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The Widows were recurring characters in Season 2 of Wynonna Earp.


The Widows were sister wives along with Constance Clootie to the demon Bulshar Clootie. At the start of the Earp Curse, created by Bulshar, Constance betrayed them all by sealing away her husband (with the help of Juan Carlo and Robert Svane) and imprisoning her sister wives. They spent around 130 years trapped (including being kept in BBD's storage) before being released when Doc Holliday accidentally left behind his temperamental dynamite at BBD. In doing so, the dynamite caused a massive explosion, which destroyed many long kept artifacts of the Division, while also freeing The Widows from their wooden jail.

One of the Widows without her face in Shed Your Skin

In I Hope You Dance, Widow (Mercedes) departs Bulshar's crypt and sheds her battered, disheveled appearance for a more majestic, powerful one.


Season 2

In Steel Bars and Stone Walls, one of the Widows sets off the dynamite Doc had laid out on a crate, thereby releasing them both.

In Shed Your Skin, they stalk around a construction site that used to be an abandoned chapel to look for a seal. After Wynonna and Waverly clear the way after killing a bunch of spider demons, the Widows break the seal that is on the ground.

In Gonna Getcha Good, after Mercedes stands up to her brother and tells him off, the two Widows appear behind her, and one of them pulls Mercedes' mouth.

In She Ain't Right, as Tucker comes back to the house, the Widows, who now have the faces of the Gardner sisters, show him what happened to his true sisters and that they want to nurture the darkness growing inside him. They tell him they need his help and will give him anything he wants.

In Whiskey Lullaby, Widow Beth looks for the second seal until she is happened upon by a priest, who she asks where it is until she pulls on his necklace too hard. While at the Gardner Mansion, Widow Mercedes tries to cast a spell, but it fails to work. Mercedes looks at the map again and sees the rings have landed on the Clockmaker's mansion, meaning they'll be going to Hypnos so they can buy some time for themselves. Mercedes meets Wynonna and Dolls at a cafe, but acts a little too off for Wynonna and leaves when she receives a call from Tucker.

After few weeks of time bought, the Widows are at Hypnos' mansion asking for more time, but he tells them he can't as Wynonna is too strong and they should accept their failure. They later go out and head to the police department, running into Wynonna there, flinging over a desk, and grabs the record book along with a map. They later arrive at Shorty's, knowing where the second seal and use their breath to freeze Waverly, Jeremy and Doc before casting their spell. They succeed in breaking it and they go to leave until Wynonna shoots Mercedes in the back of her left shoulder.

While deciding on what to do now that Wynonna is on their tail, the Widows hear the doorbell ring and they see the decapitated, mummified head of Constance on the porch. Seeing the note left to the head, Beth declares that Tucker is dead.

In Everybody Knows, they pretend to have been locked in a room and afraid of Tucker, but Wynonna doesn't really believe their ploy. After Wynonna and Dolls leave, the Widows wish they should've claimed new faces when they had a chance as Wynonna might know they are not the real Gardner sisters. Widow Beth states she was checking her arm to find the wound Peacemaker made and they look at Constance's head as they discuss Tucker. Mercedes throws Constance's skull in the fire and they plan on trying to find the last seal while keeping Wynonna and Peacemaker away.

In No Future in the Past, while pretending to look at her car, Widow Mercedes is happened upon by Juan Carlo. He notices she isn't the real Mercedes and mentions the two sisters were locked in a box many years ago. The Widows want to know where the last seal is, but he won't tell him, so Widow Beth bites him from behind.

As they near the abandoned church, Dolls tries to shoot them but they evade in until they manage to knock him off his feet and paralyze him with their breath. They then go to the church and feast on Juan Carlo until they are interrupted by Dolls once again. After Dolls goes in the church and goes unconscious, the Widows try to get in, but sanctuary has been claimed. They get a torch, cast a spell and set the church on fire with the two still inside.

In Forever Mine Nevermind, Widow Beth comes to the police department to identify the body of "Tucker", who had been left as charred remains. While remaining rather unmournful, she can't get the ring, so uses tactics to distract Nicole and Waverly enough to regain said ring.

