Overview Edit

Witches are normal human beings who has studied and trained in the art of Witchcraft and developed magical abilities.

Types of WitchesEdit

  • White Witches - White Witches are witches who practice benevolent magic and use their powers for good
  • Black/Dark Witches - Dark Witches are witches who use black, malevolent magic for evil deeds.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Magic(k) - Witches harness the energy of the work and manipulate reality to their will using spells and chants.


Spells are specific actions used to manipulate reality to a witches will, spells can be used for a multitude of tasks.

Known SpellsEdit

  • ZOMBIE RESURRECTION - A spell used by Constance Clootie to raise the dead as zombies to attack the Homestead and retrieve the skull of her son, Drek.
    • Incantation - TBA
    • Actions - None
    • Requirements - athame, freshly dead corpses
  • MEMORY WIPE - Constance Clootie used a unknown spell to erase the memories of Willa Earp.
    • Incantation - None
    • Actions - The caster exhales on the victims head and a cloud of teal energy appears the signify the spell is complete.
    • Requirements - None
  • BINDING - Use by The Blacksmith to bind Waverly Earp to the skull of the Stone Witch son. Similarly with Doc which Immortality is bind with the Stone Witch sharing her Immortality.

Known WitchesEdit