"The curse may be over, but you know what, our enemies won’t stop coming just because we want them to. And I know you want what I want: to keep kicking evil ass. Enough bullshit. I do what needs to be done ‘cause I’m a hero, and you know what, sometimes, that makes me a killer."
―  Wynonna EarpHoly War Part Two

Wynonna Earp is the last heir of the Earp line's curse, the daughter of the late Ward Earp and Michelle Gibson, the sister of the late Willa Earp, and half-sister of Waverly Earp. She was a member of the Black Badge Division and is the love interest of Doc Holliday, with whom she had a child she named Alice Michelle.


Early life

Wynonna Earp was born on September 12, 1989, the second of Michelle's three children. She is one of the two born Heirs of the Earp line, alongside her older sister Willa. She accidentally shot and killed her father, Ward when she was 12 while trying to stop an attack on her family by the Seven. With her father dead and her older sister presumed dead, Wynonna went on to have a very difficult early life, being committed to St. Victoria's psychiatric facility when she tried to tell her story about the demons that attacked their home. She went through multiple arrests, at least 8 foster homes, and at least 3 stints in a juvenile prison before leaving Purgatory when she became of age.

She returned for her uncle Curtis' funeral which happened to be on her 27th birthday (27 is the age at which the powers of the Heir begin) and was reunited with her younger sister Waverly as well as her aunt, Gus. When Black Badge Division Deputy Marshall Xavier Dolls finds Wynonna and confirms that she is not and was not crazy, that demons are real and he happens to be part of an organization that hunts them, she finally accepts the moniker of The Heir and agrees to hunt down and kill Revenants (that is, 77 men and women her great-great-grandfather Wyatt killed with Peacemaker almost a century and a half ago) as well as pursues a vendetta against the Seven (the seven specific Revenants who attacked her family and put her in a situation wherein she accidentally shot her father when trying to save them).

Season 1

In Purgatory, Wynonna finally decided to return to her hometown upon hearing of her uncle Curtis' death, traveling on an overnight Bluntline bus to attend his funeral, coincidentally scheduled on her birthday. Close to midnight when near Purgatory, the bus is forced to stop due to a sudden flat tire. While the bus driver tries to fix it, one of the passengers (Kiersten) decides to pee outside, as the bathroom was occupied and she really had to go. Wynonna had developed a rapport with this passenger and she warns Kiersten that it's dangerous to leave the bus, but Kiersten exits despite Wynonna's protests. Strange roaring noises come from the woods and scare the driver and other passengers into wanting to leave immediately. Wynonna objects because they "can't just leave her out there!" but the driver and passengers insist. Disgusted and hearing Kiersten's screams, Wynonna storms out of the bus and the bus leaves. She walks further into the woods, looking to hopefully save Kiersten, but finds her severed head shoved on a stake in the ground. The creature that presumably killed and decapitated Kiersten begins to surround Wynonna as her phone rings with a happy birthday message from Waverly, announcing it is midnight and officially Wynonna's 27th birthday. Her status as the Earp Heir is activated and she defeats the humanoid, later revealed to be a Revenant.

By the time she walks into town, it is morning already. Calling in Kiersten's death but destroying her sim card after refusing to give her name, Wynonna arrives late to her uncle's funeral, catching only the end of Gus's eulogy. Asking around and finding the circumstances of his death suspicious, she decides to investigate despite Gus's protests and disdain.

Wynonna heads to Shorty's, an eponymous local bar owned by an old friend, and talks to Shorty about what happened in the woods. After she goes to play pool and a local who seems to be an old acquaintance, Carl, starts hassling her about her heritage, mentioning that she's "cursed". A handsome boy-man who turns out to be someone named Champ steps in and diffuses the situation by hitting on Wynonna and causing Carl to leave. Champ and Wynonna flirt with each other, though Wynonna's intentions are clear to the viewer, she's playing him, and they head upstairs to Champ's apartment above the bar. Wynonna seduces him into a compromising position before pulling a blade on him and grilling him about the death of Curtis. Champ apparently was working with Curtis at the time of his death and was the one to have found Curtis' body. Suddenly, a girl kicks down the door and delivers a one-liner along with a shotgun blast aimed at Wynonna. After hearing Wynonna say, "Worst birthday ever!" she recognizes her sister, whom she hasn't seen in three years.

Leaving Champ behind to do some sister-sister catching up, with Wynonna pointing out that she could do better than the boy, Wynonna and Waverly exit the bar and begin to walk down the street when a man comes up behind Wynonna and she pulls a knife on him. He informs her that his name is Deputy Marshall Dolls and he's part of something called the Black Badge Division but is extremely vague on the details of his job or why he's interested in talking to Wynonna. After meeting with Dolls, Wynonna heads out to the Earp Homestead that she hasn't seen since the night she killed her father, and finds a newly written note that says "Welcome home Wynonna". Seeing the note, she agrees, "Waverly's right. We need that gun." She retrieves it from where she threw it all those years ago, the bottom of their well, and heads to Waverly's apartment. Having left the rope she used to descend in the well, she unwittingly also released Doc Holliday who'd been trapped in the well, hiding in a nook further in, for over a century. They met for the first time at Shorty's soon after.

Back at Waverly's, finding Waverly absent, Wynonna pokes around and finds a wall plastered with a plethora of research on the Earps and the curse, all hidden behind a curtain. Wynonna expresses her displeasure when Waverly arrives, yelling at her to forget everything and just come away with Wynonna to start anew. Waverly refuses vehemently and tells Wynonna she's disappointed in her.

Later in the bar, Wynonna is drinking when a man dressed in classic western wear and a smooth southern drawl asks to look at Peacemaker, doing so even after Wynonna says no. He speaks with a strange turn of phrase and insinuates personal knowledge of Wyatt Earp. Wynonna is suspicious but he returns Peacemaker and Wynonna leaves, heading to Gus'.

Wynonna soon arrives at Gus's to say goodbye but finds Gus beaten on the porch. Gus tells her "they" took Waverly, that [Wynonna] will fix this, and, "he said tomorrow, high noon". Wynonna turns to find "BRING THE GUN" written in blood on the window behind her.

High noon at the Earp Homestead, Wynonna arrives to find Waverly standing on a stool with a noose around her neck. Three Revenants (Carl from the bar, the man who killed Kiersten, and one other; Wynonna recognized all three and believed all her life they were locals) have kidnapped her sister and are using her for leverage to get Peacemaker in exchange. Wynonna leaves her gun on the motorcycle on which she rode in, and once a Revenant goes to retrieve it, she detonates a charge on the bike, blowing him up. She then fights the other Revenants, eventually shooting them in the head with Peacemaker and sending them back to hell, though at one point a shot rings out from somewhere unseen, protecting Wynonna. She assumes it to be Dolls and he takes credit for it, but it's clear that it wasn't him.

In Keep the Home Fires Burning, Wynonna heads into a nightclub as a consultant deputy of the Black Badge Division. Dolls gave her a speech about how to behave in public, including being discreet, and also gave her a standard government issue gun in place of Peacemaker, even though she insisted the only Peacemaker can put a Revenant down for good.

In the night club, she spots the Revenant and, knowing he's caught, bites a woman's fingers off before Wynonna shoots him. Dolls has burst in, concerned about the gunfire, and when Wynonna turns back after talking with him, she notices the Revenant she shot has fled.

The next day Wynonna, Waverly, and Gus are at Shorty's when the Revenant from the previous day shows up. He tries to grab Peacemaker but begins screaming in pain and convulsing when he touches it. Wynonna realizes that peacemakers can't be held by a Revenant hand. She takes her gun back and sends him (apparently named Red) to hell.

The man who'd spoken so strangely and seemed out of his time at the bar where he spoke to Wynonna is revealed to be the one who climbed out of the well, and his allegiance seems to lie with the Revenants, though tenuous. In exchange for information he wants desperately he agrees to rob Waverly's apartment (he does) and then ends up tossing a journal of Waverly's into the darkness when a creature demands an item of the intended target lest it eats him.