After Dolls finds out about the fingernail from Widow Beth, he goes to the Gardner residence to end the Widows. Widow Mercedes puts up a fight with Dolls and while Jeremy tries to help, she knocks him out with her paralyzing breath and escapes. When Tucker is wandering away from the spa and near a snowy open, Beth feigns comforting him in his misery, sprays him with the breath and drains him of his blood.

Somewhere else, Widow Mercedes performs a spell with Constance's burnt up head, gains her answer and goes to Nicole's house, leaving Nicole shocked.

In I See a Darkness, Widow Mercedes attacks Nicole demanding to know where the last seal, and gets into a fight with Waverly, biting Nicole before she makes her escape. While Nicole is being treated at the hospital, Waverly runs into Widow Beth, who offers to save Nicole's life if she is given the last seal. Widow Mercedes abducts Randy Nedley, taking him to a barn so she can torture out of him where the last seal is, but Randy stays strong despite getting pummeled. He is rescued by Doc and Wynonna, who drives a pick up through the barn and punches the Widow. She shoots the Widow in the leg with Peacemaker and Doc ties her up. They bring her into a room and with a syringe, Wynonna extracts venom from the Widow's mouth.

In Gone as a Girl Can Get, Widow Mercedes is locked up in a container of thick glass and remembers Wynonna, while many others do not. She mocks Dolls, asking him how they managed to capture her and sing songs about Sheriff Clootie. She delights in the face off with Doc, Dolls and Jeremy until Nicole thwacks Doc on the head, knocking him out. She and Doc are locked up together, with the two arguing and mocking each other.

At an abandoned and burnt down chapel, Widow Beth tries to resurrect her husband with a spell, but fails to do so. She then realizes it takes two and goes to the police station to spring her sister free from her cell. While Doc tries to shoot them, the bullets don't work and they leave, swearing they'll eat them when their husband rises. Meanwhile, at the chapel once again, the sisters try to cast a spell to break the seal, but nothing is working. After Widow Mercedes tries a spell, she realizes that their husband has been moved, and slaps her sister for leaving her behind. They go to the "Holliday Haus" looking for Bobo, sneaking up behind him and Beth holds him by the throat. The two interrogate him and he says while he looked for the bones of Clootie's sons, he found a coffin and moved it. While they don't trust Bobo, he takes the ring and breaks it, leaving Beth excited and Mercedes a little irked. The three walk off in the direction where Clootie is buried.

In I Hope You Dance, while walking with Bobo to where their husband is buried, they are intercepted by shotgun toting Waverly, who gets threatened by them until Wynonna shows up. She tries to shoot them, but the bullets are met with an invisible type shield, proving her weapon futile since the last seal is broken. He leads them to an old mine and while they exhume Clootie, Widow Beth realizes he's weak, but they are told he wants to be fed Wynonna's baby for strength. Widow Mercedes has a change of heart and chops off her husband's hand and traps them in the mineshaft while she uses a ring to give herself a more powerful makeover. She arrives at the police station, uses her breath to knock out Nicole and Jeremy, laying them out with other people. She wants to use Wynonna so they can stop her husband, but Widow Beth shows up and takes Waverly by the throat unless Wynonna helps her. Doc shows up, gun in hand ready to shoot Wynonna and the two aim at each other. While the Widows think how lame of a ploy it is, Doc and Wynonna fire, splitting the specially made bullet, and kills both Widows.

Physical Appearance

Their real faces have only been seen once, showing that they have no definitive features, no eyes, no nose, no mouth, all they have is what looks like translucent skin covering their face (we cannot see any more skin than that). The two are usually seen wearing lacy black Victorian dresses. Throughout most of Season 2, they use the faces of Mercedes and Beth Gardner.


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Bulshar Clootie

Relationship: Husband
They tried to break the three seals set by Constance, so that they could free their husband from Constance's magic.

Constance Clootie

Relationship: Sister wife; Enemy
The three of them were all married to the demon Bulshar Clootie. They seem to have not gotten along since Constance claims she was his favorite because of her magical abilities. They truly became enemies when Constance sealed away their husband and imprisoned the Widows.


  • Their names are unknown. Even after their cover was blown, they still referred to each other as "Mercedes" and "Beth".
  • They wear a perfume called Shalidelle.