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"I'm here, and I stay and I love them back and I never, never, never give up on them."
―  Waverly to Jolenesrc

Waverly Earp is a Nephilim and the younger sister of Wynonna and Willa Earp. Raised by Ward Earp, Waverly never felt the love of her father, only understanding later in her life when she learns that she is in fact not an Earp, being a product of her mother Michelle's affair with the angel Julian. Waverly is the wife of Nicole Haught.


Early life

Waverly Earp is the youngest Earp sister. Neither her father nor her mother was present in her youth: her mother having been institutionalized when she was six. The same year, Waverly was tricked by her "imaginary friend" Bobo to plant a talisman that would neutralize the ammolite on their land. With this, the Revenants were able to enter their home and abduct her older sister Willa. She also witnessed Wynonna accidentally shoot their father while trying to protect them from the Seven.

Wynonna eventually left Purgatory and Waverly stayed behind. She grew increasingly interested in the Earp Curse and geared her education towards researching it and the outlaws Wyatt Earp had killed, earning herself a degree in Ancient Cultures and Languages via correspondence. In contrast to Wynonna, Waverly has a more optimistic attitude towards breaking the curse despite not being the Heir herself. At times, Waverly bitterly wondered why she couldn't break the curse herself, not realizing that it was because she wasn't an Earp, to begin with.


Season 1

"You know, I think that Waverly has spent her whole life tailoring who she is to the people she's with. She's only now just starting to figure out what she really wants."
―  Nicole describing WaverlyWalking After Midnight

In Purgatory, during Wynonna's absence, Waverly had built up quite a huge appetite on breaking the Earp Curse. Waverly wants to use Peacemaker to beat down the revenants, but Wynonna won't let her endanger herself. When Wynonna returns to her aunt's place from the bar, she finds Gus has been brutally beaten by the gang. Before she passes out, Gus tells Wynonna that they've taken Waverly. Wynonna wastes no time in tracking her down. Wynonna finds her sister with a noose around her neck and a chair on the tip of her toe, almost hanged, at their childhood home. Revenant Malcolm Ramaker and his posse of returned dead have got the place on lockdown. They strike Wynonna a bargain: Peacemaker, or her sister's life. Wynonna introduces a third option. First she lures one of the Revenants to a motorcycle, which she promptly explodes. Then, with a single ricocheting bullet she sends Ramaker back to hell and shreds the rope to set her sister free.

Waverly saved by Wynonna from revenant gang.

But Wynonna forgot about the third Revenant, and is all out of bullets to subdue him. Just in the knick of time, a shot coming from up in the hills takes out the demon — but no one can figure out who shot it. Deputy Marshall Dolls descends on the scene, albeit just a tad late, and provides shelter for the sisters. Dolls puts it straight to Wynonna: unless she wants to be tried for homicide, she's got to team up with him to defeat the Revenants. Wynonna has no choice but to fall in line.

In Keep the Home Fires Burning, Waverly first appears when revenant Red winds in Shorty's, where Waverly works, and it's there he aims to wrestle Peacemaker from Wynonna. But when he gets the gun in his palm, the thing burns his hand and he is forced to drop it. Wynonna picks up Peacemaker, and aims it between Red's eyes and sends Red back to hell.

Later, Waverly is seen trying to fix a beer dispenser in Shorty's, a new Purgatory police officer comes into the bar to introduce herself to the bartender. Waverly tries to dry her shirt since beer from the beer dispenser sprayed beer on her shirt, but realizes that her shirt is too wet, so she changes her shirt. While changing, Waverly gets stuck with her shirt, she asks the Officer to help her to change her shirt. After changing, Waverly owes the cop a favor, so she asks Waverly if she could buy her coffee tonight, but Waverly states that she is in a relationship with a boy-man, so the Officer leaves her card for Waverly, and Waverly learns that the Officer's name is Nicole Haught.

When the Revenant boss man Bobo Del Rey hears of how Red was vanquished at the hands of Wynonna and the unforgiving barrel of Peacemaker, he resolves to hire the Shadow Assassin Jim "Killer" Miller to take down the Earps. Meanwhile, Doc, uncharacteristically disguised in street clothes, goes snooping around Waverly's apartment looking for whatever Earp good he can get his hands on to appease Bobo. After finding a small roster of the undead outlaws, he's interrupted by Wynonna, who dropped in to find her sister. Instead Wynonna gets in a bit of a shoot out with Doc, who looks like a regular burglar. Doc's a quick draw, and shoots the Peacemaker out of Wynonna's hands before she can connect.

In order to beckon the Shadow Assassin, and get in Bobo's good graces, Doc offers up a blood sample. Throwing the booklet of outlaws' names into the Shadow Assassin's lair successfully calls him forth. He's a shrouded, tall character with beady eyes that shine like candle flames. In a word, creepy. But there's a caveat: because the booklet was technically Waverly's property, the Shadow Assassin is headed for her.

After doing some mystical digging, Dolls learns that the Earp Homestead was built on a bedrock of mineral that tends to attract evil, and that somewhere on the property is a special talisman that could come in handy in warding off Revenants. When Wynonna tells him that the sky over the house has gone dark, Dolls closes his books and hightails it over to her. While memories of burying the talisman come back to Waverly, a strange presence descends upon them, and Wynonna tells her sister to go inside. The Shadow Assassin has arrived, living up to his name; and into one of his shadows went Peacemaker, the last place it should be.

Wynonna and Waverly go out to the pet cemetery to dig up the talisman when Dolls arrives, having retrieved Peacemaker from out the shadows. While Killer Jim is occupied with mistakenly trying to kill Waverly, Wynonna shoots him from behind before blowing his brains out. Levi the Revenant, who's always lurking around trying to spot the action, tries to get his hands on the dug-up talisman. But Dolls knocks him out. Instead of killing him, Wynonna sends Levi back to the Revenant camp with a message: she's going to "blow them all to hell.".

In Leavin' on Your Mind, Waverly first appears at Dolls' office, Waverly explains her research and theories into the Revenant epidemic to the Deputy and Wynonna. In particular, the Revenant camp is contained in the Ghost River Triangle, a territory as cursed as it is neatly geometrical. The Revenants trapped inside the triangle can't escape, lest they suffer untold agony. While sweeping up her documents, Waverly comes across a tattered old photo of Doc Holliday, who looks suspiciously like the well and historically dressed stranger that's been hanging around the bar lately

After Shorty's death, Champ and a teary-eyed Waverly reconcile. The younger Earp sister even shows some warmth for Office Haught, who has a bit more tact than her gloating boyfriend. A distraught Wynonna returns home where she finds, to her surprise, the stranger about town she's known as Henry. He wants to dispel any misunderstandings right away, and introduces himself for who he really is: Doc Holliday, right-hand man to Wyatt Earp, right-hand man to the Earp family. Wynonna is outright flabbergasted.

In The Blade, Wynonna is not convinced that Doc Holliday is who he says he is, and urges the town odd ball she knows as John Henry to prove himself. To do that, she takes him to a dirt patch and has him demonstrate his sharp-shooting capabilities on a handful of household objects (beer bottles, wine bottles, playing cards, a nickel). He even hits his mark while blind folded. Turns out, Doc made a bargain to achieve eternal life, and ageless dashing good looks, after he and Wyatt Earp had a falling out.

Back in town, a Revenant has claimed the life of one Megan Halshford, by coming through a mirror and slicing her throat with a razor blade. Dolls and Wynonna investigate the crime scene where the two most prominent pieces of evidence are Megan's lifeless, bloodless body and the mirror on which is written "Repent Sinners." But besides that, nothing out of the ordinary. At the police headquarters, Waverly posits that a Revenant Father Robert Malick might be behind this spectral murder, considering he was convicted in his former glory of murdering women and being a bummer.

Later at Shorty's, Doc comes upon a fellow boozer in the bathroom who's fallen victim to the barber Revenant's blade, and catches a glimpse of the barber in the mirror. Only problem is that when Waverly enters the bathroom, she sees Doc with a drawn knife in self-defense, and immediately assumes he's to blame for the murder. Dolls takes Doc into custody, where he subjects him to a one-on-one interrogation, but Holliday has nothing to divulge. It's a clash of the titans.

While Wynonna hops around town trying to apologize up to every person she's jilted, Dolls goes shopping for items he will use to turn the barber's reflection into killable flesh and blood; and you can't find that stuff at Costco. Waverly heads to Doc Holliday's cell where she offers the inmate freedom in exchange for identifying the latest killer, which he does gladly: August Hamilton, the once-barber of and keeper of the town's dirty secrets. And the harshest aftershave west of the Mississippi.

Meanwhile, at the Black Badge headquarters, Dolls has set up a black arts trap using tools and knowhow he picked up from his time in the Middle East, which he hopes will draw August out from his reflective shelter. Waverly, studied in ancient languages, delivers an incantation that draws spirits from the underworld to the present. A few even inhabit Dolls and take him for a fox trot around the room, and Doc has to stun the Marshall with a Taser to prevent him from going berserk. The barber is called forth, and Wynonna shoots his reflection with Peacemaker; Dolls has stopped breathing — forcing Wynonna to give mouth-to-mouth, he lives. When he regains consciousness, Dolls tells Wynonna that the barber was just toying with them, and that he's still swinging his blade with impunity. So Wynonna gets an idea.

Wynonna, Waverly, and Doc track down August at Big Deep Lake, where the barber is hiding out. He springs from the murky depths to surprise Wynonna, running his blade across her throat. Wynonna realizes that the person she's wronged the most is her sister Waverly, as Wynonna became the "chosen one" and Earp heir rather than Waverly. When she realizes this, Wynonna regains her power over the barber and escapes his grasp. Then Wynonna sends him back to hell.

In Diggin' Up Bones, Wynonna's having bad dreams, a fringe benefit of the Earp family curse, and a consequence of all the revenge she's been getting. But Waverly is concerned that Wynonna might be heading for the deep end if she's not watchful. The next day, Dolls takes Wynonna for a personal meeting with Judge Cryderman, the less-than-dependable magistrate presiding over the town of Purgatory. When Dolls raises his concerns about Bobo Del Rey's criminal activity, in particular a mysterious and heavily guarded crate Dolls saw him receive. After listening to Dolls, the judge says that there is nothing that he can do, so he gave dolls a search warrant into one of the trailers in the park.

Turns out, Dolls is going to use the search warrant to wage some good old fashioned search and seizure on Bobo's grounds. While the trailer park people are all out and about in a tizzy, Waverly will snap pics of all interested parties, and then have Doc Holliday cross-reference those photos to identify his old Revenant buddies. Except for some reason the trailer park is practically empty, and there's no sign of criminal activity in Bobo's humble abode. Seems like Bobo was tipped off.

Frustrated and desperately seeking the last two Revenants present when her father died, Wynonna loses her cool and starts fighting with the revenants and taking names. Except with less emphasis on the name-taking. After the scuffle, Dolls arrests Bobo (for resisting arrest) and takes him to the station. But he's not confident the charges are going to stick long enough for him to find the crate. Instead, he's got to go back to Judge Cryderman and assure him that things are going well.

In the interrogation room, Bobo is paid a visit by Waverly, who wants to know why he chose to manipulate her as a young girl, to which Bobo responds that he sees deep, dark things in her. The elder Earp sister arrives, and draws Peacemaker on Bobo. But through some sleight of hand he's able to grab the pistol and brandishes it at Wynonna instead. But before things can get too far out of hand, Bobo's lawyer Miss Storm arrives to get her client out of jail. Later, we see Miss Storm encounter Doc. He freaks out, Miss Storm is Constance Clootie, the witch that caused his immortality and threw him down a well. She's the woman he's been seeking revenge on.

After Wynonna leaves the station, Wynonna gets hijacked in her car by a guy looking to talk to Bobo. Doc and Waverly, sensing something's up, trail fast behind her. Meanwhile, back at the Judge's lair, Cryderman tells Dolls that the Marshall's superiors have been calling, questioning his judgment.

Out on the highway, Wynonna breaks free of the hijacker's grasp before she's intercepted by her sister and Doc. Turns out the Doc and the hijacker, Fish, are old-buddies-old-pals. Fish says that though he doesn't have the names of the remaining Revenants that took Wynonna's father, he does have a picture with all seven of them, and will show it to her, for something in return. He wants Wynonna to help reunite him with his Revenant photographer lover, whom he promised to meet back up with when they regenerated. Only problem is, this photographer made a dirty deal with Bobo that went south.

In Constant Cravings, she converses with Wynonna about the Seven while eating at a diner and talks to Hetty, who says she hasn't seen around much. She tells Wynonna that with enough time, everyone will eventually see she's a beautiful soul after Hetty leaves from Wynonna's joke. She and Champ later go through the various items he hauled over that belonged to Curtis and she notices an envelope addressed to her. She reads it as a poem and wonders what it means, and converses with Wynonna about the Tates.

At Shorty's, she continues to read over the poem and plays on the piano until a hidden door opens up. She opens the box and is disgusted to see that a skull is inside it. She tells Champ off as well, saying she doesn't want to be a barmaid in Buenos Aires and breaks up with him. She takes the skull to Mattie Perley as Curtis mentioned she could help Waverly. Mattie does a spell and says Waverly is the Keeper of the Bones, but panics as she knows the Stone Witch will come for them.