Back at the Homestead, Wynonna is talking to Dolls on the phone when it suddenly gets very dark though it is mid-afternoon, and they decide it's a Revenant's doing. Thanks to some investigating by Dolls spurred by a wind chime he found hanging in the homestead, it's revealed that their home is built on a bedrock of ammonite, a mineral supposed to prevent evil spirits from coming onto the property. Clearly, it is not working and it hasn't worked since the night Wynonna killed her father, and it is discovered this is due to a talisman having been buried on the property to negate the power of the ammonite. Following some memories, Waverly figures out that her childhood imaginary friend Bobo urged her to bury something in their yard near the grave of their hamster, and they realize that a) what Waverly buried was the talisman that allowed the Seven to assault the homestead that night and b) Waverly's "imaginary" friend is not imaginary but rather a Revenant. Wynonna kills the Revenant responsible for making it dark, the same one sent after Waverly by the man who hurled Waverly's journal into the darkness after Waverly uses her knowledge from years of research to figure out the Revenant is Killer Miller and he wears an "old-timey bullet-proof vest" so he can't be shot from the front. After, they dig up the talisman and hurl it off the property, sending another Revenant present sailing through the air with it.

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Season 2

In Steel Bars and Stone Walls, Coming Soon

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Season 3

In Blood Red and Going Down, Wynonna is getting drunk in Pussy Willows, riding a mechanical bull. When she is kicked out of the bar, Revenants surround her, and taunts her about her dead baby. Furious, Wynonna fights the band of Revenants, and defeats a few of them before high-fiving and kissing Dolls on the cheek, who is dressed as a Revenant. She comments on how the diversion worked to protect her baby.</nowiki>

Sheriff Nedley, under the glamor spell of a vampire, permits a van-load of vampires into Purgatory. At the same time, unsuspecting Purgatory bar patrons are massacred and were rearranged in special configurations as an offering to Bulshar. While investigating the mass murder, Nicole endures the makings of a panic attack, much to Waverly's concern. While taking a breather in the bathroom, Nicole falls under the spell of vampire Petra, who also bedazzles Waverly.

Doc wakes up in a bar, from a nightmare. He finds Jeremy in his basement, and pink fog envelops the place. Both of them traverse upstairs to find the entire bar massacred by vampires. Doc is captured by the vampires; Jeremy is converted.

Dolls nearly falls for it as well, but because of his reptilian DNA is able to fend it off; Doc is abducted, tied up, and thrown into the vampire van, and nearly shanghaied into vampire service by Contessa, who has a history with Doc, before escaping. Wynonna, after seeing pink fog come from the barn, enters and kills a vampire in there, and when she returns to her household to warn Waverly, Nicole and Jeremy, she ends up being knocked out by the glamoured trio and thrown into a coffin, ready to be served up to Bulshar as an offering.

However, Dolls finds Wynonna in the basement of the house, and together they fashion stakes from chairs, which they use to vanquish almost all of the vampires during an impromptu party-crashing.

Once Petra is taken down, the spell is broken and Wynonna's team throws down. They save the head vampire for last, and Wynonna sends him to Bulshar with a message: she's coming for him. The next day, Nicole returns to the scene of the massacre and has a startling realization: she thinks she was a survivor of the Cult of Bulshar. And while Wynonna takes Waverly on a drive to tell her about their mother, the car skids off the road, flips over, and rolls down a slope. Waverly is shortly thereafter dragged from the car by an unseen figure, screaming for her sister.

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Season 4

In On the Road Again, Wynonna chooses between multiple weapons to take with her to the Garden of Eden where she plans to rescue Waverly and Doc. She takes a swig from a flask before continuing down the line of weapons, pocketing several in her belt. She loads Doc's guns and slides them into their holsters. Nedley asks if she's done yet, and she remarks that he is wielding a pitchfork. The duo is now ready to collect their lost friends.

They trudge through the snowy forest with Wynonna recapping her plan - climb the magical stairs, save Waverly, and locate the rest of their squad, mosey on home, and enjoy a curse free life all while looking good. They find the stairs and Wynonna knows she can't mess this up, though Nedley's words of encouragement aren't convincing. Wynonna slowly climbs the stairs making sarcastic comments as she crosses through the doorways, only to fall off the edge of the stairs as the portal has vanished.

Nedley calls for help and Wynonna discovers that supernatural crab creatures have crossed through the portal and one attacks Nedley. She takes him back to the homestead where she attempts to find a first aid kit but can't find anything. Wynonna complains that the psychopath that left “Valdez” on the wall could have used a pen. Nedley finds pads in the Earp bathroom that he uses to cover his wounds, despite Wynonna's snarky comments. She explains why the rest of her people aren't around - that she drugged them, and that wherever they are they're gone now. She finds Nicole's ring on the ground and she and Nedley realize that Waverly might have proposed. They suddenly hear rustling in the kitchen and stalk toward the room, only for a knife to be thrown at Wynonna's head. Mercedes Gardner exclaims that she's never thrown a knife before, with Wynonna greeting the crazy bitch who is officially free of Clootie possession.

Wynonna Googles “Valdez” as Mercedes recaps the events that lead to her and Kate splitting up. Nedley reminds Wynonna that he still has all of Dolls's files at his office — maybe they could be of help. Wynonna, Mercedes, and Nedley find the files in Nedley's couch at the sheriff station. Wynonna shifts through the records until she finds the last name “Valdez”. She opens it to find Dr. Gloria Valdez, who was killed and her face scratched out on the image. The trio learns that Valdez was stationed at BBD lab VX19 in a town called Monument. Nedley thinks Jeremy could have known Valdez and that's why he carved the name into the wall at the homestead.

Nedley wonders if the facility has an extra entry into the garden. Wynonna can't take Nedley with her due to his injuries and doesn't trust Mercedes enough to bring her either. Nedley collapses to the ground his injuries more severe then they thought. He assures Wynona that he'll be fine with Mercedes chiming in that she can help - she dressed as a slutty nurse once. Wynonna is nervous to go alone but Nedley reminds her that nobody fucks with their family, handing her his gun and she runs off.

Wynonna has car troubles and doesn't believe she is anything without her gun and friends. She does voices for Doc and Waverly mimicking what they might say to her right now. Nicole's voice shouts through the air as Nicole lumbers over, with Wynonna wanting a hug but Nicole punches her. She then helps Wynonna change her tire as Wynonna tries to apologize for drugging her but Nicole isn't interested in hearing the apology. After some grumbling, they decide to work together to find the secondary door to the Garden. Nicole has conditions that she forces Wynonna to agree too before they climb into the van for a road trip. They arrive at the former BBD headquarters with Wynonna cutting the locks to the building so Nicole can drive through.

Wynonna and Nicole use their time in the hallways to catch up with Nicole explaining that Waverly proposed to her but they were interrupted by Wynonna before she could give Waverly an answer. They are shot at by a sniper each time they attempt to move. They devise a plan for Wynonna to draw the snipers fire while Nicole apprehends them. She sneaks up behind the sniper and knocks them out with a punch. With the sniper apprehended Nicole and Wynonna realize they are best friends.

When Nicole pulls the hood off the sniper they realize the sniper is a kid named Valdez. Wynonna condones the behavior of hitting a kid. When the kid awakens she snarkily proclaims that this is child abuse. Wynonna explains that they want intel with Valdez explaining it will cost her. Nicole tries to bribe her but money won't appease Valdez, as there is nothing she can buy. Nicole offers a candy bar but the girl rejects it. They show a badge of the Valdez woman with the girl admitting that Gloria was her mother. Wynonna tries to reach the girl by mentioned that she's there to find her sister. The girl agrees to show them where the lab is, stating that her name is Rachel. Rachel recognizes the name “Dolls” as Xavier Dolls.

Rachel explains at Dolls is the one who forced her to leave Monument after an accident at the lab. He made her leave without her mother, which saved Rachel in the end. Before BBD Chernobyled the place, they were experimenting with a gas that didn't react according to their hypotheses. Rachel warns the women to stay quiet and not step on the grates, warning Wynonna to shut up. They eventually arrive at the lab where they find a locked lab filled with corpses. Rachel explains that she came back for her mom but none of the bodies are Gloria's. Wynonna lights a stick of dynamite before anyone can protest and she throws it, with Rachel warning her that they'll wake up. The corpses awaken showing that they are zombies. The women flee from the creatures.

Rachel concedes that she needs help finding her mother, just before Wynonna and Nicole take on the zombies in a badass way of guns and combat. The trio is separated but each keeps fighting off the persistent onslaught of zombies. Wynonna stumbles into a room filled with grates and steps on one that begins to give way. Wynonna tells Nicole to save Waverly and find the portal. Nicole refuses to allow that as she's in this fight. She then shoves Wynonna off the grate, only to fall down the seemingly endless hole, much to Wynnona's horror.

