rev Ambrose feature.jpg Ambrose (Fish) Deceased
Rev Vinnie feature.jpg Vinnie (the Vulture) Voice mimicry Deceased
Rev Hetty feature.jpg Hetty Tate, (Hetty Tatenhill) Cannibal Deceased
Rev Herman Tate feature.jpg Herman Tate, (Herman Tatenhill) Cannibal Deceased
Rev Olive Tate feature.jpg

Olive Tate, ("Mama Olive", Olive Tatenhill)

Cannibal Deceased
Rev Jack of Knives feature.jpg Jack of Knives Hot and sharp nails Deceased
Rev Whiskey Jim feature.jpg Whiskey Jim Deceased
Rev Peeper feature.jpg Peeper Deceased
Rev Lou feature.jpg Lou (Yiska) Commands a skinwalker Deceased
Rev Cora feature.jpg Jolene (Cora's twin) Hypnotic sexuality Deceased
Rev Jolene feature.jpg Cora (Jolene's twin) Hypnotic sexuality Deceased
Rev Big Bubba feature.jpg Big Bubba Chemistry knowledge Unknown
Earl featured.jpg Earl Deceased
Rosita featured.png
Rosita Bustillos Knowledge of biochemistry, engineering, and astrology. Alive
Jonas featured.jpg Jonas Deceased
Stevie featured.jpg
Stevie Deceased
Derek featured.jpg
Derek Produces sparks from hands. Unknown
Clint featured2.jpg
One Armed Clint Radioactive and possess Bulshar's Arm Unknown
Sanctuary Nuns Became nuns in the Sanctuary of the Scorned Woman Alive

Notes and Trivia

  • When the Earp Curse was broken, all the revenants vanished into thin air never to be seen again. It can be presumed that they returned to Hell or found some sort of peace.