In Walking After Midnight, as Wynonna talks about her encounter with Doc and if she wants Dolls to examine the skull, Waverly tells her that Curtis willed the skull to her. She later decorates the homestead as she's hosting an engagement party for Stephanie and contemplates the skull until Doc comes in. She shoos him away as she has guests coming and welcomes Stephanie, along with Chrissy, inside. She wonders where Rach and Sonja are, until Stephanie mentions that didn't want to come to the "Murder House". She doesn't say much as Stephanie jokingly taunts her about her family and decorations while they get the party going. Doc comes in and they play poker until they hear a noise come from the barn. She wonders about Doc and he tells her that there's nothing to worry, ushering her inside. When a delivery man stops by, Waverly notices he's acting odd and goes to grab the shotgun until he grabs her by the throat. She then stabs in the ear with some scissors and begins to put salt in the doorways so Constance won't come in the house. She goes upstairs to get a tool box and finds Chrissy in the closet of Willa's old room, telling the girl she trust her and gets the skull from a vent. She later goes outside, bringing the skull with her and tries to implore the witch not to hurt anybody, so she smashes the skull. After the witch leaves due to injury, Wynonna goes to comfort Waverly, telling her little sister she is brave. In the morning, she comforts Chrissy after she gives her story and welcomes her inside to get warm.

In Two-Faced Jack, she is notified by Dolls and Doc about the disappearances of her sister and Nicole, wanting to help, but she only do some research as her arm is in a sling. She gets upset as Nicole describes her experience and Wynonna being taken, and is reassured by Doc outside the hospital room. After Wynonna kills Jack of Knives, the last of the Seven, she watches as her sister burns the photograph and wonders what's next.

In Bury Me With My Guns On, she serves drinks to other patrons and lets Wynonna know that their aunt is currently talking to a real estate broker about Shorty's. She later talks to Nicole and after a few minor setbacks with their talks, she manages to reveal her feelings to the deputy and the two makeout on Randy's couch. She is also given a check by her aunt, telling her niece she can do whatever she wants as she doesn't want her to just stay and waitress all her life.

In She Wouldn't Be Gone, she and Wynonna burst in Bobo's bar, but while she goes to the golden boot, she is stopped by Hui. Waverly tells Bobo to go to hell and he uses his power to grab the necklace she has, which also used to belong to Willa. The two exit out of the bar and goes to the police station, asking Dolls if they are in, revealing she placed an audio surveillance on the boot. Later, she and Nicole begin to make out until they are interrupted by Wynonna, who reveals to her sister that she slept for Doc. As Wynonna is dropped off by Lou's followers, she has Waverly research the list of names that was in her pocket and she reveals that all of them are dead. She later accompanies Nicole in her squad car as she hears about the pink sedan over the radio and confronts him about leaving the town without a word. She tells him Wynonna needs him and asks if he could try, but he bids her goodbye and drives off instead. When Wynonna drives back to the homestead with "Eve", Waverly tries to tell her about Doc and lets her sister know that the woman will be staying with them, until they are interrupted by Gus.

In Landslide, she discusses Willa with her aunt and Wynonna until Dolls walks in to reveal the DNA results are a match with them. She goes up to Willa's old bedroom with her sisters as a way for Willa to regain her memories. She seems a little upset about the whole situation and she shows a death certificate to Willa, while also telling her about the funeral for her and their father. She flinches away as Willa tries to touch her and runs after her as Willa heads somewhere unknown. She gives Wynonna a call and the two search for her, happening upon a sign about drinks at Bobo's bar. The two head to the bar and Waverly goes to get her jeep as her sisters fight patrons after Willa shoots a revenant. She is comforted by Dolls after she eavesdrops on Willa and Wynonna's conversation until they are interrupted by men shooting up the house. She tries to fire back until she is grazed on the side by a bullet, injuring herself in the process. She is later being bandaged on her side by Wynonna while Dolls reveals that the men were assassins that had a photo of Dolls on their person.

In House of Memories, she is getting her wound dressed by Nicole until they are interrupted by Willa, who chastises Nicole on dressing it. She later goes into the barn and begins making out with Nicole until they are interrupted by Willa. Old, uncomfortable moments are brought up as Waverly remembers when Willa told her to walk across a beam and she could've died if she fell off. She and Willa later go off and they spot a treehouse, going inside and a bunch of swan origami is around the joint. As Willa regains some more memories and is met up with Bobo until they are interrupted by a shotgun wielding Waverly. They go to the station to catch up Wynonna and Dolls on the memory progress and make a plan to search for the lead at the Wainwright Hotel. Waverly and Willa arrive at the hotel all dressed up and begin to mingle, with Waverly going to talk with Nicole. As Waverly goes to Willa, Champ confronts her about her relationship with Nicole until he begins frothing at the mouth. As Bobo shows up and explains the poison that is in the champagne, Waverly grabs Willa so they can make their escape until her elder sister disappears as she converses with Nicole.

In I Walk the Line, she runs away from the Wainwright after Wynonna escapes and is chloroformed by a poisoned Chrissy. After her sisters come to her at the sheriff's office, Willa takes off the tape from her mouth and reveals she had Peacemaker the whole time. She slides the gun to Wynonna, and Willa claims she's acting crazy. She tells Wynonna she saw a look in their sister and as Willa draws a gun on them, Nicole shows up and it's revealed to Wynonna that Waverly is dating her. After Nicole is shot and Willa is given the gun, Waverly goes to Nicole and it's revealed she is wearing a bulletproof vest, so the bullet didn't hurt her. She and Wynonna head towards Shorty's until they are cornered by crazed townspeople. The townspeople are told to back down by Randy and Waverly tells Wynonna that she has some business to attend to. She goes to the treehouse where Willa was being kept and runs into Bobo. Bobo tells her that he kept her sister safe from the other revenants until Constance took her away. He also tells her that he believed Ward didn't deserve the goodness he saw from the three sisters. He then also tells Waverly that she is not an Earp. They hear Willa coming and as he tells her to hide, she listens in on their conversation, visibly upset and crying as they leave. After Willa and Bobo are mercy killed, she accompanies Wynonna and Doc nearby the gate and notices the black goo on the ground. She touches it and it spreads to her eyes, which become black until they return to normal.

Season 2

In Steel Bars and Stone Walls,

In Shed Your Skin,

In Gonna Getcha Good,

In She Ain't Right,

In Let's Pretend We're Strangers,

In Whiskey Lullaby,

In Everybody Knows,

In No Future in the Past,

In Forever Mine Nevermind,

In I See a Darkness, beginning right where the previous episode left off, Widow Mercedes arrives at Nicole's house believing that she possesses the third seal, which is later revealed to be Bulshar's ring. Widow Mercedes physically attacks her as she denies having any knowledge of its location. Waverly orders the widow to get away from her as she enters the scene, breaking a stick over her knee and engaging in combat with faux-cedes as Nicole tries to get her weapon.

She is soon overtaken by the Widow, forcing Nicole to forget the gun she was heading toward. She rushes to aid the younger Earp by placing the wife in a headlock. Widow-Mercedes responds by biting down on Nicole's arm, before realizing that the redhead's ignorance about the whereabouts of the seal was genuine. She disappears, leaving Waverly to tend to Nicole, who is quickly fading as she dials 911.

Wynonna is visiting the "real" Mercedes- or, what's left of her- when she hears Waverly pleading with the doctors as an unconscious Nicole is wheeled into the emergency room. She briefly recognizes one of the nurses who tend to Nicole as Mattie, the powerful blacksmith who bound her to the skull of one of Constance Clootie's sons in the first season. However, she quickly deduces that the woman is her twin sister, Gretta Perley , also known as the Iron Witch.

She collapses into the Wynonna's arms after Nicole is taken away, going on to explain what had just happened to her and Dolls. She admits her infidelity as she rambles, also revealing Rosita's status as a revenant to Wynonna in the process.

As she reveals Widow-Mercedes motive for attacking Nicole, Wynonna assures her that the third seal is safe, though Waverly becomes angry over Wynonna's knowledge of the ring's location, citing Nicole when her sister defends her secrecy with the idea that having the whereabouts of the seal be limited information would keep people safe.

Widow-Beth confronts Waverly as she steps outside to catch her breath, criticizing her sister's methods for obtaining the final seal, but ultimately commends her for biting Nicole, because it would give Waverly motivation to find the ring for her. Waverly initially denies the Widow's offer, but begins to concede once Beth points out that standard operating procedures would not cure Nicole. She cites the gruesome death of Juan Carlo for emphasis, offering an antidote for their concentrated venom in exchange for the third seal.

Dolls intercepts her as she comes back inside, brushing off the interaction as she questions him about Nicole's status. She rushes to the room as Dolls reveals that Nicole would not go into a medically induced coma, which would slow the venom's effects, without speaking with Waverly first.

The two woman share a heartbreaking conversation, wherein Nicole addresses Waverly as though it would be the last time they'd be able to speak. Waverly assures Nicole that the team would find a cure before watching Nicole get put under.

Waverly, Wynonna, Dolls and Jeremy deliberate the possibility of developing a cure for Nicole, deducing that they would need to obtain more venom from one of the Widows to do so. Waverly has a small breakdown as she questions what would happen if they couldn't do it, and questions if holding onto the seal is worth losing Nicole. Wynonna assures her that losing Nicole is not an option, and asks her to stay behind at the hospital as they go off to track Widow-Mercedes and test cures on non-human subjects.

She runs into Nedley after Widow-Beth confronts her outside the hospital a second time, and the sheriff reveals that he called Nicole's next of kin in the wake of her attack. He doesn't tell Waverly who that is, despite her knowing that Nicole doesn't keep in contact with her parents.

Waverly returns to Nicole's room, where she find another woman looking through her toxin screening. After some small talk, the woman reveals herself as a doctor and Nicole's wife, Shae Pressman. The two discuss the redhead's status, and Shae points out that Waverly was the one who called the emergency in. Waverly fabricates the event, saying that she stumbled upon Nicole after the attack. She changes the subject quickly, asking how the two women came to know each other.

Shae details their spur-of-the-moment romance just outside Las Vegas, chalking up the marriage to the excited fervor of a Britney Spears concert and a big win at the slot machines. Nicole starts to wake up in the middle of the conversation, and Waverly leaves the room after Shae lets the doctor know that Nicole is allergic to a certain type of anesthetic.

She follows Dolls over to the Purgatory Police Station in an effort to get away from everything. Dolls eventually encourages her to relinquish the third seal as Nicole's health deteriorates, offering to take the blame.

Waverly returns to the hospital and visits Nicole for a final time as Shae tries to make sense of Nicole's lab results. She assures the younger woman that her relationship with Nicole was nowhere near as serious as the one her and Waverly share. She mentions the doctor's advisement for them to "say their goodbyes" if Nicole wakes up again, but Waverly rejects the possibility. She seeks out Gretta Perley, who locates the antivenom in exchange for a binding promise to get anything she wishes. Waverly accepts the offer, but the note from the Iron Witch leads her to the third seal. She finds the ring in a mug on Randy Nedley's desk.

Wynonna returns with the antivenom following her and Doc's capture of Widow-Mercedes to find her sister sitting on the hospital bed with Nicole, who is alive and well. After the eldest-Earp's initial relief wears off, she questions how Nicole managed to pull through, soon turning her attention onto her younger sister as she puts the pieces together. Waverly runs out of the room, and ends up at Shorty's.

Gretta strides into the bar as Waverly comes to terms with what she did, revealing that her price for the deal was the magical trophy they obtained in Gonna Getcha Good. (S02E03). Doc joins them as the Iron Witch recites a spell in German, attempting to stop her after hearing Wynonna's name in the midst of the incantation. Waverly attempts to call off the deal, but Gretta reveals her wish for Wynonna Earp to disappear.

The episodes concludes with each of the characters transforming into alternate versions of themselves, and Waverly being unable to recognize her sister's name.

In Gone as a Girl Can Get,

In I Hope You Dance, immediately following Wynonna's re-appearance, Waverly pursues Bobo Del Rey and the Widows at gunpoint, wherein Bobo confesses that caring about her has done nothing good for him. The Widow sisters reveal that Bulshar has risen, the result of the broken seal from last episode. Bobo deters the Earp sisters by levitating a boulder in their direction. Wynonna and Waverly have a quick heart to heart as they catch their breath, grateful to at least have everyone back together.

The women make their way to the homestead, joined by Dolls, Jeremy, and Nicole. The group convenes and Wynonna reveals that the third seal has been broken, and that she's gone into labor. She also shows the connection between Peacemaker and the amolite plate they received from the legion- the dish glowing the same color and with the same symbols as her gun.

Wynonna sends Doc and Jeremy out on separate missions, and has a cryptic mutual understanding with Officer Haught. Waverly joins her sister as the two head out for the Stone Witch's residence, where Gretta fashions a single bullet from the molten amolite plate.

Season 3

In Blood Red and Going Down, Waverly and Nicole are stationed outside of Pussy Willows, ready to shoot the Revenants that Wynonna lures out from the bar. They try to kiss, but are interrupted by Wynonna. In the next day, we see Waverly and Nicole wake up next to each other, seemingly worked through their problems (Waverly on Nicole being married, and Nicole on Waverly kissing Rosita). Waverly hears Wynonna fighting Doc in the barn, and she confronts Wynonna about it. Then, they are approached by Nicole, who tells them there is a case.

A mass murder has occurred in Pussy Willows. While investigating the mass murder, Nicole endures the makings of a panic attack, much to Waverly's concern. While taking a breather in the bathroom, Waverly and Nicole both fall under the spell of vampire Petra. They knock out and trap Wynonna in a coffin as an offering to Bulshar.

The glamoured Waverly and Nicole and Jeremy enter the vampire party, which Wynonna, freed by Dolls crashes. Wynonna kills Petra, which frees Waverly and Nicole from the glamour, and after a fight they end up staking almost all of the vampires. Wynonna leaves one alive, who she sends to Bulshar with a message that she's coming for him.

Wynonna takes Waverly on a drive to tell her about their mother, however the car skids off the road, flips over, and rolls down a slope. Waverly is shortly thereafter dragged from the car by an unseen figure, screaming for her sister.

