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The Other Woman is the tenth episode of Season 3 of Wynonna Earp.

It aired September 21, 2018.


A mysterious woman who knows a little too much about the Earps arrives on the Homestead with a special mission for Wynonna and Waverly; the rest of the team must wrangle a deadly fire witch.


Continuing from the events of Undo It, Wynonna has lost peacemaker to Bulshar and Waverly still has Bulshar's/Julian's ring stuck on her finger. A mysterious woman wearing a hazmat suit emerges from the old mine where Bulshar had been entombed. Waverly and Jeremy are trying to piece together all the clues of Bulshar's past, while Bobo is contained in the confinement box previously used to hold the Widows he reveals a hint eluded in a flashback to 1887 regarding Juan Carlo, and a woman named Maeve, whom with Doc may be acquainted, we also see a short sword intended to be delivered to Wyatt Earp, which Juan Carlo refers to as "peacemaker ".

Meanwhile, on the Homestead Wynonna and Fireman Charlie are interrupted by the aforementioned woman named Kevin, who's arrived to Purgatory to help the Earps save the world.Kevin is "a representative of a long line of ambassadors tasked with looking after the balance in the world", who watch, observe and record but do not  participate. However, Kevin is aware of a weapon that is able to defeat Bulshar, while also noting that Wynonna has no "blade" to use against him, has made the decision to involve herself despite the risks, and because she is fed-up with the "men-folk" who run the organization and their "boy-bullshit". Kevin informs Wynonna and Waverly that a "magical arm" exists and that Bulshar's severed arm is still in the old mine where he was buried, but only a champion can retrieve it, which can be used to synthesize a weapon to defeat him. 

Nicole has managed to talk Doc into helping her track down Maeve Perley, an ancestor of the witches Mattie Perley and Gretta Perley, who was entrusted with Juan Carlos journal. However just days prior of the Earp curse she was condemned as a witch and burned at the stake trapping her spirit in the fire. Upon reaching the Perley homestead to search for the journal, they unwillingly open themselves to her spirit while lighting a fire for warmth, and in the process Nicole becomes possessed, culminating in a house fire.

At the mine, Wynonna and Waverly find a lone Revenant escaping from the mine, which Waverly recognizes as "one-armed Clint", who has managed to replace his missing arm with that of Bulshar's and has also become toxic/radioactive due to prolonged exposure to plutonium from the mine. Unable to stop him, they flee on foot to the Gardner house, where Mercedes Gardner's face has been healed due to Waverly. Upon arrival of the revenant, Waverly discovers she can control Bulshar's severed arm using her ring, and uses it to choke the revenant. Upon removing the arm from the revenant Kevin arrives, and informs the Earps that the arm was never the weapon it was a test, "she used her gifts and passed the trial" proving that Waverly was the champion they needed, the weapon being the ring.

At the Perley house Doc is rescued by Charlie, who Doc then proceeds to feed on, killing him. Nicole and Jeremy are mortified and Nicole threatens to kill Doc if she sees him again. Charlie is seen in the morgue with Nicole and Jeremy wondering if Maeve has possessed him, as she was hoping to get a permanent body for herself using a fresh corpse, but she wasn't possessing Charlie.

Using the Journal, Jeremy, Nicole, Robin (also Bobo in cage), learn that Bulshar, before he took human form, was the snake from the Garden. Also that Juan Carlo and Julian were attempting to banish Bulshar during a celestial event called the "blood-eclipse" or "pledge-moon" which is visible about every 120 years. The next one occurring a day later.

Before departing Kevin tells the Earps one last thing, that they now know that Waverly being half-angel and able to wield the ring, made her the champion who can defeat Bulshar but its use would come at a price, Waverly's life.

Just before the credits we see Mercedes answer her door as she is again grabbed by the face and pulled out-of-view.​​​​​​

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