In Friends in Low Places, Wynonna screams for Nicole who has fallen through the grates. Rachel saves Wynonna from the zombies and Wynonna asks how far down the grate goes, with Rachel cautiously saying that it goes down all the way. Rachel eventually convinces her to leave the grate as the zombies will kill them if they don't. Wynonna screams for Nicole to hang in there as she's going to come and find her.

Rachel and Wynonna hide from the zombies, with Rachel explaining that they used to be brilliant scientists who were working on an inter-dimensional gateway, which Wynonna thinks is a gateway to the Garden. Black Badge was trying to weaponize it but when it opened they panicked and gassed the place. Rachel can't leave her mother and needs closure. Wynonna refuses to leave this place without Nicole or her family. They decide to do this together.

They venture to another room while avoiding zombies. Rachel hands Wynonna a decontamination suit and gas mask that they have to use in order to get through the lab and into the gate room. But first, they have to find a key card to open the door to the gate room. One of the zombies probably has a key bard around their neck, and the zombies tend to stay sediment unless awakened. They have to swipe the cards simultaneously to get into the gate room. The place is still crawling with zombies so Wynonna has to stay quiet, which is strongly against her nature.

Wynonna and Rachel enter the lab quietly navigating the zombie bodies. Wynonna snatches key cards off of the bodies. She is running out of oxygen in her suit and punches a zombie unconscious as she babbles aimlessly struggling to breathe. They user the key cards to enter the room with Nicole. Wynonna bashes the zombie before it bites the red-head. Wynonna is suffering from hypoxia and passes out on Nicole, cutting their happy reunion short.

Rachel realizes Nicole's leg is broken in three places and Wynonna gives her the ring she dropped. Nicole remarks that she wants to say yes to Waverly and the friends plan to open the back door to Eden together. Rachel remarks that they aren't opening anything as she stands by a body that is holding the lever to open the gate - it's Gloria Valdez. Rachel states that her mother died to keep the portal shut, and threatens that if they try to change that she will kill them. She points a gun at Wynonna.

Nicole tries to talk Rachel out of shooting Wynonna and Wynonna admits that she would kill everyone if it came down to saving Waverly too. Nicole outs her as having known Gloria was dead before they came. Rachel accuses her of being BBD, but Nicole negates this. After some groveling, Rachel concedes to let Nicole and Wynonna into the portal. The trio tries to figure out how to activate the portal while the zombies try to push through. They swipe the cards and the portal whirs to life but Nicole can't get up with her broken leg. She tells Wynonna that she'll be waiting for her back in Purgatory and that only she can do this - it has to be Wynonna. It was always going to be her. Wynonna makes Rachel promise not to leave Nicole alone before running through the gate. She slides into the snow just as the portal slam shut. Nicole throws Julian's ring through. Wynonna turns to see Eve shifted as herself and is confused.

Wynonna stands up and tries to talk to Eve and figure out who she is, calling her Wy-clone-a. Eve threatens Wynonna and her friends. Wynonna hears Doc and walks off trying to find him. Wynonna walks to Doc who mistakes her as Eve and attacks. They wrestle around with her trying to tell him everything that happened that led her to get to the Garden. He doesn't believe her at first but she pins him and brings up Alice, assuring him that it's her and not Eve. Doc can't risk it and flips Wynonna over and is about to bite her when she screams Hollywood which was their safeword. He stops now that he knows it is her and they kiss. He tells her to find Waverly while he deals with Eve.

Wynonna tries to get through to Waverly who refuses to move as she is the guardian and Wynonna is the champion. Waverly states that promises are important and Wynonna shows her the ring she gave to Nicole and tells him to get up and give it back. Waverly doesn't believe that guardians of the garden get to love, but Wynonna reminds her that she's an Earp. The curse is over and it's time to start living for themselves. She helps Waverly up and they embrace as Doc yells for them, the Garden beginning to shake unhappily. The trio runs through the plain but all the doors are locked and they can't find one that is open. One door is glowing and Doc points it out so they run to the door. Wynonna tries to deliver a snarky comment to Eden, but Doc isn't having it and throws her through the portal.

Wynonna is splayed out on the snow at the foot of the stairs as she calls for Waverly, Doc, or Peacemaker. She mutters that peacemaker is gone forever. She enters the woods and is reunited with Doc at the homestead. They are happy to see that they are back. He asks about Waverly but Wynonna knows she went to see Nicole first. She gives Doc back his guns and he accepts but reminds her that if she ever needs them they're hers - and so is he. He goes to kiss her when she notices the town is destroyed and people are hanging. They realize the town is under siege.

In Look at Them Beans, Doc and Wynonna discuss the hangings and how people are playing hockey nonchalantly under the hanging bodies. They go to Shorty's to find it turned into a juice bar with hanging fruit and a new menu. Chrissy Nedley greets Wynonna by throwing a bottle at her head angrily. They instantly start fighting and soon, everyone in the bar turns on Wynonna with guns pointed at her. The citizens demand that Wynonna releases Chrissy, then encourage Chrissy to say her peace. Chrissy places Wynnona under citizens’ arrest for the murder of Randy Nedley.

Wynonna protests the murder of Nedley as she is dragged out of the bar by the citizen's much to Doc's protest. Chrissy refuses to take the word of an Earp, since the last time her father was seen he was with Wynonna before she disappeared for a year and a half. They try to hang Wynonna when the new Sheriff, Hoyt Clayborn, fires a gun in the air and stops the fighting. He tells Chrissy that her behavior isn't how they handle things in Purgatory. He helps Wynonna down then handcuffs her to take her for a trial. As she is being escorted away Doc promises to get everyone for help.

Wynonna is placed in a cell with another inmate and she demands a phone call but Clayborn ignores her. She greets the inmate KC who feels unsafe with the presence of Wynonna. He explains that the townspeople left but demons came back and once the townspeople returned home they began a war with the demons who were surrounding stairs in the woods. KC asks her not to shoot him as he's only half-demon. She claims not to have her gun on her.

In an attempt to pass the time, she and KC talk about why he's in prison. He attacked a customer because she was a medusa. He brings up the problem with the border but she isn't aware of the problem and asks him to elaborate as she doesn't know anything from the time the town evacuated for the "fires". He explains that after the demons swarmed Purgatory, a government team set up a barrier around the town that refuses to let demons out but regular people can. Wynonna finds hope in this but KC counters that they won't let a criminal out. The Sheriff knocks on the glass to tell her that she has visitors.

Waverly, dressed professionally, goes head-to-head with Sheriff Clayborn on wanting Wynonna released since they don't have a body to prove Nedley is dead. Wynonna tries to support her sister but doesn't understand legal jargon. They are joined by a magistrate, Cleo, who isn't a legitimate judge. Cleo argues with Clayborn who thinks they need to handle things calmly. He requests to speak with her privately and Cleo concedes. Waverly assures a worried Wynonna that Doc is all over proving she didn't kill Nedley. A few moments later, Cleo emerges from Clayborn's office and loudly yet sarcastically yells at them through a megaphone. She then announces that the prisoners must compete in a chili cook-off for freedom. She dons it the “Randy Nedley Memorial Chili Cook-Off” which Wynonna knows she'll end up losing.

The cook-off is in full effect with Cleo thrilled to start the competition. KC tells Wynonna that every month or so Cleo manages to out whack-a-doo herself with “get out of jail” ideas. Wynonna can't believe that she has to do this and is greeted happily by Nicole and they hug. Nicole thanks her for getting Waverly home. Cleo starts the competition and tells them to get cooking. Wynonna throws a whole brick of cheese in her pot causing Waverly and Nicole to rush to help her.

Cleo shoots t-shirts at people while Nicole helps Wynonna cook. Nicole tells Wynonna that she didn't give up the badge. Cleo arrived and took over the town, named herself magistrate, and elected a new sheriff. Nicole didn't protest as she had Rachel to take care of and people to look for. She knows she let everyone down by not finding them, with Wynonna telling her not to say that. Waverly interrupts ready to add vegan ingredients to the chili much to Wynonna's anger and she flips the vegan ingredients onto the floor.

She works hard to get the chili to a place of being edible and is thrilled to achieve the feat. She then dodges a t-shirt shot at her from Cleo. Cleo has decided to ask someone to help her judge the show-off, Chrissy Nedley, who is less than thrilled to see Wynonna. Waverly doesn't think Wynonna is going to win judging on how angry Chrissy is. Later, Cleo announces that four of the chilies were terrible with Chrissy thanking everyone for coming. She gives a speech but Cleo interrupts and snatches the envelope announcing that Wynonna Earp is the winner of the get out of jail free. Wynonna is thrilled and takes the trophy though Chrissy is confused. Waverly tastes the chili which is awful and she doesn't understand why Wynonna won as the latter is escorted out by Cleo and some large men.

