Shorty's Saloon is Purgatory's local bar first owned by Shorty, who left it to Gus after his death.

Season 1 Edit

Gus decided to sell the place, unknowingly, to Bobo. Waverly had intended to continue to work at Shorty's until she found out that the new owner was Bobo and the bar was crawling with revenants. In the season 1 finale, the bar gets destroyed in a fight to get to a cure for Big Bubba's poison.

Season 2 Edit

Sheriff Nedley lets Doc Holliday buy and run the bar. Since Doc has no money, he has to blackmail Agent Lucado into giving him the money to buy the bar. Since acquiring it, Doc and Rosita Bustillos set up a lab in the basement to develop a cure for Dolls. In the episode Whiskey Lullaby , it is revealed that the second seal is located in the basement.

Season 3 Edit


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