In When You Call My Name,

In Colder Weather,

In No Cure For Crazy,

In Jolene,

In If We Make It Through December,

In I Fall To Pieces,

In Waiting Forever For You,

In Undo It,

In The Other Woman,

In Daddy Lessons,

Later in the season, it is revealed that Waverly is half-angel, the daughter of the angel Julian. This allows her to use her father's ring, granting her magical powers, including killing Revenants (and presumably other demonic creatures) with a touch, miraculously healing Mercedes Gardner's face, which had been mutilated by Bulshar's wives in the previous season, and even resurrecting Charlie after his death, although it's unclear if his own angelic abilities contributed to this, as it later takes almost all of her father's power to heal Nicole Haught of a mortal wound.

In War Paint, after Bulshar broke the Earp curse, Waverly climbed the steps of the Garden of Eden and named Wynonna her champion, granting her the ability to wield Peacemaker again and the power to strike down Bulshar. However, this resulted in her becoming trapped in the Garden.

Season 4

In On the Road Again, Waverly is still trapped in the Garden of Eden with no one to help her. She is chained to a giant slate and the chains grow tighter with every passing second. She screams for Wynonna to help her. Doc crosses through a doorway into the Garden of Eden and walks aimlessly through the area looking for Waverly. He hears Waverly screaming for him as she is chained to a giant slate. The chain is getting tighter and she's having trouble breathing. She begs him to help and he grabs the heavy chains that drape into a well. He pulls the chains out of the well along with the roots weighing it down. Waverly collapses to the ground and Doc rushes to her side to hold her, ensuring that she's okay. Waverly is surprised he came. She thanks him for saving her and for sucking the venom out of Wynonna. Doc is happy to have helped. He then helps Waverly to her feet as they cross the plain.

They have trouble finding the doorway back to Purgatory as all the remaining doors are locked. They come across a throne that Waverly realizes was meant for Julian - the angel who must turn to stone to protect Eden. Doc refuses to let Waverly sit on the stone-turning chair though she claims it's her birthright and legacy, before noting that she isn't sure why she said that. Doc realizes they aren't alone and they wander down some stairs that led them to a room with a man inside who is thrilled to see them. He's elated that the pairing is healthy for it and for their own sake. Waverly notices that he's Black Badge but doesn't let him explain the rules of the machine operating the garden. Waverly wants to go home but the man tells them there is only one way to leave the prison. He then uses hedge clippers to behead himself much to her horror.

Doc and Waverly panic as they need answers with him suggesting she bring the man back to life like she did with Julian but it doesn't work. A menacing roar ripples through the air. Doc states that whatever this place is, it is angry. Doc reminds her that the thing needs human blood to survive, but neither of them is human so their blood won't work as a sacrifice. They turn the man upside down and use his remaining blood to fill the sacrifice, appeasing the place for now. Though Doc struggles to control his thirst which scares Waverly.

Doc manages to compose himself outside of the cave, and Waverly tracks him down. He comments that things are different in the world, remarking that he didn't make the fire in front of him as it just appeared. They need to find a way out soon but first, they need to rest. Doc wants to talk more so he can atone for his recent history, with Waverly reminding him that they have all done things to each other over the years. What's important is that he came and they will find them again. Doc slowly passes out as she mutters about Nicole and Wynonna. Waverly recants what Nicole looks like.

Waverly opens her eyes and walks across the plain to find the cave which is going crazy as it demands more blood. Waverly cuts her wrist and attempts to offer her blood and it slowly accepts the sacrifice. Suddenly, flowers appear in the water and a woman whispers “Waverly”. She ventures to a lectern on which rest placards with the names of Waverly and all her loved ones on it, and a sign admonishing her to "choose wisely." Each book has a silver engraving of names of people she loves - Wynonna Earp, Doc Holliday, Waverly Gibson, and Nicole Haught. She ultimately chooses and tucks the book in her jacket.

In Friends in Low Places, Doc finds Waverly and she hides the journal remarking that the fire has died down. She wants to protect this place as her father did, but Doc tells her to stop talking and listen. He tells her Nicole is here and she is gleeful but cautious. She runs into the cave greeting Nicole who can't remember how she got there. They try to hug but can't get through the barrier. Waverly remarks that she can't believe that Nicole is really here and Nicole smiles asking who else she would be.

Waverly and Doc try to find a way around the barrier with Nicole presenting herself now that she's wrapped in flowers. Doc remarks that it's his turn to feed the machine blood. Nicole asks what happens if they don't feed it, but Doc doesn't want to find out. She remarks that this place is a lot to deal with. Waverly still confused about how Nicole got here. Nicole doesn't understand either but really wants to get out of the force field. Waverly hears something calling to her - the throne, her father's throne. As they talk, Waverly remarks that Nicole is being a little harsh about Doc, but Nicole brushes it off as being hangry.

Nicole and Waverly discuss her not wearing Bulshar's ring and his death. Waverly assumes the reason Bulshar wanted into the Garden was to play God, with Nicole shouting that God hasn't been here in a long time. Nicole plans to right all the wrongs that were done to her when she gets out of the barrier.

The barrier surrounded not-Nicole shatters open and not-Nicole runs around happily thanking Waverly for freeing her and the women exit into the plain. Waverly kisses Nicole but stops as she tastes different - like sulfur. Doc runs through the plain screaming for Waverly to get away as it isn't Nicole. The creature remarks that she's going to hurt all of them, saying her name is Eve but the important thing is that she's out.

Eve drags Waverly through the plain by her hair, claiming she's a nightmare who is going to destroy everything including Eden. Julian died before he could tell Waverly how to save Eden from Eve. Waverly kicks Eve who roars in pain before grabbing her by the throat consequently choking her. Doc appears and punches Eve, who shifts into Jeremy and releases Waverly who struggles to regain her breath. Doc and Eve fight before he runs Eve through with the hedge clippers and into the slate. Eve shifts into Wynonna and cries asking how he could do this to her. Doc doesn't let this get to him but Waverly tells Doc she won't let Eve escape her prison. She puts her hands on Doc's head and renders him unconscious before walking away. She approaches the throne knowing that Eve can't be allowed to escape and can't enter the realm of men. She is the guardian and the fail-safe. She sits on the throne and Eve is frozen where she stands.

Wynonna enters the garden and runs to the throne where Waverly is sitting. Waverly believes this is her home and destiny. Wynonna reminds her of Nicole, Doc, Jeremy, and Nedley. Waverly refuses to leave her post now that Eve is frozen. Wynonna tries to get through to Waverly who refuses to move as she is the guardian and Wynonna is the champion. Waverly states that promises are important and Wynonna shows her the ring she gave to Nicole and tells him to get up and give it back. Waverly doesn't believe that guardians of the garden get to love, but Wynonna reminds her that she's an Earp. The curse is over and it's time to start living for themselves. She helps Waverly up and they embrace as Doc yells for them, the Garden beginning to shake unhappily.

The trio runs through the plain but all the doors are locked and they can't find one that is open. One door is glowing and Doc points it out so they run to the door. Wynonna tries to deliver a snarky comment to Eden, but Doc isn't having it and throws her through the portal.

Waverly awakens in the woods by the homestead and instantly runs off to find Nicole. She is shot at by a very angry Nicole wielding a gun. She sees Waverly and they embrace tightly happy to be reunited. They kiss and go inside where they have sex on the floor and later the stairs of the Earp homestead. Now on the stairs, the women kiss and flirt as they exchange I love you's. Waverly comments on Nicole's long hair and the fact she got extensions, but Nicole states she just grew it out. Waverly is confused and learns that a year and a half have passed since Nicole broke her leg and Waverly went into the portal.

In Look at Them Beans, Waverly is singing happily through the homestead when she finds Rachel in the kitchen. She offers Waverly some kombucha that she made. A bell rings and Nicole runs down saying that something is in the trap - a monster. The women leave the house with Nicole explaining to Waverly that there are ten traps on the homestead and they have to check them every two hours. The curse was broken but there are new monsters in the forest including a troll. They find Doc in a hole with a trap on his pants. Nicole frees Doc and Waverly hugs him, thanking him for getting her home. Doc is gracious but tells them that Wynonna is in jail having been framed for the murder of Nedley.

Waverly tries to process the fact Nedley is gone with Nicole being relatively unphased. She explains that some people returned but some just disappeared, including Kate, who Doc inquires about. Nicole adds that Jeremy is getting by but she hasn't heard from him in months while alluding to the fact Robin isn't alive. Waverly is confused that they were in the garden for a year and a half, with Doc thinking that time is more fluid in the garden. She wonders how old she is and how many episodes of Property Brothers she missed. Doc tells a disheartened Nicole that what she did is heroic. They discuss Mercedes and where she could have gone with Nicole sating that a new demon bar is out on Horse Head Trail.

In their bedroom later that morning, Waverly and Nicole discuss what happened while she was gone. Nicole missed her and Waverly notes that her closet has been reorganized by Nicole. Rachel is making noise outside as she hasn't milked a skunk before. She goes to help Rachel and makes Waverly promise to come back safe with Wynonna before running off.

Waverly, dressed professionally, goes to the Sheriff station and head-to-head with Sheriff Clayborn only to be joined by a magistrate, Cleo, who isn't a legitimate judge. Cleo argues with Clayborn who thinks they need to handle things calmly. He requests to speak with her privately and Cleo concedes. Waverly assures Wynonna that Doc is all over proving she didn't kill Nedley. Cleo emerges from Clayborn's office and loudly, yet sarcastically, yells at them through a megaphone. She then announces that the prisoners must compete in a chili cook-off for freedom. She dons it the “Randy Nedley Memorial Chili Cook-Off” which Wynonna knows she'll end up losing while Waverly doesn't seem confident either.

The cook-off is in full effect with Cleo thrilled to start the competition. KC explains that every month or so Cleo manages to out whack-a-doo herself with “get out of jail” ideas. Wynonna can't believe that she has to do this and is greeted happily by Nicole who thanks her for getting Waverly home safely. Cleo starts the competition and tells them to get cooking. Wynonna throws a whole brick of cheese in her pot causing Waverly and Nicole to rush to help her.

Cleo shoots t-shirts at people while Waverly prepares some food. She interrupts Wynonna and Nicole as she is ready to add vegan ingredients to the chili. Wynonna is stunned at the vegan ingredients and angrily rejects the veganism. Nicole greets Clayborn and tension is obvious between them before he walks away. Nicole tells Waverly that there is something new in the traps every night, monsters that want inside. Waverly senses her worry for Rachel and tells her to go home and Nicole hurries off. Wynonna is thrilled that the chili is edible, but when Chrissy Nedley arrives Waverly notes that she doesn't think Wynonna is going to win judging on how angry Chrissy is.

Cleo announces that four of the chilies were terrible with Chrissy thanking everyone for coming. Cleo interrupts and snatches the envelope announcing that Wynonna Earp is the winner of the get out of jail free. Wynonna is thrilled and takes the trophy though Chrissy is confused. Waverly tastes the chili which is awful and she doesn't understand why Wynonna won.

A zip-tied Wynonna is escorted to the border by Cleo who is offering up her to the monster as a sacrifice. Cleo leaves to sit in her car when Waverly shoves Cleo down the hill and rushes to Wynonna and tries to use her teeth to get through the zip ties but fails. She runs off and attacks Cleo. They wrestle as the ogre approaches Wynonna. Waverly bests Cleo just as Nicole and Doc arrive. The trio contains the ogre as Wynonna watches blissfully. Nicole shoots Nedley with the kombucha which kills the parasites covering Nedley. He turns back into a human who is also very naked. He greets Wynonna who tells him he survived and made it home. Waverly helps escort Nedley back to Shorty's where he is reunited with Chrissy.

At the homestead, a happy Waverly and Nicole kiss in bed. Waverly tells her about the garden trying to fool her with fake-Nicole but assures her that she wasn't swayed. A noise startles Nicole which Waverly knows is Wynonna getting her midnight snack. She asks Nicole about her year and a half but Nicole is too distracted and hurries off to check the traps but agrees to let Waverly come with her.

In Afraid, Nicole and Waverly set up a meeting at the homestead and wait for Doc and Wynonna to start Nicole’s presentation. They flirt and kiss but are interrupted by Rachel who is wearing Wynonna’s jacket. Nicole brings up Peacemaker and Waverly gives Rachel a blue notebook to keep track of information but Rachel claims she’s on her way out and leaves. The women return to making out.

Nicole and Waverly lie on the floor and Waverly asks if they should talk about Peacemaker but Nicole comments that is something she also failed at for 18 months. Waverly rejects this idea reminding her that she’s awesome. Waverly brings up the proposal but Nicole cuts her off by kissing her. Rachel walks in catching the women kissing but doesn’t seem to care. She asks if a junkyard is a good place to look for a magic sword but Waverly doesn't see why not. Rachel comments they’ll need pants to go.

Waverly drives them to the junkyard which is Billy’s home, Magpie’s Junkyard. Rachel goes around back to look for the sword while Waverly and Nicole hang back and a creature, later known as a Reaper, appears in front of Waverly but she can’t see him. A woman, Margo, appears and tells them not to touch anything and she’ll show them where the items for sale are.

Waverly claims they’re looking for swords and Nicole brushes it off as a Halloween costume, as she’s going as She-Ra. Waverly takes a call from Wynonna and leaves the house to talk with her sister. Wynonna tells Waverly to look at the symbol on the rock and Waverly explains she’s looking for Peacemaker. Wynonna brushes off her being in a white truck promising that she will explain everything later. Waverly looks at the symbol but doesn’t recognize it. The same symbol, a fancy C, is on a piece of wood behind Waverly that she doesn’t see.

Waverly and Nicole are looking when Rachel storms in asking if they can go and Nicole agrees. Margo tells them she’ll keep an eye out for knives.