Wynonna is at the Sheriff's station and Cleo plans to escort Wynonna to the edge of the border but Wynonna doesn't want to go. Wynonna knows Cleo isn't a revenant or truly powerful as she would have killed her by now. Cleo ignores this and grabs keys to the Sheriff's vehicle. Wynonna is escorted to the border by Cleo who lets it slip that her grudge with Wynonna is personal. Cleo shoves Wynonna down a hill still cuffed and binds her feet up to as the monster needs to feed in order to keep the monster out of town. She and Clayborn understand the sacrifice needed. She is offering up Wynonna this time and stabs her in the leg to lure the monster. Cleo leaves to sit in her car to watch the monster feed on Wynonna. The creature emerges and Waverly shoves Cleo down the hill and rushes to Wynonna fails to get through the zip ties. She runs off and attacks Cleo. They wrestle as the ogre approaches Wynonna. Waverly bests Cleo just as Nicole and Doc arrive. They contain the ogre as Wynonna watches blissfully. Nicole shoots Nedley with the kombucha which kills the parasites covering Nedley. He turns back into a human who is also very naked. He greets Wynonna who tells him he survived and made it home.

Waverly frees Wynonna who shoots a shirt at Nedley. Nicole greets him and he is confused as to what happened. Doc explains that Nedley wasn't in his right mind for a while.

At Shorty's, Nedley is reunited with Chrissy who is relieved to be reunited with him. He is returned courtesy of Wynonna, Waverly, and Nicole. Chrissy doesn't know what to say as the place got to her and they weren't here to save her, per Waverly's assumption. Wynonna hugs Nedley glad to have him back. She limps off with Waverly. Nicole tells Nedley to get Chrissy out of Purgatory while he still can. He turns to face his daughter and they hug.

Wynonna wanders through the house to find Rachel who is moving out to the barn now that everyone is back. Wynonna tells her to take the bed as she's earned it. Wynonna asks why Rachel left Monument, for Rachel to explains that she bonded with Nicole who was alone for a long time. Wynonna thanks her for taking care of Nicole and Rachel thanks her for noticing. Wynonna tells her not to take her clothes and they say goodnight as Wynonna moves out to the barn.

She arrives in the barn only to be ambushed by men wearing tactical vests holding guns. They put a black hood over Wynonna's head.

In Afraid, Wynonna is taken to a headquarters while a bag is over her head. They remove it when she is secured in a chair inside an interrogation room. She is greeted by a woman who introduces herself as Deputy Director Naomi Haitcha and Wynonna pieces together she’s BBD - which isn’t disbanded anymore. Naomi uncuffs her saying she’s glad to have Wynonna back, but Wynonna counters that she is not back working for them. Naomi states they’re on the same team but they need every employee they can get. Jeremy walks through the door and Wynonna embraces him commenting on his muscles. Jeremy greets her as a former colleague and moves past her to tell Naomi this is Wynonna “Arp” purposefully mispronouncing her name. He states that Wynonna hates demons but has never killed one of course, with Wynonna going along with everything he says.

In a cave, someone slices open their palm over a picture of Wynonna. A creature, who is later known as a Reaper, screams as it is chained up outside. It eventually pulls itself free.

Naomi explains to Wynonna that demons are new to the government and they’ve been observing how humans and demons interact with one another in a controlled ecosystem. They’re trying to keep the demons in. Jeremy chimes in that Naomi was called in after the mysterious event 18 months ago. Their mandate is to observe and not interfere. BBD needed all the help they could get and enlisted Naomi. Jeremy offers to show Wynonna around privately but Naomi isn’t sure but goes along with it. Wynonna hands an agent a rock on her way out.

Jeremy explains that everything is state of the art and pushes her into a corner explaining that this corner is the only place BBD can’t spot them with the cameras. He explains that the old black badge is Evil but Naomi and company are just people over their heads. A lot of bad stuff came into purgatory and they need Wynonna and her magic gun. A woman greets Wynonna as Special Agent Arp and they fist bump.

Jeremy takes Wynonna to an armory and shows her a gun that he made that he calls Antoni. It can turn anything into much. Wynonna suits up in BBD merchandise and loads Antoni with Jeremy reminding her not to point that thing at anyone. He states that he’s having trouble getting things into Purgatory without it being stolen or robbed. He assigns her to drive the truck which at first appalls her but BBD can’t find out who they really are as they don’t like supernatural things like them. They need to bring Purgatory food, medicine, and booze.

Wynonna climbs into the truck with a man named Simon who is driving. Jeremy tells her to play along and not to hit the red button on Antoni unless it’s the apocalypse. She pulls another rock out of her coat and mistakes it once again for BBD tech, but Jeremy claims it isn’t. Wynonna thinks Waverly might find something about it. He reminds her to never press the red button.

While on the road, Wynonna calls Waverly and tells her to look at the symbol on the rock and Waverly explains she’s looking for Peacemaker. Wynonna will explain everything - like why she's in a white truck, later. The truck goes over tire spikes that flatten their tires. Wynonna wants to check it out and the tailgate opens causing Simon to freak out as he doesn’t care about the townies or the town and leaves the truck. Wynonna powers up the gun and stalks to the back of the truck where she finds Doc in the truck robbing them.

Doc is annoyed that Wynonna saw Jeremy and didn’t tell him, but Wynonna reminds him that it literally just happened but he’s fine. Doc thinks Jeremy could be kidnapped and she’s being gaslighted by BBD and she counters that he shouldn’t be robbing trucks. They bicker and he tells her to act like Wyatt Earp’s great-great-granddaughter even if she did lose his magic gun but knows he crossed a line. He claims he’s going to be taking the whiskey and she handcuffs herself to the whiskey so he can’t take her with it. He asks for the keys but she tells him that the driver has them and she flirts before he walks away to find tools to get her free from the handcuffs.

Wynonna shivers in the back of the truck and finds another rock in her pocket. She drops the rock but scraping follows and rustling outside. She sees feet moving on the roof with a torn chain dragging behind it. She calls for Doc just as the radio turns itself on playing music as a creature appears that she knows and it knows her. He enters the truck slowly and she screams for Doc as it approaches. A red C is drawn on its forehead. It screeches and slashes her as she attempts to reach Antoni. It cuts the cuffs then slices Antoni in half. She flees from the truck and runs down the street. She runs into the woods and falls to the ground, seeing giant rocks piled around her.

She tries to leave the circle but an invisible barrier stops her from passing and she recognizes it as the Killing Floor. It led her to the Killing Floor. The Reaper emerges from the woods as Wynonna whimpers - trapped. Doc appears and passes through the barrier as she screams at him to shoot it but he can’t see the Reaper. She’s scared as she doesn’t have her gun but he tells her that she has his and him. She tries to line up the shot and they fire at the same time and shoot the reaper. She cries into Doc’s chest. The Reaper awakens. They stand and he kicks the rock stack over but she tells him that the Reaper won’t like that. She runs away with Doc following her. They try to outrun the Reaper who is screeching behind them.

Unbeknownst to them, Billy Clanton preforms a ritual that calls off the Reaper as he fears it is going after Rachel Valdez who is wearing Wynonna's leather jacket. The Reaper was sent by a Clanton to kill Wynonna. The Reaper following Doc and Wynonna runs away. Wynonna remarks that it hates her so much but is gone now. Doc assures her that he’s here and has her.

Waverly explains to everyone who has gathered that the hunter, that only Wynonna could see, is under the sway of Wyatt Earp’s greatest enemies. Wynonna realizes the C is for Clantons. Doc remarks that he always knew they were a plague with no cure. Nicole remarks that the Clatnon’s run the town now - Sheriff Holt is a Clayton and so is Cleo. The creature was sent after only Wynonna and hated her. Their bullets were useless as the creature only stopped when Billy pulled something out of his mouth. He thought it was coming for Rachel but it wasn’t as the jacket wasn’t even Rachel’s, but Wynonna’s. Rachel claims it’s called a reaper and they have to save Billy. Rachel has a plan to stab everyone until they make Billy’s family pay. SHe doesn’t want to work with a team and storms off. Wynonna wants to get Jeremy back by telling the truth and beg.

