Shae Pressman is a minor character in Season 2 of Wynonna Earp. She is Nicole Haught's ex-wife.

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Nicole Haught Edit

Relationship: Ex-Wife

Shae and Nicole first met mountain climbing in Nevada, not far from Vegas. After a Brittney Concert and a big win at the slot machines, they got married. After a while, though, things cooled down and they parted ways.

In I Hope You Dance, Nicole looked at divorce papers from Shae with a sticky note saying, "Here you go. I'll always love you. XX Shae"

Waverly Earp Edit

Relationship: Acquaintance

Shae and Waverly first met at the hospital where Nicole was sleeping. At first, things were slightly awkward when Waverly found out Nicole was married. Shae also apparently knows about their relationship, and even reassured Waverly that Nicole truly loves her.

Physical Appearance Edit

  • Tall
  • Light dark skin
  • Attractive
  • Brown Eyes
  • Black hair


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Trivia Edit

  • Had a Vegas marriage with Nicole Haught, several years prior to the show.
  • Despite being separated, she's apparently still in contact with Nicole, given that she's aware of her relationship with Waverly.