Waverly flips through books at the homestead, looking for the brand that could be the symbol. It’s a cattle brand from an infamous family of cattle rustlers who were on the opposing side of the Earps during the shootout at the O.K. Carrol. C is for Clantons. The Clantons are in Purgatory. She hears screaming and runs out to check the source.

In the barn, Rachel is holding a knife while Billy asks if she can see the Reaper - if she can see it then it’s coming for her. She is confused with Billy telling Nicole and Waverly to stay away or the Reaper could harm them too. Nicole warns Billy to stay away from Rachel. Waverly realized that Billy is a Clanton but he claims he’s poisoned and cursed. He won’t hurt them. He closes his knife and turns it into pliers. Billy pulls one of his teeth out of his mouth. He claims a soul for a soul. His soul for her soul. He exclaims they are rooted together enemies and kin, but he severs that root and offers himself. The rock in his hand glows blue and his eyes turn black as he falls over. Rachel runs to Billy who used his one pass to save Rachel who should be safe now. Nicole asks what she’s safe from. He tells them that the Clanton’s are only his brother Holt, his sister Cleo, and their mother. There are others who won't stop coming for them. Billy kisses Rachel’s cheek and walks out of the barn. Nicole holds Rachel as she cries with Waverly wrapping her arms around both of them.

Waverly explains to everyone who has gathered that the hunter, that only Wynonna could see, is under the sway of Wyatt Earp’s greatest enemies. Wynonna realizes the C is for Clantons. Doc remarks that he always knew they were a plague with no cure. Nicole remarks that the Clatnon’s run the town now - Sheriff Holt is a Clayton and so is Cleo. The creature was sent after only Wynonna and hated her. Their bullets were useless as the creature only stopped when Billy pulled something out of his mouth. He thought it was coming for Rachel but it wasn’t as the jacket wasn’t even Rachel’s, but Wynonna’s. Rachel claims it’s called a reaper and they have to save Billy. Rachel has a plan to stab everyone until they make Billy’s family pay. SHe doesn’t want to work with a team and storms off. Wynonna wants to get Jeremy back by telling the truth and beg.

In Holy War Part One, Nicole awakens from a nightmare to see a fire underneath the door and smoke entering the room. She frantically tries to wake a sleeping Waverly. Waverly won’t wake up as smoke fills the room. Nicole carries her out of the room and through the smoke. She bursts out of the house with Waverly over her shoulder and lies her down the ground where Wynonna, Rachel, and Doc have gathered. Wynonna frantically tries to awaken Waverly and a few moments pass before Waverly coughs awake. She doesn't know what just happened. Rachel claims the fire started on the couch and Wynonna thinks it could be the Clanton’s. Doc points out that the only footprints are their own, as he memorized all of their shoe sizes as pointed out by Rachel. Since there are no footprints the fire had to of been started by something supernatural, and Wynonna points out the Clanton’s are supernatural.

Nicole and Waverly go to the Sherrif's station which BBD have taken back. They pass Holt and Cleo, with Nicole exchanging bickers with Holt. Jeremy greets Waverly with a hug and Nicole is colder to him as he fell off the face of the earth on her. He knew she could handle it but she comments about her not having handled it. Waverly tries to avert the situation. He points out the scent of fire on Waverly.

Waverly rolls more BBD files into the office while Nicole secures a lock on the door. Wynonna breaks it as she storms in looking for Jeremy. Doc greets Jeremy and they hug as Wynonna recaps what Amon said and that he knows where Peacemaker is. Nicole hols up the drill pointing it at Wynonna as she turns it on, a dark look on her face. Wynonna snaps at her to stop so Nicole does but is confused. No one is sure how they can help look for Peacemaker, with Nicole stating that she scoured the GRT for Peacemaker but didn’t find it. Wynonna thinks she has to trust Amon and Doc points out that the team is unanimous.

Jeremy walks in on Waverly and Nicole making out on Cleo’s couch and the women explain that they kept the couch as a place to “hang out”. Jeremy changes the subject by giving them BBD binders that might have information on the Clanton’s. At least it’ll give them something until Wynonna can find Peacemaker. Nicole notes that she couldn’t find it but Jeremy points out that she wasn’t the Earp heir. She asks if he would have called more if she was and he brings up that his phone was being monitored. Waverly asks where Robin is but Jeremy covers it up with Nicole pointing out he’s being cagey about it. Jeremy snaps back that he had to what he could to survive. Nicole turns away then keels over in pain in her abdomen with Waverly looking sympathetic as she thinks it's emotions, not pain. Nicole hurries into an office as sheering pain shoots through her side. She spits out mud. Waverly hurries in to check on Nicole who explains that he did something terrible while Waverly was in the garden. She vomits more and a frog jumps out with Jeremy nervously saying she ate frogs.

At Shorty’s, Randy is cleaning up after a woman’s softball team as Nicole hurries in wanting booze. She needs the taste of frogs gone. Waverly explains that every time Nicole tries to tell them what she did while they were in the garden she throws up. Randy thinks they’re dealing with a hex but with all the new creatures in town, it couldn’t be anything from an Incubus to Spongebob. Waverly is touched he did research. Even when they try to guess what Nicole did she throws up even more. Nicole vomits more and another frog appears. She tries to write down what she did but the words she writes turn into scribbles, that Waverly thinks are tadpoles but Jeremy thinks are sperm. Randy thinks they should focus on a cure.

They return to the homestead and Nicole sits by the fireplace and Waverly brings her a blanket. She’d be happy to take care of Nicole forever, bringing up the proposal. Nicole wants to talk about it but she can’t without vomiting. Jeremy brings up three potentials. A spell-reflecting ceremony with the worst-case scenario being that they do it wrong and she turns into a demon dog. Nicole dismisses it as she’s a cat person. The second option is an exorcism that drowns Nicole in salted holy water, but the idea of drowning doesn’t please Waverly. The third option is to brew an antidote soup made out of fennel, jasmine, and nettles. The worst-case scenario is her einsteins might run to snakes. Those are the only good options so Nicole sides with the third and Waverly supports it. She begins to vomit again and hurries out just as Wynonna enters. Vomit gets on Wynonna’s shoes but Jeremy cleans it up with a mop. Waverly calls Rachel who ignores the call again.

Waverly helps Jeremy prepare the soup. It's done they just have to let it simmer for an hour. Nicole enters a trance and grabs the soup from Jeremy and dumps it down the drain. Waverly frantically tries to save the soup to no avail. It went down the drain. She follows Nicole to the barn where she sees Doc restraining Nicole, but they explain Nicole started it. Wynonna knocks Nicole out with a punch while Doc begins to lose control of his vampire side. He walks away from the scene as Nicole wakens. He explains the darkest of magic is behind this. He picks up Nicole’s clothes and Doc says it smells of gasoline. She started the Homestead fire and Wynonna plans to kill the Clanton’s now. The rest of the team thinks she should be smart and wait until they have Peacemaker. Waverly reminds her not to jump to Plan Z when they haven’t tried Plan A. Doc chimes in that they have to find the woman in the painting and bring her to the sanctuary. If Peacemaker doesn’t show then they’ll take them on together. Wynonna tells Nicole to tie up Nicole so nothing else happens while she and Doc are gone.

There isn’t much left in the drain as Jeremy tries to salvage it. Waverly isn’t tying the ropes tight enough so Nicole sends her to get handcuffs. Nicole looks at Jeremy but he refuses to do it. Nicole goes upstairs to help Nicole with the pink handcuffs and handcuffs one side to the bed. She reminds Waverly that she loves her and then cuffs Waverly to the bed instead and leaves with Jeremy who has agreed to help Nicole with their own plan.

Waverly eventually escapes and goes to Shorty's where she sees Jeremy drowning Nicole as Randy speaks Latin over her. Waverly screams at the sight but Jeremy asks her to trust them.

In Holy War Part Two, Nicole lays under the water dead. Waverly is angry as she pushes past Jeremy angrily, threatening to hit him with the bedpost she’s cuffed too. She asks if Nicole is dead just as the frog croaks and Jeremy is elated that Nicole is okay. He put her in the frog much to Waverly’s anger. Jeremy tries to reason with Waverly that everything was Nicole’s idea - from the handcuffs to the exorcism. She knew Waverly would try to stop her but according to the Maglu if they can’t destroy the spell-caster they have to cleanse the person who was cursed. Waverly is concerned that it didn’t work but Jeremy assures her that as long as Nicole stays in the frog everything is okay. He tells her to watch it. She greets the frog as Nicole and it croaks back.

Nicole’s temperature is stable but she’s been dead for five minutes. Jeremy asks how much longer is on the hourglass and it runs out. They won’t know if the spell worked until they wake her up. Randy can stop chanting the spell now but has to do the reversal so they can get her out of the frog and into her body. Nedley begins chanting but stops Jeremy from using the paddles on a flat-liner. The doors blow open to Shorty’s and Waverly has a rock that marks her. She sees Billy and screams.

She can’t believe Billy is a reaper now. Jeremy and Nedley can’t see the Reaper and they knocked over the jar of frogs with Nicole. Waverly avoids Belly while the boys try to grab frog-Nicole. A frog begins to glow and Nicole’s spirit appears pushing Billy through a door. Waverly puts a slot machine over the door. Jeremy asks if Waverly stopped it, and Waverly believes she did, but the ghost of Nicole states that Waverly didn’t - she did. She looks to her dead body but no one can see ghost-Nicole.

Jeremy and Waverly have to figure out which frog Nicole is in while her spirit yells at them but they can’t hear her. Waverly tries to kiss the frog but it doesn’t work. Ghost-Nicole squeaks that it’s gross. Waverly kisses more frogs but isn’t feeling anything. She can’t believe that Nicole isn’t trying to give them a sign, but Nicole claims she’s trying but doesn’t know the rules of ghosts. She is able to mess with the lights and does but Nedley realizes it’s a code. Waverly knows it’s morse code which makes Nicole elated. She spells out “not in frog” and they realize Nicole astral-projected. Nicole gives more signals that spell out the basement, but the reaper is down there which makes them nervous.

Waverly gets a bat and plans to use it to get the reaper to talk. Jeremy warns that if they lose Nicole’s body her spirit might disappear. Randy gets his gun and follows Waverly. Billy is hissing but Nicole jumps into his body. Waverly cautiously approaches and Nicole speaks telling Billy to say why she made the deal with the witch. Billy takes over and yells that Waverly will now die. He lunges but Waverly steps back, which stops Randy from shooting Billy who is now Nicole but also possibly a frog and dead. She demands Billy tell her what happened or the love her life will die and she’ll be very angry and she doesn’t know what will happen if she gets very angry.

Billy states that Nicole is theirs now - they have her soul. She made a covenant - a life for a life. Nicole didn’t know it was the Clanton’s and she couldn’t wait any longer but she should have. Waverly asks how to break the covenant but Billy shouts that The Swamp Witch has bound her so it’s impossible to break. The covenant only ends when both actors die. Waverly remarks that one person is down with one to go. Billy warns there are many of them as Waverly runs out.

Waverly demands Jeremy to watch Billy while she goes talk with The Swamp Witch, Margo-Jean. Jeremy thinks it’s the only way to end the curse. She takes Nicole’s hand and kisses it promising to save her life as she saved her. They don’t have time to wait for Wynonna and her gun so Waverly is doing this her way. Jeremy warns that it’s not a good idea but she tells him and Nedley to keep Nicole alive for as long as they can.

Waverly storms into the Magpie’s barn with a shotgun, commenting on the dump. Her OCD makes her organize the jars just as Margo walks in. Waverly tells her to fix her hex or she’ll kill her, but Margo claims she can’t. Margo asks how she knew what door to take out of the garden - it was because Margo made it happen. Nicole begged her so she showed Doc the way. Nicole was so feeble in her begs so she made a deal for Nicole to bring Doc to the Clanton’s as punishment for what happened at the O.K. Corral. Margo wants to ruin everything about Doc - his name, his reputation, make him destroy everything she loves. Waverly asks who cares about the OK Corrall anymore after all these years but asks Margo to release Nicole. Margo counters that Waverly is young and will find someone else, but Waverly would rather die than be without Nicole. Margo uses this vulnerability to attack and grab the gun from Waverly. Margo then screams that her ancestors will devour Nicole as she has powers Waverly can’t even comprehend. Waverly shouts that she does too and puts her hands on the sides of Margo’s head. Margo screams and cries as she falls to the ground, blood running out of her eyes. Waverly is in shock as she can't believe she killed Margo.

Holt pulls onto the farm just as Wynonna does and Waverly walks over to her, upset. Wynonna tells her sister that Nicole is alive and she has Peacemaker back. The sisters hug. Holt stalks over with his gun pointed to them. He’s angry they killed his mother but now there is nothing she can do to make things right from the O.K. Corral. Wynonna snaps at him to get over it and that Margo had it coming. He tells Wynonna to make her peace. A gunshot is heard and Doc walks over with his gun. He demands they lower their weapons but Holt thinks it’s too late. Doc promises it isn’t and lowers Peacemaker. Holt is the Clanton heir now and doesn’t have a choice anymore. Doc states the one thing he learned from Wynonna - there is always another way. Whatever he’s up against they can work it out for the good of their kin - together. Wynonna and Waverly are surprised the men are working together. Holt tells Doc that Billy was turned by Mam but didn’t deserve it. Doc talks Holt down and they decide to get a drink. A gunshot rips through the air and hits Holt who falls to his knees, dead. On the other end is Wynonna who shot Holt much to Doc’s shock. She thanks Doc for distracting him.

At the homestead, Waverly opens the door to the porch asking if Wynonna and Doc are coming inside. Wynonna agrees but Waverly has to persuade Doc who eventually agrees and steps inside.