Wynonna storms into the interrogation room angrily telling Naomi her name isn’t Arp by Earp, and she’s the best demon hunter Black Badge ever saw. She’s done lying and hiding and just got beat by something scary and Jeremy asks if she’s okay. She tells him they don’t have Peacemaker but she needs him back. She needs everybody. She’s going to take back Black Badge in Purgatory and hunt demons. Naomi clarifies that their bosses demand results. Jeremy claims they can get it done with his help.

In Holy War Part One, Wynonna is greeted by Doc who is watching her sleep. He’s been keeping watch over everyone as they have been under siege lately. She asks if he doesn’t sleep now that he’s a vampire, and Doc agrees. They begin to kiss when they see the fire from inside the homestead and rush there to save anyone. Rachel emerges but states the couch is gone and so is Wynonna’s porn collection. Nicole emerges with Waverly and she coughs awake not knowing what happened. The group sits on the front stoop. Rachel claims the fire started on the couch and Wynonna thinks it could be the Clanton’s. Doc points out that the only footprints are their own, as he memorized all of their shoe sizes as pointed out by Rachel. Since there are no footprints the fire had to of been started by something supernatural, and Wynonna points out the Clanton’s are supernatural.

Wynonna and Doc enter the Glory Hole and she shoots an arrow at Amon who remains unfazed. He greets Doc and Wynonna happily. Amon advises her to ask next time before she hurts him. Doc intervenes saying they need information on who attacked the homestead, but Amon points out that only a coward would set home to a house full of sleeping women. Wynonna thinks it was the Clanton’s with Amon cautioning her against saying the “C” word around them. She asks Amon what species the Clanton’s are and though he is vague in his response, he thinks it’s time she gets Peacemaker back - and he knows exactly where it is.

Amon pours a shot as he explains that Demons are just sad and lonely demons that can’t handle their liquor. He offers Wynonna the shot but she doesn't trust him enough to drink it. Doc drinks it instead. Amon heard a few demons talk about a cherished place where forgotten and lost items end up. Doc is suspicious as to why Amon would help a demon-hunter find her gun, with Amon explaining that the Clanton’s are more powerful than him and he doesn’t bottom for anyone - not even Doc. There is a catch as the people who have peacemakers will want an offer and once they have what they need they’ll find them. Wynonna stalks off. Doc warns him that if this turns out to be fake they’ll come back and kill him.

Waverly rolls more BBD files into the Sherrif's office while Nicole secures a lock on the door. Wynonna breaks it as she storms in looking for Jeremy. Doc greets Jeremy and they hug as Wynonna recaps what Amon said and that he knows where Peacemaker is. Nicole hols up the drill pointing it at Wynonna as she turns it on, a dark look on her face. Wynonna snaps at her to stop so Nicole does but is confused. No one is sure how they can help look for Peacemaker, with Nicole stating that she scoured the GRT for Peacemaker but didn’t find it. Wynonna thinks she has to trust Amon and Doc points out that the team is unanimous.

Wynonna and Doc enter the ghost river triangle museum and she finds Doc in a screening room with an old western playing. She asks if it’s from the Great Lebowski, but Doc chuckles saying that is her Great-Great-Grandfather, Wyatt Earp.

Doc continues to watch the interview of Wyatt with Wynonna. Wyatt tells a story about how a man saved his life from an executioner who was just a dentist. Wyatt expresses gratitude for Doc as Wynonna asks who the attacker was, but Doc never bothered to ask as the man didn’t deserve to be remembered for shooting another man in the back. She asks if he misses the old west and he remarks that the rules were simpler. She sees a photo on the wall with ROsita on it and claims that if revenants were still around Rosita would be her first kill for what she tried to do to Alice. The man brings up the OK Corral with Wyatt responding that there would never be peace with the Clanton’s around. He was relieved the Doc Holliday took the first shot. But Doc remarks that he didn’t shoot first. She reminds him that old people remember things how they want too not how they happened. Doc remarks that he doesn’t have the luxury of getting old, ith her asking if Wyatt would be proud of her but he doesn’t know if she would be proud of Wyatt. He leaves to attend the heist and she follows.

Wynonna and Doc look at a painting that is terrible as that’s the object the people with Peacemaker want. A painting called “A Woman Scorned”. She proposes two different, albeit elaborate, plans to pull off the heist. Doc removes the painting from the wall and leaves the museum with it. They run out having stolen the painting and wait for the collectors to appear. She sees a Celtic Sister Knot painting on the wall. Doc explains that it symbolizes sisterhood and the strong, eternal bond that women share. He made acquaintances with some sorority sisters. They suddenly hear loud chimes that debilitates them. When Doc looks up Wynonna is gone.

Wynonna is in a house and a nun welcomes her to the Sanctuary of the Scorned Woman. She states that they are in dangerous and uncertain times, knowing Wynonna’s name. The place provides cleansing for women who lost their way - women like Wynonna. The nun is releasing the women from the judgments they’ve placed on themselves. She wants to do the same with Wynonna who just wants Peacemaker in exchange for the painting. The woman speaks Latin and throws holy water on it just as it transforms. The nun wants the woman in the painting. They go to an armory where Wynonna calls out for Peacemaker repeatedly, with the nun suggesting that the weapon might be rejecting her as its duty is now complete. Wynonna mentions that the curse might be broken but people still need her to protect them. The nun suggests choosing a life of peace but Wynonna doesn’t see that as possible with all these monsters or why she would want to leave a normal life.

She leaves the Sanctuary knowing that she needs to get the Scorned Woman and bring her to the sanctuary. She returns to the homestead just as Nicole is rushing out and the latter vomits on Wynonna's shoes. Wynonna is annoyed as Jeremy cleans off her shoes before explaining that Nicole was cursed but they have a plan.

Nicole sits on the stoop as Wynonna brings her beer. Nicole tells her it wasn’t Wynonna’s fault. Wynonna wouldn’t blame her for not wanting to join the Earp family with all the craziness that’s going on. Nicole assures her that she wants to marry Waverly but is afraid that Waverly won’t want to once she finds out what she did. Wynonna’s knows she didn’t give up on them while they were in the garden, but Nicole admits she did give up. Not at first, at first, she believed they would get home but after eighteen months she just couldn’t take it anymore. She begins to gag as Wynonna realizes Nicole did something to bring them home. She lets it go when Nicole gags again. Wynonna distracts her by saying that Peacemaker gave up on her today and shows Nicole the Scorned Woman painting. Nicole recognizes the place in the painting as Steve Gulch. She once rescued two guys named Steve who were hiking and got stuck between two boulders naked, which is how the place got its name. Doc pulls up and Nicole groans in pain as she gags. Doc asks if Wynonna is alright with Wynonna saying she’s better then Nicole.

Doc and Wynonna are in the barn. He asks if she’s certain that the gun was even there but she is sure it was. She just couldn’t get it to come. She thinks it makes sense since the curse is broken and she’s not the heir or much of anything. Doc murmurs that she’s everything. She asks what he meant earlier about her not being proud of Wyatt. Doc explains that they were immortalized as heroes but not everything they did was great. She counters that the Clatnon’s murdered people and took their lands. He reminds her it was the Old West. The only difference between them was the stars pinned to Doc and Wyatt’s vests. He admits that he wonders if this legacy of bloodshed will be the death of everything they love. Maybe they should their cue and make peace. Nicole appears and throws a knife at Wynonna's head. Wynonna ducks just in time.

Nicole approaches and slashes at Wynonna, slicing her arm open. Doc restrains Nicole just was Waverly arrives confused, but they explain Nicole started it. Wynonna knocks Nicole out with a punch while Doc begins to lose control of his vampire side. He walks away from the scene as Nicole wakens. He explains the darkest of magic is behind this. He picks u Nicole’s clothes and Doc says it smells of gasoline. She started the Homestead fire and Wynonna plans to kill the Clanton’s now. The rest of the team thinks she should be smart and wait until they have Peacemaker. Waverly reminds her not to jump to Plan Z when they haven’t tried Plan A. Doc chimes in that they have to find the woman in the painting and bring her to the sanctuary. If Peacemaker doesn’t show then they’ll take them on together. Wynonna tells Nicole to tie up Nicole so nothing else happens while she and Doc are gone.

Wynonna and Doc head to Steve Gulch looking for the woman scorned. Wynonna doesn’t want to reject her legacy as the heir is the only thing she’s ever been good at. Doc thinks they’re both just too stubborn to wash the blood of their hands. They arrive at the boulders to see a woman in a red coat standing there. Wynonna calls to her and when she turns around they are shocked to see that the woman is Rosita.

