"Ain't no such thing as devils, only men and the good and evil they do in the world."
― Wyatt Earp to Doc Holliday

Wyatt Earp was a famous gunslinger and is the ancestor of Willa and Wynonna Earp. He had a famous gun, a Colt Buntline Special, that he christened Peacemaker. He and his family became cursed after he killed Bulshar and Constance Clootie's sons. Part of the curse is that after his death, the 77 people he killed, resurrected as revenants and the only way to send them back to hell is by shooting them between the eyes with Peacemaker. To break the curse, his descendants have to kill all 77 revenants before they die, or else they will resurrect again.



  • He was best friends with Doc Holliday and Robert Svane.
  • Several facts about Wyatt Earp in reality are:
    • He was married 4 times (though this fact has been disputed over the years).
    • He never had any children (though one of his wives, Urilla Sutherland died while pregnant).
    • Parents names were Nicholas Porter Earp and Virginia Ann Cooksey.
    • He had several siblings: Newton, Mariah Ann, James, Virgil, Martha, Morgan, Warren, Virginia Ann, and Adelia Douglas Earp.
    • The Earp family is of both English and Scots-Irish descent.