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"What about us? What about Alice? What would our daughter say if she knew her father sold his soul?"
―  Wynonna to Doc about being a vampireI Fall To Pieces

Vampires are undead supernatural beings that feed on the blood of the living to survive. They are a species that is dangerous to the average human due to the uniqueness of their supernatural abilities. They can be killed though doing so is difficult due to their abilities, in particular, their ability to glamour humans with a single touch.


Vampires cease to age from the moment of their transformation. They never age and are not subject to mortal ailments or diseases. They can become intoxicated by alcohol. When vampires slip into their more natural vampiric forms, which is often involuntary and triggered by a strong emotional event, their eyes change to a fiery orange color and their pupils expand.

The primary source of sustenance for a vampire is human blood, either straight from the human or from a blood bag. A new vampire has difficulty controlling their thirst for blood and is often torn between their human instinct to not harm others, and their new desire to feed. While the vampire Kate drank from humans, Doc Holliday relied on blood bags to maintain his strength. When Doc went too long without feeding, he was weakened to the point where a human rendered him unconscious with a punch.


  • Agelessness: Humans stop aging at the moment of their transition to vampire. Because they are effectively ageless, vampires can live hundreds of years and never appear physically changed from the date of their siring. Vampires also retain their human appearance, allowing them to blend in with society without calling attention to themselves.
  • Glamour: Vampires can exercise a form of mind control or compulsion over humans that they coined Glamouring. They can glamour a human into submission, to the point where the target becomes irrationally devoted to the vampire that glamoured them. A glamour alters the human's perception of reality, even to the point where they willingly risk death. While under the influence of a vampires glamour, Nicole Haught knocked Wynonna unconscious, allowing her to be stored in a coffin. This behavior is irrational as she would never have done this in her right state of mind. A being touched by demonic forces may be immune to the glamour of a vampire. The hold vampires have over those they've glamoured is instantly dissolved upon the vampire's death.
  • Fog: Vampires can produce a purple fog/smoke that attracts humans to it. Once humans are snagged by this vampiric sexy haze, the vampires can glamour them into submission.
  • Enhanced Strength: Vampires have super-human strength that allows them to lift or throw things far beyond human ability. They can send people flying across a room with a single punch. This super-human strength is an advantage over a human in a fight, and is part of what makes them such formidable foes. It is unknown if vampires are stronger then Revenants.
  • Enhanced Speed: Vampires are much faster and even at top speed can move more quietly than humans or any other known species.


  • Invitation: Vampires need to be invited into a place, whether it be a town or a building. They can't cross the lines of a location they haven't been invited into. The vampires that invaded Purgatory had to glamour Sheriff Nedley into inviting them across town lines and into the Ghost River Triangle.
    • Uninvitation: A vampire who has previously been invited into a home can be uninvited by the resident of the home. Doc Holliday was uninvited from entering the Earp homestead by Wynonna Earp after his transformation. However, he could enter the barn on the property without invitation and was able to reside on the Earp property but couldn't enter the actual home.
  • Wood: While vampires are stronger then humans, they are still susceptible to wood. They can be easily vanquished by wooden stakes directly to the heart.
  • Peacemaker: This mystical gun is capable of quickly killing vampires in a puff of violet smoke and dust.
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  • Holy Water: The appliance of holy water to a vampire's skin results in burning and agonizing pain. This is due to the fact that vampires are no longer pure humans and their souls are damned. Vampires can also be contained in one area if they are surrounded by an object drenched in holy water. Doc Holliday couldn't pass the rope barrier that Charlie and Wynonna had placed around him, as it was if an invisible wall was stopping him from moving any further. When Charlie disrupted the circle Doc was able to jump over the rope and escape.
  • Julian's Ring: The ring can sense when the wearer is impure and burns the skin of those who wear it if they aren't fully human. Doc was unable to wear the ring or touch it without feeling extensive pain and burning.

Known Vampires



  • Ebbe †
  • Otto †
  • Petra †
  • Kamen †
  • Dozens of others †

Cured Vampires

Notes and Trivia

  • Season 3 introduced the species and concept of vampires in its premiere episode, "Blood Red and Going Down".
  • Vampires teeth elongate into fangs when they pierce the flesh of humans necks to drink their blood.
  • According to Kate, the myth that killing a vampire's sire will turn them back into a human is inaccurate.
  • When turned into a vampire by Doc, Mercedes instinctively referred to Doc as "my sire", showing a connection between a sire and their turned.
  • Using her angelic powers, Waverly Earp was able to revive a recently deceased Doc, however, she brought him back to life as a human as that is what he desired.