In "Holy War Part Two", Wynonna is mad that Rosita is alive and Rosita thinks they’ve come to kill her last as Wynonna promised. Wynonna is down for that but Doc stops her as they need her alive. Rosita explains that can’t leave. After the Earthquake Phil, the revenant with all the boils, rounded up a posse to hunt her down. She slept with Phil’s wife. She ran to the outcropping where she would be safe since stepping on the rock is dangerous to revenants. She’s strong so she thought she could handle it. When the rumbling escalated all the revenants went poof one-by-one and suddenly, they couldn’t feel the pain anymore. Phil got handsy so she kicked him off the rock and he went poof. If he poofed so will Rosita. She can’t leave the island. Wynonna points out the ammolite rock that the island is made of, and since before the curse broke it hurt them it must protect them now. If they can get more rocks they can get Rosita off the island. Much to Wynonna’s disliking.

Doc and Wynonna make a path of ammolite that will keep her safe, but Doc will have to move the back stone to the front and so on until they get to the sanctuary. Rosita is cautious about leaving the island so Wynnona has to tell her that the earthquake was Bulshar breaking the curse. She looks to Doc saying that it was his baby too. He knows she did what she did to survive and forgives her. Rosita makes Wynonna and Doc pinky-swear not to hurt her then leaves the island onto the path of rocks. Bells chime in the distance and a Celtic sisters knot appears again. Wynonna asks if Doc’s coming but he doubts he’ll be welcome there. The women jump through the portal.

Wynonna delivers Rosita to the nuns and Rosita is hurt that she’s being traded. Wynonna asks for her gun but Rosita presses the issue that survival always involves women betraying women. The nun is glad something is between them. The derision, the disdain, it’d be a shame to waste it. The nun agrees to let her have Peacemaker - if she can live. She rings a bell and tells them to fight to the death. Rosita pounces on Wynonna’s back. The women exchange blows and flip with Wynonna saying that she’s trying not to hurt her as she promised. Wynonna decides to fight to get to Peacemaker. The women charge and exchange kicks and punches. The nun is adamant that they have to fight to the death. Wynonna gets Rosita in a hold so they agree to work together. Wynonna distracts the demon nuns long enough for them to run off to find Peacemaker.

They hide in the armory and call a truce. Wynonna remarks the Clinton’s are on her enough. The nuns hit the door. Wynonna and Rosita are empty-handed as they hear the nuns singing. Wynonna concedes that they could have been friends if Rosita hadn’t tried to steal her baby. Rosita asks why she still needs Peacemaker triggering Wynonna to admit her work isn’t done as the nuns hit the door. Wynonna yells at Peacemaker for hiding like a little bitch but their enemies aren’t going to stop so they have to keep kicking Evil’s ass. She proclaims she’s a hero that also makes her a killer. The nuns burst through the door and the nun states that if they don’t fight they’ll both die. Wynonna hears Peacemaker and sees the sword in the barrel and extends her hand and it flies to her. It turns back into a gun and she greets it. The nun is Medea, granddaughter of Helios, and warns her not to trifle with a woman scorned. The gun roars to life as Wynonna shoots Medea and kills her. The rest of the nuns advance with Rosita nervous about not thinking it through. The nuns lay down their spears and kneel saying they are at Wynonna's service.

The nun is eternally grateful toward Wynonna for breaking Medea’s hold over them. She wants Wynonna to help them become cleansed but Wynonna refuses. The nuns can’t leave without the pain. Rosita recognizes them as victims of Wyatt Earp who Wynonna calls a dick. Rosita explains they were collateral damage - merely in the wrong place at the wrong time. They were cursed once but protected at the sanctuary. Wynonna promises to get them free but Rosita counters that this place in an upgrade compared to a rock, eying the nun who Wynonna talked to you. Wynonna tells them all to “do you” as Rosita thanks her for saving her ass. As Wynonna is leaving, Rosita alls her back to tell her why she tried to steal Alice. She had a buyer for Alice. It was Margo-Jean Clanton. She thought Wynonna should know. Wynonna is angry and leaves through a portal.

She materializes in Shory’s and Jeremy tosses her the marked rock for Waverly. Wynonna asks where she is and Nedley states that Waverly went to Magpie’s Ranch - with a shotgun. Wynonna follows pursuit.

Holt pulls onto the farm just as Wynonna does and Waverly walks over to her, upset. Wynonna tells her sister that Nicole is alive and she has Peacemaker back. The sisters hug. Holt stalks over with his gun pointed to them. He’s angry they killed his mother but now there is nothing she can do to make things right from the O.K. Corral. Wynonna snaps at him to get over it and that Margo had it coming. He tells Wynonna to make her peace. A gunshot is heard and Doc walks over with his gun. He demands they lower their weapons but Holt thinks it’s too late. Doc promises it isn’t and lowers Peacemaker. Holt is the Clanton heir now and doesn’t have a choice anymore. Doc states the one thing he learned from Wynonna - there is always another way. Whatever he’s up against they can work it out for the good of their kin - together. Wynonna and Waverly are surprised the men are working together. Holt tells Doc that Billy was turned by Mam but didn’t deserve it. Doc talks Holt down and they decide to get a drink. A gunshot rips through the air and hits Holt who falls to his knees, dead. On the other end is Wynonna who shot Holt much to Doc’s shock. She thanks Doc for distracting him.

At the homestead, Wynonna joins Doc on the porch as they talk about Nicole and how she’s okay now. Doc is upset that she killed Holt and that she believed in him. There isn’t any honor in shooting a man in the back. Wynonna doesn’t give a shit about honor anymore but he reminds her she only did those things because of Wyatt Earp. She counters that Doc was his best friend and he’s only mad at Wyatt for speaking the truth in that video. Doc is hurt she thinks that was the truth. Wynonna takes him saying she likes him because he’s not perfect - he’s busted inside like her. Doc doesn’t want to be broken anymore and they both have a choice. He asks if she ever thought about why the Clanton’s never turned revenants. It was because when Wyatt shot he ran at the OK Corral and Doc was forced to kill them. Wynonna states she would never and will never run. He walks past her commenting that she and the gun deserve each other. She puts her head on his shoulder saying that the Clanton’s are the ones who wanted Alice. Waverly opens the door asking if they’re coming in. Wynonna agrees but Waverly has to persuade Doc who agrees and steps inside.

Jeremy and Nedley toast to their first, and hopefully last, exorcism. Jeremy refuses to give Rachel alcohol and Nicole doesn't want any since she’s recovering. Waverly asks if she and Doc are okay but Wynonna claims they’re the same. Jeremy asks if Nicole and Waverly are getting married or what? He presses about what they’ve been doing all this time. The women admit they had proposals planned. Nicole takes Waverly’s hand and everyone stops to watch. She starts to propose but Waverly asks if she can do it. Waverly gets on one knee. Doc removes his hat. Wynonna smiles at them. Waverly asks Nicole to marry her and Nicole happily agrees as they kiss by the fireplace. Everyone toasts to the engagement. Doc smiles happily on. While everyone celebrates, Doc sneaks away as Wynonna watches while crying.


Waverly Earp

Relationship: Sister, confidante

(Purgatory) Wynonna left Purgatory when she was quite young, leaving Waverly behind. After being apart for three years Wynonna sees Waverly again on her 27th birthday. She is caught trying to seduce Waverly's boyfriend, Champ Hardy, for information. Waverly takes a shot at Wynonna before they both recognize each other. Waverly admittedly holds a grudge against Wynonna for leaving her alone in Purgatory, even though Wynonna believes it was for the best. Waverly believes they need to stand and fight, however, Wynonna is more interested in staying far away from Purgatory and the troubles attached to it. Wynonna follows Waverly's suggestion and locates Peacemaker, but is then shocked and frustrated when she learns Waverly has been researching the Earp curse. When Waverly is abducted Wynonna is both distraught and furious and goes to the homestead to save her. After rescuing Waverly from the Revenants she admits she will be staying in Purgatory.