Jeremy and Nedley toast to their first, and hopefully last, exorcism. Jeremy refuses to give Rachel alcohol and Nicole doesn't want any since she’s recovering. Waverly asks if she and Doc are okay but Wynonna claims they’re the same. Jeremy asks if Nicole and Waverly are getting married or what? He presses about what they’ve been doing all this time. The women admit they had proposals planned. Nicole takes Waverly’s hand and everyone stops to watch. She starts to propose but Waverly asks if she can do it. Waverly gets on one knee. Doc removes his hat. Wynonna smiles at them. Waverly asks Nicole to marry her and Nicole happily agrees as they kiss by the fireplace. Everyone toasts to the engagement. Doc smiles happily on. While everyone celebrates, Doc sneaks away as Wynonna watches while crying. Nicole and Waverly exchange I love yous and another kiss.

In Love's All Over, Nicole proposes to Waverly properly, giving her a ring and they kiss. At Shorty’s, everyone gathers to celebrate Wayhaught’s engagement. Doc makes a toast to the engaged couple but tells them he can’t come to their official engagement party. Waverly wants him at the party but he doesn’t want to see Wynonna. Doc tells Waverly that he can build her an arch if she wants to be married under one, which she appreciates. Wynonna waltzes in with Doc congratulating Waverly again before leaving. Waverly confronts her sisters for being late with Wynonna lying that she was making plans for the bachelorette party.

She takes them to a strip bar where Nicole and Waverly aren’t pleased with the party. A fellow bride pulls Nicole away for shots leaving Waverly to talk to Wynonna. Nicole wants to get married at city hall but Wynonna knows that Waverly wants a big wedding. One of the strippers turns around and reveals large scars on his back and Waverly recognizes him.

The stripper, Demetri, talks to Wynonna and Waverly with Wynonna recounting her fiery relationship with Doc. Demetri tells Wynonna that all genders are the same when it comes to relationships and the perfect one doesn’t exist. He clarifies to Waverly that he’s pansexual. Demetri tells Waverly that no love is real but she corrects that love is the only thing that’s real. She would kill for Nicole and Nicole would die for her. The man wants to prove that love isn’t real and slips something into her pocket as he leaves. His eyes flash red as he does.

At the station, Nicole and Waverly want a marriage certificate. Nicole announces she doesn’t want any PDA, which Bunny Lablow agrees with. She is behind the desk and refuses their request for a license. Nicole picks a fleck of something pink off her shoulder and Waverly becomes irresistible to her, which visibly upsets Bunny who tries to refuse them the certificate until Waverly presses the matter. Bunny gives in but when Waverly shakes her hand she pumps hand sanitizer on before noticing a speck of pink on her hand. Waverly tells Nicole to leave and get herself together, but when Bunny looks up she finds Waverly irresistible as well.

Waverly goes to Amon’s club with a pie. She wants to choose a date but Nicole is reluctant because of the war going on between the species, asking for one day of truce. She bops his nose and transfers pink substance to his nose, and he becomes entranced with her. As she leaves, Doc asks what happened between her and Ma’am Clanton but Waverly doesn’t remember as she only touched Clanton. She just wants to be happy and wants love for everyone which he knows, but they have to find out what happened to Holt’s sister.

Waverly goes to the barn where she sees Nicole who is bursting with love for her fiancé. Waverly worries Nicole is possessed but Nicole isn’t. She shows a book of wedding plans but Waverly isn’t entirely sure that Nicole is being serious. A car pulls over and when Waverly emerges, Bunny is on the front lawn with a huge bouquet of roses and proposes to her. Bunny calls her pretty and proclaims her love as she leaves. Wynonna emerges from the bed of a truck applauding Nicole for being desirable, but Waverly wonders if it has something to do with the bet she made.

Waverly brings a cup of coffee to Wynonna who is passed out in the truck. Waverly thinks something is seriously wrong with people because of how crazy people are being toward her. She insists on going with Wynonna to follow a theory.

Waverly visits Demetri where he reveals he’s immune to falling in love and is responsible for everyone’s actions. He clarifies that Waverly is making people fall in love not her, telling her to check her pocket. She finds a metal vial which he clarifies will make the first person her target sees fall in love

Wynonna chases Amon around the bar until he professes that he is in love with Waverly. She is confused about the sudden shift but he assures her he only wants Waverly.

Waverly talks to Demetri as she’s annoyed the spell ignores consent, but he assures her that sex doesn’t enter the equation unless it’s what the client wants. She debates burying the glitter and ignoring it, but he tells her that Cupids can only quit if they pass on the glitter by choice. She is surprised he’s a Cupid but also thought the scars on his back were for wings.

Waverly tells Wynonna about the glitter but she has to responsibly pass it on. She is reluctant to go to her engagement party but has to since Nicole will be there. Waverly begins to think Wynonna could be infected but Wynonna insists she isn’t and reveals a very sexy outfit. She steals Waverly’s glitter under the ruse of it being mascara.

They arrive at Shorty’s and are ambushed by Nicole, Bunny, and Amon who are all obsessed with her. Bunny is angry at Wynonna’s outfit but Wynonna pulls her to the bar and tells Nedley to get Bunny drunk. When she pats Nedley’s arm she passes glitter to him which makes him fall for Bunny. Amon talks to Waverly as Wynonna attacks Amon with her body and begins to whine about everyone being obsessed with Waverly and not her. Bunny serenades Waverly from the stage while Wynonna struggles to get Amon’s attention.

Nicole interrupts Bunny’s song, grabbing the mic and Amon following. Rachel watches the ordeal and steals Nedley’s keys. Waverly retreats to the bathroom to call someone for help but Amon, Nicole, and Bunny bang on the sides of the stalls to get her attention. Doc hangs up with Waverly as she believes he is unaffected. Cleo reveals the favor Ma’am did for Nicole and the price she would have to pay, killing Doc for Waverly. He understands and leaves to help Waverly.

Things have gone crazy upstairs as Doc arrives, but Waverly begs him to distract Wynonna. Demetri arrives and she shows him the mess she made just as Wynonna spills all the glitter and everyone becomes infatuated with one another.

Nedley and Doc slow dance while Amon and Bunny dance. Wynonna and Nicole slow dance and talk as they are all now attracted to one another. Wynonna substitutes Nicole for Nedley but Doc can’t dance with Nicole, so he swaps out for Wynonna. Waverly points out how real the love between Wynonna and Doc seems, but Demetri points out that it's fake due to the glitter. Waverly realizes that he’s heartbroken and he reveals his lover was Amon for two years. She helps him realize how real some love truly is so he agrees to help her clean up her mess. His spit destroys love and will help everyone return to normal.

One-by-one, Waverly and Demetri remove the love spell, starting with Doc and Wynonna. Nicole hugs Waverly happily and they agree on a medium-fussy wedding. Demetri explains he chose Waverly because he hasn’t seen two people so in love in a very long time.

In Hell Raisin' Good Time, Waverly decorates the Homestead much to Nicole’s glee. Waverly tells Nicole about her Halloween experience as a child. She talks about her father sitting on the porch with a gun while rambling about Halloween being the Devil’s Night while she and Wynonna hid in a closet. Nicole is glad she’s reclaiming the holiday and encourages Waverly’s idea to spend time with Wynonna. Nicole is excited about their wedding with her planning to go wedding dress shipping with Rachel.

Jeremy enters the sheriff’s office and Wynonna learns that Naomi has retired so now Albert is in charge. He reminds her that she hasn’t delivered a monster in three weeks. Waverly saunters in wearing a ladybug costume. Jeremy gives the girls Rotten Jacks’ photo as he has already killed today, so the Earp’s need to deliver Rotten Jack to BBD in three hours, then Jeremy leaves. Waverly gives Wynonna her costume - a sexy schoolgirl outfit.

Waverly and Wynonna venture through a field with Wynonna annoyed by Halloween and not wanting to talk about Waverly’s wedding or Robin. They bicker until they are heckled by the owner of the trailer who shows himself as Casey.

Wynonna and Waverly are searching for the Extractor while Casey informs them that the Extractor is him. Casey freaks out over them being BBD and opens a can of pumpkin which shines a bright light on their faces. He flees through the field and vanishes through a veil. When Wynonna and Waverly cross the veil and begin to lose their memories.

Waverly and Wynonna try to piece together who they are and hear a song that they follow, only to find Casey holding a stereo over his head while wearing a gas mask. They confront Casey who tells them they are extremely high on the weed he sold them. He tells them to go home and helps point out where they live on a map. Casey picks up Peacemaker from the ground. The sisters arrive at the Homestead where they learn they are sisters who live together. They use mail to determine who they are, as Waverly puts on Nicole’s jacket making them mistake her for a cop named Wynonna. Waverly remarks that hitting Casey made her feel great. They find a Shorty’s t-shirt and venture to the bar in the hopes of finding a party. Doc lays in wait and startles them as it becomes clear something is wrong with them. A demon saunters in with horns and Wynonna mistakes it for a costume and pulls his tail, causing the demon to roar at her. Waverly and Wynonna scream and run away which confuses Doc. Doc punches the demon through the ceiling but when he turns his eyes glow which scares the girls into running away. He tries to chase after them, though they hide in a dumpster. Wynonna finds Doc’s voice familiar. The sisters determine they are hallucinating as an alarm on their phone goes off with a skull emoji. Rotten Jack leaves a crime scene.

Amon interrogates the horned demon who informs him that the Earp girls aren’t themselves, as Wynonna doesn’t have her gun. Amon realizes the girls tried to cross the border which is why their memories are gone. The Earp sisters climb out of the dumpster as Amon pulls up, pretending to know the sisters. They are reluctant to go with Amon, who brings out Wynonna’s lingerie as proof that he knows them. As they speed off in Amon’s car, Rotten Jack watches them leave.

Waverly and Wynonna are tied to a stripper pole as the auction unravels as someone bids 50,000 dollars to kill the sisters. Waverly notes that while she might not remember anything she’s happy to know she isn’t alone, with Wynonna stating that Waverly is the best sister she’s ever had - she just knows that. Doc is ready to kill Amon when the demon removes a blaster gun and prepares to shoot the sisters, only to hit them with something that repairs their memories. The wheel lands on an angel as Rotten Jack storms into the bar while Waverly hides behind Wynonna. Amon flees the bar and locks them in. Wynonna takes Peacemaker from Doc while Jeremy reminds Wynonna that they need him alive. Wynonna hits Rotten Jack on the back of the head and watches as light emits from him. Casey reaches into his cracked skull to remove a single candle that Waverly promptly blows out. Rotten Jack falls to the ground.

The Earp sisters lay on the lawn of the Homestead as they reminisce about previous Halloween’s and how Wynonna was locked in a cellar for three days when their father found out. The topic shifts to Waverly’s wedding, as she assures Wynonna that nothing will ever change that Wynonna is her hero. Nicole strolls up in her sheriff outfit and kisses Waverly while Wynonna warns that she better make Waverly happy forever. Nicole promises that she will. Waverly tells Wynonna to just call him, but Wynonna merely wishes her a happy Halloween.

In Crazy, Wynonna and Nicole face off as they spar in the Sheriff's department. Waverly arrives and the women bicker until the Earp’s try to get Nicole back to the Sheriff's spot. Nicole leaves as she tells them to see her at trivia while she plans the wedding. Waverly suggests that Wynonna become sheriff for a bit since the town is quiet.

Wynonna avoids the citizen’s minor grievances. She disregards the complaints but Waverly warns Wynonna that the town is going under with the few supply runs. Jeremy arrives in an apron covered in blood which unnerves the citizens. Jeremy shows the Earp’s a murdered corpse in the office since the rats took over the morgue. The dead man won trivia at Shorty’s last week which while tragic, makes Waverly and Jeremy excited. Wynonna cheers when she sees the fang marks on the man’s neck and assumes it was Doc so she rushes off to see him. Waverly and Jeremy talk about a new corpse that also won the trivia night. Jeremy points out that the bite marks aren’t from a vampire. He asks what is going on with Doc and Wynonna, with Waverly telling him about Wynonna shooting Doc. Waverly then realizes that both corpses are brainless.

Wynonna visits Jeremy and Waverly to learn about the murderer who is not Doc. Jeremy explains that the brains are the demon’s souvenirs while Waverly is a bit more skeptical that it’s another demon. Jeremy and Waverly argue over trivia night which Wynonna interrupts to tell them her hunch and they are interrupted by quacking which is their new bell. The citizen is concerned about a couple that were fighting and that he worries that he’s abusive. The Earp sisters rush out but the man tells Jeremy that the man wished he would eat shit and then he did for no apparent reason. Wynonna and Waverly arrive at the residence and learn that he’s Doug Warner. Doug rambles weird facts as the sisters investigate the home. Waverly finds a woman and tries to tell her they can help but the woman is certain they can’t. Wynonna asks Doug what sandwich he’s eating and learns that it’s brains. Doug claims he’s getting a lot smarter. Doug calls for Jinny and the woman arrives though Waverly restrains Ginny while Doug throws brains at them. Doug wishes for Wynonna to die then flees.

At Shorty's, Nicole and Waverly discuss the plan until Nicole opens up about what it was like to be alone without Waverly, and what she did is far from fine. Waverly doesn’t want Nicole to blunt her ambition, but Nicole is certain that with Waverly back she’s happy. The competition is raging but Nicole is worried about being at trivia night. Waverly, Jeremy, and Doc are competing in pop culture 101 and get every question right. Doc gets the dead man’s hand question wrong as the hand is a pair of aces and eights. He tries to argue that it’s wrong despite having been there. Doc wonders where Koru is.

Doc tries to tell Waverly and Jeremy that they have to leave but Nedley tells them that it’s a draw between Waverly and Jeremy. Jeremy wins the trivia contest, they celebrate the win, and Nicole becomes the new Sheriff of Purgatory leading to a WayHaught reunion kiss.