The Earp sisters are stronger than ever heading into the next chapter of their lives, which includes Waverly worrying over her paternal lineage and if she's even an Earp. She ends up confirming that she's the half-sister of Wynonna, though this doesn't change anything about the sister's relationship as Wynonna assures her that she's an Earp and her sister. (Shed Your Skin) Things get messy with the demonic possession of Waverly. Though Wynonna doesn't notice the subtle changes in Waverly's personalities as the demon grows stronger within her, Nicole does and confronts Wynonna about them. Wynonna mistakes Nicole's concern for her wanting Waverly to change for her and wanting to control her so she ignores the girls' warnings. (She Ain't Right-Let's Pretend We're Strangers)) By the time Wynonna realizes that something is wrong with Waverly, it's too late and the demon overcomes Waverly. After some mild possession swapping, Wynonna confronts the Brotherhood who is planning to kill Waverly in order to kill Mictian. She manages to reach Waverly by calling her strong, leaving Waverly enough time to break through Mictian's hold and allow Wynonna to expel the demon. With the demon sent back to Hell, Waverly confronts Wynonna with news by giving her a pregnancy test. She tells Wynonna that Mictian claiming that Wynonna's body was too "crowded". Wynonna finds out that she's expecting a child and Waverly supports her sister's decision to wait to tell Doc or anyone else. (Whiskey Lullaby Hypnos puts everyone in Purgatory into a slumber for months, Wynonna's pregnancy is accelerated but Waverly never sways from her sister's side. (No Future in the Past) Wynonna takes a spirited trip to the past to witness the creation of the Earp curse and the seals' locations. During this time, her body is left vulnerable and her enemies burn the church she is in. This affects her place in the past, leaving her visible to Bobo Del Rey, who is a human during this time and dying. He mistakes her for his "angel" and asks for her name as he'll protect her when he returns. She claims her name is "Waverly" and he promises to protect her. This is why Bobo always held a caring for Waverly and was adamant about protecting her all these years. During this, Waverly threw Wynonna a baby shower but Wynnona didn't show due to her vision quest. (I See a Darkness) When The Widows plans affect Nicole and the woman almost dies, Wynonna and Waverly find themselves at odds on how to handle the infection that is slowly killing Nicole. Wynonna tries to convince Waverly to wait and let her handle things, but Waverly irrationally sides with Gretta. When it comes time for Gretta to collect her due, she casts a spell that makes Doc and Wynonna disappear, and everyone who ever knew them forgets they ever existed - including Waverly. (Gone as a Girl Can Get) The new world without Wynonna is very wrong for everyone, including Waverly, who thinks she's an only child and hasn't accepted her sexuality yet. Doc reaches Waverly, desperate for help on retrieving Wynonna and their unborn child. Waverly initially doesn't believe Doc until he calls her "baby girl" the nickname Wynonna donned for her. Waverly is able to remember her life with Wynonna and concocts a plan that ultimately brings Wynonna back and restores the world to their normal. (I Hope You Dance) After The Widows are defeated, Wynonna goes into labor which isn't easy due to Rosita's sudden betrayal that results in Waverly being knocked out. Waverly awakens just in time to save Wynonna, who commands Peacemaker from across the room to work for Waverly so the youngest Earp can fire off a warning shot. Now just the sisters, Waverly helps Wynonna give birth and spend a few precious moments with her daughter. Wynonna entrusts her daughter to Waverly to get to safety but makes her promise to let Doc have a moment with the baby. Waverly obliges and follows through with her sister's orders even though it pains her to give up her niece.


Xavier Dolls

Relationship: Friend, colleague, boss, love interest: ended.

(Purgatory) Wynonna first meets Dolls while talking to Waverly on the street. He startles her and she reacts, holding a knife to his throat. Dolls returns her necklace, stating he received her anonymous call. Their first meeting doesn't go well. While talking to Dolls, Wynonna realizes she's now 27 years old. Later, Dolls is waiting for Wynonna when she climbs out of the well to retrieve Peacemaker. He asks her to join his squad and work for the right side of the law. Wynonna refuses. After Gus is attacked and Waverly is abducted, Wynonna contacts and meets up with Dolls. Dolls states Demons took Waverly, taking Wynonna by surprise. When he declines to help her save her sister, Wynonna punches him and leaves. Wynonna fights the Revenants and saves Waverly and Dolls shows up shortly after, picking them up in his car. He then visits Wynonna, again offering her a position with the Black Badge Division which she reluctantly accepts it. (Keep the Home Fires Burning) Coming soon. [To be updated 102-113].

(Whiskey Lullaby) Dolls finally makes a move on Wynonna, asking her out for coffee. Before he can tell her how he feels, the entire town falls under a sleeping curse. Right before Wynonna goes off to confront the Widows he shares a tender kiss with her and tells her that she is an amazing agent. At the end of the episode, Dolls reverts to his cold persona and sternly tells Wynonna that he is her boss, even though Black Badge was dissolved.


Doc Holliday

Relationship: Friend, love interest, father of their daughter

Having been stuck down a well on the Earp family land, Wynonna, while looking for Wyatt's peacemaker in a well, accidentally lets free Doc, who had been trapped down there for over 100 years. At first meeting ('Purgatory') in Shorty's, they start talking about the peacemaker, with Doc telling a story about Wyatt, the peacemaker, Doc Holliday's friendship with Wyatt (he did not hint of his true identity) and how Wyatt became a 'gun-slinger'. Wynonna, hearing all of this information about her great, great grandfather, assumes that this new man is an Earp fan. Eventually, after learning that he was speaking to an Earp, he bids her a goodbye and walks away. She meets him and also talks about him a couple of times later, where she learns that he is calling himself 'Henry'. In 'Leavin' on Your Mind', Doc comes around to visit Wynonna at her house, where he decides to introduce himself honestly and tells her that he is, in fact, Doc Holliday which shocks her. In 'The Blade' he shows Wynonna proof that he is indeed 'The fastest gun-slinger in the West' by showing off his moves to her. She believes him straight away. While arguing in a forest in 'Diggin' Up Bones', Doc decides to kiss Wynonna which she reciprocates. This is when they have sex for the first time. While at the diner ('Constant Cravings'), Waverly and Wynonna begin to discuss sex after Wynonna accidentally sees a 'dick-pic' of Champ when snatching Waverly's phone. Wynonna then mentions that there's more to life than sex but, unknown to Waverly, turns it towards how great her sex with Doc was: "There's more to life than crazy, hot, toe-curling, out-of-body, back-into-body, 'angel singing hallelujah' sex". In turn, Waverly thinks Wynonna's talking about Dolls, incorrectly guessing who her sister slept with. They sleep together once more in 'Bury Me With My Guns On', as a way for Wynonna to blow off steam, after what she went through with the Jack of Knives and Dr. Reggie. Waverly finally finds out about who her sister had been sleeping with when Wynonna tells both Waverly and Nicole at the station (Nicole already knew). As a surprise, Wynonna drives the Stone Witch's car to the Homestead, where Doc, unaware at first that the car is being driven by Wynonna, is waiting on the porch. She hands him the keys as a present from her to him. He loves the color, mentioning that it's a strong, masculine choice, which causes Wynonna to be a little confused, telling him that pink is traditionally a girls color. This amuses Doc, as he tells her that back in his day, girls were all delicate and dainty in blues and that she would look good wearing said color. It's at this point, that Wynonna tells Doc that everyone knows about them and the sex. ('She Wouldn't Be Gone') After deciding to leave Purgatory, coming back and getting kidnapped, Doc comes to the aid of Wynonna and the gang, helping them with the major problem of Bobo poisoning the whole town with tainted champagne and Bobo's escape plan involving Willa and Peacemaker. ('House of Memories'). After the town gets the antidote, Wynonna and Doc go searching, with Dolls' say so, through his vault of weapons for something to stop Bobo and Willa once and for all. While there, Doc suggests they could settle down together, growing crops on a farm, live a peaceful life. However, Wynonna has her eyes on the much needed task at hand. Eventually, the duo find Bobo and Willa and with some fight coming from both sides, Wynonna eventually kills them both, though not without the emotional pain that comes with losing a sister. Again. Doc comforts Wynonna for a moment before talking through with the plan on moving forward in the Triangle. It's at this moment that Waverly becomes possessed and appears to shoot at both Wynonna and Doc. ('I Walk the Line').

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The season continues on from where the last ended, with Doc and Waverly panicky running through the snow, away from the creature we learn Waverly had shot at in the Season 1 finale. Soon enough though, they both appear to be in trouble, as the creature, knocking them both away, starts to tuck into eating Doc's hat. However, not liking the taste of hat, becomes angry and decides to lunge towards both Doc and Waverly. Thankfully though, Wynonna appears from nearby in the nick of time and hits it hard in its body with a small tree trunk, before killing it with Peacemaker. Sometime later, having found help in the form of Dolls’ work partner, Eliza, the Scooby Gang, alongside Eliza, sort out various interconnecting plans to get Dolls out from wherever BBD had taken him, Wynonna mentioning that Doc, Eliza and herself should work together. After a quick detour to Dolls’ office to get some serum for him, Wynonna tells Doc that she needs him to do some dumpster diving for a dead possum, a part of her plan to free Dolls. We next see Wynonna and Doc in hazmat suits, with the dead possum being used as a way to get into BBD HQ, by the both of them covering themselves with the scent of said possum. It does end up working, as they find themselves within BBD, though it's not long before some alarms get set off, causing Doc to take over, at least once, of carrying the responsibilities of saving someone, of saving Dolls from Wynonna's shoulders. They share a warm look before Doc goes off in search of Dolls. Eventually, Doc does save Dolls, however, he gets reacquainted with Wynonna and the gang by way of getting beaten and bruised by members of BBD, who find him where he shouldn't be. The only way out of this predicament they found themselves in, is to sign themselves over to BBD by way of blood oaths. When back at the Homestead, Wynonna and Doc have a talk about things, which turns to Wynona asking Doc to join her showering, however he turns her down which disappoints her ‘(Steel Bars and Stone Walls)’.

In 'I Hope You Dance', we find out that he is the father of Wynonna's daughter, Alice Michelle.

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Reunited in Eden

Wynonna spends days preparing to search for Doc and Waverly in the hopes of saving them from the Garden of Eden and bringing them home. She expressed that she couldn't lose the people behind the door. (On the Road Again) Meanwhile, Eve, a shapeshifter in Eden, shifted into Wynonna and used her voice and body to toy with Doc. He knew it wasn't the real Wynonna and was angered that Eve disrespected Wynonna by taking her face. He was able to defeat Eve, however, when the real Wynonna arrived her mistook her for a freed Eve and they fought. She tried to convince him it was really her by bringing up Alice, but he couldn't take the risk that she wasn't who she said she was. When he was about to bite her she screams their safe word, Hollywood, which makes him stop instantly. They came up with the safe word for when things get too heated in the bedroom. Relieved that it's really her, they kiss passionately and then separate to find Waverly. When they return to Purgatory, Doc and Wynonna find each other as they were scattered upon crossing over. She gives Doc back his guns and he accepts but reminds her that if she ever needs them they're hers - and so is he. He goes to kiss her when she notices the town has been taken over. (Friends in Low Places) Doc works hard to get Wynonna exonerated for the murder of Randy Nedley and helped track down the "people eater" who was really an infected Randy. Doc was deeply worried about Wynonna's safety when the town wanted to hang her for murder. (Look at Them Beans)

404 Doc Wynonna2.jpg

When the situation was sorted, they drifted apart and Doc took a job heisting booze from BBD supply trucks and encountered Wynonna during his heist. He was surprised when she began working with the Black Badge Division again, let alone protecting the contraband he was trying to steal. She explained that it wasn't her idea but the BBD is different now, even if he wasn't convinced. He was also hurt when she confessed to seeing Jeremy Chetri at BBD and he was safe, as he wanted to know that Jeremy was okay. She countered that she didn't have time yet to tell him but was planning too. To stop him from taking the booze she handcuffed herself to the alcohol crates which lead to a close sexual encounter between the pair. Wynonna tried to seduce him but Doc left to get something to free her from the cuffs. When he returned, he smelled her blood in the truck and she was gone. He followed her scent and frantically tracked her into the woods where he was able to save her from a Reaper who had lured her into a Killing Floor.

404 Doc Wynonna.jpg
She screams at him to shoot it but he can’t see the Reaper. She’s scared as she doesn’t have her gun but he tells her that she has his and him. She tries to line up the shot and they fire at the same time and shoot the reaper. She cries into Doc’s chest. The Reaper awakens. They stand and he kicks the rock stack over but she tells him that the Reaper won’t like that. The Reaper following Doc and Wynonna is called off by a friendly Clanton. She remarks that it hates her so much but is gone now. Doc assures her that he’s here and has her as he holds her to his chest. (Afraid)

Nicole Haught

Relationship: Best Friend

Wynonna and Nicole bond over getting drunk at the sheriff station together in 'Walkin' After Midnight'.



Willa Earp

Relationship: Sister, former friend


Jeremy Chetri

Relationship: Best Friend, colleague



Powers and Abilities

  • Heir - She is the heir to the Earp Family Curse, which allows her to fire Peacemaker.
  • Marksmanship - She is skilled with firearms and a relatively competent marksman.
  • Physical combat - She is skilled at close-quarters combat and is able to overcome larger and stronger opponents on several occasions.

  • Demon Killing/Portal Creation - If the heir shoots a Revenant between the eyes with the Peacemaker, a fiery portal will open up below the demon and pull it into hell. (Although when used against other demons the gun will just kill them.) Interestingly, Peacemaker cannot outright kill the Widows, merely wounding them. It has been shown that standard bullets cannot kill them but one bullet made from the Purgatory fair plate has been shown to kill them after Doc managed to split it with a bullet from his own gun.
  • Demon Repulsion - If a Revenant tries to wield the Peacemaker it will burn their skin. After the Mictian transfers itself from Waverly to Wynonna, it happens to her as well.
  • Curse Breaking - If the Heir passes the Peacemaker through the Ghost River Triangle, the curse will be broken and the Revenants will be freed to roam outside of Purgatory, however if the gun is brought back across the line, the barrier will go back up.
  • Alarm Clock - In episode Whiskey Lullaby, after a demon puts all residents of Purgatory to sleep, Peacemaker emits a single orange spark along the barrel. This wakes up current Heir Wynonna.
  • Blue Lights - Under mysterious circumstances, Peacemaker's barrel will glow blue instead of its usual yellow/orange. This is seen when Wynonna mercy kills Willa, when Waverly tries to shoot Rosita, and when Wynonna finally killed Constance Clootie in season three episode, Waiting Forever For You.

  • Demon powers - In the Season One finale, Waverly came into contact with black demonic slime which caused her to be possessed by a demon named Mictian, which granted her many abilities. Waverly's eyes would turn black and she wouldn't remember anything the demon did afterwards. In season two, Waverly is possessed for seven weeks, and in She Ain't Right, Mictian transfers itself into Wynonna through Waverly. When being temporarily possessed by Mictian, Wynonna had unique abilities such as being able to regenerate a missing limb, demonstrated in Let's Pretend We're Strangers, when Dolls cuts off her little finger to get a sample of the demon's goo. Her finger grows back almost immediately after Dolls leaves the room.


  • Peacemaker - According to the Earp family mythology, the Peacemaker can only be wielded by the Earp heir, currently Wynonna. For unknown reasons, Wynonna was able to fire Peacemaker as a child resulting in her accidentally killing her father. It has been shown that two heirs can wield it interchangeably, as Willa grabbed the Peacemaker from Wynonna and fired it with no problems. When Agent Dolls attempted to fire the Peacemaker, nothing happened. However, Waverly once claimed that her research gave her no reason to believe she couldn't break the Earp Curse, which suggests it may be possible for her to use the Peacemaker. The Peacemaker is a Colt Buntline Special, a six-chamber gun with a long barrel. The gun does not shoot straight, making it nearly impossible to use at long distances. On the inside of the barrel are various symbols which are assumed to be responsible for its powers.
  • Firearms - Wynonna is sometimes seen using a pistol, as shown in the Pilot episode.

Physical Appearance

Wynonna is tall and slender with shoulder length brown hair with highlights, has blue eyes, strong eyebrows and defined cheekbones.


  • Emotionally vulnerable and unstable.
  • Displays confidence but is unsure of her own abilities.
  • Often seen drinking or intoxicated.


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  • Revealed in No Future in the Past that she picked Waverly's name herself.
  • She lost her virginity in a canoe.
  • Spent a month on tour with Nine Inch Nails.
  • Owns a 1200 stage one Screaming Eagle, gifted to her by her uncle, Curtis in his will.
  • Has been the Heir from 2016 to 2018. In War Paint, Bulshar broke the curse, making Wynonna the last Heir.
  • Was briefly one of two Heirs, along with her sister Willa before her death.
  • When she was pregnant with Alice, anything pregnancy/baby related was nicknamed Code Rainbow, while when Wynonna was in labor, that was nicknamed Code Pot of Gold (both codes were created by Waverly).
  • Wynonna while possessed by Mictian was dubbed Goononna by the fans.
  • Wynonna's pregnancy was written in to accommodate the pregnancy of Melanie Scrofano, the actress portraying her, so that they would not have to work around it or hide it while she films her scenes.[1]


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