In Life Turned Her That Way, Wynonna starts her day with Peacemaker, drinks alcohol, tromps through the woods, and kills demons. She goes back to her bed and repeats the events. She wakes up one morning to an empty holster. She goes to the kitchen to find Nicole and Waverly and an empty kitchen since the supply trucks have stopped. She’s worried about Peacemaker until Waverly points out that Wynonna lost it in a blackout, and takes the gun out of a drawer. They try to stage an intervention.

Wynonna disregards their worries about her passing out, drinking, and distancing herself from everyone. Waverly points out that her sister seems sad and lonely but Wynonna snips back that not everyone has the luxury of happily ever after. Wynonna tells her to keep the gun and leaves. Waverly follows her out of the house where Wynonna emotionally reveals that if she stops killing demons everyone she loves will die. Wynonna points out Waverly’s hypocrisy with the Hoyt killing, asking what it’s a problem for her to kill a Clanton but not for Waverly. They end up arguing as Wynonna storms off. Waverly goes inside and Nicole hugs her. Nicole has to leave for work so Waverly calls Doc. She and Doc meet at the entrance to the garden with their blank book. She tells Doc that Wynonna isn’t okay but she hopes the book will have answers but it’s still blank. That’s why she chose her book - because everyone is in her story. Waverly doesn’t associate the throne with torment, it just took her cares away which felt like heaven. They are interrupted by two demons who want to hunt Waverly, but Doc refuses to allow it. Waverly pulls out Peacemaker but it doesn’t work for her anymore. Waverly takes off running and accidentally runs into the fog. She struggles not to breathe it in and lands in a cabin where Jolene is hiding inside.

Waverly can’t believe that Jolene is alive, and Jolene explains that when Bulshar died his roots released her but when the fog rolled in she got trapped. She plans to have a lot of fun with Waverly and knocks her out.

Waverly is kidnapped by Jolene who wants to help her as demons are just fallen angels. She tells Waverly they are the same and are kin. Nicole, Rachel, and Wynonna try to enter the fog by talking to Casey who has been mapping out the fog. Nicole convinces Wynonna to let her go into the fog with Casey since it’s her turn to go after Waverly. Jolene takes Peacemaker out of Waverly’s bag but it burns her. Waverly remarks that she’s done being afraid of Jolene, who touches a wall that has tallies of how many people Wynonna killed to save Waverly. Jolene taunts Waverly for not being a hero or supporting her sister. She wants Waverly to tap into her power. Nicole and Casey head into the fog while Wynonna and Rachel stay behind to guard the rope. Nicole and Casey find the cabin and Waverly who is tied up, but the radio goes out after screaming is heard, followed by Nicole saying that Jolene is alive. They are forced to pull Casey, who has lost his mask, out of the fog without Nicole, whose rope is severed while she’s lost.

Waverly screams for Nicole while Jolene continues to goad her about not using her powers. She gets free and grabs Peacemaker, but the gun burns her. She slams Jolene into a wall only to be stabbed in the back by Jolene, who pulls a feather out of Waverly’s back. Jolene holds Waverly as she bleeds in immense pain which only will end when she lets it out. Wynonna catches up with Rachel who finally sympathizes with the pain of losing someone because of her actions. Wynonna and Rachel meet with Cleo while Wynonna explains that the reapers can survive the fog, so she’ll follow the reaper to Waverly. She gives the gun to Rachel so she can watch Cleo. Billy is summoned but also attached to Wynonna so she can see him. They burst into the cabin and Billy attacks Jolene, but Waverly is in too much pain to stand but warns her that Peacemaker is inside. Jolene throws Wynonna into the fog while Waverly screams. Overcome with anger, Waverly taps into her darkness and cripples Jolene.

Waverly kills Jolene with a flick of her hand. Doc can’t use his vampire strength to remove the bars, just as they are visited by Mercedes. She uses a compact mirror to help Jeremy see the wires of the broken cell. They are visited by the guards who believe they can’t save anyone without their prized fighters, the demons. Agent Graham shoots Mercedes in the stomach. Wynonna struggles to not inhale the fog and barely escapes. She watches Waverly, not completely embraced in her demonic angel side, who tells Wynonna that her journey is over but hers has just begun.

In Better Dig Two, Wynonna realizes the fog is gone as Waverly explains she is the fail-safe so she doesn’t need the fog anymore. Wynonna tries to reach Waverly, who doesn’t believe the affairs of men are her issue any longer. Wynonna doesn't want to see her sister this way, so Waverly blinds Wynonna and walks away.

Waverly visits BBD headquarters where she watches the place burn all around her, people screaming and running away in terror. As she watches she smokes a cigarette, commenting that humans are always having a crisis. She later emerges in front of Doc, telling him that she’s the protector of the fifth realm and she plans to get her property back, the book, for then she can return home. Doc is prepared to fight just as the Clanton mark is burned into his hand and he vanishes.

Doc is taken to the Clanton junkyard where he has become the Clanton heir and is forced to fight Wynonna in a duel. When he pulls the trigger on his gun it misfires as he loaded it with the wrong bullets which nearly kills him. Wynonna asks Waverly, who appears, to save Doc but she is hesitant so Wynonna tries to appeal to her as the Earp heir, the champion. She kneels in front of Waverly, admitting that she’s given everything and lost everything, so if Waverly is leaving her too then she can at least save the man they both love. Waverly requests the book in return. She resurrects Doc and pulls the book from Wynonna’s emotional grasp. When Waverly walks away, Wynonna falls to Doc’s chest.

411 Dark Waverly Promo.jpg

As Waverly leaves the junkyard she comes across Hoyt and turns him into a bird, along with the rest of the reapers. She retreats to the stairs where Nicole tries to stop her. Waverly remarks that the gate must close so she must be the one to do it. Nicole wonders what will happen to Wynonna, but Waverly thinks the champion has served enough. Nicole instead asks Waverly to let her extend her watch over the entirety of the Ghost River Triangle in all the realms, to watch over all the beings demonic and human alike. She will give up anything to keep Waverly safe. Waverly marvels at Nicole’s choice to become the shield, remarking that she already broke the rules once. Nicole tells her to look in the book as it has her story in it too. Waverly warns her that she would be bound to the Ghost River Triangle forever. Nicole assures her that she’s sure of her choice. Waverly hits her with magic and Nicole recites an oath before becoming the angel shield as she’s blasted backward. Waverly returns to normal, chucks the book into the doorway, and rushes to Nicole’s side. She kisses Nicole awake and a symbol burns into Nicole’s neck, prompting them to kiss again.

At Shorty’s, the group celebrates that they can leave Purgatory if they want. Wynonna drapes a blanket over Doc again but their kiss is interrupted by Nicole, who wants to talk about the big thing. Waverly assures everyone that Angel Waverly is gone now that Nicole is the angel shield and they kiss. Nicole begins to say something else until Jeremy jumps in that BBD has retreated from the triangle and if they come back everyone will be ready. Doc marvels that he can see his reflection, meaning that Waverly brought him back as a human as that is what Doc wanted. He wants a fresh start with everything and is about to kiss Wynonna until Nicole interrupts again as she wants to talk about it. Everyone is confused until she states that it’s the wedding.

In Old Souls, the Earp homestead is decked out for the wedding as Nicole loads the truck bed with flowers. Wynonna is panicking as the buttercream icing isn’t vegan, She needs everything to be perfect today since both of Waverly’s dads died here. Waverly emerges and they swoon happily. Wynonna remarks that the icing isn’t vegan, to which Waverly assures her that she made vegan cupcakes.

Waverly visits Doc at his trailer. She jumps out of her jeep and approaches with a saddle, Wyatt Earp’s, and gives it to Doc. She tells him that he’s a good person who is trying to be better every day which makes him the best man she’s ever known, asking him to be her best man today. He wonders about Wynonna but Waverly notes that she’s standing in with Nicole as they’re best friends. Doc says yes to being her best man while she runs off. Doc asks about the wedding dress, to which she admits it’s a vintage boutique.

At the homestead, Jeremy, Nicole, and Waverly wonder about the destruction of the wedding preparations. Waverly and Nicole enter the barn where they piece together that the dress is haunted. They pour over the files as they piece together a string of connections while wearing the dress. It was designed by Brigitte Hogback of Cursey’s Bridal Boutique, who is the same woman from the boutique still. In 1928, a Miss. He was left at the altar so she went crazy and killed everyone. Nicole relates to the feeling.

Jeremy enters the barn and interrupts Nicole and Waverly having sex, to which Jeremy thinks the caterer is a demon. The women reveal Damon is gay and not a demon, as Nicole tosses Waverly a gun to get rid of Bridgette. Wynonna and Doc bring Bridgette the worms she wanted but Bridgette knows that they’re earthworms. Waverly runs in and attacks Bridgette.

They free Wynonna of the dress and restrain Bridgette, who is confused over who is getting married since Wynonna wore the dress. Bridgette reveals that the dress attracts people who are in love and the wearer is only swayed because they’re in love. Waverly apologies to Bridgette for being left at the altar as everyone deserves love. At the homestead, Waverly has decided to wear a modified version of their mother’s wedding dress. Wynonna becomes emotional at the idea of her sister being married and the sister’s hug.

Nedley walks Nicole down the aisle where Jeremy is waiting to officiate. Nedley kisses Nicole's forehead and Doc stands where Waverly will, shaking Nicole's hand before he stands. Waverly and Wynonna walk down the aisle arm-in-arm as Nicole watches in awe. The sisters touch foreheads as Wynonna tells Waverly she is the best of them all. Nedley and Rachel take their seats while Jeremy begins the ceremony. The women hold hands to say vows while Jeremy wraps their hands in a string for a hand-fasting. Nicole says her vows and then Waverly recites hers. As the vows are said, Wynonna and Doc look at one another. As the ceremony takes place, empty chairs where those who have fallen or absent are shown. Jeremy finishes the ceremony and pronounces them married.

412 Promo3.jpg

A celebration commences of dancing and drinking. Rachel admits she’s never been to a wedding before and didn’t do a lot before she met them. She didn’t know what to get them so she wrote them a song. Billy watches Rachel perform among the other wedding-goers. Waverly throws her bouquet and Jeremy catches it. Wynonna gives her toast while Nedley toasts the wedding toppers. Doc hugs goodbye to the brides as Wynonna watches from the porch. He walks away and gets into his car and drives away.

Wynonna sits on the porch while everyone stands in front of her annoyed that she said no to Doc. She doesn’t think she can leave the Ghost River Triangle because she’s the heir, just as Waverly angrily storms out of the house and grabs Wynonna by the ear. She tells everyone off except Nicole for letting Wynonna ruin her life again for them. Waverly pulls Wynonna into the barn and throws things into a grocery bag, asking if Wynonna wants to go. She claims she wants to protect Waverly but Waverly refuses to accept that. She tells her to stop thinking she’s the only one who can handle Peacemaker and has to stop beating herself up. Waverly tells her that Nicole is going to do things differently so everyone regardless of species can coexist, with Jeremy the leader of BBD. Wynonna is reluctant to leave as she and Doc’s history is weird, but with Waverly’s help, realizes she really does love Doc. Waverly convinces her sister to leave Purgatory as her biggest fear is now that she will never leave. She assures Wynonna this is her home and she can come back anytime. They hug emotionally.

At the homestead, Nicole joins Waverly on the porch and puts her arm around her. Waverly knows Wynonna will be back, but wonders if Nicole wishes it were them going on an adventure. Nicole admits that she is here she always wanted to be - home, with her wife. Waverly repeats the sentiment and they touch foreheads. The mailbox once again says Earp, but added is “and Haught” “sometimes Holliday” and “everyone welcome”.


Wynonna Earp

Relationship: Sister (Purgatory) Wynonna left Purgatory when she was quite young, leaving Waverly behind. After being apart for three years Wynonna sees Waverly again on her 27th birthday. She is caught trying to seduce Waverly's boyfriend, Champ Hardy, for information. Waverly takes a shot at Wynonna before they both recognize each other. Waverly admittedly holds a grudge against Wynonna for leaving her alone in Purgatory, even though Wynonna believes it was for the best. Waverly believes they need to stand and fight, however, Wynonna is more interested in staying far away from Purgatory and the troubles attached to it. Wynonna follows Waverly's suggestion and locates Peacemaker, but is then shocked and frustrated when she learns Waverly has been researching the Earp curse. When Waverly is abducted Wynonna is both distraught and furious and goes to the homestead to save her. After rescuing Waverly from the Revenants she admits she will be staying in Purgatory.

The Earp sisters are stronger than ever heading into the next chapter of their lives, which includes Waverly worrying over her paternal lineage and if she's even an Earp. She ends up confirming that she's the half-sister of Wynonna, though this doesn't change anything about the sister's relationship as Wynonna assures her that she's an Earp and her sister. (Shed Your Skin) Things get messy with the demonic possession of Waverly. Though Wynonna doesn't notice the subtle changes in Waverly's personalities as the demon grows stronger within her, Nicole does and confronts Wynonna about them. Wynonna mistakes Nicole's concern for her wanting Waverly to change for her and wanting to control her so she ignores the girls' warnings.

(She Ain't Right-Let's Pretend We're Strangers)) By the time Wynonna realizes that something is wrong with Waverly, it's too late and the demon overcomes Waverly. After some mild possession swapping, Wynonna confronts the Brotherhood who is planning to kill Waverly in order to kill Mictian. She manages to reach Waverly by calling her strong, leaving Waverly enough time to break through Mictian's hold and allow Wynonna to expel the demon. With the demon sent back to Hell, Waverly confronts Wynonna with news by giving her a pregnancy test. She tells Wynonna that Mictian claiming that Wynonna's body was too "crowded". Wynonna finds out that she's expecting a child and Waverly supports her sister's decision to wait to tell Doc or anyone else.

(Whiskey Lullaby Hypnos puts everyone in Purgatory into a slumber for months, Wynonna's pregnancy is accelerated but Waverly never sways from her sister's side.

(No Future in the Past) Wynonna takes a spirited trip to the past to witness the creation of the Earp curse and the seals' locations. During this time, her body is left vulnerable and her enemies burn the church she is in. This affects her place in the past, leaving her visible to Bobo Del Rey, who is a human during this time and dying. He mistakes her for his "angel" and asks for her name as he'll protect her when he returns. She claims her name is "Waverly" and he promises to protect her. This is why Bobo always held a caring for Waverly and was adamant about protecting her all these years. During this, Waverly threw Wynonna a baby shower but Wynnona didn't show due to her vision quest.

(I See a Darkness) When The Widows plans affect Nicole and the woman almost dies, Wynonna and Waverly find themselves at odds on how to handle the infection that is slowly killing Nicole. Wynonna tries to convince Waverly to wait and let her handle things, but Waverly irrationally sides with Gretta. When it comes time for Gretta to collect her due, she casts a spell that makes Doc and Wynonna disappear, and everyone who ever knew them forgets they ever existed - including Waverly.

(Gone as a Girl Can Get) The new world without Wynonna is very wrong for everyone, including Waverly, who thinks she's an only child and hasn't accepted her sexuality yet. Doc reaches Waverly, desperate for help on retrieving Wynonna and their unborn child. Waverly initially doesn't believe Doc until he calls her "baby girl" the nickname Wynonna donned for her. Waverly is able to remember her life with Wynonna and concocts a plan that ultimately brings Wynonna back and restores the world to their normal.

(I Hope You Dance) After The Widows are defeated, Wynonna goes into labor which isn't easy due to Rosita's sudden betrayal that results in Waverly being knocked out. Waverly awakens just in time to save Wynonna, who commands Peacemaker from across the room to work for Waverly so the youngest Earp can fire off a warning shot. Now just the sisters, Waverly helps Wynonna give birth and spend a few precious moments with her daughter. Wynonna entrusts her daughter to Waverly to get to safety but makes her promise to let Doc have a moment with the baby. Waverly obliges and follows through with her sister's orders even though it pains her to give up her niece.

Nicole Haught

Relationship: Wife

(Keep the Home Fires Burning) Waverly meets Nicole for the first time at Shorty's. Nicole expresses interest in Waverly immediately, however, Waverly insists she is interested in guys and has a boyfriend. Nicole says that she's been there and describes it as the worst, but still leaves her a card to call her.

(Leavin' on Your Mind) After Waverly gives her presentation to Wynonna and Dolls, Nicole walks in to report on unusual activity and makes another glance at Waverly before leaving. She later goes to Shorty's to console Waverly over the death of Shorty. Just then that Waverly's boyfriend, Champ Hardy, appears and makes things slightly awkward for Nicole. She walks away and Champ says that there's something about her that he doesn't like.

(Walking After Midnight) Nicole and Wynonna have a few drinks together, and Nicole talks about Waverly spending her whole life catering to others and she probably can figure out what she wants. Wynonna thinks that Waverly should hang out with her, to which Nicole agrees. Later, at the Homestead, while Waverly walks Chrissy Nedley inside, she smiles and waves and Nicole, who waves back.

(Two-Faced Jack) Waverly, Doc and Dolls visit Nicole who is recovering at the hospital. Dolls asks her what was the last thing she remembered seeing. Under the effects of morphine, she blurts out, "Waverly Earp, smiling at me from her front porch." Nicole is slightly embarrassed and Waverly is confused.

(Bury Me With My Guns On) Waverly realizes her feelings for Nicole. After an uncomfortable encounter, Waverly visits Nicole at the Police Station and kisses her. Nicole is confused and steps back. Waverly tells her how she feels and they kiss again, officially beginning their romantic relationship.

(House of Memories) Willa, Waverly's sister, walks in on Waverly and Nicole kissing. Champ notices them together and walks up to Nicole, accuses her of "stealing his girl", and makes a couple of homophobic comments.

(I Walk the Line) Willa threatens to shoot Nicole, calling her 'Waverly's girlfriend'. Waverly begs Wynonna to give Willa the Peacemaker, stating she loves Nicole. Willa shoots Nicole and Waverly rushes to her side, relieved to find out she is wearing a bulletproof vest. Waverly and Nicole kiss before Waverly leaves to help Wynonna stop Willa.

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(Steel Bars and Stone Walls) Waverly reunites with Nicole at the Earp homestead. While treating the bruise, Waverly kisses Nicole and they try to take it further until Nicole's bruise makes it painful. Nicole says Waverly tastes different (Their first kiss after she absorbed black fluid). Nicole is deeply concerned about Waverly's personality changes and hopes that deep down inside she's still "her Waverly". Waverly assures her that she is.

(Shed Your Skin) Nicole and Waverly's relationship has been somewhat tense because of Nicole being kept out Black Badge Division and Waverly's changes in personality (caused by her being possessed by the Mictian). The two briefly kiss at Earp homestead but are interrupted by Wynonna. Wynonna talks about it, and Waverly states that it's for Nicole's protection and admits that she would die inside if anything happened to her. At the end, Nicole shows up at the Earp homestead. She makes up with Waverly and they both agree that the worst part of a relationship is the fighting. She then gives Waverly some papers that could help her discover whether or not she's truly an Earp. They then end up having make-up sex in Waverly's room.

(Gonna Getcha Good) Waverly performs a dance for Nicole in her head cheerleader uniform. The two talk about how Nicole will be busy all weekend long. Waverly attempts one more cheer for Nicole but they are interrupted by Wynonna. Later, Waverly meets Nicole at the school's homecoming. She openly kisses Nicole until Nicole breaks it off, telling Waverly "not in uniform, not in public". Waverly says those reasons aren't good enough. When Nicole arrest Tucker Gardener, Waverly tries to warn Nicole of Gardener's status but she tells Waverly off. Nicole later confides in Wynonna about Waverly's changes. She worries that Waverly is becoming more cold and hard, and her sweetness is what Nicole loves about her.

(Let's Pretend We're Strangers) After the Mictian transferred from Waverly to Wynonna, the now-possessed Wynonna arrives at the police station and sees Nicole Haught. When Nicole asks her where Waverly is, Dark Wynonna lied that she is sick (She was actually tied up and gagged to a chair at the Homestead). Nicole is skeptical because she had spoken to Waverly last night and she was fine. Mictian tells Nicole that Waverly needs space and that she's no longer the "White picket fence in Purgatory girl" that Nicole wants her to be. Insulted, Nicole walks away. Wynonna tells the Mictian that Nicole didn't deserve to hear that. The Mictian replies with, "What? The truth?" Later, Waverly talks to Wynonna, who is in a prison. Dark Wynonna taunts Waverly's relationship with Nicole, stating that Nicole is boring, unlike her. Waverly then forces the Mictian to return to her body. Waverly then walks in to the Homestead barn and finds Nicole. After Nicole tells Waverly that she was worried, Dark Waverly pretends to break down and tells Nicole that Wynonna is possessed. Nicole promises to protect her just when Wynonna walks in. Wynonna tries to convince Nicole that the demon is in Waverly, but she doesn't believe her. She finally does after Dark Waverly tells Nicole to shoot Wynonna, something that the real Waverly would never say. The Mictian calls Nicole "weak" and knocks her out. Wynonna eventually manages to get the flask inside Waverly and the Mictian is forced out and killed. Nicole wakes up and rushes to Waverly's side. Waverly is still shocked that she told Nicole to shoot her sister. Nicole confesses that she almost did, and that she would shoot anyone for her. They then share a passionate kiss. As Wynonna walks Waverly back into the house, Nicole mentions the nasty things that she said. Wynonna replies that it was the demon talking and that she doesn't believe "all of it", which confuses Nicole.

(Whiskey Lullaby) Nicole and Waverly are both happy that the latter is cured of her possession. While making out in Waverly's room, Nicole comments that she tastes like "her Waverly" again. But Nicole still wonders what times when she was Waverly and when she was not. Waverly reassures her that all the times they were together, she was herself, because she remembers every second, touch and kiss. (This is not actually true, as her kissing Nicole at the School's Homecoming was the Mictian.)

(No Future in the Past) While Waverly and Nicole are playing pool at Shorty's, Waverly brings up that she has submitted a DNA test to find out once and for all if she's truly an Earp. She expects them to arrive at the Police Department. Nicole appears troubled by this and tells Waverly that she has not seen the results yet. Rosita then appears and asks them to help throw Wynonna a baby shower. After a round of drinks, Waverly stumbles onto Nicole's handbag and, to her shock, finds the DNA results. She immediately confronts Nicole about this, who had looked at the results. Nicole tells Waverly that she did it because she loves her and because she wanted to protect her. Waverly insists that she's not a child and doesn't need protection. She also guesses from Nicole's face that she isn't an Earp either and walks away to look at the results herself.

(Forever Mine Nevermind) Waverly and Nicole are still fighting after the previous episode. The two are together when Beth Gardner regains consciousness and fight about handling Tucker Gardner. To get away from it all, Waverly goes to a spa with her new friend Rosita where she drunkenly initiates a kiss towards Rosita. The two immediately regret the kiss. Despite cheating on her and sending a mean text, Waverly decides to talk with Nicole and possibly make things right.

(I See a Darkness) The episode begins where the previous episode left off with Nicole being attacked by Widow Mercedes Gardner, who is looking for the Third Seal. Waverly arrives not long after and quickly rushes to Nicole's aid. After a brief scuffle, Mercedes bites into Nicole's arm and escapes. Waverly quickly calls 9-1-1. After Nicole is rushed to the hospital, Waverly is distraught after learning that Nicole's condition is critical and she will die unless a cure is found quickly. She confesses to Wynonna about her kiss with Rosita, to which she replies that one kiss is not that terrible. Before being sedated, Nicole sincerely apologizes to Waverly for hiding the DNA test and lets her know that she's never loved anyone the way she loves Waverly. Waverly is not yet ready to say goodbye, however and promises Nicole that she will make it and jokes about having a "Sorry Party" when it is all over. Waverly later meets Nicole's wife, Dr. Shae Pressman. Waverly is shocked that Nicole is married and wonders why she didn't tell her. Shae tells her that she and Nicole married in Las Vegas on a fever, but after a while, things cooled down and they separated. She reassures Waverly that it wasn't real and that Nicole truly loves her. Waverly comments about how she tried to keep Nicole out of danger, to which Shae replies that if she truly believed that she could, then she doesn't know Nicole at all. In desperation, Waverly makes deals with The Iron Witch and Widow Beth to save Nicole. She succeeds, but at the cost of betraying Wynonna's trust.

(Gone as a Girl Can Get) The episode takes place in an alternate reality. In this parallel universe, Waverly never got together with Nicole, who became Sheriff of Purgatory after Nedley's death, and is instead engaged to Perry Crofte, although she still appears to have feelings for Nicole and harbors some doubt. After Doc is killed, Waverly tells Nicole that she's been hearing the name of Wynonna and Doc mentioning the Iron Witch. They decide to pay her a visit. The Iron Witch conjures up a reversal spell where Waverly and Nicole briefly recall Wynonna. Waverly remembers that her sister's disappearance is her fault. She says that she betrayed Wynonna because of her love for Nicole, which puts a smile on Nicole's face. The gang decides to destroy the trophy to reverse the spell. They eventually find it at the barn. Nicole tells Waverly that she'll follow her wherever she goes and they share a kiss before destroying the trophy. With everything back to normal, Nicole continues to apologizing to Waverly, who responds by kissing her.

(I Hope You Dance) Nicole drives Waverly and Wynonna's newborn baby, Alice Michelle Earp, to the edge of the Ghost River triangle. Waverly carries the child over the line and they are both unharmed, revealing that neither of them are part Revenant. Nicole is happy, but Waverly is confused and asks Nicole what she is if neither an Earp nor a Revenant. Nicole replies that she is extraordinary and kisses her. While walking back to the car, Waverly asks Nicole about the divorce, to which she replies that she's working on it. The episode ends with Waverly drinking coffee with Jeremy and Dolls while Nicole is in her car looking at the divorce papers and the files about Bulshar. She walks over and kisses Waverly.

(Blood Red and Going Down) Waverly and Nicole first appear stationed outside of Pussy Willows, ready to shoot the Revenants that Wynonna lures out from the bar. They try to kiss, but are interrupted by Wynonna. In the next day, they wake up next to each other, having seemingly worked through their problems (Waverly on Nicole being married, and Nicole on Waverly kissing Rosita). Waverly hears Wynonna fighting Doc in the barn, and she confronts Wynonna about it. Then, they are approached by Nicole, who tells them there is a case.

A mass murder has occurred in Pussy Willows. While investigating the mass murder, Nicole endures the makings of a panic attack, much to Waverly's concern. While taking a breather in the bathroom, Waverly and Nicole both fall under the spell of the vampire Petra. They knock out and trap Wynonna in a coffin as an offering to Bulshar.

The glamoured Waverly and Nicole and Jeremy enter the vampire party, which Wynonna, freed by Dolls crashes. Wynonna kills Petra, which frees Waverly and Nicole from the glamour, and after a fight they end up staking almost all of the vampires.

(When You Call My Name) Waverly falls into the clutches of a mountain man Revenant intent on dismembering, cooking, and eating her in lieu of more sporty fare. Nicole is concerned for Waverly, so sets out to find out. She drives by the wreckage, and starts piecing together the story.

(Colder Weather)Dolls is dead, and Wynonna is drowning her sorrows in whiskey, as is her usual. It's a hard time for everyone, except for the funeral director, who swooped in to sell Waverly and Nicole some overpriced coffins. Cashing in on the ashes. While trawling through his personal effects, Waverly and Nicole find an envelope Dolls addressed to Wynonna with the express orders to open after his death.

(Jolene)Everyone ends up at the saloon for a huge party that ultimately becomes a huge brawl. Jolene is driving wedges left and right between our team. First, she lets Wynonna know that Doc is actually married to the Contessa, which gets her hackles up. Then she starts flirting with Nicole in front of Waverly, and Waverly gets right pissed. There's a brawl, incited by Michelle and Wynonna, and the two are thrown in jail. While there, they essentially detox from the cookies, and come to their senses. Jolene makes one more pitstop to see Nicole, and put the moves on her. When Nicole rebuffs her, Jolene locks her in a closet.

(If We Make It Through December)Nicole is invited to Earp's Christmas dinner.

(Waiting Forever For You)Jeremy, Robin, Nicole and Waverly are having a lovely double date at the Earp residence. The dinner is only slightly troubled by Robin's erratic and unexpected behavior — licking a potato, talking in circles, etc. — and by Nicole having found Bulshar's ring — the ring she threw away. And Waverly thought Nicole is proposing to her. When Clootie enters, Nicole panics and throws out Bulshar's ring thinking that's what the demon is looking for. Waverly snags it and puts it on her finger, and it grants her super strength, which she uses to give flight to the demon.

(Undo It)Jeremy has been doing some scans of the forest, with Robin's help, and may have picked up on Bulshar's 20. He calls in some help from Waverly and Nicole. Waverly, Nicole and Jeremy track down Bobo, who was similarly bewitched and wake him up. They wake him up first from the dream world, then in the world-world. On the other hand, Waverly and Nicole and Jeremy have gotten closer to finding Wynonna, who's stuck inside all those branches.

(Daddy Lessons) Charlie takes Waverly to the greenhouse, where there's a really creepy stone angel. Just looking at them. This is perfectly harmless. To bide the time, the two decide to trade stories. Waverly talks about Nicole, and how much she loves her.

(War Paint) While Nicole is looking for a missing Waverly at Mercedes' palace, Bulshar's goons drop in and start wreaking havoc. They eventually reunite at the Homestead, where Waverly proposes to her, giving her Julian's ring. Before Nicole can answer, they are called into the house.

(On the Road Again) Now separated from one another through worlds, Nicole is desperate to find her girlfriend so she can answer Waverly's proposal. She teams up with Wynonna to find Waverly, who has crossed into the Garden of Eden with Doc. Nicole admits that she was proposed to but refuses to tell Wynonna the answer before she tells Waverly. Once at the BBD station they believe has a secondary portal, Wynonna stumbles into a room filled with grates and steps on one that begins to give way. Wynonna tells Nicole to save Waverly and find the portal. Nicole refuses to allow that as she's in this fight. She then shoves Wynonna off the grate, only to fall down the seemingly endless hole. Meanwhile, in Eden, Doc finds a woman in a circle that is Nicole and she greets Doc as Nicole would.

(Friends in Low Places) The woman, who is not Nicole but rather Eve, a shapeshifter parading as Nicole, is trapped in the circle by a tree and wants to see Waverly. Waverly is ecstatic at the idea of Nicole being there remarking that she's missed her. When Eve is freed the women kiss on the plain, only for Waverly to note that she tastes like sulfur and realizes that Eve isn't really Nicole. Doc and Waverly fight off not-Nicole.

402 Wayhaught.png

In the Earthly plane, the real Nicole is injured from her fall but determined to help Wynonna through the portal. They planned to go together but Nicole's broken leg prevents her from going through. She tells Wynonna that she'll be waiting for her back in Purgatory and that only she can do this - it has to be Wynonna. It was always going to be her. Wynonna makes Rachel promise not to leave Nicole alone before running through the gate. She slides into the snow just as the portal slams shut but Nicole manages to throw Julian's ring through. Wynonna uses the ring to help encourage Waverly to return to Purgatory and leave her post in the Garden, reminding her that she's not just the Guardian but an Earp - and it's time to get up and give the ring back to Nicole. Waverly obliges and the trio escapes Eden with Waverly awakening near the homestead and running off to find Nicole. She is shot at by a very angry Nicole wielding a gun. She sees Waverly and they embrace tightly happy to be reunited. They kiss and go inside where they have sex on the floor and later the stairs of the Earp homestead. Nicole and Waverly kiss and flirt as they exchange I love you's. Waverly comments on Nicole's long hair and the fact she got extensions, but Nicole states she just grew it out. Waverly is confused but Nicole is infatuated with Waverly relishing in having her back, noting that her laugh sounds like Christmas. She loves her so much and missed her. Waverly then learns that a year and a half have passed since Nicole broke her leg and the women were separated.

403 Wayhaught.png

(Look at Them Beans) As they adjust to being in each other's lives again, Waverly begins to notice that things have changed around the homestead - and with Nicole. While they spend as much time together as possible, Nicole's guilt over not finding Waverly sooner is evident. Waverly and Nicole discuss what happened while she was gone into their bedroom. Nicole missed her and Waverly notes that her closet has been reorganized by Nicole. That night, when all the fighting is over, Waverly and Nicole kiss in bed. Waverly tells her about the garden trying to fool her with fake-Nicole but assures her that she wasn't swayed. A noise startles Nicole which Waverly knows is Wynonna getting her midnight snack. She asks Nicole about her year and a half but Nicole is too distracted and hurries off to check the traps but agrees to let Waverly come with her.

Champ Hardy

Relationship: Ex-Boyfriend

It is discovered that Champ is Waverly's boyfriend in Purgatory while Wynonna is interrogating Champ on the mysterious death of her uncle Curtis. Waverly barges into the room with a shotgun while Wynonna is straddling Champ, holding a knife to his neck. After Waverly discovers that it is Wynonna on top of Champ the sisters go and talk on the main street where Wynonna calls Champ a man-child after Waverly jokes about her trying to sleep with him.

In Leavin' on Your Mind, Champ approaches Waverly and repeatedly kisses her cheek while Waverly is talking with Nicole after Shorty's death. Champ attempts to be possessive of Waverly which makes Nicole uncomfortable however Waverly still reaches for Nicoles hands even though Champ has his arms wrapped around her. After Nicole leaves Champ expresses that he does not like Nicole.

In Constant Cravings, Champ assists Waverly with the items that Waverly's uncle Curtis left to Wynonna and Waverly. After Waverly finds a riddle left to her by her uncle, her and Champ head to Shorty's to decipher it however Waverly is the one doing all the work while Champ plays pool. When Waverly solves the riddle Champ hopes that the reward is a million dollars so he and Waverly could move to Buenos Aires and open a bar however the reward is actually a dead man's skull with a note that tells Waverly that she is now the keeper of the bones. Champ makes a crude joke about how Waverly will always be the keeper of his boner. Waverly finds this offensive and is sick of his immaturity so she breaks up with him.

Champ appears again in House of Memories, where he approaches Nicole after seeing a flirty exchange between Nicole and Waverly, who are now in a relationship. Obviously drunk, he calls their relationship disgusting and accuses Nicole of stealing Waverly from him. Nicole tells him that Waverly is nobody's property and to keep his voice down. Champ ignores her and draws the attention of Sheriff Nedley, Chrissy Nedley and Waverly who are walking down the stairs where he outs Nicole and Waverly's relationship. He starts foaming at the mouth, from the poisoned Champagne, and advances towards Waverly after she asks him if he has taken any drugs. He approaches Waverly aggressively but he is stopped by Nedley and as he turns around Nicole punches him in the face and handcuffs him.

Doc Holliday

Relationship: friend, colleague

Xavier Dolls

Relationship: friend, colleague

Jeremy Chetri

Relationship: friend, colleague

Bobo Del Rey

Relationship: guardian/childhood 'imaginary' friend/kin.

Physical Appearance

Waverly has long brown hair that she describes as "hair for days". She is relatively short, muscular, and has mixed eyes (green, blue, and brown) that sometimes seem to change color. Her style could be described as openly feminine.

Skills and abilities

  • Intellect - Waverly has studied the history of the Earp family, demon lore and a multitude of other subjects which make her a valued member of the Black Badge Division.
  • Multilingualism - Waverly stated that she is fluent in four languages, including English, Latin, and possibly Norwegian.
  • Excellent memory
  • Voracious reader
  • Angel powers- the power to render people unconscious by putting her hands on them. She used this power on Doc to render him unconscious
  • Flight - Waverly was shown spreading her wings.


  • Demon powers - While possessed by Mictian, Waverly was granted many demonic abilities. Waverly's eyes would turn black when taken over and she wouldn't remember anything the demon did afterwards. When being temporarily possessed by the Mictian, Waverly had unique abilities such as being able to intimidate a soul-devouring demon, super strength, and regeneration of her own flesh.


  • Shotgun - Waverly is seen using a shotgun to protect herself from mercenaries and Revenants.
  • Escrima sticks - In Forever Mine Nevermind, Waverly is seen training with Wynonna using escrima sticks. She uses them again in I See a Darkness, when defending Nicole from Widow Mercedes, though in this episode, she made the sticks herself by breaking a longer wooden stick in half.
  • Dragunov sniper rifle - In the Blood Red and Going Down, Waverly is seen on the roof of strip club Pussy Willows with Nicole wielding a Dragunov sniper rifle while waiting for Wynonna to draw the revenants out of the club. Nicole comments that Waverly doesn't even like using the Dragunov because it "lacks grace" clearly jealous that Waverly gets to use the sniper rifle while Nicole has to use her regular pistol. Waverly comments that she does not need grace, she just needs "steely, Soviet precision" in order to take out the revenants.
  • Bulshar's ring - Waverly had Bulshar's ring stuck to her finger after putting it on and using to protect herself and Nicole from an undead Constance Clootie in Waiting Forever For You. With the ring, she killed a revenant, healed Mercedes Gardner's face, controlled Bulshar's severed arm, making it choke the revenant, One Armed Clint, whom it was attached to and brought Julian back to life. In Undo It, when Bobo saw the ring on Waverly's finger, he called it her father's ring, insinuating that the ring belongs to Julian. This was confirmed in The Other Woman, when Kevin revealed to Waverly and Wynonna that Julian was, in fact, the original owner of the ring. She explained that Bulshar took it from him, and that the ring has found its way back to Waverly. In Daddy Lessons, her father takes it back but in War Paint, he hands it back to her, telling her she'll need it.

Former Equipment

  • Peacemaker - In I Hope You Dance, Waverly was seen being able to use Peacemaker for unknown reasons. When Waverly used Peacemaker, the gun's light turned from orange to blue. After she fires it, she comments on how nice the gun is and Peacemaker burns her causing her to drop it and say "Make up your mind!"


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  • Her parents wanted to name her “Welcome”.[1]
  • Had a childhood imaginary friend, that was actually Bobo, who convinced her to bury a totem that allowed revenants on the Earp land.
  • Named her former childhood pet 'Pikachu the hamster'.
  • Owns a Red Jeep.
  • Fights with a shotgun.
  • In The Blade she reveals that she has a four-year degree via correspondence in Ancient Cultures and Languages.
  • Her favorite food is sweet & sour soup with a dollop of peanut butter but tells people instead, it's lasagna. In Let's Pretend We're Strangers, we learn that Dolls knew her foodie secret.
  • Curtis bequeathed her a non-human skull and with the help of the Blacksmith, was made "keeper of the bones".
  • Items on her bucket list include: skydiving at 15,000 ft., eating geoduck, swimming far enough into the ocean so she can't see the bottom, and Nicole Haught.
  • Was under the influence of Mictian for a total of 7 weeks.
  • While possessed by Mictian, she was known among fans as Gooverly or Dark Waverly.
  • Relationship with Nicole is referred to as WayHaught by fans and Jeremy.
  • Throughout the show, Waverly had doubts about being an Earp, but after a DNA test, she finds out that she was right. She verbally expresses this in I Hope You Dance. However it had never been outwardly said for two seasons, if she's the biological daughter of Michelle Gibson but not Ward Earp.
    • It was also hinted that Waverly could be half revenant (Bobo Del Rey being the most likely candidate for her father), but in I Hope You Dance, Waverly finally crosses the boundary of the Ghost River Triangle and doesn't experience the "hell on earth" pain, meaning she is not part revenant, although when questioned by Doc later, Bobo says that he never said that Waverly was his daughter, just that she was kin.
    • We find out that Waverly's father is in fact Charlie, her sister Wynonna's ex, having lost his memory, until Waverly brought them back using his ring.
  • Waverly is the aunt of Wynonna's daughter, Alice Michelle Earp.
  • Was 3 when her mother, Michelle Gibson, left and 5 when her father died.
  • Was voted nicest person in Purgatory and won a sash for it.[1]
  • She is a gifted singer. This is demonstrated in She Ain't Right.
  • Waverly was head cheerleader and prom queen in high school.[2]
  • According to the official Wynonna Earp Character Guide, Waverly's drink of choice is a vodka soda with a squeeze of lime.
  • Can speak four languages fluently.[3]
  • Was once hit by a tranquiliser dart and still made it to band practice.[3]
  • In Steel Bars and Stone Walls, when Waverly is using an English accent undercover, Nicole, who is overhearing, tells her "that is the worst British accent I've ever heard". Dominique Provost-Chalkley, who plays Waverly Earp, is in fact British and grew up in the city of Bristol, in South-West England. Their English accent is real (though their real accent isn't so exaggeratedly posh).
  • Dominique Provost-Chalkley has said that their personal favorite episode from Season 3 is Jolene.
  • Like the actress Dominique Provost-Chalkley, Waverly is vegan.
  • Waverly is half angel.
  • Her father lost his memory the day of her birth, as he was pushed outside the Ghost River Triangle by her legal father, Ward Earp. However, over 20 years later, in Daddy Lessons, Waverly helps him regain his memories.